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News Archive for February 2003

"Male Krafty Model"
  posted February 28 - 2:06AM EST by Mr.Damage
When checking the player model downloads section I realised we don't have the male krafty model that was converted from Quake2 by Sylcs. It's a conversion of the Evil Ernie Quake2 model made by Michael 'Magarnigal' Mellor.

Also known as the Master of Annihilation, Evil Ernie is one Psychotic, Undead teenager out to destroy all life...in search of megadeath! Ernie was abused as a kid, and Lady Death found him when he accidently entered her Endless Graveyard through his inner thoughts. Inspired by Lady Death, Evil Ernie found a partner in life...or should I say death.

You can download the model from here.

"Monkey Mod 1.52 Released"
  posted February 27 - 9:26PM EST by Monkey_Mod_Staff
Latest version of the Monkey Mod has been released. Version 1.52 has some new features, some fixes and a few cheat updates, namely the speed hack and several wallhacks. All Kingpin server admins (including non-Monkey Mod) should have sv_enforcetime set to 1 for extra speed cheat protection. Here is the list of all the changes from since version 1.51a:

  • func_killbox fix
    - killbox was using TELEFRAG_MOD so when someone was killed with it no death message got printed, so this was changed to use TRIGGER_HURT_MOD

  • cash thief exploit fix
    - now if a person steals money from the other team and jump over the edge or into lava the money automatically gets returned into the teams safe.

  • bagman spawning fixed
    - completelly rewriten the spawn selection code so now you will only ever spawn in your teams spawn points, not in opposition or info_player_start

  • mute command
    - with it you can mute players (stop them from chatting). This will only work until map change. To unmute the client just mute them again. Note clientid can be seen by using the rcon/rconx status command.

    Usage: mute clientid

  • kick and kickban reason
    - rconx users can kick and kickban people now with an optional reason message, just incase the people who are getting kicked or kickbanned want to know why

    Usage: rconx kick(ban) (clientid) (reason)

  • banip and banname usable from rcon now
    - using the sv command, banip and banname can be both used

    Usage example (from game): rcon password sv banip

  • eyecam bug fixed
    - fixed a problem where the spectators would have the same score in game browsers like GameSpy and All Seeing Eye as the people they were following.

  • misc cheat fixes

You can grab updated server files for both Windows & Linux from the Monkey Mod Website as well as the updated Monkey Mod public source code. The client file remains the same (rev.8) and can also be downloaded from the MM webpage. Also if you have problems with client or want to reports bugs, cheats and suggestions please visit the Monkey Mod Forum. You'll have to register to view and post topics on this forum.

"Clan Matches"
  posted February 27 - 2:27AM EST by Mr.Damage
If you are in a clan and looking to organise matches against other clans why not post in our Kingpin Clans & Crews forum. Post such things as your clan name, location, what mod you want to play , or team DM, etc, and contact details. Hopefully if enough clans start using it we can get a few matches organised :)

"News Archive & Search Function"
  posted February 27 - 2:17AM EST by Mr.Damage
Have you checked out our news archive yet? If you haven't visited KP4Ever for a while or just want to go back and check out some old posts just use our news archive. You can access via the link in the Features section or there is also a link at the bottom left of the front page. Click on News Archive and you are taken to a page with links to our monthly news archives. Click on the month you want to check out and all the news posts for that month will be displayed. You can read all the old posts and download any files you want to.

We also have a search option where you can search for something over the entire site, in the files section, or in news headlines etc. You can search for a specific file, topic or all entries of a particular mapper etc. The search option is located on the right hand side of the page above the page counter.

"router tips - for KP"
  posted February 26 - 10:42PM EST by Truzenzuzex[BC]
reprinted from the [BC] Daily News Tribune {grin}, original post: Wednesday, November 14, 2001 - posted by Truzenzuzex[BC]

Having trouble getting 2 or more computers behind your NAT/Linksys/Netgear/Router to play on the same Kingpin server??

Then try this: open up the \kingpin\main\autoexec.cfg file... and add this to the bottom of the file.

set clientport 31510 (for machine 1)

in the other PCs file..

set clientport 31511 (for machine 2)

and if you need to add more for each machine behind the NAT/Router. Each machine needs its own unique port number.

Have fun, bring on the fuN!

"New Thug Skin By DziQ"
  posted February 26 - 2:50PM EST by Mr.Damage
DziQ has released another new thug skin. This one is a skin of the Incredible Hulk. You can get this one from here. Just extract the skin files to your kingpin directory.

"Kingpin Official Files"
  posted February 26 - 3:11AM EST by Mr.Damage
If anyone is looking for any of the official Kingpin files for both Windows & Linux, I think we host them all here at Kingpinforever.

We have the following files:-


Kingpin Demo


v1.21 Patch
Dedicated Server Pack v1.21a
SDK (Software Development Kit)


v1.2 Patch
Dedicated Server Pack v1.20
Dedicated Server Pack v1.20 to v1.21 Patch

"New Shotgun Skin By DziQ"
  posted February 25 - 2:52PM EST by Mr.Damage
DziQ has sent in a new custom skin for the shotgun. It's a nice looking skin that is called Winchester Riot shotgun.
The skin is in a pak4 file which has been zipped. The zip file is set up so you only have to extract the pak4 file to your kingpin directory and it will place it in your kingpin/main folder where it belongs.
If you already have a pak4 file then extract the new pak4 to a temp folder somewhere, rename it to a number you dont have such as pak2, pak3 etc then copy it to your kingpin/main folder.
You can grab this HMG skin from here.

"New Skins By DziQ"
  posted February 25 - 3:25AM EST by Mr.Damage
DziQ has released new skins for the thug, runt and bitch. They are Dark Elf skins and can be downloaded from here:-

Dark Elf Thug
Dark Elf Runt
Dark Elf Bitch

"New Map By Pencho"
  posted February 25 - 2:40AM EST by Mr.Damage
Pencho has released a new DM map called New Crossfire which is a conversion of a Halflife map:-

I've released the conversion of a map I made for
Halflife that is basically Crossfire with some
extentions. I think it turned out quite well visually.
I would appreciate feedback on errors and suggestions

You can check this one out here. You can also get thiso ne, and all his other maps, from his website Pencho's DTT.

"Server Hosting Available"
  posted February 24 - 10:51PM EST by DirtyDog
A few more options for anybody interested in having servers hosted are available: Kaos High Speed Game Servers and also Trinity Games. Check em out :)

"New Bagman Map"
  posted February 24 - 2:06PM EST by Mr.Damage
Willdeharp The Ender has now released his new Bagman map Team Checkmate. This is a large map with a chess theme. It has four main areas, two for each team, with four giant chess pieces that dominate surroundings. The cash drop area is way up high and there are several teleports there that move you to supply rooms and also back down to the surface area. This map is a bit different but worth checking out. You can grab it from here.
It is currently rotating on his Baggy server:-
Willdeharp The Ender's kp BM server IP#

"Mapping For KP2 Mod & COLORS CTF"
  posted February 23 - 12:39AM EST by Mr.Damage
For mappers who are interested in mapping ofr the KP2 DM Mod or for COLORS CTF then check these out:-

Whoop Ass has written a comprehensive guide to mapping for the KP2 mod which you can downlaod from here.

There is a mappers kit for COLORS CTF, which explains all you need to know about mapping for COLORS. You can grab it from here.

"Help With Kingpin Coding"
  posted February 23 - 12:26AM EST by Mr.Damage
TnT Trash has set up at forum at his Kingpin site Dark Wolf Development where people can post any questions in regard to coding/programming for Kingpin:-

I wanted to post some info and let people know that I am actively taking Questions regarding programming for Kingpin. I thought that it would be a nice little something that I could give back to the Kingpin community. My ulterior motive is....maybe we could get some fresh meat interested in making more mods for our beloved game.

So if you are a budding coder and need some questions answered or just want to touch base then head on over to the forum here.

"New Runt Skin"
  posted February 23 - 12:06AM EST by Mr.Damage
DziQ, a Kingpin player from Poland, has sent in a new skin for the runt model called Ganja runt. It's just the body section and the zip has been set up so you only have to extract it to your kingpin directory and the file will be placed in the correct place. You can grab this new skin from here.

"Stronghold Opposition Bagman Map"
  posted February 22 - 11:44PM EST by Mr.Damage
There has been some talk in our forum recently about this Quake2 map that was converted to Kingpin. It has been converted and revised a total of three times. We had two of the versions and Whoop Ass submitted the other one. Basically it is a Q2 CTF map that was converted to KP. It has two large bases seperated by a bridge with water and side corridors running under the bridge. Tanyacheex was the first to convert it and her version maintained a Quake feel about it. Then Tunnleram updated/revised her version to give it a Kingpin urban feel. He then revised it again and made some changes/improvements. You can get these maps here:-

Stronghold Oppostion Conversion by Tanyacheex
Stronghold Oppostion Revision by Tunnleram
Stronghold Oppostion Final by Tunnleram

Tanya's Conversion & Tunnleram's Final Version

"New Flamethrower Skin"
  posted February 22 - 11:28PM EST by Mr.Damage
Micketh has created a new custom skin for the much maligned Flamethrower. It's a gold coloured skin and includes a skin for the flame tanks. You see the new skin in your HUD, on the ground and in other players hands when they are carrying the flamer. You can grab this new skin from here.

You can grab his other custom weapon skins from here:-
Jungle AK47 HMG
Grey Rocket Launcher

"News From Truz!"
  posted February 22 - 10:11PM EST by NeWFnlou

My 3year old (yet reliable) Celeron700 machine decided to go belly-up last night.... The mobo fails to POST, no clue why. Seems like the mobo or chip has shot craps.


[BC]'s cap-n-yo-ass.com website (and 8 other web domains) are all dead right now, including email, the Skin-Checker, my master [BC] wolfflow game server, etc...

Trying to decide what replacement mobo/chip to use, as I plan on taking over one of my Duron800 machines for the web/game server... my new mobo/chip will then become a new gaming box.

ETA, who knows... looking like $300-$500 in this forced upgrade (repairs). I'll probably steal my kids Duron800 mobo/chip tomorrow and transplate it in my dead servers case. We will see.


On behalf of the KP Community at large, Good Luck and GOD SPEED Truz!

"New Bagman Maps By Whoop Ass"
  posted February 22 - 7:36PM EST by Mr.Damage
Whoop Ass has released betas of two more Bagman maps. They are Team Slumz and Team WCHH.

Team Slumz is a medium sized, classic urban styled BM map, which has no grenade launcher and no flamethrower. You can grab it from here.

Team WCHH was actually released at the end of last year. It's a half-life map conversion that was worked on by Whoop, Cujo, Hogie and Hypo (hence the name). It's another medium sized map with a grey brick and metallic theme. You can grab this one from here.

Team Slumz


Whoop Ass has made many excellent Bagman maps, all of which can be downloaded from his webpage Whoop Wolrd.

"New Version Of Netscape"
  posted February 22 - 6:09PM EST by Mr.Damage
If Netscape is your browser of choice then there is a new version available for download. It's supposed to be their fastest browser yet. You can download the setup program from here. As always make sure you read any installation instructions.

"Revised DM Map"
  posted February 21 - 11:33PM EST by DirtyDog
After enjoying Garcia[FnR]'s versions of E_Tomb (Etomb is orginally a HL map designed by Simon Gibson & Mathew Pudney) I thought it might be fun to add my own version of it. There really wasn't much to it as it is a fairly simple map however I did end up rebuilding every brush and slightly changed the design. Hope you like it :)

Download it from here: E_Tomb UrBan

"Bagman Map Pack"
  posted February 21 - 3:24AM EST by Mr.Damage
Cujo has put together a map pack of eighteen top Bagman maps. It includes maps by Hogie, Whoop Ass, Hypov8, Twist amongst others. You can see a list of the maps here and grab the map pack from here.

Two of the included maps are:-

Team Kaos & Atmosphere

"Two COLORS CTF Maps Updated"
  posted February 20 - 6:07AM EST by Mr.Damage
I have updated two of the original COLORS CTF Maps. They are CTF Lowrider and CTF Runawaytrain.

With CTF Lowrider all I basically did was add more weapons, armour and other items as several people complained about lack there of.
You can grab the new version from here.

In CTF Runawaytrainv2 I increased the lighting in the train carriages as they were too dark, added some more team spawns, reduced the number of neutral spawns, added more ammo and pistol mods and also a weapon or two. You can grab this one from nowhere right now :(
Update 21/02/03 There is a small problem with ctf_runawaytrainv2 which will be fixed. I've removed the map and will upload the new version later.

CTF Lowerider old & new

CTF Runawaytrain old & new

Currently there are two COLORS CTF Server running:-
Captain Deaths CTF V1.0a Server IP#
Keypoint & Kingpin Forever - CTF v1.0a IP#

If you still need the client or server files you can get them from here:-
Client Files

Server Files

"Twist's Kingpin Map Site"
  posted February 19 - 2:33AM EST by Mr.Damage
Twist has a Kingpin mapping site called Twist's Typhoon. You can check out all his Kingpin maps there which are mostly made specifically for Hitmen. You can also download the hook for Hitmen and Twist's skins.

"New Version Of Monkey Mod On Way"
  posted February 19 - 2:16AM EST by Mr.Damage
Monkey Mod 1.52 is currently in testing and will be released shortly. To see a list of changes you can visit the Monkey Mod forum here (you have to register of course). Take note that there are several cheat fixes in this release :)

"Captain Death's Skill Mod"
  posted February 18 - 1:59AM EST by Mr.Damage
If you haven't given Captain Death's Skill Mod a try then why not do it now.
The SKILL mod is a round based last man standing mod.
At the start of a round, each player will start with a pipe and the current weapon (if any)
The last player standing wins the round.
If the round time limit is reached, the player with most kills that round gets the win, but
if two or more players have the same frags then no-one wins.

Skill is a serverside mod so clients don't need any any files to play. If you want to run a Skill mod server you can grab the server files from here and you can visit his website here. Its has heaps of good stuff including instructions on how to play the Skill mod which you can read here.
As the coder for both the COLORS CTF mod and the Power mod he also has pages dedicated to these mods. There is also info on a new game engine he is working on.
Captain Death hosts a Skill mod server, details of which are as follows:-
Captain Deaths SKILL 0.25 Server IP#

"Prop Addons For The Thug & Bitch"
  posted February 17 - 4:00AM EST by Mr.Damage
Last year AB|Mr.KnoxVille released some addon props for the thug and bitch models.
He made a WWII German helmet, backpack and joint for the thug. Because the backpack and helmet where made specifically for the axis_rtcw German Soldier thug skin I added them to the zip with the rest of the files. You can grab all these props from here.

Then with the help of Colby he released a joint, backpack, cap, stetson, and fedora props for the bitch and a new hat for the thug. You can get these files from here.

"Whoop World Revamped"
  posted February 17 - 3:32AM EST by Mr.Damage
Whoop Ass's Kingpin mapping website Whoop World has under gone a major revamp. It has a totally new layout and of course information, screenshots and download links to all of Whoop's maps. Go check it out and make sure you read the news about two Kingpin maps he is converting to Half-life and for which mod :)

"Screenshots Of Updated Map By Cujo"
  posted February 15 - 10:03PM EST by Mr.Damage
Cujo sent along some screens of one of his maps he is updating which he will release as DM Losthalls Final. The screens were taken in the KPRAD map editor.

He is adding the following to the map:-
two new rooms
new lighting
new textures
new sounds

He is also looking for prefabs of gargoyle's, both big and small, so if any one has any or can make one please let him know here.

"Firstnet Buy Wireplay"
  posted February 15 - 9:04PM EST by Mr.Damage
I])][]T has sent word that Firstnet have bought rights to Wireplay:-

Hi Mr D long time no speak so here is news from Atrophy, it appears Firstnet have bought rights to Wireplay and Pigwhistler will be running it. He says there will be more hitmen servers...

There is an interview with Pigwhistler all about it here.

"KPQ2DM Maps Added To Map Archive"
  posted February 15 - 8:56PM EST by Mr.Damage
After reading a forum post about using Quake2 maps in Kingpin by Slappy Flatusman I checked our Maps Download Section to see if we had all the KPQ2DM Maps conversions. We only had a couple of them so, using the KPCMF program I zipped up the eight KPQ2DM maps. KPQ2DM1 was converted by Nico and the other seven were converted by Pigwhistler.
I included all the custom sounds and textures in the zips plus any of the original readmes that were available. You can grab these maps from here:-

KPQ2DM1 The Edge
KPQ2DM2 Tokay's Towers
KPQ2DM3 The Atrophy Fragpipe
KPQ2DM4 Atrophy' Lost Hallways
KPQ2DM5 The Atrophy Pits
KPQ2DM6 Atrophy Lava Tomb
KPQ2DM7 Slimy Place
KPQ2DM8 The Atrophy Warehouse



"Screenshots Of New Bagman Map"
  posted February 15 - 8:51PM EST by Mr.Damage
Willdeharp The Ender is working on a new Bagman map called Team Checkmate. It continues his chessboard theme from Checkmate, Checkmatev2, and Space Checkmate. It has four massive chess pieces which dominate the surroundings and there are several teleports that zap you to many different places in the map. The good news is that the map is almost finished.

"Underground Mod Texture Packs"
  posted February 14 - 5:37PM EST by Mr.Damage
Truzenzuzex[BC] has taken the Rune texture pack that Sylacs was using for his now defunct Underground mod and broken it down into eight smaller packs. They are all 9.5mg, except the last one which is 8.3mg. So if you are a mapper and would like to use some of these textures in your map(s) then go and grab them from here.

"Superman2000 Thug Skin"
  posted February 13 - 10:42PM EST by Mr.Damage
One of my favourtie thug skins is Superman2000 by BigSie. It's a nice looking skin of the Man of Steel. You can downlaod it from here.
Just extract all files to your Kingpin directory.

  posted February 13 - 10:00PM EST by Mr.Damage
Before he retired from online gaming after the birth of his son, [YFS]Mayhem created two more COLORS CTF maps. They are Terror Tower CTF and Moker Style CTF.

Terror Tower CTF is a large, complex CTF map in the style of KPDM5...

Ummmm, seeing as I love the kpdm5 -central towers theme so much, I thought, I'd churn out another one in that genre and some of you might recognise some parts of this map from c_t_rev, a teamdm and dm map I made a while back...

You can grab it from here.

Moker Style CTF is a conversion of a single player Kingpin map...

I was looking through some decompiled maps from the game, and found this little map where you gain access to the train the first time... And after checking out I thought It might make a cool conversion for ctf, a nice quick map...with planty of camping points around the flags for good defence...
I added a few pieces here and there and ladder access to the roof in each base, and also extended the hall to the gate area so as to make it a map with two passages... And seeing as some people think I don't put enough ammo in my maps, I don't think anyone will run short of it in this one... =)

You can get this one here.

You can grab the COLORS CTF client files from here and if you want to run a COLORS server you can grab the required server files from here.

Tower Terror CTF

Moker Style CTF

Head on over to the COLORS CTF Website to see some more screenshots of these maps and to download a blueprint of the layout of the Tower Terror CTF map :)

"New Team Assault Server"
  posted February 13 - 6:16PM EST by Mr.Damage
Meatsack is now running a Team Asault server. Details are:-
Hogie's Assault Server IP169.237.55.128:31510
I have added it to the Active KP Game Servers page so as long as you have the kpplug utility then you can join directly from that page.

It is rotating the following Assault maps:-

Assault Jungle Rev3
Assault Gunman2
Assault Tower
Assault TY
Assault DM Italy
Cliffs of Carnage
Assault Vidar Beta9
Assault HLwell
Assault RainForest Canopy

You can grab the Team Assault files from here and read osme instrustions on how to play Team Assault here.

Cliffs 0f Carnage & Gunman2

"Screenshots Of New Map By Pencho"
  posted February 13 - 4:57PM EST by Mr.Damage
Pencho has posted some screenshots of a new map he is working on in our Mapping forum. He has used Medal of Honour textures and it is nearly finished. He also mentions another map he is working on. Check out the map info and screens here.

"AliG Bagman Skins"
  posted February 13 - 8:12AM EST by Mr.Damage
Axe has submitted some AliG skins which replace the normal Bagman skins. They will also work in RioTZ.
The skins are in a pak3 file which has been zipped. The zip file is set up so you only have to extract the pak3 file to your kingpin directory and it will place it in your kingpin/main folder where it belongs.
If you already have a pak3 file then extract the new pak3 to a temp folder somewhere, rename it to a number you dont have such as pak2, pak4 etc then copy it to your kingpin/main folder.

Because head skins are not included in team skins you will have to manually change to the ALiG head skins. They are head_001 or head_002 for both the runt and thug.

You can grab these skins from here.

"New Kingpin Server Launcher"
  posted February 13 - 7:05AM EST by Mr.Damage
Sylacs has submitted a new KP Server Launcher.

Just a simple program to avoid having to edit a batch file to
run a dedicated server, nothing too complicated. :)

You can download this program from here.

"Topdawg Shutdown Hitmen Servers"
  posted February 13 - 6:59AM EST by Mr.Damage
Styles has sent word that due to recent attacks on their servers they can no longer support Hitmen servers:-

Due to the fact that certain people in Kingpin think they have the right to shut down any server they don't like, or are not wanted at, they have caused us to persue them for there actions towards our clients, and our company. Therfore, as of today, we'll no longer support any Hitmen server's for Kingpin. USP server was attacked , Excell , and Joplin FMZ server.....

This is very disappointing news as Kingpin can't really afford to lose any servers, escpecially under these circumstances.

"Screenshots Of New Map By -=Mad-Dog=-"
  posted February 13 - 6:19AM EST by Mr.Damage
-=Mad-Dog=- has submitted some screenshots of his new map which is called Deadman's Cove.

Here are screenies of Deadman's Cove, my new map! I wanted to make it look like the buildings in the "Lizzie's Problem" segment of Kingpin, like a wharf. But the 4-story tall wood buildings looked kinda funny, besides not all the textures lined up properly.

"translator is back"
  posted February 12 - 6:20PM EST by Truzenzuzex[BC]
For those who care, I have hacked another fix for the language translator at the bottom of the page. Now you can translate KingpinForever into 7 languages total. Whee!!!

"Screenshots Of Another New Map By Cujo"
  posted February 11 - 2:35AM EST by Mr.Damage
Cujo has submitted some screenshots of another new map he is working on called DM Mob2town. These shots are taken in the KPRAD map editor.

"Email Problem"
  posted February 11 - 2:18AM EST by Mr.Damage
Well it looks like I have had a problem with email without knowing about it. For some reason today seventy five emails came through (lol), some dating back to last December and beyond. Please accept my apologies if you have written with questions, submitted files, sent information etc and I haven't responded or posted about it. It will take me a few days to get through them all but I will, and I will respond to your questions and post the maps etc that have been submitted :)
I can't explain it but I will get up to date asap. Once again sorry for this.

"Kingpin Selling Well At Sold-Out Software"
  posted February 10 - 5:43AM EST by Mr.Damage
We have just added another UK website to our Buy Kingpin page where you can purchase Kingpin online. It's Sold Out Software. Currently Kingpin is no.4 on their budget games top10 :)
I hope our good friend derek sees this post as I know he was concerned that we were wasting our time posting places where you can buy KP online as he didn't think anyone was buying it.

"Captain Death's Custom Maps Server"
  posted February 10 - 5:23AM EST by Mr.Damage
If you live in the UK or Europe and are looking for a Custom Maps Deathmatch server then you should check out Captain Death's Custom Maps Server. The server runs out of the UK and runs a heap of old classic Custom DM maps. You can check out the list of maps here.
I have put together a map pack for the server which you can grab from here.

Server details are:-
Captain Death's Gangbang Server IP#

He also runs the following servers:-
Captain Deaths CTF V1.0a Server IP80.194.152.177:31512
Captain Deaths SKILL 0.25 Server IP80.194.152.177:31511

"TiCaL's R6KPDM Map"
  posted February 10 - 4:00AM EST by Mr.Damage
Long before he started working on the Monkey Mod or converting player modelsTiCaL used to make maps. Probably the best one he made was called EL FORTRESSO GRANDE. This is a smallish map made in the style of Rainbow6. It's an action packed little map and even though it is small there are lots of areas to play in and several different levels in the map. It also contains several vehicles and even a secret room (sort of). You can grab this map from here.

"Buy KP page updates!"
  posted February 8 - 2:18PM EST by NeWFnlou
Well folks, it's been a long time coming, but I FINALLY got around to updating our BUY KP PAGE! Thanks to the determination of our faithful newshound MrDamage, and the kind submissions of KP players from around the world, we here at KP4EVER have compiled the largest, most up-to-date list of "KP PURCHASE LINKS" on the PLANET! If you can't get your game on with this list, it's time for you to move LOL!

If you have a friend who needs to get hooked up, or if your own CD is getting a bit worn out, check out our BUY KP link on the right hand side menu of this page, or simply click right HERE.

Happy Fraggin!

"Screenshot Of New Map By Cujo"
  posted February 7 - 6:35PM EST by Mr.Damage
Cujo sent in a screenshot of a new DM map he is working on called DM SerialPark. This shot is taken in the KPRAD map editor.

"Qtracker v3.4 is released!"
  posted February 4 - 4:59PM EST by NeWFnlou
So what is Qtracker? Well, according to their webby:

"Qtracker is a fully-functional server browser, server launcher, MP3 streaming audio browser, HTML server list generator, and Remote Administration tool. Qtracker supports TCP/IP and IPX, so it can detect games on the Internet and your LAN!"

Amongst the many games it supports is our very own Kingpin-Life Of Crime! Best of all, it's totally FREE :)

For more info, visit them right HERE OR
Download it from right HERE

Happy Fraggin!

"Map releases by WhoOP_AsS"
  posted February 2 - 12:44PM EST by DirtyDog
WhoOP_AsS has retextured and released 3 maps for our fragging pleasure. They are: The classic oldie BongWater, WarKnight & his latest, highly impressive Nefertem whose new title for this version SubUrban RiotZ

I take a particular enjoyment in this news post as these are 3 excellent maps, retextured by one of my favorite mappers and in my favorite theme: ClaSSiC KingPin URBAN StylE. The maps are excellent, the new flavor for Bongwater and Warnight really make them new maps. As for SubUrban RiotZ, I can not do it justice with a description here. This map is simply incredible for it's size, use of textures and lighting truly make this a classic custom map. Download them from here: BongWater 2, WarNighT Urban, Suburban RiotZ

BongWater 2

WarNighT UrBan

SubUrban RiotZ

"New Map By {SSF}Million"
  posted February 1 - 6:25PM EST by Mr.Damage
{SSF}Million has now released his Million's Frag Square map. This is a small to medium sized map in the classic Kingpin style influenced by KPDM1 and KPDM5. There are two main areas, an outdoors area spanned by a bridge and a large Central Towers style room but also many other nooks and crannies and other rooms to run around and frag people in. It has a heap of spawn points and ample weapons and items. You can download this one from here and visit his webpage here.

"South Park KP Map"
  posted February 1 - 12:47AM EST by Mr.Damage
Recently a few people have asked me about this map so I thought I would re-post about it.

This is a map that was the only map included in a Quake2 mod that only made it into beta called South Park Quake2. I converted that map and partially rebuilt it. Unfortunately the original author is unknown to me.

This is a smallish map with a simple layout naturally enough based on South Park. Hypov8 helped with this map and one of the things he did was add the Kenny lemonade stand which I think you will enjoy :)

You can download the South Park KP map from here. I have also included a monkey mod levelshot in the zip file.

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