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News Archive for February 2009

"77CrEw New Website And Video"
  posted February 26 - 2:07PM EST by Mr.Damage
77CrEw (an old kingpin clan) has a new website in developement that is based on the kingpin office. Once the website is fully painted it will then become a flash animated panorama filled with similar animations and sounds from the kingpin game.

Check the video out at YouTube here.

"Screenshot Of Upcoming DM Map"
  posted February 12 - 1:25AM EST by Mr.Damage
Stigma is currently working on a new map. It's a map he is converting from cs. As you can see it's set in a dock area and he is looking at adding a ship to the map as well.

"KingpinQ3 Update"
  posted February 7 - 6:28PM EST by Mr.Damage
0xA5EA has posted some screenshots of a map he is converting from Quake4 for his KingpinQ3 Project.
The four screenshots look great.
You can check them out by visiting his KingpinQ3 site here.

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