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News Archive for January 2006

"New European Kingpin Server"
  posted January 31 - 1:53AM EST by Mr.Damage
[K|F|G] Vhite has sent word that as of the 1st February his clan will be hosting a Kingpin server running out of the Czech Republic:-

Name: [K|F|G] oldschool BM/DM/RM server (DM as default)
Type: public up to 12 players
Maps: 10 main (5 BM, 5 DM) + 25 custom (10 BM, 15 DM)

The mappack is downloadable here.
A maplist for the server can be seen here.

"Screenshots Of New DM Map"
  posted January 31 - 1:42AM EST by Mr.Damage
Cujo has submitted some screenshots of a new map he is working on:-
Here's some screenshot of new map which should be out by next week. It's a small 8 players shotgun map which will be a good little lan map...

"Fix For European Monkey Mod Problems"
  posted January 30 - 3:15PM EST by Mr.Damage

Monkey Mod Euro Fix by FredzDownload

Fredz has created a fix for the Monkey Mod problem that has been plaguing the UK/European Kingpin players.

Basically there is one file you need to copy to your Windows directory. The zipfile includes a comprehensive readme with install instructions for all Windows O/S's. If this doesn't work he recommends you turn off your proxy server in Internet Explorer.

If your still having problems post in this forum post here and hopefully Fredz will be able to sort the problem out too :)

"New DM Map Released"
  posted January 27 - 7:57PM EST by Mr.Damage

KFG Arena 1 Revised by Mr DamageDownload

I have now finished the revision of Dr Joint's KFG Arena 1 map.
The main change is the retexturing of course. The original had mainly one brick texture throughout the map whereas it now features the KPDM5 texture set. There are also lots of other small changes like some weapon/item placement changes, adding some juniors, minor structural changes etc.

"KPL News"
  posted January 27 - 2:00AM EST by Mr.Damage
If you head on over to the Kingpin Life Mods website you will see that they have a new, high quality, KP movie for your viewing pleasure. You can either view it from the webpage or save it to your HDD.

Also, this weekend Hogie will be on his server recording demos for the next KP movie:-
If you want to have your super ownage kingpin skills highlighted in the next movie, get your ass on the server when you see me in there. Also if there are any funny tricks or moves you can come up with in certain maps let me know We'll try to capture them for the video.

"New KIT Map By Sonik"
  posted January 25 - 2:46AM EST by Mr.Damage

Sonik KIT3 2006 by SonikDownload

Sonik has released his 3rd KIT map for Kingpin. This one is another fine example of this type of map and is large and challanging with many puzzles to get through.

"New Custom Player Sounds"
  posted January 24 - 4:56AM EST by Mr.Damage

Slappy's Sound Mod by Slappy FlatusmanDownload

Slappy has released a new pak file containing all replacement death and pain sounds for the thug, runt and bitch characters:-
I have produced a male and female player sounds mod for Kingpin because I was tired of the "ooh" and "ah" death sounds that make multiplayer games sound like a creepy, hyper violent sex flick staring mostly dudes. o_O

The standard cheesy groans are gone, replaced with selections that should add more intentional, somewhat less perverse-sounding humor to games. They're not MENSA material -- and some of the substitutes still get a little crude, in different sort of way -- but they should liven things up.

For maximum effect, this mod sounds best when paired with the bleeped-out taunts installed in the censored version of Kingpin (it just sounds funnier - try it and you'll see what I mean).
The zipfile contains the pak file and also a readme with installation instructions.

"Screenshots Of New Map"
  posted January 22 - 5:31AM EST by Mr.Damage
Recently, [K|F|G]Vhite, asked me if I could revise his friend's, [K|F|G]Joint, map KFGDM1. He wanted it retextured using the KPDM5 texture set. I have been working on it now for a few days and it should be finished shortly. Meantime he are a couple of screens of the work in progress.

Btw, you can check out the original map here.

"BrutaL DM Map"
  posted January 19 - 4:30AM EST by Mr.Damage

Where is Gangstaz Hell? In BrutaL by TurboDownload

I hadn't thought about this map in ages until I saw the recent POTD featuring this map.
This is a small arena style map made by Turbo back in 1999. It features a custom sky, custom sounds and mostly custom textures. Turbo wanted this map to be like a rocket arena map:-
Rocket Arena Map for Kingpin by Turbo
Features: Arena-Area and Spectator-Area !!
There are 2 Teleporters in the Main-Room for each Area
The Player will be armed by entering the Arena-Area with Rocketīs and full Armor.
try it out, i hope it rockīs !

"More Weapon Skins"
  posted January 13 - 2:16AM EST by Mr.Damage

Optimizer Weapon Skins by OptimizerDownload

I found another old weapon skins pack that was created by Optimizer and contains different skins for the tommygun, flamethrower, grenade launcher and HMG. It also contains a great custom sound for the shotty.
I have placed all the files into a pak file to make it easy to install and to remove later.

"Sonik Releases KIT Map"
  posted January 11 - 2:57AM EST by Mr.Damage

Streets of Rage 2 - Kit by SonikDownload

Sonik has released his latest map for Kingpin which is a KIT map called Streets of Rage 2 - Kit. As mentioned in an earlier post, this map is a large, very detailed, urban style KIT map.

You can grab Sonik's previous KIT map from here.

Alos, you can grab a mappack of most of his deathmatch maps from here.

"Rocket Launcher Custom Skin"
  posted January 11 - 2:46AM EST by Mr.Damage

Extreme Rocket Launcher Skin by IntruderDownload

I just found this old skin for the Rocket Launcher which was made by Intruder. It's a colourful skin with the word 'Extreme' on the barrel in red lettering.
I have placed all the files into a pak file to make it easy to install and to remove later. This skin is just the HUD skin so you will see it but not other players and the RL will still have the standard skin on the ground in the map.
The zip file also includes a readme which explains how to install it.

"DM Map Added to Archive"
  posted January 10 - 2:48AM EST by Mr.Damage

Racoon City by SedoniumDownload

I was just watching Resident Evil: Apocalypse and remembered that Sedonium has released a DM map called Racoon City, based on the Resident Evil game, several years ago. I was surprised that we didn't host it here at KP4Ever so I have uplaoded it now.
Racoon City is a large, urban style map which contains a bar with a custom music sample, a pawn-o-matic, warehouses, offices, dark alleyways etc. My only complaint is that it has a few deadends in the map but otherwise its a good example of the urban map genre and reminds me somewhat of the two old Crushaville maps.

"Custom Skin For Dr Freak Model"
  posted January 5 - 3:13PM EST by Mr.Damage

Dr Devil SkinDownload

Carrying on from my recent post about the Dr Freak custom model, here is a skin for the model called Dr Devil. The skin was originally made for Quake2 by Termite and then covnerted to Kingpin. It's a colourful skin giving the model a devilish disposition :)

"Further Kingpin Life Mods Update"
  posted January 4 - 4:17AM EST by Mr.Damage
Hogie and Mayhem have been updating the site and given it a whole new look. There is still more changes to be made but currently there is a latest News page, a link to download the new Bagman map Team Jersey, made by Mayhem. There are also downlaod links to the Hogie Server packs, a forum, including al ittle information about the upcoming Kingpin mapping contest and a few other bits and pieces.
Check it out here.

Team Jersey

"Screenshots Of New KIT Map"
  posted January 3 - 5:03AM EST by Mr.Damage
Sonik is putting the finishing touches on a brand new KIT Map called Streets of Rage 2 - Kit. This one is a large, incredibly detailed, map that should keep all you 'Kitmen' occupied for quite some time. Here is a couple of screens:-

"Dr Freak Model"
  posted January 1 - 10:15PM EST by Mr.Damage

Dr Freak by $P1@TDownload

This is one of my favourtie custom models made for Kingpin. The model was originally made for Quake2 by Stecki and converted to KP by $P1@T.
Straight out of some horror movie. Dr. Freakenstein's new invention is ready to strike terror in the kingpin community. Don't let the fact that's he's in a wheel chair fool you. He's more viscious than ever.
The model comes with four skins and has full kingpin weapon support.

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