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Deathmatch Maps

Assassination Station (ver.2)

Assassination Station Screenshot Assassination Station Screenshot

In Sept. of 2007 I revised the Assassination Station DM map which was originally created by Corper. This is a small vertical style map. It has one main area which is a courtyard surrounded by multi level buildings. There are also some lower level corridors full of weapons and items.

The main changes I made are:-
Fixed the lighting and made it brighter
Changed the weapon/item types, amount and placement Changed some texturing
Added a platform and ladder to improve the flow of the map
Reduced the number of brushes in the map drastically

KP2 Wdwdm4

KP2 Wdwdm4 Screenshot KP2 Wdwdm4 Screenshot

This is a conversion of a Quake 2 map that was originally made by Wiebo de Wit. It's a small arena style map with 10 player spawns. It has plenty of weapons and items and has been re-textured using mainly KP standard textures. Weather effects have been added and it is snowing in the map. There are plenty of breakables, a couple of rogue rats and several single player props added to the map for use with mods that support them such as Monkey Mod v1.60 & the KP2 mod as well as several others.

There is also a version of this map, without any single player props or weather effects, included in my MrDamage Mappack #2.

Pincity 2007

Pincity 2007 Screenshot Pincity 2007 Screenshot

This is an updated version of the popular Pincity. The original Pincity is a medium sized urban street themed map, and is a remake of a SiN DM map, made by Turbo.
Basically this 2007 remake takes that map and gives it a winter theme. I also added an extra ladder and a ledge to improve the flow of the map and I increased the size of the basement room slightly to make it easier to navigate inside it.
I also added props, breakables, rats, weather effects etc for use with the KP2 mod and other mods such as Monkey Mod v1.60 as well as several others.

Ham'N'Cheez 2007

Ham'N'Cheez 2007 Screenshot Ham'N'Cheez 2007 Screenshot

This one is a revision of an an old map called Ham'N'Cheez. The original Ham'N'Cheez DM map was created in September of 2001 by an unknown author. It is a small, urban style street map.

The main changes made in this 2007 version of the map are:-
Fixed the lighting and made it brighter
Changed some of the weapon/item types, amount and placement
Changed some brushes and texturing
Added some ladders to improve the flow of the map & open up access to rooftops
Reduced rspeeds
Added more player spawns

I would like to thank Hypov8 for his suggestions and help with this map, especially for his work on reducing the rspeeds. It is a much better map for having him work on it :)


Powertrip Screenshot Powertrip Screenshot

Powertrip is a small map which has been converted from Quake2. The original Q2 map was made by Headshot.
It's a tight little map but has several levels and two lifts to quickly get between the levels. There are plenty of weapons and items and eight player spawns.
It has been retextured with standard Kingpin textures besdies keeping two of the original Q2 ones.

Kingpin Board Level

Kingpin Board Level Screenshot Kingpin Board Level Screenshot

This is a conversion to Kingpin of the Quake2 map Board Level which was originally created by Brenda EP.
This is a fun deathmatch map set inside a PC on a motherboard. It uses mostly custom textures to represent the mb and the inner workings of a PC. It has 10 player spawns, has ample weapons, and armour but only small amounts of ammo & health.
One of the features of this map is that if you jump on top of the processor fan you'll be flung to a ledge (IDE ribbon) on the side of the case where there are some nice items waiting for you :)
Hypov8 was a big help on this map lowering the rspeeds, adding the case fan and misc other improvments so a big thanks go out to him.
Also full credit to Brenda EP for creating the original Quake2 map :)

Bloody187 (ver.2)

Bloody187 Screenshot

Here is a remake of the old Bloody187 map. The original is a small box shape room made for Hitmen (no weapons or items).
The new version has slightly different texturing, added weapons and items so it can be used in DM and Hitmen, more player spawns added and some crates and boxes to make it a little bit more interesting.

Bloodyfresh 2008

Bloodyfresh 2008 Screenshot Bloodyfresh 2008 Screenshot

Several years ago {GT}Bloody released a map called Bloodyfresh and in 2008 I revised this map.
Basically it is a one room map, featuring two levels, with two ramps from the ground to the second level.
The upper level features walkways around the sides and ones that leade to a central area where you will find armour and the HMG. The lower level also has a cetral feature where you will find more armour and the cooling mod.
The map features a great deal of lava in the railings of the walkways, in the colunms that support the ceiling and in some geometric shapes suspended in mid air.
There are 10 player spawns, ample weapons, items and armour and all custom textures.

In the Cold Light of Day

In the Cold Light of Day Screenshot In the Cold Light of Day Screenshot

In the Cold Light of Day is a medium/large size, urban style, DM map for Kingpin. The map is set in an urban city environment so there are many buildings, streets and intersecting passageways.
Most of the action takes place out in the streets and station area but the are fire escapes on some of the buildings and all drainpipes can be climbed up to access some higher areas. A few of the buildings can be entered but as I said before most of the action is focused on the outside areas.
I have done my best to present a feeling of urban decay by having rubbish strewn around the place, a burnt out police car in the street, rubble in some areas from crumbling walls and ceilings, graffiti on many of the buildings, broken walls and bricked up windows etc.
The map uses mostly standard textures but there are a few custom textures featured. There are also two custom sounds included.
There are plenty of player spawns and ample weapons and other items.

There is also a larger version of the map included in the zipfile (called dmgdm4). It is primarlity the same as the normal version except that it includes a train station area as well.


Acrophobia Screenshot

Here is one I did in May of 2009. It's a conversion of a Quake1 map called Acrophobia. The original map in Quake was created by John Romero.
It's a small deathmatch map in the classic Quake style. Its a multi level map and there are areas under water on the lower level. It has 12 player spawns, ample weapons and items (including some in the water) and uses the original Quake textures.

The Edge of Oblivion

The Edge of Oblivion Screenshot The Edge of Oblivion Screenshot

Here is another map I converted to Kingpin from Quake called The Edge of Oblivion. The original Quake1 map was made by The Levelord. The map is probably better known as hipdm1.
It's a medium sized deathmatch map and, for some trivia, the Quake1 version was the very first space map or 'suspended platform, aka void' map ever made.


Rampage Screenshot

In late 2009 I started playing Redneck Rampage and I was surprised how many of the maps look Kinpinish and how similar the texture set is. So I tracked down the textures on the net and converted some of them to Kingpin format and decided to add them to a map to see how it looks.
The map I chose is my old Frag'N'Die4 map which is smallish map with a large courtyard area, three small rooms and ladders that give you access to the upper ledges.I totally retextured it using the Redneck textures and added sounds and a sample from one of the soundtrack songs. I also made a few minor structural changes. I like how it turned out and I hope you do too!

Blade2 2010

Blade2 2010 Screenshot Blade2 2010 Screenshot

Blade2 2010 is a medium/large sized, urban style, DM map for Kingpin. It is an update/reworking I did of a map that Cujo converted to Kingpin in 2001. Unfortunately I don't know the name of the author of the original map.
It has several different levels, lots of open outdoor areas, a basement area, corridors and tunnels connecting the different areas and a few indoor rooms as well. It uses all standard KP textures except for two. There are fourteen player spawns and there are more than enough weapons, armour and other items.

Don't Try This At Home

Don't Try This At Home Screenshot Don't Try This At Home Screenshot

Don't Try This At Home is a remake of a DM map from the SiN Mission Pack Wages of SiN. It is medium sized arena style map which uses all custom textures. It has ample weapons and other itmes and should be good fun with 6 or more players..

Arena of Death Kingpin Style

Arena of Death Kingpin Style Screenshot Arena of Death Kingpin Style Screenshot

The Arena of Death map was originally created for Kingpin by Oracius and named Arena SMRTI (which is Arena of Death in Czech). It is a remake of the Quake3 map Q3DM3 and Oracius gave it a really nice, classic urban, look.
Later I revised this map and basically just retextured it and made a few miscellaneous tweaks and fixes. This version was called Arena SMRTI (ver.2).

This new version is a complete rebuild of the map and while some of the texturing is the same as my first remake a lot is different as well. If you're not familiar with the map it is, as stated above, a remake of the Quake3 Q3DM3 map. It's a small arena style map which I have textured using the KPDM5 Central Towers textures.

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