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News Archive for February 2007

"Mapping Prefabs"
  posted February 28 - 1:53AM EST by Mr.Damage
I have added some more prefabs to our prefabs downloads section. They inlcude the truck and derelict cr form the single player game and another custom made truck.
You can grab them from here.

As well as the above I did some searching and found this Military M113 Armoured Personael Carrier which was intended for the SRT-Alpha mod. The file includes two slightly different vehicles and two different camouflage skins.
You can download it from here.

"Combat Map Added To Detropolis"
  posted February 27 - 5:55AM EST by Mr.Damage
I have added the new Combat DM Map to the rotation at the Detropolis Server ready for the regular Wednesday night game there.

So if your looking for some action on Wed night drop in for a few frags.
As usual, S*a*D|Meph will be getting things started around 8.30pm Euro time and Dantzer will be joining around 8pm Detroit time to keep things going.

The five most recent maps that have been added to the rotation are:-

Fragtown Revolution
Crusader Revenge (Revised)
Out Cry

"SRT-Alpha Thug Skin"
  posted February 27 - 5:37AM EST by Mr.Damage

SRT-Alpha Thug Skin by SGT R0ckDownload

In Area's latest KingpinQ3 Project update he talks about getting custom weapon models from Crazy Butcher. Some of you may remember back in 1999-2000 there was a KP mod called SRT-Alpha that, unfortunately, was never finished, and which Crazy Butcher was the lead modeller on. One thing that was released was an SRT-Alpha thug skin. This skin is the USA SRT (Special Response Team) skin and was the first of many different nationality skins that were planned.
Just extract all files to your Kingpin folder.

"KPQ3 Project update"
  posted February 26 - 2:35AM EST by Mr.Damage
Area has updated his KingpinQ3 Project webpage with some interesting news. The news concerns adding custom weapon models to KingpinQ3.
There are also two new polls you can cast a vote in and, if you read the latest news post there regarding the custom weapons, you will see contact information for Area.
The post alos requests any skiners who woulld like to help with his project to contact him.

You can visit the KingpinQ3 Project webpage by clicking here.

"Combat DM Map Released"
  posted February 24 - 9:36PM EST by Mr.Damage

Combat by Mr DamageDownload

This is a small DM map set in European village during war time. It is a conversion/rebuild of an Half-Life map which was made by Wayne W. Smith.
The map contains four bombed out buildings, two on either side of a river which dissects the map thru the middle. There are also two army vehicles included.
The map uses a combination of KP, SoF and HL textures. It has ample weapons (including 2 HMG's) and other items and 11 spawn points.

Some beta testing was done and a few changes made and now the updated map is released. I have played it three times at Detropolis already and everyone seems to like it and have given al ot of positive feedback :)

"Fredz Finds Lost Kingpin Files"
  posted February 23 - 11:14PM EST by Mr.Damage
Fredz has submitted a zipfile containing some 'lost' Kingpin files :)
The pack contains about 60 new textures, 50 sounds and a couple of skins.
Most of these files I found after comparing the Kingpin Demo version with normal Kingpin version.
Also the Xatrix Texture Pack overwrite some textures that are not the same. I fixed that problem in this pack. Thats why it better to first install the Xatrix Texture Pack.
Also after comparing the Low Violence Kingpin version with the Mature Kingpin version. I found out that the Low Violence version had some extra sound files for Louie.
As Fredz says, if youre going to install thee files its best to install the original Xatrix Texture pack first. Then extract the files in Fredz new pack to your Kingpin folder.

You can grab Fredz's pack, which he has called Xatrix Texture Pack2, from here.

You can grab the original Xatrix Texture pack from here.

Thanx to Fredz for doing this investigation and unearthing a little bit of lost Kingpin :)

Update 25th February
In order to show off these rediscovered textures I have retextured Frag'N'Die2 using only these particular ones (plus 1 standard light texture).
Many of them look similar to existing ones but some look quite different. So if you want to see these new textures in an actual map then grab the updated Frag'N'Die2 (which i have called Frag'N'Die2 Fredz) from here.

"KinpinQ3 Project News"
  posted February 22 - 3:20AM EST by Mr.Damage
I have been chatting with Area about what he is up to with the KingpinQ3 Project. In a nutshell " a few problems have been solved and a lot of new problems have arisen".

Sonik is working on porting his Midnight Creeper map over to KPQ3 and he has also supplied Area with some shaders for the pak0 file.

Area is currently working on getting Gtk-radiant to work with his project so he can then get Midnight creeper compiled. Once he gets it sorted I will post some screens from the map :)

Another small issue he is currently working on is that Q3 doesn't support ladders but he doesn't think that will take long to sort out.

I understand Mr.Knox has created hi-resolution versions of the KPDM5 textures and Area hopes to be able to use those in this project.

And speaking of hi-res textures Area is looking for anyone out there that may have some KP like hi-res textures or in fact has hi-res versions of the KP textures. If not then if anyone is interested in creating some he would love to hear from you.

Area doesn't really have time to update his webpage as there is so much to do on the Project so if anyone is good at creating and maintaining webpages he would like to hear from you as well. Actually he would like to hear from anyone who would like to help out with this project such as mappers etc.

If your interested in any of the above or have some hi-res textures just email me and I will forward your info to him :)

"Wednesday Night Game At Detropolis"
  posted February 21 - 5:57AM EST by Mr.Damage
Just a quick reminder that there will be another game at Detropolis Custom Maps Server tonight (Wednesday).

Like last week, S*a*D|Meph will be getting things started around 8.30pm Euro time and Dantzer will be joining around 8pm Detroit time to keep things going.

I have added the map Downtown to the rotation too :)

"New Kingpin Video At YouTube"
  posted February 21 - 3:14AM EST by Mr.Damage
Kr^sHeD has uploaded a new KP video to YouTube. Check it out here.

"New Kingpin Server"
  posted February 20 - 5:20AM EST by Mr.Damage
HeZu has sent word about a new Kingpin server located in Sweden.

New server in Scandinavia hosted by Toen.

10/10Mbpbs 25000k Rate

Name: Kingpin DM server by Toen
Maxclients : 16
Maps : KPDM1 - KPDM5

Last time I checked there were half a dozen ppl playing there so why not support a new server and drop in for a few maps soon :)

"Screenshot Of New DM Map"
  posted February 19 - 4:54AM EST by Mr.Damage
Here is a shot of a map I am currently working on. It's a small DM map set in a war torn village.

"Downtown DM Map"
  posted February 19 - 4:44AM EST by Mr.Damage

Downtown KP'ed by Mr DamageDownload

I was tyalking to S*A*DMeph recently and it came up in conversation that Downtown is one of him and his friends favorite maps. Seeing as its a slow news week I thought I'd make another post about this map.

This map was originally made by Cougar for Quake2 AQ2 mod and then converted to KP by me. It is a medium sized, urban style map, where action takes place both on the streets and on the rooftops. It has 12 player spawns and an ample supply of weapons and other items. I used mostly KP textures and a standard sky and used one custom music sound for the nightclub.

"Kingpin Font"
  posted February 14 - 4:20AM EST by Mr.Damage
Fredz has spent many years trying to discover what font is used in Kingpin. Finally he was able to find out what it is and to make it available for download. So in the words of Fredz "have fun with this font and type stuff in kingpin style "

You can see an example and download the font from here.

"Wednesday Night Game At Detropolis"
  posted February 13 - 3:38AM EST by Mr.Damage
Feel like a midweek game of KP? If your available on Wednesday night why not drop in for a few maps at Detropolis.
S*a*D|Meph will be getting things started around 8.30pm Euro time and Dantzer will be joining around 8pm Detroit time to keep things going.

You can download levelshots for all 116 maps currently in rotation from here.

You can grab mappacks containing most of the maps in rotation from here:-
Mappack #1
Mappack #2
Mappack #3

"Low Violence & Mature Patches"
  posted February 12 - 1:59AM EST by Mr.Damage
Fredz has created patches so if you want to change the level of your install from Low Violence to Mature (or vice versa) you can do it without having to reinstall.
These would be handy in a situation where you have a Low Violence install but no longer have a KP disk or copy and want to install the Mature version.
The Low Violence patch chages from Mature to Low Violence.
The Mature patch changes from Low Violence to Mature.

You can download the patches from here:-
Low Violence

Please check the readme before installing.

"Pawn Shop DM Map"
  posted February 10 - 8:00PM EST by Mr.Damage

Pawn Shop conv by Mr DamageDownload

A couple of years ago I converted this map from SoF and then shortly after did a version using all KP textures. The urban KP version is the one that is on Detropolis and other servers and I sort of forgot about the original one. But lately I have been playing the original conversion on Creamator's Auzzie Deathmatch server and remembered what a good looking map it is :)

Pawn Shop is a smallish DM map in an urban street setting. There is a Pawn Shop in the middle of the map and there are lots of buildings around the sides of the map. There are ledges and roofs you can climb up onto and there us ample weapons, armour, ammo etc. Its pretty much a straight conversion which uses many of the original SoF textures, a custom sky, with a few small structural changes, some resizing of doorways etc.

"KinpinQ3 Project Update"
  posted February 10 - 6:56AM EST by Mr.Damage
If you look in Gamespy you will see a server called CASHMAN (KingpinQ3 Pre-Test). This is a test of a Bagman stlye mod which Area will be including in the KingpinQ3 Project. The mod was inspired by an idea of Weirdbitch.

Cashman features are:-
1. Spawn with full armor, weapons and ammo
2. Map contains neither weapons, health, armor nor ammo
3. Playercash increased to 500
4. Steal up to 1500 Cash at once from safe

So if ppl like the CASHMAN mod it will be included as well as Classic Bagman and maybe other BM mods.

I lso hope to have a couple of KingpinQ3 Project screenshots to post in the next few days.

"Detropolis Levelshots"
  posted February 10 - 2:09AM EST by Mr.Damage
S*a*D|Meph has now created levelshots for all the maps in rotation at the Detropolis Custom Maps Server that didn't have one. He has created a zipfile that contains both the exisitng levelshots and all the new ones and thus the zip contains levelshots for all maps currently in rotation. I would imagine this would have taken Meph several hours to do.

Levelshots are the pictures you see on the Map Voting screen when you have selected a particualtr map. In order to see the picture you must have it loaded in your Kingpin folder.

You can download the Detropolis Levelshots zipfile from here.
Just extract al the files to your Kingpin directory.

So why not grab them now and come for a few maps at the Detropolis server on Saturday night :D

"RioTZ Maps Added"
  posted February 9 - 5:53PM EST by Mr.Damage
I have added the three different versions of the Rival Turf map that H4tred modified for use with the RioTZ mod. Basically they are all the same map but as it seems that the RioTZ server seem to run them all I have included them all here.
This modified version of Rival Turf has a lot of areas closed off and other areas opened up and added to so there is one big open area.

You can grab these maps from here:-
Rival Turf3
Rival Turf v3
Rival Turf4

Now in our mapping forum there is a thread requesting if any mappers are interesting in making map for RioTZ. To see the thread click here.

There is also another thread with some suggestions of maps which might be good for the RioTZ. To see this thread click here.

"Kingpin On Aussie Store Shelves"
  posted February 9 - 4:37PM EST by Mr.Damage
I was in one of the large electrical/computing stores here in Sydney this week and was surprised to see Kingpin on the shelf in the PC Games department.
Sure, it was as part of the Xtreme Gamers 6 Pack but I was just happy to sse it as it's been many years since Kingpin has been available in stores here :)

"DM Map Added To Archive"
  posted February 6 - 5:49AM EST by Mr.Damage

Fragtown Revolution by [TCC]BadassDownload

Here is a map we didn't have in our archive. Fragtown Revolution is a medium sized DM map converted to Kingpin from Quake1 by [TCC]Badass. It is one of a series of Quake1 Fragtown levels by Demolition Man. The map is set in an urban street setting where you can fight on the stret or on the rooftops. There are enough weapons and other items and a recommended player load of 4+.

"KPDM1 Quaked DM1 map"
  posted February 3 - 10:11PM EST by Mr.Damage

KPDM1 Quaked by Hypo_v8Download

I just played this map, in the Detropolis Server, for the first time in ages and thought it was worth another news post.
KPDM1 Quaked is, basically, KPDM1 redesigned to look like a Quake3 map. This is a map built from scratch by Hypo_v8 using mainly Quake3 textures and also some Q3 sounds. It's a very nice looking map and well worth checking out.

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