Kingpin Custom Map Finder (KPCMF)

Last modified: 2002/4/10

by Benjamin Chen

Hello folks thanks for using Kingpin Custom Map Finder(kpcmf), a small free Win32 program to help Kingpin mappers pack their maps. This program is dedicated to (K9) Frag Dawgs , one of the best clans of Kingpin world.
Latest version: 1.4  NEW!
Download (548K)
  • Scanning map and/or bsp files for custom skies, sounds or textures.
  • Adding your own stuff into packing list. (Including a simple rule function)
  • Creating File_ID.diz using the built-in rough but usable editor.
  • Making all above into a zip file or a self-extractable for best delivery.
  • Pictures and sounds preview.
  • Full self-extractable options.
  • Program source NOW included. (Borland Delphi codes, see doc for more info.)


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