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News Archive for January 2013

"New Map For The RioTZ Mod"
  posted January 31 - 7:32PM EST by Mr.Damage
Matty Jones has released a new map for the RioTZ mod.
The map is called Rival Turf Madness and is a rip/remake of the central area of the KPDM1 Rival Turf map.
As with all good RioTz map it's open and is very tall.

You can grab Rival Turf Madness from here.

I have added this map to the KP4Ever RioTZ server.

"3CTF2 Revised Bagman Map"
  posted January 29 - 3:55PM EST by Mr.Damage
3CTF2 Revised is a remake of the Quake3 CTF map Q3CTF1. There have been several conversions and remakes of this Quake3 map for Kingpin but this one is probably my favourite.
It was created by [YFS]Mayhem way back in January of 2002 and, as you can see from the screenshots, he has used the KPDM5 texture set which he uses for most of his maps.
It's a small, straight forward, BM Map with the two bases seperated by an open area where the money drops are. Yes the map has two money drops which drop cash rolls and there are ample weapons, armour and other items in the map.

You can download 3CTF2 Revised from here

I have added this map to our KP4Ever Bagman server.

Other versions of the map are:-
Team 3ctf 645
Team 3ctf2nf 2003

"Team Sugadaddy Bagman Map"
  posted January 28 - 1:18AM EST by Mr.Damage
Team Sugadaddy is a medium to large sized Bagman map made by Sugajay at the end of 2002.

The layout is sort of diagonal with the two team bases at opposite corners of the map. The bases are large stone building and mirrored. There are caches of weapons in the bases and the HMG and mods are on the roofs of the bases.
The bases lead to the money drop area which is a largish open area surrounded by vines and greenery. The money drop is a large ancient looking structure held up by pillars. The vines, weeds and some of the stone textures are custom ones.

There are sniping areas above the money drop and side tunnels that also lead to the central money drop area. There is one main route to the opposing team's base.

One play through should be enough to learn this map (if you don't already know it).

You can download Team Sugadaddy from here

By the way, I have added both this map and Team Water Treatment to the rotation at the KP4Ever Bagman server so you can check them out :)

"Team Water Treatment Bagman Map"
  posted January 27 - 3:59AM EST by Mr.Damage
Here is a nice Bagman map from back in May of 2004 which was made by Mayhem.
Team Water Treatment is a small to medium sized Bagman map with a fairly straight forward layout.
The weapon placement is pretty typical for a BM Map with small caches of weapons and armour in the bases and some HMG's located in some sniper locations.
You can get to the other Team's base by going across the bridge, where the money drop is, or if you don't mind getting dirty you can go via the sewer below.
The bases are different but both are simple and the safes are opened by switches which are in plain view.
You can actually climb the walls in the front of the bases to get to cooling mods for the HMG's.
There are side passage ways up high which can be used as sniper areas where the HMGs are as previously mentioned.

You can download Team Water Treatment from here.

"Single Player HD Video Walkthrough"
  posted January 25 - 5:46AM EST by Mr.Damage
DirtyDog is in the process of creating a complete video walkthrough, in HD, of the Kingpin single player game:-
A short while back I started a gaming channel on YouTube that as I get time I upload Single Player Let's Plays/Playthroughs of various FPS games that I like. Anyway I was searching for a good quality (hi res) playthough for Kingpin and couldn't find any, so I decided to record one. So far I've uploaded 2 videos, recorded in 1920x1080 and I think they're coming out pretty good (well, for a newbie as I'm still in the process of learning how to edit videos...)
DirtyDog has now ploaded five videos (they take the walkthrough up to Louie's Errand).

You can check the videos out here.

"Gamespot Random Encounter"
  posted January 24 - 5:47AM EST by Mr.Damage
Gamespot now have a daily game video called Random Encounter where they pick a game at random and give viewers a bit of a walkthrough and discuss the game in question.
On January 11th they did a Random Encounter for Kingpin. The video goes for almost fifteen minutes and the two presenters seem to really enjoy playing the game and are having a great time.
The video has had more that 4,400 views since it was uploaded on January 11th.
You can watc hteh Random Encounter Kingpin video here.

"Godfatehr Mod"
  posted January 23 - 6:13PM EST by Mr.Damage
As Mr Ruler is trying out the Godfather mod on one of his servers I thought it would be a good idea to explain how the mod works for those of you who have never played it.

Starting as a new recruit, you need to work your way up the ranks of the family to ultimately become the Godfather (or Crime Lord).
You join each map as a new recruit, and get promoted by gaining kills. Promotion has its benefits (extra health, better starting weapons, some armour) and also its drawbacks (lower level kills give you less experience points).

There are 7 levels and players weapons glow to denote their level. The colour code is:
Level 0: No Glow (Recruit)
Level 1: Red (Look-Out)
Level 2: Green (Thug)
Level 3: Dark Blue (Mobster)
Level 4: Yellow (Hitman)
Level 5: Purple (Lieutenant)
Level 6: Cyan (Crime-Lord)

There are some new commands you should create binds for
bind x showstats
bind x showtable
bind x taunt n (where n is a number from 1 to 50)
bind x taunt
Type the above into the console and just assign a key to the commands (replace the 'x' with your selected key).

Good luck with becomes the next Godfather :)

"Gravedigger Bagman Maps"
  posted January 20 - 5:29PM EST by Mr.Damage
One of the first prolific Bagman map makers was Gravedigger. I understand his maps were very popular in the early days of KP.
We just played one of his maps called Team Baseball and everyone seemed to enjoy it.

We host seven of his maps here at KP4Ever and they are available in a map pack.
You can see a list of the included maps here.

You can download the Gravedigger map pack here.

Team POW & Team 747

Team Baseball & Team Dockside

"Kingpin On Twitter"
  posted January 20 - 5:16PM EST by Mr.Damage
Meph let me know that Kingpin is on Twitter at #kingpin and that he is setting up another account to be called #Hogie's.

"Oldschool Wednesday Server"
  posted January 19 - 7:16AM EST by Mr.Damage
Mr Ruler is currently running a server called Oldschool Wednesday.
It's currently rotating eighteen custom maps. If your likely to play there and don't want to waste time downloading the maps you can get them right here :)

Some of them are included in this map pack here.

Other maps are:-
Hypoville North
Chrystal Palace
Forgotten Mansion
The Dark Zone
Hypo Mill
Crates In The Hood
Fragtown3 - Hillsdale
Fortress Urban 2

He is also rotating the Eve of Revenge and Eve of Destruction maps which have links in the post below this one.

"Vote For Sunday Night's Game"
  posted January 19 - 12:20AM EST by Mr.Damage
{GA}Cleopatra has started a poll over at the Wireplay Kingpin forum where you can vote on what you want to play for the game on Sunday night 20th January.
You can choose between DM, BM, Hitmen, Crash and Assault. You can choose more than one also :)
Why not head on over and make your choice(s) at the Wireplay forum here.

"Bloodmoney Maps And Client Files"
  posted January 18 - 6:14AM EST by Mr.Damage
I saw my old friend {GT}TheGhost running a Bloodmoney Mod server the other day testing a new version.

Assuming he runs the server again in the near future, and you don't have the Bloodmoney client files, you can download them from here.

Here are the maps that he usually rotates on his servers:-

Hellsgate Remake
Eve of Revenge
Extreme Chaos
BMM E1M7 Q1 Conversion
Eve of Desruction v2

Hellsgate Remake & Eve of Revenge

Eve of Destruction v2 & Extreme Chaos

BMM E1M7 & Curvacious

"Another Sunday Night Game Video"
  posted January 14 - 6:53PM EST by Mr.Damage
Hogie has created a video fo last Sunday Night's game of KP. This time it was on the Hogie's East Coast Bitch Slappa server (insted of the Oldschool server) and the game was Curse Bagman.
The action is frantic and there area lot of ppl playing =)
You can check the video out at Youtube here.

"Reminder About Wednesday & Sunday Night Games"
  posted January 12 - 8:27PM EST by Mr.Damage
The weekly Wednesday and Sunday night games are still going well on Mr Ruler's Oldschool servers but just reminding you about them in case you have forgotten or haven't dropped in for a few frags yet.

There are now several Oldschool servers running DM, BM and other mods. You can see them all in your server browser such as Gamespy Lite which you can get here.

Most of the time the games are on the DM or BM servers:-

Server : Oldschool_Deathmatch
IP Address :
Maxclients : 32

Server : Oldschool Hogies
IP Address :
Maxclients : 32

Everyone is friendly so just say hi when you join the server :)

"Hypoville North Deathmatch Map Updated"
  posted January 11 - 3:12PM EST by Mr.Damage
Hypov8 contactd me to let me know he found a small error in the Hypoville map. He has fixed it and released an updated version.
The original map was released in 2008 and maybe not a lot of you would have played it. It was a reworking of his earlier Hypo Urb map.
It's a smaller, cut down, version of Hypo Urb but is still medium to large in size. Of course it's set in an decaying urban environment so fits in well with the KP theme and is a high quality map.
It has ample weapons and items, 17 player spawns and one or two surprises.

You can download the updated version of Hypoville North from here.

Hopefully we will see it in rotation on some of the popular servers soon :)

We also host a Hypov8 map pack which contains ten of his earlier DM maps. You can download his map pack from here.

"CaptureThe Flag Client Files"
  posted January 9 - 2:30PM EST by Mr.Damage
This week's Wednesday night game on the Oldschool servers is the Colors Capture the Flag mod.
If you need the client files you can download them from here.

"Video Of Sunday Night's Game"
  posted January 8 - 5:23AM EST by Mr.Damage
Hogie has created a short video showing gameplay from the Sunday night game on the Oldschool New Custommaps and Team Assault servers. If you were there you might be starring in the video :)

You can watch it on YouTube here.

"Monkey Mod Levelshots"
  posted January 7 - 8:28PM EST by Mr.Damage
You know on the voting screen at the end of a round sometimes when you select your choice for the next map a little picture of that map is displayed.

That is a monkey mod levelshot.
Most of the maps released in the last few years have one included in the zipfile. Many of the older maps don't.

A few years ago Meph spent a great deal of time creating levelshots for well over 300 DM maps and putting them all together in one zipfile.

You can download the levelshots from here.

Just extract the files to your kingpin folder.

It's good to see Meph back playing Kingpin as well :)

"Team Assault Mod Server"
  posted January 6 - 7:59PM EST by Mr.Damage
Mr Ruler is now running a Team Assault Mod Server

Server details:-

Name : Oldschool Team Assault mod
IP :
Maxclients : 32

There is a zip file that contains the server files, all known Assault mod maps, textures, sounds etc and a few other files.

If you just want to play the mod you don't actually need the files but as it contains all the maps you may as well download them from here so you don't have to wait while they are downloading from the server. Plus servers don't download custom sounds.

You can get the Team Assault Mod files from here.

For instructions on how to play the mod check this out here.

"First New Map For 2013"
  posted January 6 - 3:46AM EST by Mr.Damage

Coliapy Junior 2013 by Mr DamageDownload

The other day I was playing in the Oldschool Deathmatch server and an old map came on called Caliopy Junior. Immediately people started complaining about how dark it was.
I remember this map from the old days so I decided to give it a bit of a revamp by making it lighter and see if I could get people to like it and have fun playing it again.
It seems to me that the old maps that were made when people had 3DFX video cards seem to look very dark on modern video cards.

What I did with this map is rebuild it from scratch and add a lot more lights. I also added juniors for directional lighting as there were none in the original map. I aded two similar textures to the already existing ones and choose a slightly darker ceiling texture.
When I had decompiled the original map I found that there were way too many weapons and armour so I removed some of them and rearranged where they all were in the map.
I also fixed the old misspelling of the cooling mod issue, that occured in early maps, and so there are now two of them that show up in the map. There are also two deadguys on the floor that didn't show up in the original map due to another error.
I tried to not change the map too much so that it feels like playing the original map only with it being a lot lighter and with the added cooling mods.

The map itself is a largish one enclosed room map with lots of columns spread throughout the room and tboth the walls and the columns are covered in graffiti. There are lots of different coloured lights throughtout the map.
Even though I removed some there are still lots of weapons, ammo and armour and I added a couple of health bags as there were none in the original map.
I also added a pack and an adrenaline.
There are thirteen player spawns.

Thanks to Hogie, Hoots, and Mr Ruler for helping to beta test the map.

If you want to see just how dark the original Coliapy Junior map is then you can download it from here

"Classic Deathmatch Map Packs"
  posted January 3 - 1:52PM EST by Mr.Damage
Are you one of the players that has recently returned to Kingpin? Or a new player wondering about what the DM maps from the early days looked like. Sure a few survive on the DM servers, and are still played, but many don't.

Well lucky for you all is that we have three map packs available, covering the period 1999 - 2001, that contain what are considered the best deathamtch maps from that era.

You can see a list of which maps are included here:-

1999 maplist
2000 maplist
2001 maplist

You can download the map packs from here:-


"First Wednesday Night Game Of 2013"
  posted January 3 - 1:30PM EST by Mr.Damage
A good crowd was on hand for the first Wednesday night game on the Oldschool_Deathmatch server :)

Here are a couple of screens from the night.

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