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News Archive for February 2005

"Another DM Map Added To Archive"
  posted February 28 - 9:09PM EST by Mr.Damage

Dildo Arena by {GT}GhostDownload

I have added an old map by {GT}Ghost and {GT}Knight to our map archive. This one is a small arena stlye map that looks like it was converted from Quake2. It has ample weapons and items, flows well and a nice simple arena layout.

"Power2 Mod Release Schedule"
  posted February 27 - 2:47AM EST by Mr.Damage
The Power2 Mod will be released next Wednesday :)
We will be releasing the client files on that day and then we will have a Power2 KP4Ever server running from Friday night onwards.
The client files will be around 15mg but we will also release them in two smaller zips for ppl on slower connections (one zip with the essential files and the other with the 8 maps that will be released with the mod).
The following week we will be releasing the server files, a mappack (with a further 7 or more maps), and hopefully two more servers will be up and running.
I hope you will check out this new mod as the team have all worked hard to bring it to you and the good thing is that all the beta testers have given it the thumbs up and called it a fun mod.
Anyways you will be able to judge for your selves very soon :)

"Urban Territory DM Map"
  posted February 27 - 2:37AM EST by Mr.Damage

Urban Territory by CujoDownload

Yesterday I was playing in Detropolis Custom Maps Server with 5 or 6 other ppl and when this map loaded all the other players had to download it from the server. It's quite a fun map and to remind ppl about it I have taken the opportunity to re-post about it.
It is a small map with an urban street setting. You can enter a couple of the building and also get up on some of roofs. It has ample weapons (including two HMG's and 2 cooling mods), and enough ammo, armour and health. It uses mostly standard KP textures but also 2 custom textures and a custom sound. It has 12 spawn points with a suggested player load of 2 - 16 :)
I collaborated with Cujo on the map and Hypov8 also helped with it.

There is also a version for the KP2 mod which you can grab from here.

"Bunkers'N'Blood Map Revised"
  posted February 21 - 5:54AM EST by Mr.Damage

Bunkers'N'Blood V2 by Mr DamageDownload

I have updated a very old dm map for Kingpin which was called Bunkers'N'Blood and created by [THC]Bun. In the new version I have totally redone the lighting, weapon placement, texturing, spawn points and I have changed a little of the layout to give the map a better flow. I have added another corridor that connects the two main areas, changed the two main bunkers so you can round right around both of them, removed the secret area, enlarged and moved the entries to the lower corridor area and made a few other miscellaneous changes.

"New DM Map Conversion"
  posted February 20 - 10:50PM EST by DirtyDog

I've just completed the second and final DM conversion of [DoA]IceMan's  Gladiator Mod map, Steel Town Arenas~glad_im1.  Following the previously posted DM conversion of this map Steel Town Arena: DM'd~imdm3, this one is called Steel Town Arena: Part II ~imdm4.    Grab it from here: Steel Town Arena: Part II 

A quick summary: the Gladiator mod map glad_im1 is actually a series of 7 separate (4 different, 3 are repeated)  small arena maps designed for Gladiator Mod's 1v1 play.  After winning the match the mod transports the players to the next arena.   My problem was that I loved these maps but they only worked in Gladiator, not standard DM because none of the maps are connected and the respawns don't function in standard DM either.  I was able to take the 4 different areas (after some work...) and get two small-medium sized DM maps out of it.  If I can say something I will say this: these maps are a tribute to [DoA]IceMan.  A mapper who in my opinion was ahead of his time, creating really sharp brushwork/lighting and detailed texturing during a time when not many people knew how to map for Kingping outside of the developers themselves.

Steel Town Arena: Part II



"Power2 Open Beta Test"
  posted February 19 - 5:17PM EST by Mr.Damage
Testing went well :)
Just some minor tweaking and then the mod will be ready for release.

"Club New DM Map Added"
  posted February 19 - 1:36AM EST by Mr.Damage

Club New by {New}SpiderDownload

{New}Spider recently let me know he is back in KP and was looking for a map he made called Club New. We didn't have it at KP4Ever but I had it on my HDD (I was missing a texture but thanks to NeWFnlou who supplied it, the map is now complete) so I uploaded it to our Custom Maps Archive. This is a smallish DM Map set in the {New} Clubhouse. The map is not perfect but it looks like fun :)

Btw speaking of people returning to KP, both the {SSF} and (k9) clans are back as well. You can contact them via the posts they made in our Clans & Crews forum here and maybe set up a clan match or two ;)

"Power2 Mod Update"
  posted February 16 - 4:19AM EST by Mr.Damage
Work has been continuing on the upcoming Power2 Mod. Captain Death has been fixing any bugs that have been found during beta testing, DirtyDog has created a new Power2 conback (console background) and updated one of the bitch skins for the Rogues team, and Creamator and me have both completed maps (Power2 versions) of K9Carpark and Warehouse District.

K9Carpark and Warehouse District

This week Captain Death is working on the last bug that has been discovered during testing and if he is successful we will be running one last beta test during the upcoming weekend which will be open to all. If you would like to help us out with this testing and get a first look at this great new mod then drop me an email here and I will send you a link to the latest client files.

As long as CD has fixed the bug the testing will begin at this time on Saturday -
11pm UK time
6pm East Coast USA time
3pm West Coast USA time

"Atrophy Mod Source Codes Uploaded"
  posted February 14 - 6:06AM EST by Mr.Damage
I have uploaded the source codes for many of the Kingpin mods made by Team Atrophy.

You can grab them from here:-

Catch The Chicken
Genocide HMG
Hook Mod
Midnight Massacre
Team Hitmen

Thanks to FREDZ for sending me the link where I could find all these files.

"DM Map Remake"
  posted February 11 - 6:04PM EST by DirtyDog

I've just completed an updated version of the old classic, Crush 2 by Archon.  I gave it a full rebuild/retexture/relight and redesigned the "CruSHeR" :p

Anyway, check it out: Crush: 2005  Check out the classic original for comparison: Crush2

CruSH: 2005

CruSH: 2005 

"New KP4Ever Arsenal Mod Server"
  posted February 10 - 7:20PM EST by Mr.Damage
I have set up a KP4Ever server to run the Arsenal Mod which will be up for the next week or two.
Arsenal is a simple mod converted from the game Soldier of Fortune. It's a bit like the Hitmen Mod where the server hands out the weapons.
You start with the HMG and everytime you kill someone you get the next lowest weapon. The first player to kill someone with the pistol gets three bonus frags and then everyone gets the HMG again and the sequence restarts. The game ends when the frag limit or time limit has been reached.
Weapon sequence is - HMG, Bazooka, Tommygun, Flamethrower, Grenadelauncher, Shotgun, Pistol.
The mod is a lot of fun and I have added a good mix of maps so why not check it out and jump into the server for a game on Friday night :)

Server Details

Name : KP4EVER'S Arsenal Server v1.1
Ip :
Maxclients : 16
Client Files : Not required

"South Park SKin Pack"
  posted February 10 - 4:33PM EST by Mr.Damage
Someone asked me the other day if there are any South Park skins for KP. Yes there are and way back in May 2002 I collected all the available South Park skins and created a skin pack for them. There are eleven thug and runt skins in the pack most of which were made by 5HOR7Y. There are skins for Kyle, Cartman, Stan, Kenny, Mr Garrison and even Terence and Philip. You can grab the skin pack from here.

There is also a South Park sounds pack available which replaces sounds for the thug and runt model put together by [TCC]HELLFI$H. You can grab that one from here.

And just to complete you conversion of Kingpin to SP you need to get the South PARK KP map that was released a couple of years ago :)
South Park KP

"BC's Map-Pack-N-Yo-Ass Update #15 Released"
  posted February 6 - 12:53AM EST by Mr.Damage
Following on from the recent release of BC's Map-Pack-N-Yo-Ass Update #14 comes the release of BC's Map-Pack-N-Yo-Ass Update #15. This mappack contains around 40 maps (DM, Hitmen and Bagman) which were released from September 2002 until December 2002. The pack is spread over three zip files all of approximately 15mg and there are some very good maps included :)
You can see a list of all the maps included here

Download the Update #15 mappacks here:-

Update #15a
Update #15b
Update #15c

Space Checkmate & Team KP Castle

Torn Glory & Team Residents Rage

You can also downlaod the recent Update #14 from here:-

Update #14a
Update #14b
Update #14c

"Power2 Mod Beta Testing"
  posted February 5 - 8:42PM EST by Mr.Damage
We did our first beta testing of the Power2 Mod today and it went really well. We found some bugs, of course, and Captain Death was able to fix many of them right away and others he is figuring out now. We ran through seven of the many maps already avaliable and everyone who participated (which was about 12 - 14 people) said that is was a fun mod and that they enjoyed playing it.

We will do some more beta testing soon and then hopefully the mod will be ready for release in the not too distant future.

"Power2 Webpage Up And Running"
  posted February 4 - 4:40AM EST by Mr.Damage
Creamator has finsihed initial work on the Power2 mod webpage and it is now up and running and hosted here at KP4Ever. At the moment there is some info on the mod, links to the P2 mapping tools, details of team members and screenshots of all the maps completed so far.
You can visit the Power2 webpage by clicking here.

"New DM Map"
  posted February 3 - 6:00AM EST by Mr.Damage

Dodo's Turf by Mr DamageDownload

I have just released a new deathmatch map called Dodo's Turf which I made for a KP player mate of mine. It's a small, urban style arena map with plenty of weapons and other items. It's the fourth map in the Frag'n'Die series. Apart from three small rooms all the action takes place outside in the courtyard area. You can climb up to a room containing the HMG and also get up onto the ledges surrounding the courtyard. It has twelve spawns and should be good for 2 - 16 players. I have alreayd loaded it onto the Detropolis Custom Maps Server. :)

You can grab the earlier Frag'n'Die maps here:-
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