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Too Much Blood!

Too Much Blood! Too Much Blood!

This was my first map for Kingpin. Its a DM map with four main arenas connected by several corridors. All four arenas are totally different (park, warehouse, kpdm style area, central square). There is no water, no doors and no lava! The is no heavy armour, flamer or cooling mod either. I wanted the type of weapon, item, and armour that I used to be similar to the map sickre but in the end I relented and added the grenade launcher.

Since it's initial release I have updated Too much Blood several times. Hopefully each release is considered an improvement on the previous version.

Too Much Blood 2

Too Much Blood 2! Too Much Blood 2!

For this version I added a sewer area and I made all the outside areas bigger so more room for fragging :) I fixed a few bugs and changed a few textures to give it a more urban feel.

Too Much Blood 3

Too Much Blood 3! Too Much Blood 3!

For this version I added a completely new area as well and amending some of the existing areas.

There is also a version that includes single player props for play with mods that support them such as Monkey Mod v1.60 and the KP2 mod. There are lots of things to blow up, some new storerooms you enter by blowing up the doos and a 'hidden' room in the sewer. There are also rats in two small areas.

Southpark KP (ver.2)

Come on down They Killed Kenny!

Southpark KP is a map i converted from Quake2 and partially rebuilt. Unfortunately the original author is unknown to me. This is a smallish map with a simple layout naturally enough based on South Park. Hypov8 helped with this map and one of the things he did was add the Kenny lemonade stand which I think you will enjoy :) This is the second version of the map. In this revised version I fixed a bad spawn point and one other that was facing in the wrong direction. I did some minor tweaking of weapon/item placement and included a custom downloadable sky.

Neighborhood (ver.2)

Neighborhood Neighborhood

Neigborhood is an small Action Quake2 map originally created by JKL that was converted to Kingpin by Cujo as dm_thehood. It was then totally rebuilt by Hypov8 and me to give it a more 'kingpinish' style and was released as dm_thehoodv2.

KP2 Neighborhood KP2 Neighborhood
There is also a version that includes single player props for play with mods that support them such as Monkey Mod v1.60 and the KP2 mod. The setting was also changed to a winter one and it is also snowing. You can now enter some of the buildings as well.

DM Village (ver.2)

DM Village screenshot DM Village screenshot

This is a revision of the dm_village map which was a conversion of the classic cs map de_village made by by Albert Sola "Debugger". The original de_village textures were also converted which were made by Mike Zilla. The main change in this revised version is the numbers of, and placement, of all the weapons and items. I guess the biggest change with the weapons is that there are now two HMG's in the map. Another change is that it now has a downloadable sky (i.e. the custom sky can be downloaded from a server). Cujo had already converted this map as dm_villano but he changed all the textures and gave it an all new feel and look. This version is true to the original.


Combat screenshot Combat screenshot

This is a small DM map set in European village during war time. It is a conversion/rebuild of an Half-Life map which was made by Wayne W. Smith. Thanks go to him for creating the original map and for allowing it to be converted to Kingpin.
The map contains four bombed out buildings, two on either side of a river which dissects the map thru the middle. There are also two army vehicles included. The map uses a combination of KP, SoF and HL textures. It has ample weapons (including 2 HMG's) and other items and 11 spawn points.


DM Light screenshot DM Light screenshot

This is a medium sized DM map set in a castle. It is a conversion of a classic Heretic 2 level. The original map was one of four maps created by Raven Software as an addon mappack for Heretic 2. The map uses all the oiginal Heretic 2 textures. There are plenty of weapons and items and 11 player spawns.
This is one of the maps I included in my MrDamage Mappack #2

Look Back In Anger

Look Back In Anger screenshot Look Back In Anger screenshot

Look Back In Anger This is a medium sized, urban style, DM map which was inspired by KPDM1 and KPDM4. It has two main large areas, and some smaller rooms conected by corridors, stairs and ladders.
This is another one of the maps I included in my MrDamage Mappack #2


Downtown screenshot Downtown screenshot

This was originally a map made by Cougar for Action Quake2 and converted to KP by me. Full credit goes to Cougar as the author of the original map. It is a medium sized, urban style map, where played can fight on the streets or on the rooftops. It has 12 player spawns and a good supply of weapons and other items. I have used mostly KP textures and a standard sky and used one custom music sound for the nightclub.

Fragtown3 - Hillsdale

Fragtown3 screenshot Fragtown3 screenshot

This one is a smallish DM map set in a city street scene. It is a conversion of one of the classic Quake Fragtown maps which were a series of levels for Quake deathmatch in a city setting. The original map was created by Demolition Man. You can fight in the streets or kill people from up above on the rooftops. There are plenty of weapons and items and 13 player spawns. The map uses mostly standard KP textures and should be good with 4+ players.


Frag'N'Die2 screenshot Frag'N'Die2 screenshot

The second in the Frag'N'Die series. Frag'n'Die2 is a small one room fragfest map set in a warehouse style building. It has plenty of weapons and ammo, one cooling mod and one set of heavy armour. It has 15 spawn points and uses all standard KP textures except one custom. This is a fun map with 4 to 8 ppl :)

I also created a version using SiN textures

As well as another version using textures from Fredz's Xatrix Texture Pack2.

Frag'N'Die2 Fredz screenshot Frag'N'Die2 SiN screenshot

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