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News Archive for November 1999

"Dark new mod available!"
  posted November 25 - 11:00PM EST by Truzenzuzex[BC]
An excellent new mod has become available that makes a change to constant deathmatch - it makes the level dead dark, only weapons and small lighting areas let you see your way around. Increases the tension like hell! Here's what the author had to say!

The mod is server-side only, so clients don't need to download anything. It will work with any kingpin DM map.
It has only been tested on a LAN with just two clients, so any server ops getting errors - please report back to me and i'll do my best to sort the problem out. Anyone wanting to host a server -PLEASE do!
The game looks better if you play it without Fog or shadows turned on. An ugly hack has actually been implemented to force fog off as it interferes with the game (actually it makes the game light - acting as an infra-red). Let me know if this happens, and i'll try an even uglier hack.
I have noticed though that demos played back will have lighting on if you have fog on as the hack doesn't (and can't) affect the playback of demos.
Server ops will need to add their own map-cycle config file.
a.k.a. [TCC]Chipmunk

Isn't that just too cool? Only the server needs the update, no patching required for players! Anyone with a server who wants to install it, click here!

Get in touch with him here!
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