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KINGPIN 101: Installing the Game

Kingpin-Life Of Crime hit the streets in 1999.  PCs have come along way since then, so the system requirements for the game should easily be met by 99% of all first time installers.  Nevertheless, if you are trying to run the game on your Grandmother's antique computer, it will need to be at least a:

Pentium 233MHz with
32MB RAM and a
4MB 3d card (DirectX compatible) with a

If you have purchased your computer within the past few years, your system most likely exceeds those specs by quite a bit.  The most important thing to remember, however,  is that you must have a 3D Graphics accelerator.  To determine what type of Video Card your machine has, go to:

Start>Control Panel>Display and then click on it.  It should show you something like this:

If you have an "NVIDIA" based or "ATI" based Graphics Card, you should be all set.  For all other makes or models, consult your PC owner's manual or the card manufacturer's website to insure that your card is capable of rendering 3D Graphics using "OpenGL".  Kingpin does not have a "software mode" like Quake 1 or 2.

Ok, now that we have determined that our PC is capable of running the game, its time to begin the installation.  Grab your shiny new Kingpin CD and:

  • Insert the CD into your CD-Rom drive.
  • The auto-run screen should appear within a few seconds. (If the auto-run screen appears:)
  • Simply click on INSTALL and follow the onscreen instructions for installation.
If the auto-run screen DOES NOT appear:
  • Double click on the MY COMPUTER icon on your desktop.
  • Double click on your CD-ROM drive icon.
  • Double click on the SETUP.exe file.
When you first insert the CD, it may play the Interplay logo, and then you should get a screen that looks a bit like this:

If you've made it this far, you will most likely have no problems whatsoever.  During the installation process, you're presented with a series of warning screens, informing you that the game contains graphic subject matter. You are also presented with the option of installing a "low-content" version of the game, which will allow you to play the entire full version but without the blood, gore, and language. This is a nice alternative for parents who let their kids play first-person shooters, but who are still concerned about Kingpin's over-the-top content.  Be advised, however, that the low violence version "bleeps out" the swearing - making the dialogue a long string of beeps punctuated by the words "mother," "you," and "yourself."
Also, at the end of the install sequence you're forced to sit through a "Descent3" advertisement.  Sorry, but there is no escaping from that. You can at least take comfort in knowing, however,  that you are almost ready to hit the mean streets of Poisonville :)  BUT WAIT!  Before you start playing you need to patch it up.  Just like with 99% of all games released, Kingpin was shipped out the door with some flaws.  None of these are so bad that you can't at least try your hand at the single player missions, but you absolutely will not be able to play online without patching up.  We will cover that in our next section PATCHING THE GAME.  Otherwise click HERE to get back home.
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