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News Archive for February 2013

"Friday Night Game of Hitmen"
  posted February 24 - 6:57AM EST by Mr.Damage
This Friday night there will be a game of Hitmen in the KP4Ever - Da PlayGroundZ! ~ Hitmen Mod starting at 11pm GMT.

Zod will be there to get the game going :) So if you have been looking for some Hitmen action then Da PlayGroundZ! will be the place to be on Friday night.

Server details:-
Server : KP4Ever - Da PlayGroundZ! ~ Hitmen Mod
IP Address :
Maxclients : 16

If you want to find out what time it is where you are when it is 11pm GMT then check the Worldclock here.

Screenshots from the game

Thanks to everyone who shows up :)

"Sunday And Wednesday Night's Games"
  posted February 24 - 6:45AM EST by Mr.Damage
Just another reminder about the Sunday and Wednesday night games on the Oldschool servers.

The games usually start at 7pm GMT and will probably be in the Oldschool Hogies server.

The games are fun and there is usually a good crowd turns up to play :)

"New Dragon's Textures"
  posted February 22 - 10:49PM EST by Mr.Damage
When Hypov8 was helping me with the Bagman version of the Junk Flea Tribute map I asked him to make a few new Dragon's textures that I could use in the map.
He ended up making six new door textures (with Dragon's symbols on them) and one alpha texture which he has now released so other mappers can use them in their maps. Two of these textures (highlighted in the screenshots below) were used in the map.

You can download the Dragon's textures from here.

"Gamespy Closing"
  posted February 22 - 10:36PM EST by Mr.Damage
Fredz let me know that the Gamespy site is shutting down after 14 years :(
As usual it's a business decision. You can read their obituary here.

"New Screenshots of CD's Kingpin Engine"
  posted February 21 - 6:30AM EST by Mr.Damage
Captain Death has posted a couple of new screenshots of progress on his new Kingpin engine.

You can check them out here.

"Tw!ns3n Maps"
  posted February 18 - 4:16AM EST by Mr.Damage
I saw Tw!ns3n in the servers today (first time for him in about seven years) so I thought I would post about his past maps.

Deadzone This was Tw!ns3n's first map and is a small arena style DM map. It's good for 1v1's or 2v2's but has a total of 10 spawns for some crazy action. It has some nice texturing and lots of weapons and armour.

Download Deadzone here.

AtomicDM. It's a small map with a two level central area surrounded by a corridor and a room at either end full of the good stuff.

Download AtomicDM here.

DM Area51 This one was his second map and is another arena style DM map which utilises KPDM5 textures.

Download DM Area51 here.

SensationaDM A small arena style map which uses the Central Towers textures with a central room, surrounded by a corridor and more rooms.

Download SensationaDM here.

DM Area51 & SensationaDM

"Video Tute For Mappers"
  posted February 16 - 3:49AM EST by Mr.Damage
Hypov8 has created a video for mappers on how to create archways that slope. The video has captions too so you can see exactly what he is doing.

You can check out the video on YouTube here.

"Fragtown Revolution Deathmatch Map"
  posted February 14 - 4:09AM EST by Mr.Damage
Badass is back playing Kingpin so thought it would be nice to post about his old map he made.

The map is called Fragtown Revolution and is a medium sized DM map converted to Kingpin from Quake1. It is one of a series of Quake1 Fragtown levels by Demolition Man.
The map is set in an urban street setting where you can fight on the street, in the buildings, or on the rooftops. There are enough weapons and other items and a recommended player load of 4+.
See if you can find the cooling mod =)

This map is in rotation at our Kingpin Legacy Server

You can download Fragtown Revolution from here.

This is the map that inspired me to remake another of the Fragtown levels from Quake1 which is Fragtown3 - Hillsdale.

"Captain Death's New Kingpin Engine Update"
  posted February 13 - 5:28AM EST by Mr.Damage
Captain Death has posted a bit of news and some new screenshots of the Kingpin engine he has been working on for several years now.
The Central Towers screen look especially good.

You can check out the news and screens in this forum post here.

"Another New Bagman And CTF Map"
  posted February 12 - 5:30AM EST by Mr.Damage
Here are both Bagman and CTF versions of the map based on the Junk Flea map from Combat Arms..

The Bagman version is a small to medium sized map set in a junk yard. There are two buildings at either end of the map which are the team bases.
One of the main features are the crates that you can run through in the middle of the map. The lower crate is where the money drop is.

The CTF version is very similar except that the team flags are next to the team bases and of course there is no money drop.

You can download the maps from here:-

Bagman Version

CTF Version

I have added the Bagman version to our KP4Ever Bagman server and Hogie's East Coast Bitch Slappa.

"Russian VK Social Network Group"
  posted February 11 - 5:38AM EST by Mr.Damage
Meph has let me know about a large Russian Kingpin group in the VK European Social Network.

VK is like Facebook and is very popular in Russia. The Kingpin group currently has 865 members :)

You can check it out here.

I have also added it to our Kingpin Social Network links.

"New Bagman And CTF Maps"
  posted February 8 - 7:33PM EST by Mr.Damage
Captain Death has reelased a new map for both Bagman and Capture the Flag. The map is called Terminal.
It's a medium sized map with two large bases seperated by a street area.
There are severate routes to the other team's base. They inlcude the direct route across the street, underground tunnel, overhead via ducting and through the back door of the bases.
There are ample weapons and other items scattered through out the bases.
This is a fun map in both CTF and BM.

You can download th maps from here:-
CTF Terminal
Team Terminal

Team Terminal

CTF Terminal

I have added the Bagman version to our KP4Ever Bagman server and Hogie's East Coast Bitch Slappa.

"Installing CTF Client Files"
  posted February 7 - 5:12PM EST by Mr.Damage
The Colors Capture the Flag client files are in an exe file and this is how to install them.

Download the client files from here.

Once that's done double click on the file and you should get a WinZip Self Extractor CTF-Client-V1-Full.exe window open.

In the 'unzip to folder' you need to enter your Kingpin location. There is a browse button to hlep you find it.
If you installed Kingpin in a custom location I'm sure you know where it is.

Default locations are:-
CD version - C:\Program Files (x86)\Kingpin
GoG - C:\Program Files (x86)\GOG.com\Kingpin
Steam - C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\Steamapps\Common\Kingpin

**Depending on your version of windows it may just be Program Files (without the (x86)**

Once you have located your Kingpin folder just click on 'unzip' and the client files should install to the correct location.

You should then be able to connect to a CTF server and play :)

"Ganster's Paradise Webpage"
  posted February 7 - 4:55PM EST by Mr.Damage
I have added a link (under Extending the Game) to an archived copy of the Gangster's Paradise webpage.
This was a webpage run by {Inc}Phoenix which was famous for having heaps of photos of Kingpin players as well as links to Kingpin downloads.
It's best viewed with Firefox.

"New Deathmatch Map"
  posted February 6 - 6:41AM EST by Mr.Damage
I have released a new deathmatch map which is based on a map from the game called Combat Arms.
It's a small to medium sized map set in a junk yard. There are two buildings at either end of the map.
One of the main features are the crates that you can run through in the middle of the map.
There are sixteen spawns and plenty of weapons and other items.
Hypov8 helped with this map and did a great job and made it a much better map.

You can download the map from here.

"Wednesday Night Bagman Game"
  posted February 6 - 6:30AM EST by Mr.Damage
Just one of my regular reminders about the Wednesday night game on the Oldschool servers which starts at 7pm GMT.
This week's Wednesday Night game will be Bagman on the Oldschool Bagman server so just log in around 7pm and you should see Mr Ruler and some other players there.

Remember, the game will probably go for several hours so if you can't make it at 7pm just login later.
If you want to know what time it is where you are when it is 7pm GMT just use the World Clock.
For example in Miami Florida they are 5 hours behind London (GMT) so it will be 2pm in Miami when it is 7pm GMT.

"KP4Ever Servers"
  posted February 6 - 6:09AM EST by Mr.Damage
Just a quick post about our servers.
As you probably know we current host eight servers (seven KP4Ever servers and Hogie's East Coast Bitch Slappa).
These servers run DM and BM and a host of popular mods.

While not as busy as they once were we try to keep them updated with the latest mod versions and with all the latest maps and a lot of the old classics too.

As well as keeping them up to date for you we also like to keep an eye on things making sure they are running ok and everyone is having a good time etc. So as well as the guys that are part of KP4Ever being server admins we also have Vitachick, Rossi and Mr Ruler as current server admins.

These guys are all trustworthy and fair and like a good game of KP and are probably in our servers the most :)

Anyways we plan to keep the servers up as long as there are ppl around to play in them :)

"More Single Player HD Video Walkthrough Videos"
  posted February 5 - 4:07PM EST by Mr.Damage
DirtyDog has now uploaded thirteen Let's Play Kingpin: Life Of Crime in Hi Def videos to Youtube. The latest one is Dark Passage, Depot.

If your stuck in the single player game or just want to sit back and watch KP in hidef then you can check them out here.

"Night Work At The Factory Updated"
  posted February 5 - 3:39PM EST by Mr.Damage
Felikkz7 has updated his excellent single player episode to v1.2.
The updates for v1.2 are minor changes to two of the maps.

I have uploaded the v1.2 patch (which updates Night Work from v1.0 and v1.1 to v1.2) and also the complete Night Work v1.2.

You can download them from here:-
Patch v1.2
Night Work v1.2

"Kingpin Competition"
  posted February 5 - 7:28AM EST by Mr.Damage
{GA}Cleopatra has come up with an idea about getting a little competition going for Kingpin:-
Let's make 4 teams with new tags. If we have teams with at least 6 players per team we could do some nice things. I would need someone who can make a little site for it, and 4 team leaders and your creative brains to think of some new team names and tags.
If your interested in taking part, being a team/clan leader or just want more information then visit the forum thread here.

"New Deathmatch Maps By Captain Death"
  posted February 4 - 7:41AM EST by Mr.Damage
Captain Death has released two new Deathmatch maps. They are called Big Cube v2 and Big Cube v3.

Big Cube v2 is a large map which is very tall. It's one big, huge room. It has platforms at the top of the map, elevators that take you all the way from the bottom up to the top and also platforms along the sides of the map you can use to get to the top.

Big Cube v3 is a much smaller map set over two levels.

You can download the maps from here:-
Big Cube v2
Big Cube v3

Big Cube v2

Big Cube v3

"New Deathmatch Map By DirtyDog"
  posted February 3 - 4:29PM EST by Mr.Damage

Thugville: 2013 by DirtyDogDownload

DirtyDog has released a new deathmatch map for Kingpin. This one is a remake of the old Rancid Development map called Thugville:-
Old classic map that I actually rebuilt back in 2007 but didn't finish. After chatting with Hogie and Hypo they inspired me to finish it and with my latest "back to KP" thing I thought why not :)

Full rebuild, every brush was rebuilt from the ground up using the original more as a reference/template. Retextured/relight/reweap and some minor redesign. Hopefully I did it some justice :D
Thugville 2013 is a medium sized, urban style, map. It has sixteen player spawns and ample weapons and items. A nice looking remake/rebuild by DirtyDog.

I have added this map to our Detropolis and Legacy servers.
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