Most Wanted v1.2
(1.27Mb rar)
Server Side Mod DLL
Includes Source Code

Chief_SohCahToa Welcomes You!

As this is my new site,
I am working on porting my content over from the old site.

I have added Multiplayer Cutscene support to Curse2 Mod.
MeatSack has added no recent map voting,
so the same maps don't get played over and over again.
Check it out at Hogie's Bitch Slappa:


Hogie has made several maps with cutscenes in them.
Yes I said cutscenes, plural.
There is a movie both at the start and end of these maps.
The movies are scriptable so the admin can rewrite the scenes.

I plan on updating old mods like MostWanted and Gladiator
to MonkeyMod base code and making all available here.

That's it for now.
Thank you KP4EVER and Truzenzuzex[BC] for the webspace.

Frank (Chief_SohCahToa) Petersen

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