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Posted on 05 Feb 2006 by Hogie
Another Video

KPL's latest Kingpin movie is now ready for viewing. Two players earn themselves awards for outstanding gameplay in this one. A Special thanks goes out to mayhem for his nice award graphics.Now go grab some popcorn and a drink,sit your ass down and enjoy the carnage! watch

Posted on 31 Jan 2006 by Hogie
Old movie

Some of you might have already seen this movie a long time ago but I decided to convert it to a smaller format and stick it on this site. The orginal Divx version can be found here it's around 16mb. This movie was made a good three years ago or so. It was made on my old comp therefore the the footage could only be captured at 15fps, but it's still pretty good. The movie is a tribute to all the players that had been playing on the KPL servers up till that point. Enjoy some old school goodness in this one KPL_dedication.wmv

Posted on 26 Jan 2006 by Hogie
Demo weekend

This weekend I'll be on the server recording demos for the next KP movie. If you want to have your super ownage kingpin skills highlighted in the next movie, get your ass on the server when you see me in there. Also if there are any funny tricks or moves you can come up with in certain maps let me know We'll try to capture them for the video. If you haven't seen the other videos yet check them out. Click on one of the links under "newest files" at the left.

Posted on 25 Jan 2006 by Hogie
New Movie

Finally we have a new movie for your viewing pleasure. There is some old school players featured in this one. Also somebody that we all love to hate earns himself the highest of noob rewards for some truly boneheaded game play.The movie is higher quality than the last two movies, so the file size is much larger. Allow some time for the movie to start playing after you click the link. View. To save the movie file to your computer right click this link here and pick "save target as"

Posted on 26 Dec 2005 by Hogie
Play Sin

We have a little demo movie showing off some gameplay in the Quake2 engine based game called Sin. Like Kingpin this game doesn't get the respect it deserves. It has some killer multiplayer and reminds me alot of KP. Any body interested in joining us on  sin servers for some kills let us know. Check out the sin movie here

Posted on 22 Dec 2005 by Hogie
Team jersey by Mayhem

Team jersey is finished and ready for play. Download it here


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