Latest server version - 1.52b

Version 1.52b update coded by TiCaL
Previously coded by Monkey Harris with contributions by Snap and
Based on Reactive Software's Competition Mod v1.3
and includes some ideas from BW-Admin

: Players :

Cheat Detection System (CDS) client, detects the ASUS see-thru drivers and hacked EXE/models/OpenGL

Updated Feb 23 2006
Download Client (rev.9) (23k)

unzip into your Kingpin directory,
and read the mmclient.txt file

--- Map levelshots ---
Only includes Xatrix maps

Download Map Levelshots (160k)

unzip into your Kingpin/main directory

--- Clean model files ---
If you get "invalid model" try this download

Download Clean Models (5.1mb)

unzip into your Kingpin/main directory

: Levelshot Instructions :

If you wish to create map levelshots for  maps click bellow for the instructions.

Creating custom map levelshots

: Useful links :

Kingpin 1.21 patch
Nvidia detonator drivers

-- Alternative to GameSpy3D --
supports Monkey Mod Client

The All-Seeing Eye

: Server files :

Download Win32 version
Download Linux version

NOTE: Monkey Mod can only be used as a dedicated server.

Download source-code

NOTE: for obvious reasons, the source-code
does not include the CDS routines

:  MM-Admin plugin :

MM-Admin (beta) enables you to run any Kingpin server mod with Monkey Mod cheat protection. The zip contains both Windows
and Linux versions.

MM-Admin v0.2 (37k)

See readme.txt in zip for setup info.

: Rcon Password Vulnerability Fix :

Download Server Fix (237k)

See readme.txt in zip for more info

:  Monkey Mod Help :

For latest news, hints, help, troubleshooting and to report new cheats visit our forum

Monkey Mod Forum

If you are getting invalid model, hacked flames or hacked OpenGL click bellow.

Fixing errors/problems

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