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News Archive for February 2011

"New Kingpin Hitmen Server"
  posted February 14 - 4:06AM EST by Mr.Damage
(K9)Biohazard has set up a new Hitmen mod server.
The K9 clan started over 10 years ago. We are making comeback. Looking for all of our old members.
Webpage will be ready soon.
Server details:-
Server Name : (K9)Fragdawgs *Hitmen....The best of the best*
IP :
Max Players : 12

"Brand New Deathmatch Map"
  posted February 6 - 3:51AM EST by Mr.Damage

...Long Live The King by StigmaDownload

Here is the first new deathmatch map for 2011. Stigma and me have just finished working on his new map which is called ..Long Live The King. This map is in the same style of some of his other maps from the last couple of years. It's a reasonably small map set in an outside urban environemnt.
When you load the map you'll see an open area where two cars are getting gas. Check them out and pick up the shotty nearby. There's a clothes shop and a drain pipe you can climb up to the roof. Walk along the roof and you'll see some boxes that might contain a good weapon. Hop down and check out the bulletin boards in the rest area (avoiding the dead body). Grab some cigs and coke and of course the grenade launcher, HMG and armour :)

Run past Blanco Headquarters, turn right past the Swank nightclub and get the armour from the dumpster. Climb up onto the dumster then onto the ledge. Run along the roof, grab the helmet and ammo then jump down and go into the house. Have a rest on the sofa and then open the safe and grab the cooling mod. Get the other weapons and pack and sneak out the back way. Go to the left then through the park to get the RL. There is also another HMG up the ladder near the park.

As you run around the map you'll see a combination of standard and custom textures. You'll also find ample weapons, armour, health etc and there are 12 player spawns.
Now you know the map pretty well grab a friend, find this map on a server, or start your own and get some frags happening :D

Btw, I have added this map to the Detropolis server.
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