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KINGPIN 101: Installing custom made player files

First of all, let's define what we mean by "custom player made files".  Simply put, your default Kingpin CD gave you three player types (Thug, Runt, and Bitch), two multiplayer modes (GangBang and Bagman), a handful of maps, and a nice selection of skins, all in various shades of brown LOL!  Seriously though, since Kingpin was first released in 1999, there have been literally hundreds upon hundreds of custom made files created by fans of the game!  The types of user made files can be broken down by category:
  • Custom Maps        Add-on maps to expand the single and multi-player experience.
  • Custom Skins        Tired of that same old costume? Change skins!. We have over 4000+
  • Game Modifications        New and various game modes (aka MODs) that expand the Kingpin experience.
  • Modelling        Tools to help create custom player models.
  • Player Models        Tired of being a bitch, thug, or runt? Lots of new player types available!
  • Textures        Think your new map needs a fresh texture? Grab some from here!  and finally,
  • Utilities        Various utils and tools for improving your KP experience.

Depending upon how you want to enjoy your Kingpin experience, you will need to learn what these player made files do and where they go.  Perhaps the most important category is Custom Maps.  Now I'm sure there will always be those who disagree, but I for one got tired of playing KPDM 1- 5 many years ago.  Therefore, let's install a custom map!
Of course, you will need to have your WINZIP downloaded and installed before we begin.  Assuming you are ready, let's go take a look at where the maps go:

Inside the "main" folder of your Kingpin directory you will find the various other sub-folders where the zipped files are ultimately going to be placed.  MOST mappers, however, will setup the correct extraction pathway for you.  Therefore, in most cases you need only use your winzip and type c:\program files\kingpin in the extract line and your files will go where they are supposed to:

The larger picture of the "main" folder above is included so that you know where the specific files are going to be placed.  The ".bsp" file goes into the "maps" folder.  Any custom (user made) graphics or pictures go into the "textures" folder.  Any custom (user made) sounds may be placed in either the "sound" folder or the "env" folder depending upon what they are.  The most important thing to remember, however, is that for custom maps, you only need the folders you see above.  In other words, you only need ONE maps folder and ONE textures folder etc......Therefore, if the mapper zipped the file incorrectly or you setup your winzip incorrectly, you should be able to take a look at the zip contents and manually place the files into their proper folders.  Use the MAPS link above and pick out a custom map.  Download it to your desktop and then follow the instructions above.  When you are done, click on the zipped file again and note the exact name of the ".bsp" file.  For example, let's say you picked the map "550southhope".  The actual file name for that map is "dm_550hope.bsp".  If you installed correctly, you should be able to go to c:\program files\kingpin\main\maps and then double click that maps folder and actually see the file called "dm_550hope.bsp" in there.

If you started right this minute and tried to download every custom file we have to offer, it would literally take you several days.  You only need what you want!  If you want to play custom game modifications then you will need to visit the respective homepages of those MODS and read what they have to say.  Remember. however, that any custom user made file you will ever install will eventually end up somewhere in your Kingpin Directory.  Always consult the custom file's "readme" for specific installation instructions and, of course, you can always count on the Staff of KingpinForever to help you out along the way.  Good Luck and see ya in the mean streets of POISONVILLE :) Click HERE to get back home.

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