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News Archive for February 2002

"Lil1 Ver3 Released"
  posted February 27 - 4:45AM EST by Mr.Damage
Hamma and me have been working on a new version of his action packed little fragfest map called Lil1. Lil1 is a single roomed fragfest map that has proved very popular on the local servers. In the new version we fixed a spawn point problem, added some props like stacks of boxes, changes weapon and item placement, added a wall! and generally added a few fixes. You can grab it from here.

"New Kingpin Website"
  posted February 26 - 2:52AM EST by Mr.Damage
Two lads from the UK, Stinger[7N] & [EGO]StOrM, have set up a new Kingpin website. The site is called Kingpin World and offers Downloads, Info, News, Clan links etc. They have a bunch of downloads on offer already, linked from various sources, and an extensive KP server list. They have an interesting collection of KP maps for download and the thing I like about their skin downlaods is there is a little picture showing off each skin :)
Anyway please go check it out and add it to your list of KP sites you visit. That name again is Kingpin World.

"^Vam^'s New Site"
  posted February 26 - 2:28AM EST by Mr.Damage
^VaM^ let me know he is working on a new Kingpin map, which is good news, and that he is setting up a new website. The site is called VioGames.com and will cover several games with a good Kingpin section of course. At the moment you can check out a review of Kingpin and download all of his maps (make sure you at least get Hellnight_DM). So head on over and visit

"UT Kingpin Style"
  posted February 25 - 4:46AM EST by Mr.Damage
A new DM map has turned up here which is based on the Unreal Tournament Stalwart map by Alan 'Talisman' Willard. If you don't know it then its a small map set in a garage complex. The mapper has done a good job, as I don't think it is a conversion but a map built from scratch. Anyway you can download it from here.

"New Map By {NeW}Oddball"
  posted February 25 - 4:28AM EST by Mr.Damage
{NeW}Oddball has released his second map for Kingpin. Its an smallish arena style DM map set in a burning city. All the buildings have been scaled down in size, hence the name which is smallworld_beta.
It is a beta so please give Oddball some feedback. You can email him here.
You can download the map from here.

"Want To Help On The CRASH Squad Mod?"
  posted February 23 - 9:18PM EST by Mr.Damage
[StEaLtHEyEz is looking for some help to get that great Kingpin Mod CRASH Squad back up and running. At this stage he is looking for the following:-
  • Mappers
  • Coders
  • Skiners
  • Weaponers
  • Modelers
  • People to run Crash Servers

He is also looking ofr some help with the CRASH Squad webpage. Specifically someone who would like to post all the latest CRASH news there.

If you would like to help get this mod back up on its feet you can email [StEaLtHEyEz here or send him an ICQ mesage here - 72283478. I hope some of you ppl reading this wil decide to help out :)

"More Power Mod Skins By DirtyDog{WC}"
  posted February 23 - 9:04PM EST by Mr.Damage
DirtyDog{WC} has released three more skins that he has made for the Power Mod. They are two hired Thugs skins and the Warriors Team Boss skin which is for ther Runt model. These are good looking skins and he has made them available so you can use them in DM games so go and download them now :)

Hired Thug1
Hired Thug2
Hired Thug3
Warriors Boss.

"Urban Version Of Legoland Map"
  posted February 23 - 8:49PM EST by Mr.Damage
After a request from DirtyDog{WC} Whoop_Ass has released a beta of his Legoland_KP map with standard urban Kingpin textures. This has worked really well and shows that its a great DM map and not just a novelty map as some of you may have thought :)
You can grab it from here.

"Old German Promo Poster For Kingpin"
  posted February 23 - 2:08AM EST by Mr.Damage
Werni sent in the German promotional poster from when Kingpin was released in 1999. Its pretty good so I thought I would upload it and let you see it. If you want to download it then get it from here.

"New Map By Oracius"
  posted February 23 - 1:42AM EST by Mr.Damage
Oracius has sent in a new Kingpin DM map called Skidrow. This is a conversion of the Single Player Skidrow map (SR1). This is a tricky map with action taking place on the ground as well as on the rooftops and ledges. A lot of the good weapons are above you so look for ways to get up there. You can grab this map from here.

"BETA map checklist, help please!"
  posted February 22 - 7:43PM EST by Truzenzuzex[BC]
DirtyDawg has started a forum topic reading "How to test a BETA map", and needs some more input. I'm sure many players, server admins, and mappers can add valuable information.

Drop by the forum right here.

"Monkey MOD moves in..."
  posted February 22 - 7:36PM EST by Truzenzuzex[BC]
The Monkey MOD site has moved into our network today to help solve recent ISP/hosting problems Monkey Harris & TiCaL were having. We are glad to have them aboard, since they have provided such a nice anti-cheat tool to our gaming community.

The cobwebs are still not fully cleaned up but everything works, so drop on by Monkey MOD Central today!

"Mr.Burns approved for Skin Check system"
  posted February 22 - 7:24PM EST by Truzenzuzex[BC]
Since TiCaL's new Mr.Burns model is fully animated along with VWEAP support, it has been approved for use in the SKIN CHECK system run by [BC]. This is a very nice detailed model, and should be a blast to make new skins for. The model is broken into several sections including suit, shirt, tie, head, etc, which gives you all kinds of possibilities when skinning.

Go here to take a peek and download the new model.

"LINUX Hitmen 1.6A released"
  posted February 22 - 7:01PM EST by Truzenzuzex[BC]
TnT_trash has released a Linux compiled version of the ever popular Hitmen MOD. You will need to download the 1.6A Windows version first, and then grab the Linux Binary file.

You can also visit TnT_trash's MOD home page DarkWolf Developments for additional information, or to submit bug reports.

"Lighting Tutes For Mappers"
  posted February 21 - 3:33AM EST by Mr.Damage
I have just uploaded a couple of good tutorials covering the finer points of lighting.
The first one is Kingpin Light Styles (lightstyles.exe) by Nemesis and is a great little program tutorial that allows you to click on a light style to learn more about it and to see a short preview. It really helps you to choose a light stlye for your map.

The second one is a light tutorial by my old friend Kasami which takes you through all the basics of lighting your maps. It is detailed and has lots of diagrams and an example map which you can also download. The two files for this tute are LightTutorial.zip and Light_Example.zip.

You can download both these lighting tutorials from our Mapping Tutorial Download Section here

Actually I uploaded another file, as well, that is a small map which shows you how to add items on angles such as armour standing upright or lying on its side or a RL upright etc. The file is called 10-3759-angles.zip and includes both a .bsp and an .map file and can also be downloaded from our tutorials section :)

"Power Mod Skins Now Avialable"
  posted February 21 - 3:11AM EST by Mr.Damage
DirtyDog{WC} has been making some of the skins for Greyfoxx's Power Mod. He has made the skins for the Warriors Team and the skin for the Weapons Dealer.
The theme for the Warriors is Black!
Anyway he has made them available so ppl can use them in DM as well.
You can grab the Warriors Thug skins from here - Thug1, Thug2, Thug3, Thug4, the Warrior Bitch skin from here abd the Weapons Dealer skin from here.

"Screenshot Of Cujo's New Map"
  posted February 21 - 2:27AM EST by Mr.Damage
Cujo is working on an UT style map called TeamForce. Click here to see a screenshot.

"RTCW texture packs - now in smaller chunks"
  posted February 20 - 5:32PM EST by Truzenzuzex[BC]
I have taken the monster 110meg RTCW texture package that {GT}Freak converted, and broken it down into eight 15meg chunks. This should be a bit friendlier download to the mappers that desire to incorporate some of these kick-ass textures into their future maps. You can grab them from here: Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5, Part 6, Part 7, Part 8.

Feb 23 -- NOTE: I fixed the URL links, sorry!

"Kingpin Miscellaneous Files"
  posted February 20 - 2:19AM EST by Mr.Damage
Over the last few days I have been uploading some more files to the Miscellaneous section of our Downloads Area. I have added armour and health bag skins, and some of the classic weapons skins. You can have a look at the Misc files section by clicking here.

If you have any KP files like weapons skins or sounds etc then you can upload them to our Upload FTP server.

Here are the FTP details:
1) Host Address: downloads.kingpinforever.com
2) User Name: uploads
3) Password: uploads

"Serious New Version Of KPDM5"
  posted February 19 - 5:04AM EST by Mr.Damage
Sandstorm has released a retextured version of KPDM5. Its called Serious Towers as he has used all Serious Sam textures and I think it looks really very good. Its like seeing the map for the first time and like playing a whole new map. Download it and see for yourself. Grab it from here.

Update 20/02 Sandstorm has released a revised version of Serious Towers that fixes some bugs such as the arches that were bad. The download link has been updated to point to the revised map file (serious_t.zip).

"Medal Of Honour Sky Pack"
  posted February 19 - 4:42AM EST by Mr.Damage
AB|Mr.KnoxVille has converted all the sky textures from MoH to Kingpin :)
I have uploaded them to the Sky_Environments section of our Downloads Area. You can grab the 10.2 meg zip from here.

"Who Shot Mr Burns?"
  posted February 19 - 3:34AM EST by Mr.Damage
Well now you can thanks to TiCaL :)
He has converted the Quake3 model originally made by SLYRR to Kingpin. You can grab the model from here. Support TiCals efforts for KP and go download this model and make sure yuo visit his website TiCaL Software :)

What does Mr Burns think of all this?
"Look at them! Jackaninnys - Goldbrickers - Layabouts - Slugabeds!
They're all pathetic morons wasting my precious money!
None of these piss-ants are worthy to become the Kingpin!
I have no choice but to win myself!"

"Power Mod Update"
  posted February 19 - 2:49AM EST by Mr.Damage
Greyfoxx has just added a major update over at the Power Mod Site.
He talks about bug fixes, class system, new skins, Linux, screenshots and amny other things. So head on over and have a read. Hopefully this mod will be in beta stage very soon:)

"Serious Sam Textures Converted To Kingpin"
  posted February 19 - 2:43AM EST by Mr.Damage
Sandstorm has converted the Serious Sam textures to Kingpin for all the Kingpin mappers out there :)
I have uploaded them to our rapidly growing Custom Textures section of the Downloads Area and so you can grab the 9.1meg pack from here.

"Screenshot Of Upcoming Player Model"
  posted February 18 - 3:55AM EST by Mr.Damage
If you head on over to Sylacs.com you can see a screenshot of a model he is currently working on. Its the Screenshot of the Week. This one looks like it is going to be well worth the download :)

"New Clan Page"
  posted February 18 - 3:50AM EST by Mr.Damage
If you look to the right of this page you will see we have added an Active KP Gangs List under Features. As the name suggests this is a page where we hope to have listed all the currently active Kingpin Clans.
The info on each clan listed there is:-
  • Logo
  • Tag
  • Website URL
  • Date Formed
  • Leader's Name
  • Mods Played
There are several Gangs listed already so if you want your Clan to be added just go to the page and down the bottom is an email address where you send all your details to.

"New House Of Death2 Screenshots"
  posted February 17 - 12:06AM EST by Mr.Damage
Sonik has sent over some new screenshots of his upcoming SP map pack House of Death2. While you are waiting for him to finish it why not check out HoD part1 which you can download from here. Its well worth it :)

"New Skins By DirtyDog{WC}"
  posted February 15 - 6:54PM EST by Mr.Damage
DirtyDog{WC} has released some new skins for the Thug and Bitch models.

Hannibal Lecter is for the Thug model and is a skin he has made for Sonik's upcoming House of Death2 Single Player map pack. Grab him from here.

Zombie Killer Nurse which was made for Soniks House of Death Single Player map pack. There are two versions of this skin, one with red health markings and one without. Grab here from here. You may have this one from HoD so its okay to over write if prompted :)

Killer Bride made or a friend and now available for all to enjoy. Grab the bitch from here.

"DM_Storagedump Map Released"
  posted February 14 - 6:46AM EST by Mr.Damage
Well it's finally done! DM_Storagedump is a large DM map converted from Half-Life. It's set in a large warehouse complex with both indoors and outdoors fighting areas. Cujo converted it and then he sent it to me for some fixing/tweaking to make it playable in Kingpin. After adding lighting, fixing bugs, retexturing, adding and removing things its finally finished :)
You can grab it from here.

"Looking For Volunteers"
  posted February 13 - 3:47AM EST by Mr.Damage
Now that FNLou has finished the walkthru for the official Kingpin Single Player game we are looking for volunteers who who like to write one for the many custom SP map packs that have been released. If you are interested you can contact us here. Let us know which map pack you would like to write the walkthru for, estimated timeframe etc. One of the admins here will then contact you and away you go :)

Btw, this is a link to all the custom SP map packs released so far here.

"Galleon2 DM Map Released"
  posted February 13 - 3:37AM EST by Mr.Damage
Whoop_Ass has released a beta of his new DM map called Galleon2.
biiiiig boat map started as a sequel to Galleon. More of a luxury liner feel, added most of a boat lol. Hope it plays well. :)
You can grab it from here. This is a beta so Whoop_Ass needs some feedback on any probs with the map. If you find any you can email him here.

"TiCaL's New Kingpin Webpage"
  posted February 13 - 3:25AM EST by Mr.Damage
TiCaL has created his first webpage. He still has a lot of work to do but soon it will house all his work that he has created over the past two years.

The latest work from him is an MDX importer for Milkshape. This plugin will be included with Milkshape 1.6 (which is great work) but until then you can download the plugin form his webiste :)

Go take a look at his website called TiCaL Software.

"RTCW textures converted"
  posted February 12 - 10:29PM EST by Mayhem
{GT}Freak has gone out and converted Return to Castle Wolfenstine textures for Kingpin.. The 110 meg zip file includes everything from the game.. I think it is a great new resource for you mappers.

"Map Beta Testers"
  posted February 11 - 5:34AM EST by Mr.Damage
Quite often a mapper will look to test their new map before releasing. This helps them to find any bugs, check out item placement, see how the map flows, how it handles a few ppl etc. If you would like to make a small contribution to KP then you should consider becoming a beta tester of new maps. I have started a forum post where you can go and let ppl know you are interested. Post your contact details and location and any other relvant details such as times when you are avialable, whether you would only test DM or BM etc. This way when a mapper is looking to test a new map he can come to the forum, contact ppl that are local to him and set up a testing session for his new map, or he can send you his map and get you to test it offline. Whatever works best for the mapper.
Anyway if you are interested you can add your details to this post here.

"New Comp Mod Coming"
  posted February 11 - 5:26AM EST by Mr.Damage
{GT}TheGhost let me know of a new mod that him, TnT_Trash, {GT}Freak
and Chief are now working on. It is a new competition mod based on the Monkey Mod code that looks like it is going to be very, very configurable :)

More news when it comes to hand.

"New Walkthru for Single Player Game"
  posted February 11 - 5:19AM EST by Mr.Damage
FNLou has been working hard lately putting together a massive walkthru for the Kingpin single player game. It is very indepth and includes many screenshots to help you along. If you played the single player game when you first got KP, got stuck and never went back to it well now is your chance :)

FNLou acknowledges he is not the original author of the walkthru but he did make some significant additions and edits to the original script, and he used the original source material to re-play the entire game through and take all the screens that accompany the text guide.

Anyway you can go and take a look by clicking here.

"CRASH Squad Weapon Sounds Update"
  posted February 11 - 5:05AM EST by Mr.Damage
JKL-Micketh has made a further update to his custom weapons sounds pack for the CRASH Squad so instead of having 3 packs to install he has now released everything in one pack :)
It is now 1.29 meg and contains custom sounds for the following:-

Desert Eagle
Bomb Explosion
Radio sounds for crash team

You can grab the new complete pack from here.

Btw if you installed the last update pack (cspv1b.exe) and now you find Kingpin crashes when you are playing CRASH then go to Kingpin/crash/sound/weapons and delete the 3 files called ric1 ric2 and ric3. That will fix the problem.

"DM_Villano Map Updated"
  posted February 9 - 8:22PM EST by Mr.Damage
{GT}Freak has updated Cujo's cs conversion map DM-Villano.
Fixed missing texture not used in map but are included so there is'nt a long wait on server trying to d/l texture not seen in map
You can grab updated map from here. Just note that when this version is installed it will overwrite the original version by Cujo.

"Beta Of New Map By Sandstorm"
  posted February 9 - 7:55PM EST by Mr.Damage
Sandstorm has sent along a beta of his latest map called Fragmen. Here is what he says about themap:-
This is acctually a hitmen map made by me for Superminsts Hitmen server Rapid/Team Sweden
The idea was Superminst but he cant build maps hehe so i did it for him.
19 spawnpoints and 1 Info_player_start
There are 4 levels on this map and 2 elevators.
The elevators goes from Level 4 (basement) to Level 1 (The roof)
Even though he made it for Hitmen it looks like it is going to play great in DM as well :)
You can grab the beta from here.

"Screenshots of New Map By Whoop_Ass"
  posted February 9 - 7:09PM EST by Mr.Damage
Whoop_Ass is currently working on a new DM map called Galleon2. Its a medium sized map set on an ocean going vessel and it looks pretty cool. It should be finished shortly :)

"Kingpin Programming Forums Back Up"
  posted February 8 - 8:38AM EST by Mr.Damage
The Kingpin Programming Forums are back Up. There are a heap of them covering all aspects of Kingpin. You can check them out here.

"New German Kingpin Site"
  posted February 8 - 8:29AM EST by Mr.Damage
Werni sent us a nice email to say that he had set up a new Kingpin news and information website for all the German speaking Kingpin fans. The site will be finished in March but there is already some content there. The URL is http://www.kingpin4ever.de.vu/ so go and have a look :)

  posted February 6 - 3:30AM EST by Mr.Damage
AutoQuake 2000 is mod launching utility for any Quake, Quake2, Quake3 or Half-Life engine game. This program help you start mods easily and AutoQuake 2000 finds automaticly most of the mods for all supported games. And if AutoQuake do not find some of the mods or games you can also add them manually.

AutoQuake finding system is based on mod directory finding and it uses all information what it can find from mod directory (liblist.gam, readme.txt, etc.) This way you do not need to spend time for doing all things by your self. Of course if you like to, you can make all things by your self. The new searching system also actualy finds all Half-Life modifications.

If you like customizing you love AutoQuake. You can use custom skins and sounds to make your AutoQuake look like you want. And if you like you can make even your own skins with AutoQuake skin editor which comes with AutoQuake automaticly. Editor is easy to use like all other AutoQuake options.

Currently AutoQuake supports:

*Quake 2
*Quake 3 Arena
*Heretic 2
*Hexen 2
*Soldier of fortune
*Gunman Chronicles
*Star Trek Elite Force
*Return to Castle Wolfenstein
*Medal of Honor: Allied Assault
*American McGee's Alice

And over 2040 mods!

You can check it out over at the AutoQuake2000. Got this info from OzDominion.

"Sky Packs updated and released"
  posted February 5 - 7:08PM EST by Truzenzuzex[BC]
I originally released a pack file back in Jan-2001 and somehow that file has been lost during the PV.COM destruction. I have recreated the pack and updated it -- it now contains 40 custom skies that have been released in Kingpin maps in the last 3 years. I have broken the pack into 3 smaller chunks to be easier on the modem players.

You can grab the new Sky Packs here: Part 1, Part 2, Part 3.

"POWER Mod Test Server"
  posted February 5 - 3:11PM EST by Mr.Damage
Captain Death will be running a POWER Mod Test Server for the next day or so. You download everything you need to play from the server (you wont get all models and couple of other things but it is fully playable).
He is predominatley testing the map change bug (should be eradicated fully now) - also being tested is some new bot spawning code and code to fix the memory leaks that seem to appear after about 20 map changes.

The server is running out of Scotland and the IP is Captain Deaths POWER test server (
So jump in to the server and see what all the fuss is about :)
For those of you not familiar with the mod head on over to the POWER Mod Website.

"TiCaL News"
  posted February 5 - 2:30AM EST by Mr.Damage
TiCal just let me know that he has been able to get the guys at The All-Seeing Eye to add support for the Monkey Mod Client. The All-Seeing Eye is a game server finder like Gamespy. The author has made it so now it will tell you that you need mmclient if you dont have it before you even join the server. If you dont have the mmclient a little window will popup saying you need to go to monkeymod.com to get it :)
Good one TiCaL.

Btw I have just uploaded TiCaL & Truz's Mover6 utility that when run moves all your Kingpin maps, textures, skins etc it finds in your mods folders back to your main folder where they belong :)
This saves you time and HDD space as at the moment you may have the same map in several different mod folders. Anyay you can grab it from here

"Cujo's New Speedway Map"
  posted February 5 - 2:17AM EST by Mr.Damage
Cujo has sent word that he is working on a new map for the upcoming Speedway mod. He is calling the map Speedway Carnage. Here are some early screenshots:-

"New Model Site & 2 new Models"
  posted February 4 - 3:51AM EST by Mr.Damage
{GT}Syl^cs has obviously been working very hard and the result is a brand new Kingpin models site Sylacs.com The Modelling Resource Site.
Just about all models publicly released for Kingpin can be found here and they can all be viewed in 3D thanks to TiCaL's 3D viewer.
Syl^cs is also working on tutorials on how to make models which should be available shortly. To coincide with the opening of the site he has released two new models converted from Quake2. They are a female model called crafty and the other one is The Mask. Go check it out :)

"187 Given Disco Flavour"
  posted February 4 - 3:32AM EST by Mr.Damage
One of those maps you either love or hate has been up dated by Whoop_Ass. Its the old 187 one room fragfest map. Whoop has given it a disco feel with music and flashing lights. You can grab it from here. If you dont have the original you can grab it from here - a whopping 46kb :)

"New Swedish Servers"
  posted February 2 - 8:17PM EST by Mr.Damage
Sandstorm sent word that there are two new servers running out of Sweden.
They are Rapid/Crash and Rapid/Hitmen and are run by Supermist.


Looks like the CRASH Mod is really starting to take off again.

"New Mapper/New Map"
  posted February 2 - 8:02PM EST by Mr.Damage
{NeW}Oddball has completed his first map (with a lot of help from me and Whoop_Ass). Its a small DM map called Spooky. Its a scary little map with some nice lighting and eerie sounds. R_speeds are good thanks to Whoop_Ass who checked out the map and was able to cut them by 50% :)
Be a good little map for DM, Hitmen, WolfFlow, Extreme etc.
You can grab it from here.

"New Speedway Mod On Way"
  posted February 2 - 7:33PM EST by Mr.Damage
Hogie and the Chief are working on a new mod called Speedway. This is a tam based racing mod where the first team to complete the most laps and hit the limit wins. Heres the drum from Hogie:-
i compiled that one race track map that comes in the kingpin sdk.. then loaded it up my the server with a thug model sitting on a motorcycle model that i put together. people seemed to love it. chief wrote some code for it a long time ago. but we never did anything with it. now that tical released his mdx model viwer exporter.. it's much easier to put togeather player models for it. so we see what happens from here : ) i'm building another map for racing right now.
Now they are also looking for some outside help on this mod, getting ppl from the community involved. They are looking for somebody to make some weapon models for the vehicles & ppl to make custom racing models and skins for clans etc so they can have matches where they race each other :)
If your interested in helping out you can drop Hogie an email here.

"ALMost Releases Harbour Of Sorrow Final"
  posted February 1 - 9:25PM EST by Mr.Damage
ALMost has released the final version of his large DM map set in a sleepy harbour. You can grab Harbour of Sorrow from here and be sure to visit his website ALMost!.

"2001 Custom Maps Weekend Reminder "
  posted February 1 - 3:26AM EST by Mr.Damage
Just a reminder that the 2001 custom maps weekend is almost upon us. This is where several servers around the world will be rotating some of the best maps released during 2001. Of course there are many more great maps that were released, this is merely a snapshot and if you included them all, the map pack would be huge lol.
Anyway to see a list of the maps included click here. To grab the map pack (in one large or four small chunks) click here.

The servers involved are:-

Wireplay Kingpin - Hitmen
Wireplay Kingpin - Mr Damage's Custom Gangbang

Captain Deaths Custom Maps Server

[FnR] Fraggin Rockers Wolfflow MOD v3.35a w/bots
{NeW}EAST!www.new.home-page.org Fnlou's DM Server!

Hope you all drop in for a game or two :)

"New Sanctuary Screenshots"
  posted February 1 - 3:16AM EST by Mr.Damage
Wheelbarrow has posted some more screens of his upcoming single player map pack called Sanctuary over at his website Wheelbarrow's SP Map Page. Looks like it wont be too long before its finished =)

Meanwhile Sonik is working on the 6th level of his upcoming SP map pack HouseofDeath2. To see the latest screenshot he has released check out this forum post here.
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