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Map Packs

MrDamage Mappack #1

TooMuchBloodv2 and Dogpoundv2a
TooMuchBloodv2 Screenshot Dogpoundv2a Screenshot
Circle2 and Southpark KP
Circle2 Screenshot Southpark KP Screenshot

This is a mappack of some of the first maps I worked on
You can see a list of the maps included in the mappack here.

Too Much Blood and Neighborhood
Too Much Blood Screenshot Neighborhood Screenshot
dm_village and Ballv2
dm_village Screenshot Ballv2 Screenshot
4room_sof and Voodoo Generation DM2 (ver2)
4room_sof Screenshot Voodoo Generation DM2 (ver2) Screenshot

MrDamage Mappack #2

Twilight's Last Gleaming and Blade Pit
Twilight's Last Gleaming Screenshot Blade Pit Cry Screenshot
Deathabilia 2 and Citadelic
Deathabilia 2 Screenshot Citadelic Screenshot

In June and July of 2007 I decided to work on a number of new maps and then release them in a mappack. I ended up working on ten maps which were a collection of map conversions from Heretic 2, Quake and Quake2 plus some new original maps. These were all included in the mappack as well as the five most recent maps I had worked on at the time.
You can see a list of the maps included in the mappack here.

The Furnace and Light...
The Furnace Screenshot Light... Screenshot
Return of the Mastermind and SOFdm3
Return of the Mastermind Screenshot SOFdm3 Screenshot
Look Back In Anger and Wdwdm4
Look Back In Anger Screenshot Wdwdm4 Screenshot

MrDamage Mappack #3

Kingpin City and Bosnia
Kingpin City Screenshot Bosnia Screenshot
Neighborhood KP2 and Space Checkmate
Neighborhood KP2 Screenshot Space Checkmate Screenshot

In March of 2008 I decided to put another map pack together of some of the maps I had worked on over the years that weren't already included in previous map packs.
You can see a list of the maps included in the mappack here.

Suicide Arena and Too Much Blood KP2 Style
Suicide Arena Screenshot Too Much Blood KP2 Style Screenshot
DM Farmfear and Sydney
DM Farmfear Screenshot Sydney Screenshot
Spanish Village and Crates in the Hood
Spanish Village Screenshot Crates in the Hood Screenshot

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