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Bagman Maps

Waste Disposal

Waste Disposal screenshot Waste Disposal screenshot

This is a map that Whoop_ass originally started which he then gave to me to finish. Only the layout for the cash drop was done when I received it and I've since added the safe rooms, weapons, items, and did all the lighting. I think about 15 months have passed since he gave me the map and me deciding to complete it, but I've never been very fast at mapping... ;-)

team_waste_beta1.zip (1,376 KB)


Maroc screenshot Maroc screenshot

A medium sized urban/desert themed bagman map. I had originally planned on making a Counter-Strike style map similar to de_dust or de_village, but Kingpin influences die hard and it picked up some kpdm1 flavours on the way. This map uses textures made by Blazeeer and a custom sky made by Crinity. The CTF version is for the Colors CTF MOD.

team_maroc_beta1.zip (3,412 KB)

ctf_maroc_beta.zip (3,403 KB)

Water Warez

Water Warez screenshot Water Warez screenshot

A revised version of Mayhem's Waterware House map [download original version]. I rebuilt the map from scratch to fix a few bugs gave it a bit more eye candy, but the layout and item placement is essentially the same. No more accidental burns on the fire barrels though. ;-)

team_water_warez_b1.zip (527 KB)


Metro screenshot Metro screenshot

There aren't many custom maps for Kingpin that use the team_rc theme and I wanted to see what I could create using a similar theme. I put a fair amount of detail in this map to try compensate for can be a rather boring set of textures. This map was built with over 3000 brushes which makes it easily my most detailed map.

team_metro_beta1.zip (1,188 KB)

X-Octagon Urban

X-Octagon Urban screenshot X-Octagon Urban screenshot

An urban themed version of [RnD]Matrix's X-Octagon Final map [download original version]. This map is very small so I rebuilt it from scratch. It's currently banned from the JEDI server due to it being overplayed. :-)

team_x_urb_final.zip (359 KB)


Atmosphere screenshot Atmosphere screenshot

When I started creating this map I had originally envisioned it being similar to Whoop_ass's team_stash map but the end result is much more like Hogie's Floating Forts map. The custom textures used were created by evillair.

team_ph33r_final1.zip (1,139 KB)


Raid screenshot Raid screenshot

An industrial themed bagman map. I got the idea for the bases from the Team Fortress Classic map "Push". I have also made a version of this map for the Colors CTF MOD.

team_raid.zip (983 KB)

ctf_raid.zip (984 KB)

Deja Vu

Deja Vu screenshot Deja Vu screenshot

My first ever bagman map. Like a true mapping newbie I copied a lot of the architecture from the Palace themed maps that came with the game. ;-)

team_deja_vu.zip (1,012 KB)

Deathmatch Maps

The Bad Place

The Bad Place screenshot The Bad Place screenshot

This map was converted from Quake 1 (dm4) at the request of DirtyDog. Originally I was hesitant as I couldn't really see it how it the texturing was going to work out but it ended up being one of the easiest maps I've made.

kpq1dm4.zip (383 KB)

Death of Two Places

Death of Two Places screenshot Death of Two Places screenshot

A conversion of the Quake 1 deathmatch level (dm1). This map has been converted to Kingpin before but it had been poorly done so I created this 'proper' version.

kpq1dm1.zip (424 KB)

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