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2014-March-04Floating Cash in Team_RC :) - submitted by mR d
2014-February-09Night Work At The Factory Single Player Episode By Felikkz7- http://felikkz7.free.fr/ - submitted by Mr D
2014-February-06Kingpin: Source - submitted by Nightstalker
2013-October-13Kingpin Cigar - submitted by Mr.Knoxville
2013-October-11A face only a mother could love =) - submitted by
2012-December-23Frosty the Snowman Model - http://downloads.kingpinforever.com/male_frosty.zip - submitted by Mr Damage
2012-December-21Ho Ho Ho! - submitted by (Inc)Phoenix
2012-December-19Have a nice time! - submitted by (Inc)Phoenix
2012-December-17Lego Man Model - http://downloads.kingpinforever.com/male_lego.zip - submitted by Mr Damage
2012-December-15Merry X-Mas to Everyone in the KP Community! - submitted by {NeW}Fnlou
2011-December-18Homer Simpson Model Skins - http://downloads.kingpinforever.com/homer_model_skins_pack.zip - submitted by Mr D
2011-December-14Who'se at the door lol
2011-December-12Kingpin Wallpapers - http://www.kingpinforever.com/whoop_world/resources.html - submitted by
2011-December-10A wet kill - submitted by (Inc)Phoenix
2011-December-08check it out 3d screenshot !!!!!!! :) - submitted by AB|Mr.Kn0xville
2011-December-06KPDM5 on Doom 3 - submitted by Mr.Knoxville
2011-December-04...ready to pull the trigger in House of Death....... - submitted by Poparelli
2011-December-02Friends are there when you need them - submitted by (Inc)Phoenix
2011-November-30Many Bullet Holes
2011-November-28(Inc)Phoenix - submitted by Time for the chicken fatality!
2010-December-25Enjoy the festivities! - submitted by (Inc)Phoenix
2010-December-24keep enjoying the good days! - submitted by (Inc)Phoenix
2010-November-11Blade Pit DM Map - http://downloads.kingpinforever.com/dm_bp_final.zip - submitted by Mr D
2010-September-25Power2 Capture & Hold Mod - http://www.kingpinforever.com/power2mod/ - submitted by Mr D
2010-September-23KP2 Pincity DM/KP2 Mod Map by Mr Damage - http://downloads.kingpinforever.com/kp2_pincity.zip - submitted by Mr D
2010-September-21Twilight's Last Gleaming DM Map by Mr Damage - http://www.ausgamers.com/files/details/html/31961 - submitted by Mr D
2010-September-19KPQ2 Speedball DM Map - http://downloads.kingpinforever.com/knight-dm-map.zip - submitted by Mr D
2010-September-17Ham'N'Cheez DM Map - http://downloads.kingpinforever.com/hamncheez_v2.zip - submitted by Mr D
2010-September-15Look Back In Anger DM Map - http://downloads.kingpinforever.com/dmgdm1.zip - submitted by Mr D
2010-September-13Zues Skinpack - http://downloads.kingpinforever.com/xeus_skinpack.zip - submitted by Mr D
2010-September-01Twilight's Last Gleaming DM Map by Mr Damage - http://www.ausgamers.com/files/details/html/31961 - submitted by Mr D
2010-August-30*FragDawg's*Warhouse* DM Map - http://downloads.kingpinforever.com/k9_warehouse-rev2.zip - submitted by Mr D
2010-August-28Look Back In Anger DM Map - http://downloads.kingpinforever.com/dmgdm1.zip - submitted by Mr D
2010-August-26The Frag Palace DM Map - http://downloads.kingpinforever.com/k9dm5-final.zip - submitted by Mr D
2010-August-18Legoland Kingpin DM Map - http://downloads.kingpinforever.com/legoland_kp.zip - submitted by Mr D
2010-August-16LA Downtown Custom Crash Squad Mod Map - - http://downloads.kingpinforever.com/bom_downtown.zip - submitted by Mr D
2010-August-14K9 ComboDM1 Map - http://downloads.kingpinforever.com/k9combodm1.zip - submitted by Mr D
2010-August-12K9 ComboDM1 Map - http://downloads.kingpinforever.com/k9combodm1.zip - submitted by Mr D
2010-August-10K9 ComboDM1 Map - http://downloads.kingpinforever.com/k9combodm1.zip - submitted by Mr D
2010-August-08K9 Central DM Map - http://downloads.kingpinforever.com/k9_central.zip - submitted by Mr D
2010-August-06Jailhouse Frag DM Map - http://downloads.kingpinforever.com/kpq2-jailhouse.zip - submitted by Mr D
2010-August-04Id Software games skinpack - http://downloads.kingpinforever.com/idskins.zip - submitted by Mr D
2010-August-02Id Software games skinpack - http://downloads.kingpinforever.com/idskins.zip - submitted by Mr D
2010-July-30Hypo Urban DM Map - http://downloads.kingpinforever.com/hypo_urb.zip - submitted by Mr D
2010-July-28Hypo Urban DM Map - http://downloads.kingpinforever.com/hypo_urb.zip - submitted by Mr D
2010-July-26Sydney CBD DM Map - http://downloads.kingpinforever.com/sydney.zip - submitted by Mr D
2010-July-24Homer Simpson Model Skins - http://downloads.kingpinforever.com/homer_model_skins_pack.zip - submitted by Mr D
2010-July-20House of Death Pt1. Single Player Mappack - http://downloads.kingpinforever.com/hodfinal.zip - submitted by Mr D
2010-July-18KP2 Mod - http://downloads.kingpinforever.com/kp2_clientfiles.zip - submitted by Mr D
2010-July-16Thug head skins - http://downloads.kingpinforever.com/thugheadskins.zip - submitted by Mr D
2010-July-14HMG Alley DM Map - http://downloads.kingpinforever.com/hmg_alley.zip - submitted by Mr D
2010-July-12HMG Alley DM Map - http://downloads.kingpinforever.com/hmg_alley.zip - submitted by Mr D
2010-July-10HMG Alley DM Map - http://downloads.kingpinforever.com/hmg_alley.zip - submitted by Mr D
2010-July-08Hillbilly Homer Skin - http://downloads.kingpinforever.com/homer_model_skins_pack.zip - submitted by Mr D
2010-July-06House of Death Pt1. Single Player Mappack - http://downloads.kingpinforever.com/hodfinal.zip - submitted by Mr D
2010-July-04House of Death Pt1. Single Player Mappack - http://downloads.kingpinforever.com/hodfinal.zip - submitted by Mr D
2010-July-02House of Death Pt1. Single Player Mappack - http://downloads.kingpinforever.com/hodfinal.zip - submitted by Mr D
2010-June-30House of Death Pt1. Single Player Mappack - http://downloads.kingpinforever.com/hodfinal.zip - submitted by Mr D
2010-June-28CRASH Mod Map VIP Frantic - http://downloads.kingpinforever.com/vip_frantic_01.zip - submitted by Mr D
2010-June-26Frag House DM Map - http://downloads.kingpinforever.com/frag-house.zip - submitted by Mr D
2010-April-14Frag Castle DM Map - http://downloads.kingpinforever.com/fragcastle.zip - submitted by Mr D
2010-April-12{GT}Deathmarch DM Map - http://downloads.kingpinforever.com/map-gtknight-dm.zip - submitted by Mr D
2010-April-10CRASH Mod Map VIP Frantic - http://downloads.kingpinforever.com/vip_frantic_01.zip - submitted by Mr D
2010-April-08Frag House DM Map - http://downloads.kingpinforever.com/frag-house.zip - submitted by Mr D
2010-April-06Frag Castle DM Map - http://downloads.kingpinforever.com/fragcastle.zip - submitted by Mr D
2010-April-03Fall Time DM Map - http://downloads.kingpinforever.com/fall_time.zip - submitted by Mr D
2010-March-20Exciter DM Map - http://downloads.kingpinforever.com/exciter.zip - submitted by Mr D
2010-March-18EVA-MechWarrior Model - http://downloads.poisonville.net/models/male_eva.zip - submitted by Mr D
2010-March-16EVA-MechWarrior Model - http://downloads.poisonville.net/models/male_eva.zip - submitted by Mr D
2010-March-14DM Gobs DM Map - http://downloads.kingpinforever.com/dmgobs.zip - submitted by Mr D
2010-March-12DM Camphouse DM Map - http://downloads.kingpinforever.com/dmcamphouse.zip - submitted by Mr D
2010-March-10CRASH Squad Mod Sniper Mode - http://tramdesign.net/crashsquad/mod_crashsquad.html - submitted by Mr D
2010-March-08Citadel Zero DM Map - http://downloads.kingpinforever.com/citadel_zero.zip - submitted by Mr D
2010-March-06Citadel Zero DM Map - http://downloads.kingpinforever.com/citadel_zero.zip - submitted by Mr D
2010-March-04Crash Squad Mod Custom Map BomFast - http://downloads.kingpinforever.com/bom_fast_beta2.zip - submitted by Mr D
2010-March-02Child of Street DM Map - http://downloads.kingpinforever.com/knight-bpmap.zip - submitted by Mr D
2010-February-28Chaos Town DM Map - http://downloads.kingpinforever.com/chaostown.zip - submitted by Mr D
2010-February-26Cash Palace Bagman Map - http://downloads.kingpinforever.com/team-palace.zip - submitted by Mr D
2010-February-24Cash Palace Bagman Map - http://downloads.kingpinforever.com/team-palace.zip - submitted by Mr D
2010-February-22Bridge of Pain DM Map - http://downloads.kingpinforever.com/knight-bpmap.zip - submitted by Mr D
2010-February-20Cartel DM Map - http://downloads.kingpinforever.com/cartel.zip - submitted by Mr D
2010-February-18Crash Squad Mod Custom Map BomFast - http://downloads.kingpinforever.com/bom_fast_beta2.zip - submitted by Mr D
2010-February-16Crash Squad Mod Custom Map BomFast - http://downloads.kingpinforever.com/bom_fast_beta2.zip - submitted by Mr D
2010-February-14www.kingpinq3.com - submitted by 0xA5EA
2010-February-12CRASH Squad Custom Map BomDust - http://downloads.kingpinforever.com/bomb_dust2.zip - submitted by Mr D
2010-February-10Bloodbath DM Map - http://downloads.kingpinforever.com/bloodbath.zip - submitted by Mr D
2010-February-08Reprisal Skin Pack - http://downloads.kingpinforever.com/reprisal.zip - submitted by Mr D
2010-February-06Bank DM Map - http://downloads.kingpinforever.com/bank.zip - submitted by Mr D
2010-February-04Asylum DM map - http://downloads.kingpinforever.com/asylum.zip - submitted by Mr D
2010-February-02Asylum DM map - http://downloads.kingpinforever.com/asylum.zip - submitted by Mr D
2010-January-31Skidrow map for the Assault Mod - http://downloads.kingpinforever.com/assault_skidrow.zip - submitted by Mr D
2010-January-29Armagon2 DM Map http://downloads.kingpinforever.com/armagon2.zip - submitted by Mr D
2010-January-27Golden Sunset DM Map - http://downloads.kingpinforever.com/almdm2.zip - submitted by Mr D
2010-January-25Blackened City DM Map - http://downloads.kingpinforever.com/almdm1.zip - submitted by Mr D
2010-January-23Male Alien skin - http://downloads.kingpinforever.com/AlienSkin.zip - submitted by Mr D
2010-January-21Male Alien Skin - http://downloads.kingpinforever.com/alien_skins.zip - submitted by Mr D
2010-January-19Male Alien Model - http://downloads.kingpinforever.com/male_alien.zip - submitted by Mr D
2010-January-17Ali G thug skin - http://downloads.kingpinforever.com/ali_G.zip - submitted by Mr D
2009-December-02Barny the Door Model - http://downloads.kingpinforever.com/male_barny.zip - submitted by Mr Damage
2009-November-30Magikoopa Model - http://downloads.kingpinforever.com/male_magikoopa.zip - submitted by Mr Damage
2009-November-28Madpear Model - http://downloads.kingpinforever.com/male_madpear.zip - submitted by Mr Damage
2009-November-24Laalaa Model - http://downloads.kingpinforever.com/male_laalaa.zip - submitted by Mr Damage
2009-November-22Karrot Model - http://downloads.kingpinforever.com/male_karrot.zip - submitted by Mr Damage
2009-November-20Jack Model - http://downloads.kingpinforever.com/male_jack.zip - submitted by Mr Damage
2009-November-18Invader Model - http://downloads.kingpinforever.com/male_invader.zip - submitted by Mr Damage
2009-November-16Garfield Model - - http://downloads.kingpinforever.com/male_garfield.zip - submitted by Mr Damage
2009-November-12Citrus Frog Model - http://downloads.kingpinforever.com/male_citrusfrog.zip - submitted by Mr Damage
2009-November-10Venus Flytrap Model - http://downloads.kingpinforever.com/male_flytrap.zip - submitted by Mr Damage
2009-November-08Cartman Model - http://downloads.kingpinforever.com/male_cartman.zip - submitted by Mr Damage
2009-September-19wallpaper Junky Since 1999 - submitted by Mr.Knox
2009-July-05A Game at Da Playgroundz Hitmen server on Saturday night =) - submitted by Mr D
2009-June-14Map almost finished now. - submitted by Mr D
2009-May-21A map I'm working on with Stigma - submitted by Mr Damage
2009-April-06I'm faster than my rockets ;) - submitted by =Phoenix=
2009-April-03Next time I bring my sunglasses - submitted by =Phoenix=
2009-March-31Punisher got punished! - submitted by =Phoenix=
2009-March-28There were some respawn problems.. - submitted by =Phoenix=
2009-March-25Bribery can't save you - submitted by =Phoenix=
2009-March-14Motivated safe guards - submitted by (Inc)Phoenix
2009-February-03Kingpin Board Level DM Map - submitted by Mr Damage
2008-December-01www.kingpinq3.com - submitted by 0xA5EA
2008-November-09Exit Assh0le - submitted by KiNgPiN
2008-October-24uuuh.... :-) - submitted by 0xA5EA
2008-October-12Stairs to Kingin heaven by Mr. and OmT - submitted by Omt
2008-October-06 - submitted by Meph
2008-September-12,T - submitted by [K|F|G]Pet
2008-August-22Wow big car :) - submitted by Mr D
2008-August-17i nice 4 V 2 match - submitted by [DKC]Kenneth
2008-August-03Synchronized fragging :) - submitted by Mr D
2008-July-07That's gotta hurt =) - submitted by Mr D
2008-July-04Say Che...... - submitted by Mr D
2008-June-303 Points :) - submitted by Mr D
2008-June-274 v 2 match hehe :) - submitted by [DKC]Kenneth
2008-June-25Defusing a bomb in CRASH Mod =) - submitted by Mr D
2008-June-23Arming a bomb in CRASH Mod - submitted by Mr D
2008-June-21eww - submitted by kul
2008-May-31Me killed blunt Lol - submitted by [DKC]Kenneth
2008-May-24Me trying to kill blunt :D - submitted by [DKC]Kenneth
2008-April-27My main character in GANG BANG - submitted by Kenneth
2008-April-21WHAT THE HECK?!?!?!? - submitted by Kenneth
2008-April-03Bloodmoney mod - submitted by Thief|Meph
2008-April-01Saturday night fun at Detropolis - submitted by Mr D
2008-March-19The sleeping thug gets noticed by nikki's boys - submitted by Kenneth
2008-March-17LETS DEAL - submitted by ,T
2008-March-16Who said KP was Dead! Full house :) - submitted by [DKC]Panther
2008-March-13Gang Hit :) - submitted by Mr D
2008-March-09Seconds before the end... - submitted by (Inc)Phoenix
2008-February-18I needed to go to the toilet...quickly! - submitted by (Inc)Phoenix
2008-February-05Fack! Delta Force! - submitted by (Inc)Phoenix
2008-January-12HEADSHOT! - submitted by (Inc)Phoenix
2008-January-10elevator is temporarily out of service - submitted by sonik
2007-December-26Seasons Greetings - submitted by
2007-December-24Merry Fragging Christmas! - submitted by (Inc)Phoenix
2007-December-23Have a good time - submitted by (Inc)Phoenix
2007-December-143team war - submitted by ,T
2007-December-12I Judge! - submitted by (Inc)Phoenix
2007-November-30Come get some! - submitted by (Inc)Phoenix
2007-November-29Come get some! - submitted by (Inc)Phoenix
2007-November-27Unclebuck keeps joining friendly matches. Clan servers any1? - submitted by HeZu
2007-November-20I really enjoy my overpowered HMG! - submitted by (Inc)Phoenix
2007-November-14damn I got a cramp! - submitted by (Inc)Phoenix
2007-November-12Bag Crappage in the snow - submitted by AB|KrAsH
2007-November-11For a brief while we were number 1 on the Moddb Overall Top100 sites list :) - submitted by Mr D
2007-November-05Christmas comes early this year - submitted by Mr D
2007-November-03CafeMocha with an unknown Nikki's BOY after who knows what on a friday night! - submitted by Growler
2007-October-21Hitmen back - submitted by Thief|Meph
2007-October-16STONER RED PANTYS - submitted by KOA_FORD
2007-October-12Extreme Rockets - submitted by
2007-October-10If Van Gogh had painted a scene from KPDM1 - submitted by
2007-October-04KOA_BURNOUT Woops GWB! lol 444 - submitted by KOA_FORD
2007-September-22,T - submitted by ,T
2007-September-12Kpq3 team_b2b update - submitted by 0xA5EA
2007-August-27KingpinQ3 Bagman and Ctf map team_b2b - submitted by 0xA5EA
2007-August-22high ping wins - submitted by KOA_FORD
2007-August-07Kingpin HighRez Weapon Texture 256x512 - submitted by KpQ3 Crew / Mr.Kn0X
2007-July-30SANCHO K P - submitted by KOA_FORD
2007-July-28,T - submitted by [K|F|G]Pet
2007-July-26Kingpin inspired Quake4 map - submitted by Method
2007-July-12all shorty - submitted by KOA_FORD
2007-June-27=Domination= - submitted by (Inc)Phoenix
2007-June-03Seven thugs in the sky - submitted by (Inc)Phoenix
2007-May-05Kp on a new-gen engine, impossible, lol :-D 0xA5EA - submitted by 0xA5EA
2007-April-22Imagine Kingpin on new-gen engine. - submitted by Method
2007-April-14Pre-Demo Screenshots - submitted by FREDZ
2007-April-12Pre-Demo Screenshots - submitted by FREDZ
2007-April-10Pre-Demo Screenshots - submitted by FREDZ
2007-April-08Pre-Demo Screenshots - submitted by FREDZ
2007-April-06Pre-Demo Screenshots - submitted by FREDZ
2007-April-04Pre-Demo Screenshots - submitted by FREDZ
2007-April-02Pre-Demo Screenshots - submitted by FREDZ
2007-March-31Fresh flesh! - submitted by (Inc)Phoenix
2007-February-27Detropolis Saturday Game at 25.02.2007 (sc2) - submitted by S*a*D|Meph
2007-February-25Saturday Detropolis Game at 25.02.2007 - submitted by S*a*D|Meph
2007-February-22Detropolis Night Fun at 17.02.2007 - submitted by S*a*D|Meph
2007-February-21Detropolis Night Fun at 18.02.07 - submitted by S*a*D|Meph
2007-February-19USA V.S Other World - submitted by HeZu
2007-February-15Purple bitch - submitted by Meph
2007-February-13Kingpin World Map - submitted by Meph
2007-February-11Papa :) - submitted by Meph
2007-January-23Is it a bird, a plane, a thug??? - submitted by
2007-January-21Kpq3 still in development ;Z - submitted by 0xA5EA
2007-January-19Hole in the space :P Check it by throwing grenades in this - submitted by S*a*D|Meph
2007-January-17Crash Squad - a great mod =) - submitted by
2007-January-16Detropolis Saturday Night - submitted by S*a*D|Meph
2007-January-15Detropolis saturday night - submitted by S*a*D|Meph
2007-January-13Mr.Knox - submitted by
2007-January-12http://www.geocities.com/k0aclan/KOA.html - submitted by KOA_FORD
2007-January-11More Saturday night fun at the Detropolis Server =) - submitted by
2007-January-07Saturday night fun at the Detropolis Server =) - submitted by
2007-January-01Beta Screenshot kpdm1 Xmas V2006 - submitted by Mr.Kn0X
2006-December-08:T - submitted by [K|F|G]Pet
2006-November-27Mind the language ;) - submitted by Tea_Leaf
2006-October-28Single Player Shots
2006-October-27Single Player Shots
2006-October-25Single Player Shots
2006-October-24Single Player Shots
2006-October-23Single Player Shots
2006-October-22Single Player Shots
2006-October-21Single Player Shots
2006-October-19Single Player Shots
2006-October-18Me and Shitter (the little bastard) - submitted by
2006-October-17Single Player Shots
2006-October-16Single Player Shots
2006-October-15Single Player Shots
2006-October-14Oh no! Evil chickens! - submitted by (Inc)Phoenix
2006-October-13Single Player Shots - submitted by Mr D
2006-October-12Single Player Shots
2006-October-11Single Player Shots
2006-October-10Headshot!!! - submitted by Mr D
2006-October-09huge homer heads team octagon map - submitted by {GT}*KNIGHT*
2006-September-23Doesnt it look nice ? - submitted by 0xA5EA
2006-September-22Doesnt it look nice ? - submitted by 0xA5EA
2006-September-18I think I saw something at the window - submitted by (Inc)Phoenix
2006-August-27Money Madness - submitted by SuBZeRo
2006-August-24funny prop i made - submitted by {GT}*KNIGHT*
2006-August-22Another container victim! - submitted by (inc)phoenix
2006-August-05homerbot head gib perfect landing - submitted by {GT}*KNIGHT*
2006-August-01homerbot hitmen madness - submitted by {GT}*KNIGHT*
2006-July-22Dragons! - submitted by Mr Damage
2006-July-17homer test failed - submitted by gt knight
2006-July-15homer test failed - submitted by gt knight
2006-July-14homer test failed - submitted by gt knight
2006-June-27Homer Model Skin Pack
2006-June-25Reprisal Skin Pack by Dirtydog
2006-June-23Armagon2 DM Map by Cujo
2006-June-21House of Death Single Player Map pack
2006-June-18World Cup Fever :)
2006-June-16Sydney CBD Fringes DM Map
2006-June-14Hamunaptra DM Map by Doodaa
2006-June-12Warez DM Map
2006-June-10House of the Retard Man DM Map
2006-June-04No frags for you scumbag - submitted by (Inc)Phoenix
2006-May-28Greetings from the Devil - submitted by (Inc)Phoenix
2006-May-27HwH - submitted by SuBZeRo
2006-May-14Shadowmove - submitted by (Inc)Phoenix
2006-April-30Raid! - submitted by (Inc)Phoenix
2006-April-20After Easter, there are still bunnies around - submitted by (Inc)Phoenix
2006-April-18Catch that rabbit before it gets away with the eggs! - submitted by (Inc)Phoenix
2006-April-17Full Detropolis server xD - submitted by G()A
2006-April-07Neck training.... - submitted by www.thief-clan.com
2006-April-01lurking in the shadows - submitted by sonik
2006-March-30newly aquired guided missles - submitted by sonik
2006-March-28-=The Asylum=- DM Map by Whoop Ass - submitted by
2006-March-27what a disgrace.. ; ) - submitted by sonik
2006-March-25Blackened City DM map by ALMighty - submitted by
2006-March-05Someone gotta do it! - submitted by (Inc)Phoenix
2006-February-18Knockout! - submitted by AB|JON3S
2006-February-05Watch out for flying Tommy! - submitted by (Inc)Phoenix
2006-February-01Boink DM Map by Sureshot - submitted by Mr D
2006-January-26I don't buy at the door! - submitted by (Inc)Phoenix
2006-January-12Moshing in the pits of death !!!! - submitted by XraiDeD
2006-January-07The Good Old Days... - submitted by (Inc)Phoenix
2006-January-01What Cant Talk!!!! - submitted by (k9)Cracker
2005-December-18The first preparations for Christmas - submitted by (Inc)Phoenix
2005-December-11Watch out, that ladder may be slippery - submitted by (Inc)Phoenix
2005-December-07Nice fireworks! Woohoo! - submitted by (Inc)Phoenix
2005-November-29Battlefield 1924 - submitted by (Inc)PHOENIX
2005-November-28Hey DirtyDog....its Milla.....You made this skin for me...here is a random screeny =) - submitted by !MILLA!
2005-November-06It's only a scratch - submitted by Zoltrix
2005-November-03Who let the dogs out :) - submitted by Zoltrix
2005-October-17666 (Whats It Like to Be A Heretic) - submitted by {GT}SuBZeRo/666hErEtiC
2005-September-11Q3 Bender to Kingpin For Mr.Damage - submitted by Zeppelin[FnR]
2005-September-08homerbots find a jump pad - submitted by {GT}*KNIGHT*
2005-September-02Please get yo head out his ass! - submitted by {NeW}Fnlou
2005-August-29More fun at Detropolis - submitted by
2005-August-21Having fun at Detropolis - submitted by
2005-August-15Please get yo head out his ass! - submitted by {NeW}Fnlou
2005-August-14flaming homers ownage - submitted by {GT}*KNIGHT*
2005-August-13male_thug model for Quake3 Made by TiCaL - submitted by {GT}SubZero
2005-August-12flaming homers ownage - submitted by {GT}*KNIGHT*
2005-August-01Wallbug in team_spawn that I just found - submitted by {GT}SubZero
2005-July-30Caution this screenshot contains ... :) - submitted by Mr.Knox
2005-July-20bored and spawn camping - submitted by {GT}*KNIGHT*
2005-July-19Rocket CUMIN Atcha - submitted by {GT}SubZero/Thief|Gigolo
2005-July-13A peak of my pimped kpdm5 map - submitted by Mr.Knoxville
2005-July-10inferno mod flashback - submitted by {GT}*KNIGHT*
2005-July-01Owned VIA 1111 (Me And Wheat) - submitted by {GT}SubZero
2005-June-22Come get some! - submitted by (Inc)Phoenix
2005-June-11How 2 add a custom model to dm mode !!! - submitted by Mr.Knoxville
2005-June-06The force is strong - submitted by (Inc)Phoenix
2005-May-30Swamped - submitted by (Inc)Phoenix
2005-May-20a Toxic blast! - submitted by (Inc)Phoenix
2005-May-14Hard on the stomach - submitted by (Inc)Phoenix
2005-May-10lmao - submitted by {GT}*KNIGHT*
2005-May-08Last name you'll see before you die - submitted by (Inc)Phoenix
2005-April-23A brutal end! - submitted by (Inc)Phoenix
2005-April-13Sweet war on da streets - submitted by (Inc)Phoenix
2005-March-29Get off my roof! - submitted by (Inc)Phoenix
2005-March-17My New Skins - submitted by {GT}SubZero
2005-March-16(k9)Cracker Kicking ASS - submitted by (k9)Cracker
2005-March-09K9 back in action !! - submitted by (K9)Blitz
2005-March-08Now that's a fire barrel!!! - submitted by Mr Damage
2005-March-07Now that's a fire barrel!!! - submitted by Mr Damage
2005-March-05Fiery death in Power2 :) - submitted by Mr Damage
2005-March-01Seconds before the end... - submitted by (Inc)Phoenix
2005-January-27Stairway to heaven - submitted by (Inc)Phoenix
2005-January-16Is there a medic on the ship? - submitted by (Inc)Phoenix
2005-January-03Better too late than never - submitted by (Inc)Phoenix
2004-December-26Acid wishes yoo a Merry X-mas - submitted by (Inc)Phoenix
2004-December-22Merry Christmas to all who visit KP4Ever
2004-December-20I think they don't like visitors - submitted by (Inc)Phoenix
2004-December-16Seasons Greetings - submitted by
2004-November-26KP Wallpapers - http://www.kingpinforever.com/whoop_world/resources.html
2004-November-22David vs Goliath lol - submitted by Mr Damage
2004-November-19KP Wallpapers - http://www.kingpinforever.com/whoop_world/resources.html
2004-November-14Who shot Mr Burns :) - submitted by Mr Damage
2004-November-10It is never to early to start practicing - found @ http://gpclan.girlpower.dhs.org/stuff_Jun2002.htm
2004-October-05Can use some help.Contact me at # 60-143-915 - submitted by Mr.Knoxville
2004-September-26OMG they killed Kenny - submitted by Mr.Knox
2004-September-07kingpin vs doom3 its a tough job but somebody s got 2 do it - submitted by Mr.Knoxville
2004-August-30420 Time [Score @ Right] - submitted by J4cK3L
2004-August-29Cypress Kill - submitted by (Inc)Phoenix
2004-August-22A casual game on Knight's server - submitted by (Inc)Phoenix
2004-August-17awesome fart! - submitted by (Inc)Phoenix
2004-August-12Madness in the Pitt =D - submitted by XraiDeD
2004-August-04gordon... your in the wrong game... : ) - submitted by sonik
2004-August-01Nice to see you too - from upcoming SP Map Vengeance by -=Mad-Dog=- - submitted by -=Mad-Dog=-
2004-July-25Getting into my favorite Bosnia sniper position, watch out Zepplin[FnR]! - submitted by Truzenzuzex[BC]
2004-July-2077 pieces of guts - submitted by (Inc)Phoenix
2004-July-07converted tie fighter from jediknight2 - submitted by Mr.Knoxville
2004-July-06with the skymetro, you travel fast... to hell - submitted by (Inc)Phoenix
2004-July-05Even behind barrels... you're not safe from me! - submitted by (Inc)Phoenix
2004-July-03http://method.gamedesign.net - home of Kingpin: Final Crime - submitted by [DS]Method
2004-June-21http://method.gamedesign.net - Kingpin: Final Crime - submitted by [DS]Method
2004-June-05sy_h beta map (notice different textures) - submitted by [DS]Method
2004-June-04Test to see how many characters can be on the map (1998) - submitted by [DS]Method
2004-May-29the first KP map (1998) - submitted by [DS]Method
2004-May-28another KP scrnshot from 1998 - submitted by [DS]Method
2004-May-27KP scrnshot from 1998 - submitted by [DS]Method
2004-May-26ONOooo it's SSPONGEBOB - submitted by AB|Mr.Kn0Xville
2004-May-23Phoenix says: Leave the window closed! - submitted by (Inc)Phoenix
2004-May-12skinned Sarge Thug with quake3 guns @ Matrix dojo - submitted by AB|Mr.Kn0xville
2004-May-03Screenshot of my first bagman map - submitted by AB|Mr.Kn0xville
2004-April-25Truz sprays death from above while flying in Bosnia! - submitted by Truzenzuzex[BC]
2004-April-04The roomservice sucks! - submitted by (Inc)Phoenix
2004-March-13The crowbar will do the job - submitted by (Inc)Phoenix
2004-March-07Waiting for the HMG? - submitted by (Inc)Phoenix
2004-February-29New terrorist act in the USA - submitted by (Inc)Phoenix
2004-February-12Eat this, bunnahoppas! - submitted by (Inc)Phoenix
2004-February-11Possible Mod for Kingpin - submitted by Cujo
2004-February-05The chicken won't let anyone in! - submitted by (Inc)Phoenix
2004-January-20I just couldn't decide which weapon to take - submitted by (Inc)Phoenix
2004-January-10Fun for everyone! - submitted by (Inc)PHOENIX
2004-January-09Let the festivities go on! - submitted by (Inc)PHOENIX
2004-January-08*Burp*... I still don't feel that well after all the festivities... - submitted by (Inc)PHOENIX
2004-January-06No time to chill for the fireworks! - submitted by (Inc)PHOENIX
2004-January-03Keep the party going on! - submitted by (Inc)PHOENIX
2003-December-24Merry Fragging Christmas - submitted by (Inc)PHOENIX
2003-December-20Thou shall leave that for me... - submitted by (Inc)PHOENIX
2003-December-16T-Naka always has much worries in his head... - submitted by (Inc)PHOENIX
2003-December-09Your thug life ends here - submitted by (Inc)PHOENIX
2003-December-02Deja Vu? - submitted by (Inc)PHOENIX
2003-November-27Woohoo! Moker gives a round! - submitted by (Inc)PHOENIX
2003-November-21Speak up! Did you drink my milk?! - submitted by (Inc)PHOENIX
2003-November-16and now, who's gonna clean it? - submitted by (Inc)PHOENIX
2003-November-05Thanks for all the fish - submitted by izeforeal
2003-November-02This is worse than Halloween! - submitted by (Inc)PHOENIX
2003-October-28Battlefield 1924 - submitted by (Inc)PHOENIX
2003-October-21So what's for dinner today? - submitted by (Inc)PHOENIX
2003-October-14WTF are those weird ATI optins? - submitted by (Inc)PHOENIX
2003-October-11There is light at the end of the tunnel - submitted by (Inc)PHOENIX
2003-October-07A medium size dm Map - submitted by Mr.Knoxville
2003-October-03You can mess with whole Iraq, but not with me! - submitted by (Inc)PHOENIX
2003-September-15Sunday warmup for the 2nd Internal Come Back to Kingpin Day - submitted by Truzenzuzex[BC]
2003-August-31Attacking Thugs! Lots Of Em' Too! - submitted by xzommer
2003-August-28His Back Will Be In Pain For A Long Time. - submitted by xzommer
2003-August-27He's Falling!!!! - submitted by xzommer
2003-August-26Get out! Evil thug! - submitted by (Inc)PHOENIX
2003-August-20What KP looks like when you don't purchase it! - submitted by xzommer
2003-August-10Thug to the rescue! - submitted by (Inc)PHOENIX
2003-August-09not a proper game of kitbud - submitted by Mr.knoxville
2003-August-05BiteMe! - submitted by Mr Damage
2003-August-02No Time To Surrender - submitted by (Inc)PHOENIX
2003-August-01Jawohl! - submitted by (Inc)PHOENIX
2003-July-31Get The F*ck Out! - submitted by (Inc)PHOENIX
2003-July-28Kp bloodbath , shame you can't hear tha sound on this pic - submitted by Mr.knoxville
2003-July-24Question how did he get up there ??? - submitted by [GF]LOUIE68[NT]
2003-July-18there ain't land in sight for you anymore! - submitted by (Inc)PHOENIX
2003-July-17rest in pieces - submitted by (Inc)PHOENIX
2003-July-16that's a nasty death - submitted by (Inc)PHOENIX
2003-July-15just not thug enough - submitted by (Inc)PHOENIX
2003-July-11got a bloody nose? - submitted by (Inc)PHOENIX
2003-July-07Jedi knight2 Bowcaster - submitted by mr.knoxville
2003-June-16Time for a prayer - submitted by (Inc)PHOENIX
2003-June-15I will eat him my way - submitted by (Inc)PHOENIX
2003-June-14oops, another scar - submitted by (Inc)PHOENIX
2003-June-13UFO alert! Get the fuck away! - submitted by (Inc)PHOENIX
2003-June-12I hope his Puma's are still fine - submitted by (Inc)PHOENIX
2003-June-11Mapper's Joke - submitted by Cujo
2003-June-10Hogie Ghost - submitted by Cujo
2003-May-17Hmmmm... bacon.... - submitted by (Inc)PHOENIX
2003-May-15brb... getting an aspirine - submitted by (Inc)PHOENIX
2003-May-14Drop your weapon immediately! - submitted by (Inc)PHOENIX
2003-May-13That's probably a negative - submitted by (Inc)PHOENIX
2003-May-07oooo what big crowbar you got - submitted by Cujo
2003-May-06The hidden weapons in Kingpin - submitted by (Inc)PHOENIX
2003-May-05thug doing a lill' nap - submitted by (Inc)PHOENIX
2003-May-04(Inc)PHOENIX, I took this screeny myself, I'm glad you like it :) Signed - {NeW}Fnlou
2003-May-03Those clanfights give me a headache - submitted by (Inc)PHOENIX
2003-May-01Thugs have a good apetite - submitted by (Inc)PHOENIX
2003-April-30It seems I'm not the only one who doesn't like hip-hop - submitted by (Inc)PHOENIX
2003-April-29The force is strong with this - submitted by (Inc)PHOENIX
2003-April-28Please stop! It's a Levis! - submitted by (Inc)PHOENIX
2003-April-27Noobs can miss a lot - submitted by (Inc)PHOENIX
2003-April-25This was the last campergeneration - submitted by (Inc)PHOENIX
2003-April-24Who did turn off the light? - submitted by (Inc)PHOENIX
2003-April-23Just a sec... getting my lens and kicking your ass... - submitted by (Inc)PHOENIX
2003-April-22We call this
2003-April-21Dammm nikki boys - submitted by Mr.Kn0xVille
2003-April-20The elevator is right there bro - submitted by (Inc)PHOENIX
2003-April-19Low-Ri-der - submitted by (Inc)PHOENIX
2003-April-18It's freakin hot in here! - submitted by (Inc)PHOENIX
2003-April-17Nuked. Or some kind off... - submitted by (Inc)PHOENIX
2003-April-16Don't mess with the TOX! - submitted by (Inc)PHOENIX
2003-April-08The only good dog is a dead dog!!! - submitted by -CAT
2003-April-07Thug life! - submitted by (Inc)PHOENIX
2003-April-06Homerpalooza - submitted by MrDamage
2003-April-05is 6300 enough to buy an ice cream? - submitted by X^T^C
2003-April-04I just had a rough life y'know? - submitted by DirtyDog{WC}
2003-April-03You talkin to me? - submitted by DirtyDog{WC}
2003-April-01Nice doggie... - submitted by DirtyDog{WC}
2003-March-31Ya so I been workin out.. - submitted by DirtyDog{WC}
2003-March-14Projectile Firing Tommygun - Rockets - submitted by Sylacs
2003-March-02Return To Castle Kingpin ;) - submitted by Mr Damage
2003-February-17D/ling a few kbs from KP4Ever :) - submitted by Cujo
2003-February-16I guess they missed their flight - submitted by -=Mad-Dog=-
2003-February-05This LPB was getting owned by a HPB so went the flame - submitted by thug69
2003-January-30Rocketman - submitted by scythe
2003-January-25is 6300 enough to buy an ice cream? - submitted by X^T^C
2003-January-24Happy New Year! - submitted by (Inc)PHOENIX
2003-January-23WTF did you say?? - submitted by (Inc)PHOENIX
2003-January-22Oh man, that guy is quicker than his grenade! - submitted by (Inc)PHOENIX
2003-January-21I just wanted to be sure he didn't feign his death - submitted by (Inc)PHOENIX
2003-January-08Cloud Palace with super saiyan thug - submitted by AB|Mr.KnoxVille
2003-January-07This trip is sponsored by Gangsters Incoporated - submitted by (Inc)PHOENIX
2003-January-05You can run, but you can't hide! - submitted by (Inc)PHOENIX
2003-January-03That day we reached the top - submitted by (Inc)PHOENIX
2003-January-02nobody knew how YLD got their skills... - submitted by (Inc)PHOENIX
2003-January-01The sky is the limit - submitted by (Inc)PHOENIX
2002-December-31Sometimes thugs feel lonely - submitted by (Inc)PHOENIX
2002-December-30NEVER mess with an Inc! - submitted by (Inc)PHOENIX
2002-December-29Fuck U Biatch! - submitted by (Inc)PHOENIX
2002-December-28Some folks are just sensitive... - submitted by DirtyDog{WC}
2002-December-27Merry Christmas From Garcia[FnR] - submitted by Garcia[FnR]
2002-December-26Yeah - submitted by Syl^cs
2002-December-25Choking Santa's chicken for some extra presents - submitted by Truzenzuzex[BC]
2002-December-24Santa Clause is coming to town! - submitted by {NeW}Fnlou
2002-December-18Triple rocket blast....hehe - submitted by TnT_trash
2002-December-17A Very Messy Stairwell - submitted by {NeW}Fnlou
2002-December-16Getting what he deserves! - submitted by {NeW}Fnlou
2002-December-14These guys got DaWGeD - submitted by DirtyDog{WC}
2002-December-13A face ONLY a mother could love - Submitted by DirtyDawg{WC}
2002-December-11Some folks are just sensitive... - submitted by DirtyDog{WC}
2002-December-08kingping Spy Lite Mod - submitted by PeNdEjO!
2002-December-07He needed a good beat down! - submitted by Garcia[FnR]
2002-November-30Buy Or Death!!! :) - submitted by twins3n
2002-November-29What? No Turkey? Happy T-Day from KP4EVER! - submitted by {NeW}Fnlou
2002-November-27Q3 Flamer - submitted by S()Li|)
2002-November-24SNEAK PEAK OF MY CONVERTED QUAKE 3 GUNS - submitted by AB|Mr.Kn0xville
2002-November-21Superman!? My ass! Eat Lead Pipe Biotch! - submitted by Truzenzuzex[BC]
2002-November-16Oh oh!! The 2 dopey's comming to get me - submitted by {SSF}Million
2002-November-15Hut, hut, hike! - submitted by Truzenzuzex[BC]
2002-November-13Buns up, a kneeling and a dealing! submitted by Truzenzuzex[BC]
2002-November-12Thug on bike, kingpin and Blunt what else do kp lover want???... - submitted by Yan
2002-November-11Stump twins !!! - submitted by Zeppelin[FnR]
2002-November-10Damn!!! He got a kingsized dick - submitted by {SSF}Million
2002-November-08funky monkey say
2002-November-07BLOOD FOUNTAIN... - submitted by DR EVIL
2002-November-06ToonTown invasion - submitted by HEiNeKeN
2002-November-05Nice camp site max! - submitted by Hogie
2002-November-03Shhh, be very quiet... I'm hunting [BC] - submitted by Truzenzuzex[BC]
2002-November-02Lick my boots slave! - submitted by Truzenzuzex[BC]
2002-November-01NEW! KP Voyeur Cam - submitted by Truzenzuzex[BC]
2002-October-30Guess they let it go to their heads! - submitted by -Cat
2002-October-29Eat my shorts! - submitted by Truzenzuzex[BC]
2002-October-28Death To the Bots - submitted by Tony Montana
2002-October-26I'm not cleaning THAT up! - submitted by Truzenzuzex[BC]
2002-October-25Funny place to take a nap Garcia[FnR]! - submitted by Truzenzuzex[BC]
2002-October-24That's gonna leave a scar! - submitted by (Inc)PHOENIX
2002-October-23What are you doing to dead louie! - submitted by HEXED[A.D.]
2002-October-22Get out! I live there! - submitted by (Inc)PHOENIX
2002-October-20Oh man, I don't wanna clean that wall... - submitted by (Inc)PHOENIX
2002-October-19There comes the fresh meat! - submitted by (Inc)PHOENIX
2002-October-18That ladder is for Santa ONLY! - submitted by (Inc)PHOENIX
2002-October-17Those pipelines are so hot you can't grab them - submitted by (Inc)PHOENIX
2002-October-13Enjoy your flight! - submitted by (Inc)PHOENIX
2002-October-09mmmmmmm booobees - submitted by {GT}SteelHead
2002-October-07Under the gun!!! - submitted by {NeW}Fnlou
2002-October-06Need a CD? - submitted by {NeW}Fnlou
2002-October-03Want a donut? - submitted by AB|FREDZ
2002-October-03w00t - submitted by TeZ
2002-October-02rool - submitted by t
2002-September-30...medium-rare or well done? - submitted by Poparelli
2002-September-29In a corner with no pants - submitted by {NeW}Fnlou
2002-September-28The opposite of cement shoes - submitted by {NeW}Fnlou
2002-September-26MY WALLHACK :) - submitted by Marcello
2002-September-23like i said - submitted by AB|Mr.Kn0xVille
2002-September-21I think the Vortex blew a vein. - submitted by TnT_trash
2002-September-20New airline in town... - submitted by TnT_trash
2002-September-18Ever seen a ROCKET in flight? - Submitted by {NeW}Fnlou
2002-September-17ME BEER! Breakfast of Champions! - Submitted by {NeW}Fnlou
2002-September-17Oh oh!! The 2 dopey r comming to get me - submitted by {SSF}Million
2002-September-16...and they never called him ''Lefty'' again - submitted by {NeW}Fnlou
2002-September-05See what happens when you put too many BIG weapons in a small map - submitted by Garcia[FnR]
2002-September-02One very good reason NOT to smoke! - submitted by An4T0m!(a
2002-September-01Messin around with Kingpin models - submitted by Dan Dan
2002-August-31Blossom gets ready to spank her monkey... - submitted by TJ_Nator[BC]
2002-August-30Spider-man 2 movie CANCELLED! - Submitted by Ganthet[BC]
2002-August-29The floating dead thug...the mystery continues! - Submitted by Garcia[FnR]
2002-August-27Nice Pants! - Submitted by Ganthet[BC]
2002-August-26Got Chicken!? - Submitted by Truzenzuzex[BC]