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News Archive for February 2006

"Lil_1v3 DM Map"
  posted February 28 - 5:57AM EST by Mr.Damage

Lil1 v3 by Hamma, Lil & Mr DamageDownload

Lil_1 was a map that Hamma and Lil created in August of 2000. Later they asked me to tweak a few things to try to make it a better map. I fixed a few problems and released Lil_1v2 and then changed some of the layout, weapon placement and added some crates etc for Lil_1v3.

Lil_1v3 map is a small one room fragfest map, popular on many custom maps servers due to its fast paced action. Although it is a one area map it still has lots of obstacles, ledges lob grenades from, a small structure in the middle of the map with armour, health and the HMG, some crates to climb on where there are weapons and other items, etc, etc. It's only a small zipfile so if you don't have this map already why not grab it now :)

Here are two screens that show the transformation the map went through from Lil_1 to Lil_1v3.

Lil_1 and Lil_1v3

"Wheelbarrow Single Player Maps"
  posted February 27 - 4:50AM EST by Mr.Damage
Although Wheelbarrow no longer maps for Kingpin, when he did he created five excellent Single Player Map Packs.

All five mappacks continue the same story. It starts with the first pack The Funeral where it you are attending the funeral of a rival gang boss. The following packs you are pitted gainst a gang that basically wants you dead and it culminates with a showdown in a large military base in Sanctuary.

You can grab the mapapcks from here:-

The Funeral
The Chase

You can see a truckload of screens from the fianl pack Sanctuary at his webpage here.

"More Screens of Upcoming SP Map"
  posted February 26 - 2:25AM EST by Mr.Damage
He are a couple of new screenshots of the Single Player Mappack Sam Owens is working on:-

Comments and other feedback, questions etc can be lft in this forum thread here.

"Farmfear DM Map"
  posted February 26 - 2:11AM EST by Mr.Damage

DM Farmfear conv by Cujo, Hyopv8 & Mr DamageDownload

Way back in 2003 me, Cujo & Hypov8 converted one of the stock SoF maps to Kingpin which we renamed to Farmfear. This is a medium sized DM map set in a farm style complex containing barns, hay bales, stalls etc. It uses the SoF Uganda texture set and has plenty of spawn points, weapons and other items. Its good for 6+ players.

There is also a KP2 mod version whih you can download from here.

"Kingpin Starter Pack Updated"
  posted February 24 - 3:44PM EST by Mr.Damage

Kingpin Starter Pack by LilDownload

As the Monkey Mod client has been updated I have also updated the KP Starter Pack.
In case you don't know the Starter Pack contains the v1.21 patch and the latest Monkey Mod Client file plus instructions how to install them.

"New Monkey Mod Client"
  posted February 23 - 4:24AM EST by Mr.Damage

Monkey Mod Client by TiCaLDownload

When TiCaL heard about all he problems that were happening with the Monkey Mod he immediately decided to fixit and release a new version of the Monkey Mod Client.

This new version of the client fixes the problem of people not being able to connect to MM servers due to the UK Kingpin Leagues website being down.

He wanted to make sure to tell everyone that you no longer need the fix which was created by Fredz (a big thanks goes out to Fredz btw for creating the temporary fix).

Please help spread the word to everyone about the new mmclient and if you still xpeience any problems then please post in this forum thread here.

"Kingpin Entry On WikiPedia"
  posted February 21 - 2:32AM EST by Mr.Damage
NeWFnlou found a Kingpin article at Wikipedia, the free online Encyclopedia. It's a good article with lots of info which you can check out here.

"Screenshot Of New Single Player Mappack"
  posted February 21 - 2:27AM EST by Mr.Damage
Sam Owens has released the first screenshot of the Single Player mappack he is working on. You can check it out in this forum thread here.

"Monkey Mod Problems"
  posted February 17 - 11:25PM EST by Mr.Damage
Looks like more ppl have been having problems connecting to servers running the Monkey Mod.
There is a fix available which you can download from here.
It also includes a comprehensive readme on how to install the fix (which is one file).
If you are still having problems after installing it then you can post in this forum thread here.

I have also created a link on the right hand side of this front page under the Files section.

Fredz has also put the fix into .exe format for ppl who don't like using zip files. You can get the .exe version here.

"New DM Map By AB|Jon3s"
  posted February 17 - 2:52PM EST by Mr.Damage

AB DM1 by AB|Jon3sDownload

AB|Jon3s has released his second deathmacth map for KP. This one is a small, two level, DM map with one of every weapon. It uses mainly rock and metal custom textures, has 9 player spawns and features two teleports.

Btw, if you don't have his first DM Map, DM Fragger, you can download it here. This was another smallish map consisting of a number of different rooms, uses custom textures and has heaps of weapons and armour with 10 player spawns.

"P4R4D0X Looking For Help With KP League"
  posted February 17 - 4:49AM EST by Mr.Damage
P4R4D0X, a player who has been around since the beginning of KP, is looking at setting up a new Kingpin League. He is looking for help from someone with experience in HTML or any experience on how to create a Ladder site similar to worldogl.com. He is also looking for help from ppl to recruit players etc:-
I was thinking of making a
BM 5 on 5 League
DM 5 on 5 League
and 1 on 1 DM Ladder

My url is www.rivalturf.com (under construction, Im reading several books on Macromedia Dream Weaver) and I hope to get this kicked off within the next month.
If people dont have HTML experience, then help is still needed recruiting players into clans for the tourney. I plan on having a part of the site for people looking to joining clans.
All players from all walks of life are welcome. Also, for those clanless, I plan on hosting several clan pages for them on the site, something like www.rivalturf.com/yourclan just a brief page letting people know about the clan, contact info, and news about matches. Since not everyone has the time or money to invest in something like that.
Im hoping the League can be seperated by Alpha and Bravo Sections so UK and East Coast can play together.and Australia and West Coast can play together (or some type of arrangement).
If you feel you can help out then please contact him via:-
ICQ - 87307064
MSN - roadrunner1999@hotmail.com
AIM - PrepRunnR

I urge all of you to consider helping out as it will only take a few ppl to offer help and then P4R4D0X will be able to get a KP League up and running :)

"Link To ALMighty Maps Added"
  posted February 15 - 6:55AM EST by Mr.Damage
I have added a link to the Webpage of ALMighty (aka Badmonk/Sandman) a one time mapper for Kingpin. He has a page with all the DM and BM Kingpin maps he made as ALMighty. It contains info, screenshots and download links for all his maps. The link to his site is in the Extending the Game list of links on the right hand side of the page or you can go directly to his page by clicking here.

"Kingpin Files In Aussie Game Mag "
  posted February 11 - 4:22AM EST by Mr.Damage
In this month's edition of the Aussie games magazine PC Powerplay they have included some Kingpin file on the cover DVD.
The files are in the Bunker section of the DVD and are two custom mappacks for the Crash Squad Mod.
The issue is #123 March 2006 and is available in Australia and New Zealand.

"New Single Player Level"
  posted February 9 - 1:41AM EST by Mr.Damage
Sam Owens is currently working on a new single player pack for Kingpin. He has asked for some input/feedback from the community whether he should make it one large level or several smaller levels.
Let him know your preference by responding in this forum post here.

Btw, you can checkout our extensive range of single player mappacks for KP here.

"Another KingPin Movie"
  posted February 6 - 3:15AM EST by Mr.Damage
Hogie has sent word about another new Kingpin movie.
KPL's latest Kingpin movie is now ready for viewing. Two players earn themselves awards for outstanding gameplay in this one. A Special thanks goes out to mayhem for his nice award graphics.Now go grab some popcorn and a drink,sit your ass down and enjoy the carnage!

You can check it out at Hogie's webpage here.

"More X-Men Skins"
  posted February 4 - 12:59AM EST by Mr.Damage
Here are two more X-Men skins. Both are of Cyclops, one is comic style by 5HOR7Yand the other is a more Kingpin style skin by Darklord.

Cyclops & Cyclops2

You can download these skins here:-


Just extract all the files to your kingpin folder.

"Wolverine Thug Skin"
  posted February 3 - 4:36AM EST by Mr.Damage

Wolverine Thug Skin by 5HOR7YDownload

With the current popularity of the X-Men movie franchise etc I thought I would post about this Wolverine skin for the thug skin from a few years back. It was one of the many nice skins made by 5HOR7Y for kingpin.

"Bagman Map Added To Archive"
  posted February 2 - 4:00AM EST by Mr.Damage

Team Gangwars2 by VertakillDownload

{Inc}Phoenix has sent in a BM map we didn't have in our archive. This one is Team Gangwars2 by Vertakill. It's a medium to large, urban styled, map with ample weapons and other items. The main change from the first Gangwars map is that the weapon errros were fixed.

"New Soundpack For Mappers"
  posted February 1 - 5:44AM EST by Mr.Damage

Mayhem Forest Soundpack by CujoDownload

Cujo has submitted a new soundpack for use by mappers. It contains many custom sounds including many forest sounds like animals, birds, insects, waterfalls, thunder, rain etc as well as miscellaneous other sounds.
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