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Bagman Maps

Team Bloodcity (beta)

Team Bloodcity Screenshot Team Bloodcity Screenshot

This is a medium sized Bagman map for Kingpin. This map was originally made for the King of the Streets mod by Turbo and has now been BM'ed by me.
This map looks a lot larger than it actually is with several ways to get between the two bases. The two bases are a disused Police station and a Casino and the money drop is in a fountain. There are several routes between the bases, lots of weapons and items, a crashed Police car,custom sounds, a custom sky, pinball machines and poker machines :)

Team Money Machine

Team Money Machine Screenshot Team Money Machine Screenshot

Team Money Machine is a small 'two forts' style Bagman map which uses custom textures and has 3 ways to get to the opposite base (through the middle or down the side corridors). There are lots of weapons and items and 16 spawn points per team.
The main feature is the money drop area which is made up of a platform that delivers the money bag to the money drop area and then the empty platform continues on its way and exits into a hole in the far wall.
A big thanks to Hypov8 who helped get the whole money drop thing working properly.

Team Keypoint

Team Keypoint Screenshot Team Keypoint Screenshot

Team Keypoint is a large sized, classic urban style, Bagman map for Kingpin.
The Nikkies and Dragons' bases are situated in urban street areas and the centre area, where the money drop is, consists of a small basketball court and a container storage area. It uses mostly standard KP textures but there are some custom ones included.
There are 10 player spawns for each team & ample weapons and other items placed throughout the map. It has some nice lighting giving it a feeling of being dusk or maybe dawn :)
It also contains two samples of recent Cypress Hill songs which you will hear when you are depositing money in the team's 'safes'. Thanks to Hypov8 for his suggestions and help with the map and thanks to all the ppl who helped beta test the early versions of this map.
Hope you enjoy this map =)

Team Long Live The King (ver.3)

Team Long Live The King Screenshot Team Long Live The King Screenshot

Team Long Live The King (ver.3) is a retextured version of an earlier map. It's a small, two forts style, Bagman map with lots of weapons and items. It uses all custom textures and has three ways between bases

Team Junk Flea

Team Junk Flea Screenshot Team Junk Flea Screenshot

Here is a Bagman version of the map based on the Junk Flea map from Combat Arms.

The Bagman version is a small to medium sized map set in a junk yard. There are two buildings at either end of the map which are the team bases.
One of the main features are the crates that you can run through in the middle of the map. The lower crate is where the money drop is.

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