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News Archive for January 2003

"Fastfood Wars"
  posted January 31 - 6:31PM EST by Mr.Damage
Ever wonder who would win if Ronald McDonald and Colonel Sanders were to go head to head? Well grab a friend, downlod the Ronald thug skin and the Colonel runt skin, and jump in a server and find out :)

The Colonel skin was made by Sketch and the Ronald skin was made by Speg.

The zips have been set up so you only have to extract the files to your Kingpin directory and all the files will be placed where they belong.
You can grab these skins from here:-

The Colonel

"Got Questions?"
  posted January 31 - 6:27PM EST by NeWFnlou
We Got Answers! I have uploaded a zip containing damn near everything you ever wanted to know about Kingpin-Life Of Crime but were afraid to ask! This zip file is a folder containing "wordpad" documents copied from the old "I AM KINGPIN" site. What you will find is: Multiplayer Help, Console Commands, Single Player Cheats, Dedicated Server Setups, and a whole lot more!! You can download this puppy from right HERE.

Simply save to your "Desktop", then unzip to your "My Documents".

It should answer ALL those burning questions like - "how can me and my buddies play some Kingpin?" Hehehe. Happy Reading!

"Screenshots Of New Maps"
  posted January 31 - 5:59PM EST by Mr.Damage
{SSF}Million and a new mapper called Lil_Hamma are currently working on new DM maps.
DM Fragsquare is the new map by {SSF}Million and it's a medium sized map in the classic Kingpin Urban style.
Warehouse District is the first map by Lil_Hamma and is a smallish map that is looking good and should be finsihed shortly.

DM Fragsquare & Warehouse Distict

"New Custom Crosshair by Micketh"
  posted January 30 - 3:03AM EST by Mr.Damage
Micketh has made some new custom crosshairs.
The crosshairs are in a pak7 file which has been zipped. The zip file is set up so you only have to extract the pak7 file to your kingpin directory and it will place it in your kingpin/main folder where it belongs.
If you already have a pak7 file then extract the new pak7 to a temp folder somewhere, rename it to a number you dont have such as pak2, pak4 etc then copy it to your kingpin/main folder.
You can grab the new Crosshairs from here.

"Kingpin - The T.V. Show?!?!?!"
  posted January 29 - 4:47PM EST by NeWFnlou
On February 2, 2003 - NBC television (U.S.A.) will begin airing the first of 6 hour long episodes of Kingpin!

"In this stylized drama, the struggles and machinations of a powerful Mexican drug-trafficking family are displayed in graphic detail as they face challenges from both the United States Drug Enforcement Agency and from the dangerous underworld in which they reside."

Ok, so it ain't exactly taking place in "Poisonville" hehe, but it DOES have a cool name and it IS about the "dangerous underworld", so perhaps it just might be worth a look :)

For more information and air times/dates click right HERE

"Two New Maps By Twist"
  posted January 28 - 4:04AM EST by Mr.Damage
TwiST has released two new maps. The two maps are a Bagman map called Team Frofit and a Hitmen map called Twist's DooW.

Team Frofit is a Bagman version of his Twist's Frofit map:-

Well so far I think this is the best map I have made. People tell they like the look but its a little to big for Hitmen so that's why I made it for Bagman. This is a large kinda broken up dark place. It has about 4 big rooms and has lots of different colored light textures. Its a good map with lots of players in server. It has a BIG secret room also.
You can grab this map from here.

Twist's DooW is his latest Hitmen map:-

This is a small map with all the textures wood. It has two main rooms. It has two floors which you can snipe down people from =). People tell me its a good map for about 8-10 players . It has plenty of armor so there is some for all. It also has a neat secret room.
Grab this one was here.
You can visit Twist's website here.

Team Frofit

Twist's DooW

"Sanctuary Map Pack Feedback"
  posted January 28 - 3:26AM EST by Mr.Damage
By now a number of you have downloaded and, hopefully, started playing Wheelbarrow's Single Player Map Pack Sanctuary. I have now started a forum thread where you can post your feedback, comments, any problems you are having with the pack etc. I have let Wheelbarrow know about it and hopefully he will drop in and answer and questions. You can post your comments in the forum post here.

"New Mapper/New Map"
  posted January 26 - 6:14PM EST by Mr.Damage
{SSF}Populous has released his first map called FragBox. It's a small arena stlye DM map with some custom textures which really highlight the European lifestyle :)
It has a secret room included and a sound loop from the South Park movie that I wish I had included in the South Park KP map. You can grab Populous's map from here. His clan {SSF} were one year old on New Yer's Day and have a new website up to celebrate. You can download this map from their site and also all of {SSF}Million's maps and one map by Xraided. Go check it out here.

Btw, he also reports that his local PC games shop called GAME (who I think used to be Electronics Boutique)in Preston, England, are selling Kingpin for 5.

"New Rocket Launcher Skin By Micketh"
  posted January 26 - 5:33PM EST by Mr.Damage
Micketh has followed up his Jungle AKL47 HMG Skin with a brand new skin for the Rocket Launcher. The skin is a nice gun metal grey colour and includes world, player and HUD skins so you see the new skin when you have the RL in your hand, when you are looking at an RL on the ground and when you see another player holding the RL.
The skin is in a pak3 file which has been zipped. The zip file is set up so you only have to extract the pak3 file to your kingpin directory and it will place it in your kingpin/main folder where it belongs.
If you already have a pak3 file then extract the new pak3 to a temp folder somewhere, rename it to a number you dont have such as pak2, pak4 etc then copy it to your kingpin/main folder.
You can grab this HMG skin from here.

"Sanctuary SP Mappack Released!"
  posted January 25 - 11:56PM EST by DirtyDog
Wheelbarrow has released the long awaited and highly anticipated single player mappack entitled Sanctuary. A tremendous amount of time and effort has gone into this project and it was well worth it. The mappack is alot of fun as it contains hours of new levels, cutscenes, custom sounds, custom skins, and a story behind all of it. The pack weighs in at a hefty 34mb but it's worth it. Some of the skins used in this project have been previously released so if you are prompted to overwrite, please do so. Download from here: Sanctuary. Make sure to read the enclosed text files first and for more screenshots and information on the packs please visit WheeLBaRRoW's SP Page

"New Map By {SSF}Million & Jaapio"
  posted January 25 - 11:54PM EST by Mr.Damage
{SSF}Million has submitted a new DM map. It's called Bowser's Castle and is a map started by Jaapio and which Million completed:-

I found a map that a good friend of mine made in his kingpin time, he doesn't play kingpin much anymore :(
It is made by Jaapio and the name is Bowser's castle. It was half done so I have added some stuff and made it a bit better.
The map theme is from the super nintendo game mario cart.

It's a small map which contains a series of paths surrounded by a deadly river of red goo. It has an eerie custom sound and a wierd custom sky from Quake2. You can download this one from here.

"2000 Maps Week On Detropolis"
  posted January 25 - 7:45PM EST by Mr.Damage
For the next week the Detropolis Kingpin Custom Maps server will be be running some of the best maps from the year 2000. To see a complete list of the maps that are in rotation click here. You can download the mappack which contains all these maps from here.
Server details are Detropolis Best Maps of 2000 Week IP#

Two of the maps in rotation:-

2v2DM Hypo & Strada Del Villagio

"A Kingpin Wedding"
  posted January 25 - 6:03AM EST by Mr.Damage
Two of our Kingpin player friends are getting married today :)
{GT}SteelHead and {GT}Superbitch are finally tying the knot after meeting 3 years ago playing Kingpin in Da Playgroundz server. They actually got married in a KP server two years ago and Super moved from California 3 months ago to be with Steal in Canada.
Everyone here wishes the happy couple all the best and good luck with your future together :D

"Custom Kingpin Mod Tabs For Gamespy3D"
  posted January 24 - 9:22PM EST by Mr.Damage
A while ago someone submitted a zipfile that contains 16 Custom Kingpin Tabs for Gamespy3D. Once you install them you can then do searches that filter only servers that are running that particular mod. I have added instructions to the zip that explains how to install them :)
You can grab these Kingpin Custom Gamespy3D Tabs from here.

Btw, you can download the latest version of Gamespy3D, which is v2.62 from here. Lets get on with the Killing!

"Two Updated Bagman Map By Hogie"
  posted January 24 - 8:47PM EST by Mr.Damage
Hogie has updated two of his beta Bagman maps and released completed versions. The maps are Team Military Strongholds and Team Lighthouse.

Team Military Strongholds is a large map converted from Sin which uses all the original SiN textures. Hypov8 helped Hogie with this one. You can grab the finished version of this map from here.

Team Lighthouse is a map built around a large lighthouse. Its a mirrored map with the lighthouse basically in the middle. The cash drop is by a bridge over a river of lava and the bases are in wharehouse style rooms. You can get this one here.

Team Military Compounds

Team Lighthouse

"Another New Bagman Map By Micketh"
  posted January 24 - 7:46PM EST by Mr.Damage
Micketh has submitted another Bagman map called Team KPRememberance:-

...my favorite map that i like to play over my lan with my m8s. It's fun for fast paced baggy action, lost of kills on this map & i hope you like it as well. The map is called team_kprememberance because its a map with some plates on the floor with names of kingpin players still playing who i used to play with.

It's a small map with two small forts at either end and the money drop area is a hole in the ground which you get out of by climbing up the walls of the hole. It also has two side passages that lead to ladders that you climb to get to the grenade launchers. You can download this map from here.

"Two New Custom Sounds Packs"
  posted January 23 - 7:43AM EST by Mr.Damage
Stroppa and Micketh have both submitted new custom sounds packs.

Stroppa has made a Gansta Custom Sounds pak which replaces the original Cypress Hill sound loops.

The songs are:-

Defari - Smack ya face
Dr. Octagon - Halfsharkalligatorman
Defari - Joyride
Dan the Automater - A better tomorrow
Gang Starr - Code of the streets

The zip file contains installation instructions which is basically extracting the pak file to your kingpin/main directory. You can grab this sound pak from here.
You can check out Stroppa's other sound paks here:-
Custom 70's Sounds
Custom Cypress Hill Sounds

Micketh has submitted a sound pack that contains some nice replacement sounds for the Tommygun and HMG, as well as a replacement richoshet sound and a new warning sound when your safe is being robbed in Bagman.

The zip file contains installation instructions which is to extract the pak file to your kingpin directory.

You can grab this one from here.

"New HMG Skin & Sounds"
  posted January 22 - 3:25AM EST by Mr.Damage
Micketh has submitted a cool HMG skin with custom sounds. It is a Jungle AKL47 HMG Skin with 3 new sounds.
Micketh sent it in as a zip file that required you to overwrite the default skin and sounds so what I have done is created a pak file so you don't have to overwrite any of your original files.
The zip file is set up so you only have to extract the pak5 file to your kingpin directory and it will place it in your kingpin/main folder where it belongs.
If you already have a pak5 file then extract the new pak5 to a temp folder somewhere, rename it to a number you dont have such as pak2, pak3 etc then copy it to your kingpin/main folder.
You can grab this HMG skin from here.

"New Bagman Map By Micketh"
  posted January 21 - 3:05AM EST by Mr.Damage
Micketh has sent in a new Bagman/Curse map. It's called Team Nofair:-

...team_nofair it was originally cashmoneys but he never finished it i was helping him with ideas etc so i had a copy but then i finished it for him.

It's a smallish Bagman map, both bases different and seperated by water. You can grab it from here.

"Play Maps Updated"
  posted January 19 - 3:13PM EST by Mr.Damage
I have updated two of the Play series of maps. The maps that have been updated are Play (Hole) and Play6 (Wood Maps).
Playv2 (Hole ver2) is a one room fragfest map. It only had 5 spawn points so all I have done to it is add 11 spawn points and removed the two torches an replaced them with a shotgun and shells. It's a very small download at 23kb which you can nab from here.
Play6v2 (Wood Maps ver2) is an arena style map with some nice coloured lighting and wooden walkways with lots of weapons and items spread out along them. Again I added about 11 spawn points to bring it up to 16, fixed a leak, changed the lighting a bit, added a shotgun and changed some item placement. This is another small download at 116kb which can be downloaded from here.

Play & Play6

"The All Seeing Eye!"
  posted January 19 - 11:54AM EST by NeWFnlou
Sounds like the title to a 1950's Sci-Fi Flick doesn't it? Actually, it's much more useful than that LOL! We received word from (K9)CyPHeR regarding the "Eye" -

"Sup Folks....

I read here that some KP servers like BC da Playgroundz don't show up on Gamespy Arcade !!

Well im a All Seeing Eye user....All Seeing Eye is a gameserver client like Gamespy only much faster and much more stable than Gamespy.

And ALL the Kingpin servers show up in it...also BC da Playgroundz.

So check it out !!!

The link for this free download is : HERE

Enjoy it !!!"

Thanks (K9)CyPHeR!

"1999 Maps Weekend On Detropolis Server"
  posted January 17 - 9:25PM EST by Mr.Damage
All this weekend the Detropolis Kingpin server will be running classic maps from 1999. To see a complete list of the maps that are in rotation click here. You can also download a mappack which contains all thse maps from here.
Server details are Detropolis 1999 Maps Weekend IP#

Two of the maps in rotation:-

Crushaville East & Longshore DM

"Team Assault2 Files"
  posted January 17 - 8:37PM EST by Mr.Damage
If you read the earlier post about Hogie's DukeCity map then you would know that the KPL team has ceased production on the much anticipated Team Assault2 Mod. Hogie has made all the existing Assault2 mod files available to the public in the hope that some other people may take up the challange of finishing the mod or at least be able to utlisie something of Assault2 in other projects. The zip file contains the unfinished assault2 code, maps and the custom models. The zip is a lage one at 56.6mg but you think you can utilise these files you can grab them from here.

"Sylacs Needs Help"
  posted January 15 - 2:24AM EST by Mr.Damage
Sylacs, who has been working on the Kingpin Underground Mod for the last six months, has just run into some really bad trouble. Basically his harddrive died and he doesnt have the funds to replace it at this present time. If he is to continue working on the mod he needs someone to donate a spare HDD to him. To read all about what happened, and if you would like to help keep this mod alive by giving him a harddrive, check out this forum post here.

"New DM map by WhoOP_AsS"
  posted January 15 - 12:00AM EST by DirtyDog
WhoOP_AsS has just released a new DM map entitled Nefertem.

QUOTE: Never really wanting to follow the urban route but keeping to the kp style I did the Whoop alternative and produced a very large, very egyptian DM map. I tried to make the map as varied as possible while keeping the custom texture count down to a minimum. As it turns out the bsp file alone is 3.3mb making this my biggest map so far to date in DM. It was fun to make and I hope people have fun playing it.

This is a very large and most impressive map. Although very much in line with the classic Kingpin layout as it has alot of XatriX flavor, the Egyptian textures give it an entirely different feel. The map is excellent, download it from here: NeferTem

"New DM map by Cat"
  posted January 14 - 11:39PM EST by DirtyDog
CaT has just released a new DM map entitled WareHouse Wars.

QUOTE: Set in a warehouse, with many weapons + ammo to assist you with your fragging. This is a small map with two main areas. There is an secrete area where you can find an extra HMG and armor, the access point to this place shouldn't be too hard to find among the boxs, but getting there may be a bit trickyer.

The map looks good and plays very well, download it from here: WareHouse WarS

"Another UK Site Selling Kingpin"
  posted January 14 - 4:09AM EST by Mr.Damage
Hayo Jongbloed sent in a link to another site selling Kingpin. This one is UK based and is called Play.Com

They are selling Kingpin for 4.99 with free delivery (but I think they only deliver to the UK). Just search under PC Games for Kingpin. They also have a heap of other games for 4.99 so go and have a look :)

"New BM map by Thief|DreaD"
  posted January 13 - 7:09PM EST by DirtyDog
Thief|DreaD has just released a beta version of a new BM map entitled Atmosphere.

QUOTE: Floating Forts style bagman map with some team_stash influences.

As usual you can expect very sharp detail; precise texturing and top quality work with any of DreaD's maps, download from here: Atmosphere

"Screenshots Of New Map By Zeppelin[FnR]"
  posted January 12 - 6:00AM EST by Mr.Damage
Zeppelin[FnR] has submitted two screenshots of a map he is currently working on. Hopefully he will be releasing it soon.

"Kingpin Patch and Monkey Mod Client"
  posted January 11 - 9:20PM EST by Mr.Damage
If there are any people reading this who are visiting here for the first time, who maybe got KP for Christmas or just recently, then everyone here wishes you welcome and hope you enjoy playing KP. Make sure you get these two things you need for Kingpin, the v1.21 Patch and the Monkey Mod Client (Monkey Mod is a cheat protection mod that many servers run). Here is a direct link to them both:-

V1.2.1 Patch
Monkey Mod Client

"Sanctuary Update"
  posted January 11 - 8:34PM EST by Mr.Damage
WheelBarrow has posted a few more screenshots of his upcoming Single Player Map pack Sanctuary and it looks it will be releasaed very soon now:-

..the last map/cutscenes for the pak are finally finished, just a bit of tweaking to do, a couple of voice-overs to add, and it goes out for testing, so not long now..

You can read the latest and have a look at the latest screens by visiting his webpage WheelBarrow's SP Mpa Page.

"Upcoming Maps"
  posted January 11 - 8:27PM EST by Mr.Damage
The following KP mappers are working on new maps, conversions, or updating existing maps so hopefully we will see the results of their efforts soon:-

Willdeharp The Ender

If you are a mapper who is currently working on new maps send us in some screenshots here and we'll get them posted :)

"New maps by 4nik8 and sneak preview of Syl^cS new textures"
  posted January 11 - 5:11PM EST by DirtyDog
4nik8u has retextured two classic maps: For hitmen only =Lava= by 200sx and for all DM KiLL Dome by {420}Bubonic & {420}MayHem The maps have been excellently retextured with brand new textures brought to us by Syl^cS and they are from his highly anticipated Kingpin modification, UnderGround. The textures are of high quality and have really made an impact on these two maps, download them from here: =LaVa=...4nik8ed and KiLL DoMe...4nik8ed
To really appreciate them, check out the originals: =LaVa= and KiLL DoMe

KiLL DoMe....4nik8ed


"DareDevil skins added to archive"
  posted January 10 - 10:24PM EST by DirtyDog
Following up on our own {NEW}FnLou's post looking for DareDevil skins I found a pair of them and uploaded them to our custom skins archives: One is the classic red original DareDevil skin and the other one is apparantly from another stage in his story. The skins are very nicely made but unfortunately I don't know who made them as I would like to give the artist the credit he is due for this :( Download them both from here: DareDevil 1 & 2

"Custom sound pak from StroPPa"
  posted January 10 - 10:06PM EST by DirtyDog
StroPPahas just submitted another selection of custom sounds designed to replace the originals, this is in pak file format:

QUOTE: Also tired of years of kingpin with the same sound loops at the end of a game or in a map erea? This time i created a sound pack themed to the years of the 70's!
It gives a lovely aura for you and your enemy's.

Hope you like it?
Have fun!!

Download it from here: Custom 70s Sounds

"Kingpin In The Movies!!!"
  posted January 10 - 6:04PM EST by NeWFnlou
Yup! And I don't mean that crappy bowling flick from a few years ago either hehe. If you haven't already heard, there is a film called DareDevil that will be released in theaters soon. It is based upon the famous Marvel Comics hero of the same name. Now to quote one comic fan's site:

"The Kingpin, the most powerful figure in East Coast organized crime, has proven to be Daredevil's greatest adversary."

So now you have an idea of where I'm going with this one :) The "bad guy" of this upcoming film is not only named "The Kingpin", but he looks IDENTICAL to to the "KingPin" of our beloved game here LOL! Now to see what I mean, you can visit HERE to watch a "trailer" (QuickTime Plug-In Required), or click HERE and HERE to checkout some "desktops" of the man!

Of course, I was hoping that we had some DareDevil skinz in our downloads section, but I couldn't find them. Therefore, I uploaded a "head" which seems like a pretty good match LOL! You can download it right HERE. Simply unzip to your "Thugs" folder. P.S. - I have no idea who made it, so if YOU did, drop me a line and I'll hook you up with some credit. Also, perhaps one of you skinners out there might want to make some DD skinz for our archives! Enjoy!

"More Hitmen Map Added To Archive"
  posted January 10 - 4:28PM EST by Mr.Damage
I have added two more maps to our Hitmen maps download section. They are Phusynv2 by Syn and Toxic Love by Shaggz.

Phusynv2 is a smallish map that has an interesting layout with lots of teleports, switches, explosions and some deadly cones that kill you if you get too close. It also contains ample armour, cooling mods, pistol mods and a custom sound which you wont have if you downloaded this map from a server. You can get this map from here.

Toxic Love is a medium sized nice looking map which contains lots of deadly green goo. It has some nice texturing which gives the map a cool metallic look. It contains ample armour and one or two cooling mods. You can nab this one from here.


Toxic Love

"Hogie Releases Beta Of DukeCity DM Map"
  posted January 9 - 5:25AM EST by Mr.Damage
Hogie has now released a beta version of his DukeCity map for DM. As the title suggests it is set in a city with lots of references to Duke Nukem and textures from that game. Its a very big map, one of the largest I've seen, and thus the zip file is a bit larger than normal (6.9mg). However its well worth it and you can grab it from the beta section of our maps download section here.

"Another Classic Thug Skin"
  posted January 9 - 2:13AM EST by Mr.Damage
One of my favourite old Thug skins is Red Skull. A nice skin with a Red Skull Head and a green jacket. If you don't have it you can download it from here.

Just extract the files from the zip to your Kingpin/main/models/actors/thug dir.
The easiest way to select the skin is pull down the console and type in - skin/male_thug/rs1 rs1 rs1"

"Interplay Up For Sale"
  posted January 9 - 1:52AM EST by Mr.Damage
AB|FREDZ sent in a link to a news article about French publisher Titus planning to sell the company that brought us Kingpin, Interplay. You can read the article here. It's interesting where it says "While Interplay doesn't have many current hit franchises to lean on besides Baldur's Gate", well maybe if they would have continued with Kingpin and created a Kingpin2 they wouldn't be in so much trouble :)

"Upcoming DM and BM map by Hogie"
  posted January 6 - 11:41PM EST by DirtyDog
Hogie has submitted screenshots of an upcoming map he is working on AND the release of the assault files:

QUOTE: Here's some screenshots of a map I'm close to completing called Dukecity. The map was started maybe about 2 years ago, and I worked on it off and on since then. It was originaly designed for Assualt2. Well AS2 is officially in the can now, so I decided to convert the map over for Bagman and DM. I'll also be releasing all the the map files,models,sounds,textures and any other assault2 media that has been deep in the archive for a long time. Hopefully the kingpin community can find good uses for all the stuff ; )

I've enjoyed Hogie's maps for several years now for how large and imaginative they always are, I really look forward to this one:

Duke City

"Old DM map updated"
  posted January 6 - 1:33PM EST by DirtyDog
I was fragging away at my friend GJoB's Mainstage Hitmen server when the 2nd map I've ever made, BurnT came on. Needless to say I was so overwhelmed by how absolutely crappy it was that I decided to update it. I pretty much went in order of most offensive:

*relit the place as well as rebuild 90 percent of the light sources themselves
*lowered the r_speeds by slightly redesigning the front
*rebuilt/redesigned the stairway in the back
*retextured most of the map, fixed whatever misalignments I could find
*rebuilt alot of the brushes; rebuilt the barrels

It's still a newbie map (as I said, my second one) but it looks and runs much better and for what it's worth I'm alot happier with it, download the the revised version from here: -=BuRnT=- Round2

If you get a chance jump in for a few frags over at Mainstage Hitmen198.73.213.6:31514 hosted by GjOB

"4 more reviews added to the mix"
  posted January 5 - 11:33PM EST by DirtyDog
I've uploaded an additional 4 reviews to bring the total to 12 custom map reviews in the last 2 days, the 4 additions are:

Downhere by PenCHo
Industrial Circuit by CaT
Italian Evening by Mr.Damage, Hypo & Cujo
Dead Serious by -=MaD-Dog=-

Check them all out by visiting our Map Reviews section

"8 new map reviews by PenCHo!"
  posted January 5 - 9:30AM EST by DirtyDog
PenCHo is on a roll and has submitted a total of 8 new reviews. Maps reviewed are:

Construction Carnage by CaT
Insane Streets by SSF|MiLLioN
Suicide Arena by Mr. Damage & Cujo
Kut 'N' Paste by Mantis
Bosnia by Mr. Damage
Sensation by Tw!nS3n
Neglected Province by CaT
Hamunaptra by {GT}Doo-Daa

Check em out by visiting the KPF Map Reviews section

"Two DM maps Added To Archive"
  posted January 5 - 1:40AM EST by Mr.Damage
I have added to more old DM maps to our maps download section. The maps are Arena Madness by Pokey and Roman Baths by Jack Frost.
Arena Madness is an arena style space map. It has 16 spawn points and one of every weapon, some jump pads and some other nice effects. You can grab this one from here.

Roman Baths is a map set in an ancient Roman bath house. It has 14 spawn points, plenty of weapons and iems and some water of course. The map includes 5 crowbars so you can bash ppl in the water. R_speeds are a little high in one area but nothing to be too worried about. You can download this map from here.

Arena Madness

Roman Baths

"Custom Cypress Hill Sound Pack"
  posted January 3 - 10:52PM EST by Mr.Damage
Stroppa has created a custom sound pack of five Cypress Hill samples that replace the default ones.

Also tired of years of kingpin with the same sound loops at the end of a game or in a map erea? Then i got some new cypress Hill sound loops for ya! Check'em out...

cypress = Dead men tell no tales (album: Cypress Hill 4)
cypress2 = lil putos (album: Black Sunday)
cypress3 = Clash of the titans (album: Cypress Hill 4)
Cypress4 = Looking through the eye of a pig (album: Cypress Hill 4)
Cypress5 = whatta you know (album: unreleased & Revamped)

Before you overwrite the existing (original) sound loops, backup them in a DIR of your choice. (in case you don't like the new sound loops)
You can find them in DIR: Kingpin/main/sound/world.

If you want to experience these custom Cypress Hill sounds then you can download them from our Miscellaneous/sounds/misc sounds/ download area here.

We also have a number of other custom sounds like Kingpin tribute songs, custom weapon sounds and player taunts etc which you can check out here.

Update 05/01 DirtyDog{WC} has created a pak file for these custom Cypress Hill sounds so you don't have to overwrite the originals.
If you don't have a pak9 file in your kingpin/main folder then you can simply extract it to there. If you already have a pak9 file, extract the pak9 file from the zip to a temp directory, rename it to a number you don't have (i.e. pak3, pak4 etc) and then copy it to your kingpin/main dir. You can grab this pak file from here.

"New Mapper, new DM map"
  posted January 2 - 10:47PM EST by DirtyDog
Led_by_the_hand has submitted his very FIRST map and it's called Led's Cell It's a multi roomed DM map with a teleporter, loads of weapons, armor, ammo and respawns and should make for a pretty crazy fragfest. Download it from here: Led's Cell

"Custom Skies"
  posted January 2 - 3:57AM EST by Mr.Damage
If you like to play custom maps but end up downloading most of them from the servers then you wont have any of the custom skies that some maps use. For some reason Kingpin doesn't allow custom skies to be downloaded from game servers so that's one reason you should download the maps from KingpinForever :)

Anyway, if you are missing some custom skies in your map collection we can help as we host three zip files that contain around 19mg (zipped) of custom sky textures. These zip files contain most of the custom skies used by mappers in Kingpin. You can grab them from here:-


"New Hitman Map By Twist"
  posted January 2 - 3:37AM EST by Mr.Damage
Twist has released his latest Hitmen map called Twist's Rocksta. Its a typical Twist style map, medium sized, with some nice rockwall textures and plenty of armour cooling and pistol mods. You can nab this one from here.

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