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News Archive for February 2014

"More Oldschool Servers"
  posted February 25 - 2:49AM EST by Mr.Damage
Mr Ruler has added four more Oldschool Servers :)

The extra ones are:-
Oldschool RealMode
Oldschool Hitmen
Oldschool Team Assault
Oldschool Gladiator

I dropped in to the Oldschool Hogies server on Sunday night and there were around fourteen people there, in game and specing, while I was there.
I dropped into the Oldschool Gangbang server on Monday night and there were around ten people there :)

Here are two shots from Sunday night

"Oldschool Servers Back Up"
  posted February 22 - 11:58PM EST by Mr.Damage
In some good news for Kingpin players, Mr Ruler has put four of his Oldschool Servers back up :)

They are:-
Oldschool Hogies
Oldschool Gangbang
Oldschool Coop
Oldschool KiT Mod

You can find them all by using Gamespy Lite. If your version of Kingpin doesn't include GS Lite you can grab it from here.

Now we just need to get some games organised there :)

"Captain Death's Site Revamped"
  posted February 22 - 11:53PM EST by Mr.Damage
Captain Death has redesigned his website.

You can read about all his projects such as his 3D game engine. You can read about, and download, the Legacy games he has made.
You can also read about all the Kingpin mods he has worked on, as well as the maps and utilities. There are also download links for all the relevant Kingpin files.

You can check it all out here.

"War Now Single Player Missions"
  posted February 17 - 2:52AM EST by Mr.Damage
I have just finished playing the two War Now single player missions War Now and War Now 2: Revenge Continues.

These are from way back in 1999 and were made by Wattie.
War Now is a "Short shoot-em-up map" and the story is that "They tortured and killed your friend Louie. Now its paypack time. Escape and make those motherfuckers bleed!!!"
War Now 2 is "4 short kill-em-all maps" and the story "continues from where my first map`warnow` ended...revenge is so sweet. Let the body fluids fly again."

If you install them both you can play through both of them by just starting War Now. Follow instructions in the readmes for installing and playing.

I found these missions extremely challanging :)
If you decide to give them a go I would set aside a Sunday afternoon or sometime similar to play them as they are not that long but they are hard.
Make every bullet count and conserver every point of health. Look for any cover you can find (the skip bins and trash cans are very good for this) and watch out for enemies attacking from behind. Several times you will reach a certain point or trigger something that will open a door behind you containing angry bad guys.
If your stuck then you might have missed picking up a key. There are several keys to be found that help advance you through the levels.

The maps are small, contain lots of single player props and prefabs (maybe too many as some of the chairs and trash cans really get in the way and can be a bit of a pain) and there are a few texture mis alignments but nothing to worry about.

Please note that due to overflow errors you wont be able to save your game while in the "pub mad cow" map so save your game just before you enter.

You can download these single player missions from here:-
Warnow 2

"Facebook Kingpin Group"
  posted February 13 - 12:28AM EST by Mr.Damage
Just a reminder that there is a Facebook Kingpin Oldies group that has several hundred members but there is always room for more.

If you use Facebook and would like to join the Kingpin group then check it out here.

"Video Walkthrough For Kingpin: Final Crime"
  posted February 5 - 1:03AM EST by Mr.Damage
Here is a video for anyone stuck in the Kingpin: Final Crime Single Player episode.

This is a forty minute video play through by EmoLevelDesigner.

You can check it out at Youtube here.

"Kingpin: Final Crime Single Player Episode"
  posted February 3 - 4:19AM EST by Mr.Damage
Here is another good single player map pack made by Method. This one is from 2004 and is the "unofficial" sequel to Kingpin: Life of Crime.

KP:FC includes new maps, characters, sounds and cut scenes. It starts right where original Kingpin ends. Blunt (the chick boss) flew away on the helicopter, but promised to be back for Thug's ass. She knew that it's too risky to go to Crystal Palace, where Thug got all his boys, so she sent her gang, Dragons, to tear Radio City up, so Thug will have no choice but to find and stop Blunt. You start the game in the back of Crystal Palace and go through a few levels, including "backyard" of Radio City, Sewers, Wharf and Blunt's Poison Mill before you encounter Blunt and pop a cap in her ass :)

It's a relatively small map pack containing four maps and several cut scenes.

You can download Kingpin: Final Crime from here.

"Peroxide Death Match Map"
  posted February 2 - 12:33AM EST by Mr.Damage
Here is another of Sonik's older death match maps.
This one was released in 2002 and is called Peroxide. It's a small arena style map set in an underwater arena.

You can download Peroxide here.

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