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KINGPIN 101: Installing the Monkey Mod

Installing the WHAT?!?!?!  Yeah, it's a funny name and one that is perhaps a bit misleading.  Ever heard of "PunkBuster"?  Well, since poor old Kingpin was rushed out the door by Xatrix who promptly split the scene, those of us in the Kingpin Community who want to play a "cheat free" game in the servers have come to rely on the Monkey Mod as our best defense.  Simply put, the Monkey Mod (or "MM") is a server based AND a player based "Cheat Detection System". Quite a few (if not most) of the current Kingpin Servers online are running some version of the Monkey Mod,  and many of them ask you (the player) to have the "Client Side" portion of the system installed on your own PC.  Now, this doesn't mean that you won't be playing your standard game modes like "GangBang" (deathmatch) or "Bagman".  You will!  But - by playing on a "MM" server with players who have the Client Side Files properly installed, you have the very best chance of enjoying a cheat free experience.  Of course, no system is 100% "foolproof", but The Monkey Mod is the best Kingpin has to offer, and most importantly, some servers will refuse to allow you on without it!  To read more about the Monkey Mod click HERE.  Otherwise, let's get our Client Side installed!

Step one is, of course, to download the Client Files.  Click HERE and save it to your desktop.
Now the first thing you will notice is that the file is "zipped".  You must have the program WINZIP installed on your machine to extract 99.9% of all Kingpin Files; so if you don't already have WINZIP, download and install IT first before proceeding.  Moving right along:

  • Double Click on the MonkeyMod icon on your desktop.
A dialogue box should pop up and look something like this:
  • Click on Extract and then in the box underneath "Extract to" type the following:  c:\program files\kingpin
  • Click Extract at the top right hand side of the box
Voila!  Easy Money!  BUT WAIT!  You need to first confirm that you installed the file correctly.  You may refer the picture below and compare it to your own KP folder:

Do you see the file "mmclient" and "mmclient.dll" in your own Kingpin folder?  If so, GOOD!

Now for the most important part.  You need to tell your server browser tool that you would like to load MMCLIENT.EXE instead of loading KINGPIN.EXE  Sounds a bit complicated I know, but it's not.  The easiest way to join the online Kingpin Servers is to simply use the "GameSpy Lite for Kingpin" that came installed with the rest of the game files.   P.S. - you cannot use HEAT anymore - it's long since gone away.  So, let's grab ourselves some "GS Lite" :)

From the desktop, Click START>ALL PROGRAMS>KINGPIN and then choose GameSpy Lite for Kingpin.
A dialogue box should pop up and look something like this:

Now, click on that "configure" button.  When you do, a new dialogue box will pop up and look something like this:

In the "Directory" box,  key it in EXACTLY as you see it above, (c:\program files\kingpin\mmclient.exe) but, of course,  you must choose your OWN "Nickname" as the one you see above is taken :)  Also from here you will want to configure your own net connection speed and anything else you want other folks to know about you LOL!  Once you are done click "OK".  Now, provided that you have installed correctly and all the stars are in alignment, you should be able to hit the "Refresh" button and see a whole bunch of servers waiting on you!

Sweet!  You have the game installed, you have the game patched up, you have the MM Client installed, and now you can actively view and join the servers!  BUT WAIT!  First of all, what exactly is meant by "Custom Maps Server"?  WTF is a "kp2 mod" or "Curse" or "Colors - CTF"?  And BTW - What exactly were you planning on wearing out there in the servers?  Default Skins?!?!?!    The final step in launching your career as a KP Addict is about to begin.  Let's move on to

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