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News Archive for January 2005

"Creamator's Maps Moves In"
  posted January 31 - 5:54AM EST by Mr.Damage
We are now hosting Creamator's Mapping webpage Creamator's Maps.
It contains screenshots and download links to all his maps. He has created many and varied maps for DM, BM, Power, Colors CTF, the KP2 Mod and he is working on some maps for the Power2 mod.
I have added a link in our Hosted Sites menu Bar or you can check it out by clicking here.

"Power2 Mod Update"
  posted January 30 - 4:04AM EST by Mr.Damage
It's almost ready :)
Captain Death is finishing up the coding (although due to work commitments he can only code on weekends), DirtyDog has finished working on the skins and is now creating a Power2 conback, Creamator is still working on the webpage and has started creating P2 maps and I am still mapping. Testing should start soon.

Meanwhile two more maps have been completed. Creamator has made a Power2 version of his Deck16 UT map conversion and I completed a Power2 version of a map you all know. I posted screens of the two new maps here.

"Screenshot Of New DM Map"
  posted January 28 - 4:24PM EST by Mr.Damage
In between mapping for Power2 I have been working on a little DM Map for a friend. Its a small, urban, arena style map that I hope to get finished this weekend.

"More Power2 Screenshots"
  posted January 27 - 7:01AM EST by Mr.Damage
Here are some screenshots of the three maps DirtyDog has completed for the upcoming Power2 mod. They are P2 versions of Stalkyard, Citystreets and Detropolis




You can check out some more screenshots of these maps in this forum post here.

Btw we expect to have the webpage available shortly :)

"The Evil Town Rev3 DM Map"
  posted January 25 - 9:12PM EST by Mr.Damage

The Evil Town (rev3) by AG & TruzDownload

One of the maps I have recently added to the Detropolis server is The Evil Town (rev3) which was created by AG and revised by Truzenzuzex[BC]. The map is a medium sized, urban style map with a warehouse setting but also a small outside area. The is a very popular map from the old days :)

You can view more screenshots and read about all the changes Truz made in rev3 here

"Screenshots of Power 2 Skins"
  posted January 24 - 9:24PM EST by DirtyDog

Here are screens of team skins in the upcoming Power2 Mod:

The WaRRiOrS The WaRRiOrS

The RoGuEs The RoGuEs

After the mod is released, I will upload this as a skin pack for use in standard DM

"Power2 Mapping Tools"
  posted January 24 - 5:51AM EST by Mr.Damage
I have uploaded a zipfile for the Power2 mod called kprad_power2.zip. It contains the Power2 def file so mappers can add the control points to their maps (all the other old Power mod stuff has been removed), a little power2 test map with examples of control points and the rain weather effect, and a Power2 Mapping Guide which explains everything you need to know about mapping for the Power2 mod.

You can download the zipfile from here.

I have also loaded the Mapping Guide sperately and you can check it out here.

Btw DirtyDog has now completed three maps for Power2 :)

"Power2 Screenshots"
  posted January 22 - 12:55AM EST by Mr.Damage
Here are some screenshots of the upcoming Power2 mod. These are of some of the Power2 maps where you can see the control points and some of the team skins. These skins are for the Warriors team which are being tweaked by DirtyDog for use in Power2 and the control points are the same ones used in the original Power mod but will also be utilised in Power2.
DirtyDog will be creating new skins for the Rogues team and he also hopes to have two maps finsihed his weekend :)

Check out some more screenshots here.

"Crystal Palace DM Map"
  posted January 22 - 12:38AM EST by Mr.Damage

Crystal Palace by TilakDownload

One of the maps that I have recently added to the rotation at the Detropolis Custom Maps Server is Crystal Palace by Tilak. This is a large 'old school' map in the style of Central Towers. It is a well laid out map and uses the same texture set as used in kpdm5. Good for 6 - 16 players.

"Power2 Mod Update"
  posted January 20 - 2:02AM EST by Mr.Damage
Work is progressing well on the Power2 Mod. Last weekend Captain Death and myself did some more testing and worked out how the scoring will work. CD did some more coding and I am continuing to work on maps (Hypo_v8 has also been of great help with one map in particular so far).

Creamator is working on a webpage and when its ready it will be hosted here at KP4Ever. Hopefully he will also have time to work on some maps for the mod.

Some extra Team skins are needed for the mod and CD and DirtyDog have exchanged info on what is required so hopefully they will be completed soon. DirtyDog is also planning on working on some maps for the mod.

A Mapping Guide and Power2 def will be available shortly for mappers and when the mod is released we will be hosting a server here at KP4Ever as well.

"Interview with (Inc)Phoenix"
  posted January 19 - 4:37AM EST by Mr.Damage
When (Inc)Phoenix submitted his favourite 25 custom dm maps to be rotated on the Detropolis server for the weekend Dantzer decided it would be a good idea to profile or have an interview with him. Dantzer can up with 20 questions which were sent to (Inc)Phoenix. He has now responded with his answers and it all worked out really well and it is very interesting reading.
You can read the profile/interview with (Inc)Phoenix by clicking here.

Btw if you would like your favourite 25 ciustom maps rotated o nthe Detropolis server on an upcomign weeknd then please submit them via email here.

"New DM Map Conversion"
  posted January 18 - 12:42AM EST by DirtyDog

I've just completed a conversion of [DoA]IceMan's Gladiator Mod map Steel Town Arena to run with standard DM.  Contrary to what I was hoping for this was not a simple task as I've outlined in the readme text.  None the less I am satisfied with the finished product and hope you will enjoy it :)

Download the map from here: Steel Town Arena: DM

"New DM Map By Hypo_v8"
  posted January 15 - 8:44PM EST by Mr.Damage

Wolfenstein Beach by Hypo_v8Download

Hypo_v8 has now released his DM version of the RTCW Beach Invasion map. Basically he has remade the map from scratch. The DM version contains the beach area and parts of the Axis base and uses all the RTCW textures. As I said in an earlier post this map pushs the KP engine to the limits. I will add this map to the Detropolis server rotation shortly.

Now Hypo has also included the Power2 control points enabling this map to be used in the upcoming Power2 mod as well :)

"DMPirate Map By e_T"
  posted January 14 - 3:11AM EST by Mr.Damage

DMPirate by Etienne (e_T) RheaumeDownload

One of the maps (Inc)Phoenix chose for his Top25 Favourite Maps weekend on the Detropolis server is DMPirate by e_T. This is a map made at the beginning of Kingpin days back in 1999. Its a cool map set on a pirate ship where you can play on the deck, below in the cabins and hold area and even in the rigging! You can also teleport to a little row boat where you will find the flamer and a few other items. It has a bug or two but I always found it fun to play on and now, if you haven't played it, you can do so this weekend on Detropolis. The author suggests a player load of 2 - 5 but I always think the more the merrier. Btw, when your playing this map make sure you press the ship's wheel for a big surprise ;)

(Inc)Phoenix's Favourtie Top25 Maps are now in rotation on the Detropolis server and will be in rotation all over the weekend.

"(Inc)Phoenix's Top25 Maps Weekend"
  posted January 12 - 5:53AM EST by Mr.Damage
To follow up last weekends successful Dantzer's Top50 maps weekend on the Detropolis Custom Maps Server this weekend we will be running the Top25 favourite maps of (Inc)Phoenix. I will also be including the 5 most popular maps from the normal Detropolis map rotation. There is a good mixture of maps in his Top25 which you can see for you self by checking out the list of maps here. Map rotation will be changed over sometime during Friday :)

Btw, If you haved tried out our new Extreme mod server (KP4ever's ~Extreme Mod then I recommend you give it a go as Extreem is a lot of fun to play.

"New Skin Pack For The Male Blade Model"
  posted January 11 - 2:50PM EST by Mr.Damage

Male Blade Skin Pack by Various ArtistsDownload

A new skin pack for the Blade model containing five skins converted from Q2 (Duke Nukem, Indian, Ninja & two Punisher skins).

Btw, if you don't have the Male Blade model you can download it from here.

Other recent skin packs:-

Female Crafty Skin Pack
Female Deadlock Skin Pack

"Power Mod Resurrected"
  posted January 9 - 4:52AM EST by Mr.Damage
Some of you may remember the Power Mod, a Capture & Hold style mod, that included three capture points in each map, the ability to hire thugs to defend the capture points, different classes and buy menus where you bought all your equipment.

Well after some discussions with Captain Death (who was the final coder on the first version of Power), we have decided to resurrect the mod. We are removing all the buy menus, classes and the hired thugs and focusing on the Capture and Hold component of the mod. The updated version of the mod will be known as Power2 Mod.

All weapons and items will now be included in the maps, and Captain Death is adding weather effects, single player props, breakables etc such as in the KP2 Mod and the Colors CTF Mod. Each map will still include the three capture points.

The first version of the mod used mainly the thug models with many different skins and one bitch skin. DirtyDog, who created most of the original power skins, is going to create some runt skins and some more bitch skins for the mod.

Creamator and I will be working on updating some of the original Power maps and creating some new ones.

Work has already commenced on Power2 so stay tuned and we will keep you posted ;)

"Dantzer's Top50 Maps Weekend A Success"
  posted January 9 - 4:40AM EST by Mr.Damage
The Detropolis Custom Maps Server saw a lot of action this weekend running Dantzer's favourite Top50 maps. The action was constant and there were lots of differnet people playing. Many players were playing some of the older 'Old School' maps for the first time and most ppl seemed to like them. Everyone was enjoying playing with such a large crowd.

Better keep your HMG's loaded because next weekend Detropolis will be running the favourite Top25 maps chosen by {Inc}Phoenix. He has also selected some classic older maps which will be loaded sometime on Friday.

See you then :)

"Hypo's New Map Almost Finished"
  posted January 9 - 4:31AM EST by Mr.Damage
Hypo_v8 has almost finished his dm version of the Wolfenstein MP Beach map. It pushes the Kingpin engine to the limit but it is looking good. Hopefully we should see it released shortly. Here are some more screenshots:-

"Dantzer's Top50 Maps Weekend"
  posted January 5 - 3:39AM EST by Mr.Damage
This coming weekend we will be running the 50 favourite custom deathmatch maps of Dantzer on the Detropolis Custom Maps Server. Dantzer is an intergral member of the team here and, along with Ox, supplies the server that Kingpinforever, all the hosted sites and the KP4Ever servers run on. He has been around from the beginning and has been able to select his Top50 Custom Maps from maps ranging from 1999 up to the present day. You can see a list of his Top50 maps here. So hopefully you can drop into the Detropolis server during the weekend for a few frags with Dantzer and the other Detropolis regulars :)

Btw if you would like to send in your personal favourite Top25 deathmatch maps we will run them on Detropolis on an upcoming weekend. Please select maps that have been released publicly, have no major errors, have ample weapons and items and plenty of spawn points. Once you have selected your Top25 custom maps just drop us an email here.

Update 07th Jan The maps are now running on Detropolis and will be in rotation until Sunday night or Monday.

"Gladiator Mod Maps Added"
  posted January 4 - 4:49AM EST by Mr.Damage
I have uploaded two maps, made by (DOA)Iceman, for the Gladiator Mod. They are Steel Town Arenas and Snowy Arenas. Each map has seven arenas. Steel Town is very similar to his two IMDM maps and Snowy is an urban style map during winter covered in snow. Thanks to (Inc)Phoenix for sending me the maps.

Download the two maps here:-

Steel Town Arenas
Snowy Arenas

Steel Town Arenas

Snowy Arenas

If you don't know the Gladiator mod the details are:-

Gladiator is a 1 on 1 Arena mod for Kingpin.
The mod is intended to square off clients in pairs so that there is only 1on1 play in multiplayer.

Assuming you join a full server, you climb from arena 1 to dominate arena 7.
Frags are only recorded in arena 7 so the longer your the master of arena 7 the higher your hits value will be.

If you win a match you climb to the next higher arena with 7 being the highest.

If you lose a match you fall down to the arena below the one you lost in, with 1 being the lowest.

Each frag, the combatants are replenished in health, armor , minimum ammo, and weapons for that arena. So if you kill a guy your health automatically goes back to full. This is to aid in making each round fairer for every frag. This is also the reason the bitch model and any other model besides Thug or Runt are disallowed.

There are two zip files for the Gladiator mod, one large and one small. The small one has the server files, client files and maps but no custom sounds and the large one has the client files, maps and 20mg of custom sounds.

small zip
large zip

"New Extreme Mod Server"
  posted January 4 - 12:21AM EST by DirtyDog
KingpinForever is now hosting an Extreme Mod DM server.  Extreme is a mod in which all weapons have their rates of fire cranked up for some pretty heavy firepower.  This is a server side mod so no client files need to be downloaded so just jump in get busy.  The server will also be running under the Monkey Mod CDS so you will need this: Kingpin Starter Pack.  The list of maps on the server can be viewed here: Extreme Maplist so you can choose whatever maps you don't have individually or just grab the full mappack from here: Extreme Mappack and jump in for a few frags: KP4ever's ~Extreme Mod

"Latest Assault files Uploaded."
  posted January 2 - 11:40PM EST by Mr.Damage
Hogie has submitted the latest Assault Mod files which I have uploaded to our Game Modifications Downlaods Section. The zip file contains all the client files, as well as the files needed to run a server and many Assault mod maps. You can downlaod the Assault files from here.

Hogie plans to run Assault every now and again on his Hogie's East Coast Bitch Slappa Curse Server so grab the files in readiness :)

If you have never played Assault you can read all about it here.

You can also check out an Assault Promo video here.
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