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News Archive for January 2012

"Custom Cypress Hill Sound Pack"
  posted January 31 - 1:47AM EST by Mr.Damage
If your tired of listening to the same old Cypress Hill sound loops over and over again in Kingpin then why not download and try the replacement ones put together by Stroppa.

They are:-

cypress = Dead men tell no tales (album: Cypress Hill 4)
cypress2 = lil putos (album: Black Sunday)
cypress3 = Clash of the titans (album: Cypress Hill 4)
Cypress4 = Looking through the eye of a pig (album: Cypress Hill 4)
Cypress5 = whatta you know (album: unreleased & Revamped)

The files are all in a pakfile (pak9). If you don't have a pak9 file in your kingpin/main folder then you can simply extract it to there. If you already have a pak9 file, extract the pak9 file from the zip to a temp directory, rename it to a number you don't have (i.e. pak3, pak4 etc) and then copy it to your kingpin/main dir.

You can download these Cypress Hill custom sounds from here.

"Custom HMG Skin"
  posted January 30 - 3:02AM EST by Mr.Damage
Here is one of my favourite custom skins for the HMG.
It is a Jungle AKL47 HMG Skin with 3 new sounds which was created by Micketh several years ago.
These custom HMG files are in a pak file called pak5.
The zip file is set up so you only have to extract the pak5 file to your kingpin directory and it will place it in your kingpin/main folder where it belongs.

If you already have a pak5 file then extract the new pak5 to a temp folder somewhere, rename it to a number you dont have such as pak2, pak3 etc then copy it to your kingpin/main folder.

You can download this custom skin and new sounds from here.

"Chrome Weapon Skins & Replacement Crosshairs"
  posted January 17 - 1:06AM EST by Mr.Damage
Here are some nice customized weapon skins and replacement crosshairs.

Reflective Weapon Skins A pak file that give all weapons a reflective/mirror like texture made by [GT]*KNIGHT*. Install instructions are in the readme. Download from here.

Custom Crosshairs A pak file that replaces the existing Kingpin crosshairs (author unknown) Download the crosshairs from here.

"Mr Damage Maps Updated"
  posted January 2 - 2:04AM EST by Mr.Damage
I have finished updating my Mr Damage Maps website and it now contains most of the maps I have worked on for Kingpin.
The last update contained the DM maps I worked on from 2008 onwards plus any Bagman maps I made.
You can check out all the maps here.
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