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Other Mods

3Team Bagman

Final Fight

Final Fight Screenshot Final Fight Screenshot

I then released a map for the 3Team Bagman mod called Final Fight. This map is a remake of a Quake2 3Team CTF map. It's a smallish map with the three bases (Dragons, Nikkies and Cops) which all connect at the central cash drop area. There are plenty of weapons and other items, ample player spawns and mostly Kingpin standard textures.

Capture The Flag

CTF Fast Flags

CTF Fast Flags Screenshot CTF Fast Flags Screenshot

This is a small 'two forts' style CTF map which uses custom textures and has 3 ways to get to the opposite base (through the middle or down the side corridors).
The motivation to do this map was that I was experimenting working with angles (like the angled corridors).
There are lots of weapons and items and 16 spawn points per team. I included a few rats and some breakable boxes as well.

CTF Junk Flea

CTF Junk Flea Screenshot CTF Junk Flea Screenshot

Here is a Capture The Flag version of the map based on the Junk Flea map from Combat Arms.

The CTF version is a small to medium sized map set in a junk yard. There are two buildings at either end of the map which are the team bases.The teams' flags are next to the team bases (as seen in the screenshots above).
One of the main features of the map are the crates that you can run through in the middle of the map.

Power2 Mod

Fear Factory Power2

Fear Factory Power2 Screenshot Fear Factory Power2 Screenshot

I also created a version of Fear Factory DM Map for the Power2 Mod.
Power2 is a team based, capture and hold style game similar in play to the Unreal Tournament mod 'Domination' There are three control points that have to be captured and defended.

Fear Factory is a large map based on a dm map from the excellent FPS game Fear. Basically it is a rebuild from scratch of that map. The map is set in and around a factory complex so there are lots of boxes and crates and bits of machinery situated around the map. The texturing is mainly the standard kingpin textures with the inclusion of a few custom ones (some windows and the drink machine for example).
The central area of the map is the factory yard where there are large crates and a large truck rig containing a big container. This area has several exits to the insdie of the factory where you will find many large and small rooms on two levels.
The layout of the map is very good, and so although the map is large it doesn't seem that big when you are playing it. There are weapons and items aplenty, including two HMGs and lots of tommies and shotties.

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