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News Archive for November 2002

"Ten Latest Player Models"
  posted November 29 - 11:35PM EST by Mr.Damage
With all the new and revised custom player models being released lately it would be easy to miss some of them. So here is a list of the ten most recently released models for your downloading pleasure:-

Babyboom (updated
Blade (updated)Deadlock (updated)
Dr Death (updated)
Faerie (updated)
McClane (updated)

Shinju and Super Male

TMNT and Tekk

"Mappers Needed For New Mod"
  posted November 29 - 10:55PM EST by Mr.Damage
Sylacs is looking for some good Kingpin mappers for his new project. Its Single Player based but will have some multiplayer modes as well. The project looks very interesting and is very different from other Kingpin mods. If you are keen to help out you can reply to his forum post here. {GT}Martrix has already expressed an interest so why don't you as well :)

"Assassin Client Files Added To Archive"
  posted November 29 - 10:41PM EST by Mr.Damage
I have just finished uploading the latest Assassin mod Client files to our Game Modifications download area. You can now grab them from here and then go and jump into the Assassin server -
[A.D.] Assassin IP#

"EXCELL Hitmen Server Added To Frag Stats"
  posted November 29 - 10:29PM EST by Mr.Damage
Styles sent word that the EXCELL Hitmen Server IP# is being added to the [BC]Cap-N-Yo-Ass Frag Stats.

It also looks like Chief SohCahToa is currently working with Styles to make the Assault mod more stable on the TopDawg server. Styles wishes to thank Chief for his help on the server problem for the assault mod!

"Download Problem Fixed"
  posted November 29 - 6:15PM EST by Mr.Damage
The problem we were having with the FTP server is now fixed and so you will now be able to download files directly from the links in the news posts again.

"Happy Thanksgiving!"
  posted November 28 - 8:29AM EST by NeWFnlou
On behalf of the Staff here @ KP4EVER, Happy Thanksgiving to all American Thugs and Bitches! We hope you all get "stuffed" :)

P.S. - After your big meal, perhaps you might find to frag it up in the servers!

"CRASH Squad Server"
  posted November 28 - 3:14AM EST by Mr.Damage
For the next few days I will be running the CRASH Squad mod on my TopDawg KP server.

You can get the required client files from here and TiCaL has a page devoted to the CRASH mod at his website TiCaL Software (look under Game Design/Mods/CRASH in the menu)

Details of the server:-
Mr.Damage CRASH Mod beta 0.3 Server IP#

"Wheelbarrow Update"
  posted November 28 - 2:42AM EST by Mr.Damage
Wheelbarrow has made an update about his upcoming Sanctuary Single Player map pack over at his site Wheelbarrow's SP Map Page. Looks like a release is just around the corner. It's an interesting news post so go check it out.

"Problem With Downloads"
  posted November 28 - 2:38AM EST by Mr.Damage
There appears to be a slight problem with our FTP server at the moment which is affecting the download links in all the news posts. Until it is rectified you can get your downloads by going directly to the KP4Ever download section here.

"Fixed BabyBooM Model by SyL^cS"
  posted November 27 - 11:01PM EST by DirtyDog
SyL^cS has just submitted a revised BabyBoom model. This has always been one of my favorite custom player models (originally converted to KP by Jason $p!@T Haynes a couple of years ago) however when the model was converted it was too low and a significant part of the model was buried in the ground. I contacted SyL^cS and not only did he fix it but he also made sure to add CTF file support as well.

QUOTE: This model was modified at the request of DirtyDawg{WC} as the original model by $P1@T (Jason Haynes) was offcenter (the legs were in the ground) I tryed to leave as much original as possible, all v_weaps were left as original, only difference being I added CTC w_chicken support (thatll make truz a happy poultry lover :P)
Just write over the old one with the contents of this zip (no point in keeping the old one)

The model is now PERFECT, download it from here: BabyBoom

"New BM map by WhoOP_AsS"
  posted November 26 - 9:33PM EST by DirtyDog
WhoOP_AsS has just released a new BM map entitled: Team Osiris. As the title suggests this is an Egyptian themed map that and it looks excellent. The map is solidly layed out with plenty of ways to raid either base, loads of weapons and the use of textures and lighting is razor sharp. The map uses a perfect and appropriate custom sky that really sends this theme home however skys do NOT download from servers so make sure you download this map in full and experience this map as it was intended: Team Osiris

"Gamespy files submitted"
  posted November 26 - 9:21PM EST by DirtyDog
Somebody submitted a zip file called Gamespy3dQst.zip. This file contains no readme. Please upload a text file that explains what this, how to install it and who you are of course so we can give you the proper credit :)

"Assassin Mod Update"
  posted November 26 - 5:30AM EST by Mr.Damage
HEXED[A.D.] has released the final version of his Assassin mod. For the final version he has fixed the following:-
  • Scoring for the C4 bomb (wasn't scoring)
  • Remote detonation for the C4 bomb
  • Model weapons (some were set onto models wrong)
Features of the Assassin Final mod are:
  • Increased body armor to 100 units at matchstart & respawn.
  • Increased health to 100 units at matchstart & respawn.
  • Thug, Runt, & Bitch model support.
  • Added new player gibs.
  • Enabled Map Voting.
  • All props enabled.
  • CRASH Squad Weapons & C4 explosive
  • Chrome Hitmen Style Grappling Hook
  • Nightvision - For those dark places in maps
  • Scanner
  • Players spawn with Flashlight
Several custom maps are also included with the mod.
You can grab the Assassin Final Client Files from here and visit Hexed[A.D.]'s website here.

"New Map By {SSF}Million"
  posted November 25 - 3:42AM EST by Mr.Damage
{SSF}Million has now finished the map I mentioned in an earlier post. It's a small DM map called Da Rock. It's a smallish map set in a rocky canyon with caves and other hiding places. It has 16 spawns and ample weapons and other items. You can download this map from here.

"New Mapper, new DM map"
  posted November 23 - 9:50AM EST by DirtyDog
(k9)4Nik8U[CoH] has just released his first map entitled 1874nik34. It's a DM, arena style map with a surreal feel to it. The map is very original and lots of fun. Fully packed with weapons and respawns this map is suitable for all DM servers, download from here: 1874NiK34

"Screenshot Of New Map By {SSF} Million"
  posted November 23 - 2:24AM EST by Mr.Damage
{SSF}Million is currently working on a new DM map called Da Rock. It will be finished shortly but meanwhile here is a screenshot to look at.

"Wheelbarrow's SP Map Packs"
  posted November 23 - 2:13AM EST by Mr.Damage
If you have been following the recent news posts you will know that Wheelbarrow's latest Single Player map pack called Sanctuary is almost completed. This is the final chapter of a saga that started way back with a map pack The Funeral and continued on through three more map packs. While you can play Sanctuary quite happily without having played his previous packs why not take this opportunity, whilst awaiting the release of Sanctuary, to catch up on the prior installments.
You can get them all from Wheelbarrow's website here or from our Custom Maps/single-player-packs download section but here are direct links:-

The Funeral
The Chase

You should visit his site Wheelbarow's SP Map Page for lots of info about the packs and heaps and heaps of screenshots of his upcoming Sanctuary map pack.

"New Players"
  posted November 23 - 2:01AM EST by Mr.Damage
Now that Kingpin is available online again from many sites, and I believe is on general re-release in the UK, I would expect to see a few new players in the servers. If you see new players I would ask you to please direct them to our site www.kingpinforever.com. Why you ask?, because if they come here and see there is stil an active Kingpin community with new maps, skins, mods, and models etc being produced they may be inclined to stay around for a while (who knows we may get some new mappers or a new modder or two).
If they go to the front page of PlanetKingpin they will just find a dead site and if they go to Interplay they may eventually find their Kingpin page but it aint easy to find. So point them to us so they can keep up to date with whats going on :)

Btw don't forget we have a new page that links to sites where you can buy Kingpin online called Buy Kingpin!. There are already several links there and I hope that soon we will have several more added.

"Custom Models Skin Packs"
  posted November 22 - 3:02AM EST by Mr.Damage
Way back in 2001 Truzenzuzex put together three skin packs containing all known skins, up to that time, that had been created for any of the custom models. I have now created three new skin packs for the custom models that contain all the skins from the old skin packs plus all the skins that have been made for these models recently. The three skin packs are approximatley 10mg in size and are available from our Custom Skins/skin-packs download section. Here is a direct link to them:-
Skin Pack-1
Skin Pack-2
Skin Pack-3

These skin packs contain custom skins for the following models:-

Female Droid
Army Man
Fallen Angel
Dr FreakMale Droid
Earthworm Jim
EvaHomer Simpson
Mr Burns
SASSolid Snake

"New BM map by CaT"
  posted November 22 - 1:23AM EST by DirtyDog
CaT has just released a new BM map entitled StoreHouSe HasSeL.

QUOTE:The theme of this map is set in a small storage place and a section of a industrial site. The weapons ammo and armour are plentiful and equal to both sides. This is a medium sized map with 28 spawn points. There are nice, fast routes from the base to the cash pit. If you are quick and skilful enough, making your way home may be easy enough, those who aren't may have a bit more trouble.

The map looks good and plays well, download it from here: StoreHouSe HasSeL

Favorite Cat maps:
BruTaL District~DM
Industrial Circuit~DM

For screenshots and more maps be sure to check his mapping site

"DM map by SoniK"
  posted November 22 - 1:10AM EST by DirtyDog
SoNiK has joined the ranks in bringing us his version of Quake 1's classic DM map, e1m71 This version is probably the most true to Q1 because of his use Q1 converted textures in it. The map includes several Q1 sounds that really adds to the feel and it all looks excellent. I am a long time fan of his work and you can expect excellent use of textures and his usual sharp lighting. Download from here: E1m71 SoNiK StyLe

Here are some of my favorite SoNiK maps:
Blanco Headquarters~DM
Team LowRidEr~BM
Circle JerK~DM

For screenshots of these maps and more, please visit his site SoNiK LeVeL Design

"KP Non-stop server"
  posted November 21 - 12:28AM EST by DirtyDog
TiCaL has just submitted a single file .exe program that can allow your server to run virtually forever:

QUOTE: This little app will run your server forever basically!
If the server crashes or its accidentally closed my program
will restart it for you =)!
Pop the kp-non-stop.exe into your Kingpin folder and run it! =)
Enjoy !


Download from here: KP_Non-Stop-Server

"New Canadian Assault Server"
  posted November 20 - 6:13AM EST by Mr.Damage
My Assault server is now up and running. It is hosted by TopDawg and runs out of Ontario, Canada.
If you like the Assault mod, or have never tried it but want to give it a go, then I hope you will give my server a try.
You need the Assault files from here and the maps from here:-
Cliffs of Carnage
Assault Jungle Rev

Servers details are:-

Mr.Damage Team Assault Mod IP#

"Speedway Mod Released"
  posted November 20 - 3:44AM EST by Mr.Damage
The Speedway Mod Team (Hexed,Chief Sohcahtoa,Whoop Ass, &Hogie)have released the Speedway Mod. Speedway is a racing mod where players ride motorcycles and must complete a set amount of laps to win the race, with teamplay is the key to winning.

Features of the mod:-
  • Speedway uses normal but modified kingpin weapons:
    Homing Rocketlauncher
    Rear Grenadelauncher
    Super Shotgun
    Super Pistol
    Normal Tommygun
    Normal HMG
  • Radar for tracking player movement.
  • Motorcycle Nitro for boosting your speed.
  • Speedometer that tracks your MPH.
You need client files and a map pack to play, both of which, you can download from Team A.D. Website or from KingpinForever -
Speedway Client Files
Map Pack

"New Model Conversion by GiMpStAh"
  posted November 19 - 4:03PM EST by DirtyDog
I wanted to bring this topic back to the top to acknowledge SyL^cS for the tutorials and help he gave that allowed GiMpStAh to convert this model, a lot of time and effort went into those tutorials and it is the reason for alot of todays player modellers. If you're interested in model conversions be sure to visit his site listed on our nav bar or by clicking here: SyL^cS Modeling Site

GiMpStAh has just released a model he converted from QuakeII that was designed after the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (remember them? lol). The model looks very good, has full vweap support and comes with a total of 4 skin (there were 4 of em right? lol) Michaelangelo, Leonardo, Donatello, Raphael. Check it out by downloading from here: Male_Turtle

"Assault Files Updated"
  posted November 19 - 2:47PM EST by Mr.Damage
DirtyDog{WC} pointed out that there were one or more corrupt textures in the Assault zipfile. After some investigation I tracked it down to rock_brn.tga.
I have found a good copy of that texture, fixed the Assault zip and uploaded it again.
You can grab the fixed Assault files from here.

If you already have the Assault files and only need a good copy of the texture I have uploaded just the texture which you can grab from here. Just extract it to your Kingpin directory.

"DM version of Team_CTF_WC"
  posted November 19 - 2:09PM EST by DirtyDog
Since it wasn't going to be such a big change I figured what the hell, let me adjust it for DM. All I did was remove the Baggy entities; the safes and re-do all the spawns/weaps/ammo placements. All in all it was a 1 hour job :) Download from here: Team CTF~{WC}StyLe~DM

"BM Map release"
  posted November 17 - 11:32PM EST by DirtyDog
Well after a beta test (and discovering that respawns require a style assigned to them for BM..) I've finalized and released Team CTF~{WC}StyLe. Download it from here: Team CTF~{WC}StyLe

"Another Place To Buy Kingpin"
  posted November 17 - 6:05AM EST by Mr.Damage
|F4K|iNeLL sent in details of a UK site that is selling Kingpin for 4.99 with free delivery within the UK. The site is called Play.com and to find the Kingpin page use the search option in the top left hand corner of the page. Just do a search under PC Games for Kingpin.
Seems like there are a few places starting to stock Kingpn again which can only be a good thing. Why not buy all your family and friends a copy for Christmas :)

"Suicide Arena Map Revised"
  posted November 17 - 12:45AM EST by Mr.Damage
I found two errors in Suicide Arenav2 so I have fixed them and released a final version (dm_sdarenav2_final.bsp).

If you already downloaded Suicide Arenav2 then I have made a small zip (155kb) that just contains the updated map (no textures, or sounds as you already have them)which you can download from here.

If you haven't downloaded the map yet then there is a new zipfile that contains the map, all textures and custom sounds which you can download from here.

"New Team Assault Server"
  posted November 17 - 12:31AM EST by Mr.Damage
If everything goes according to plan, in a few days time, I will be running an Team Assault server for a short while. It will be hosted by TopDawg and be running out of Ontario, Canada.
If you are keen for a game but dont have the Assault files then you can download them from our Game Modifications/Team Assault download section here.
There is also an Assault promo video you can checkout here.

For anyone not familiar with the mod you can read the instructions and familiarise yourself with the mod by clicking here.

"Assault Map Added To Archive"
  posted November 17 - 12:10AM EST by Mr.Damage
As stated in the post above, in a few days time I will be running an Team Assault server for a short while.
As such I asked Hogie what were the best five Assault maps so I could rotate them on the server. He responded with two that are already included in the Assault zipfile and three newer maps that he made. I have now uploaded the three new maps to our Game Modifications/Team Assault/Assault Maps download section and here is some information on them:-

Cliffs of Carnage A beautiful looking map where most of the action takes place around the cliff's edge. Grab it from here.

Gunman2 A Gunman Chronicles map conversion set in desert canyons and underground tunnels. Take it home by clicking here.

Assault Jungle Rev Nice map with the action set in the forest, canyons and around massive wateralls. Download this one from here.

Cliffs of Carnage

Assault Jungle Rev


"Homer Simpson Sound Pack"
  posted November 16 - 10:30PM EST by Mr.Damage
I have just uploaded the Homer Simpson sounds pack which was created by TiCaL a while back. This pack replaces all the male sounds with the wit of Homer Simpson. You can download it from our Miscellaneous/Sounds/Taunts download section here.
This sound pack is great to use in conjuction with the Homer Simpson model which you can download from here

Installation Instructions:
Run the homer.exe from the zip file and extract to
Kingpin\main directory. This will place a pak9.pak file into your kingpin\main directory.
If you already have a pak9 in your kingpin\main directory just extract the homer.exe to a temporary location and rename the pak file to a number you dont have (.i.e pak6, pak7 etc) and then copy it into your kingpin\main directory.
These instructions are also included in the readme in the zip file.

"Screenshot of upcoming BM map"
  posted November 16 - 1:36AM EST by DirtyDog
I jumped into [Jedi]Custom Maps BM server last week (which by the way happens to be a very smooth and fairly busy server, drop in when u get a chance) and played on a map that inspired me to retexture it and add my own flavor to it. As it turns out I am not the first to attempt this for this particular map and before I knew it my retexturing job turned into a full and all out overhaul that included rebuilding just about every brush; re-lit the place; added corridors and additional entrances to each base; re-did all weapon and armor placement and added a heap of respawns. The map is currently being beta tested but here is a screenshot:

TeaM 3CTF WC StyLe

The original map (or at least the version that I saw first) is called Team_3ctf2nf that I believe Cujo originally converted from one of the Quake games and you can grab that from here:Team 3ctf2nf

Here are a couple of other versions: team_3ctf2 and Team_3ctf2nf_fix2.

"Update on Wheelbarrow's SP mappack"
  posted November 16 - 12:33AM EST by DirtyDog
Wheelbarrow is back after 3 weeks of computer repairs with an update on his very much anticipated and almost done single player mappack, Sanctuary. This is an enormous project and a tremendous amount of time and effort has gone into this. Check out the news and some screenshots by visiting his site: WheeLBarroW's SP Maps

"Active Kingpin Game Servers Page"
  posted November 15 - 7:21PM EST by Mr.Damage
If you look to the right of this page under Features you will see a listing for Active Kingpin Game Servers. I just finished doing a bit of a clean up to the page, adding a few new servers and deleting a couple that no longer exist. If you have the server plugin you can join any of these servers directly from the page.
If you run a stable, permanent server and you want it added to the page just click on the 'add my game server' button at the bottom of the page and fill in the details and it will be checked by use and, unless any probs, will be added to the page.

"Swedish Site selling Kingpin"
  posted November 15 - 6:49PM EST by Mr.Damage
FS2|Tha Limp posted a link in the Blueyonder Kingpin Forum to a Swedish Site that is selling Kingpin online. Its a site called Gamesmix.com and you can check out the KP link here.

Don't forget there is also a Dutch site selling KP online called Dynabyte.

For others places to buy it online check our Buy Kingpin page.

If you know of other place where KP can be bought please ket us know by emailing us here.

"Detropolis Server Updated"
  posted November 15 - 6:36PM EST by Mr.Damage
I have changed the map rotation on the Detropolis server. It is now rotating the latest 25 DM maps that have been released (all of which you can grab from KP4Ever). Detropolis runs out of Detroit, has a great connection, runs the latest monkey mod and can handle 16 players. So if you want to check out all the latest KP DM maps this is the place to do it.

Detropolis All New Maps Gangbang IP#

You can also join the Detropolis server deirectly from our Active KP Game Servers Page

"Hosted site Update"
  posted November 15 - 11:40AM EST by DirtyDog
Cat, who has just recently added his mapping website to the KPF list of hosted sites has just sent word about some updates :) Check out the updates by clicking here: Cat's Custom Maps

As you all know KPF hosts many of our community's custom mapper's sites and I encourage you to frequent their sites. Most of these guys have been mapping a long time and for any new mapper they offer many insightful tutorials, heres a quick list but remember they are all listed to the right of this page on the nav bar:

PenCHo's DTT
WheeLBaRroW's SP MappacKs
OraCius StorE

"Batch Compiling Tutorials"
  posted November 13 - 11:20AM EST by DirtyDog
PenCHo has added a very important tutorial to his site in regards to compiling. This is a very useful method considering the amount of mappers having trouble compiling their maps while running Windows XP. Pencho provides a detailed tutorial on how to create these tools and you can check it out by visiting his site that KPF hosts on the nav bar to the right of this page or go directly to the compiling tutorial by clicking here: Batch Compiling

"Gangster's Paradise"
  posted November 11 - 9:52AM EST by DirtyDog
Want to put a face behind the HMG? Some time ago (INC)PhoeNiX put a request in our forums encouraging players to send in their pictures for his player pictures site, Gangster's Paradise. He has come a long way with this and the site now has over 26 pages FULL of actual photographs of Kingpin players. Check it out: Gangster's Paradise Also, he received a heap of pictures that he needs help in regards to the identities, see if you recognize any of these players by visiting the forum and that topic here: Need your help...who are these guys?? This is a very cool site and if your picture is missing, please email it to (INC)PhoeNiX ninja@pandora.be or ICQ him at 140733074

"Pics Of The Day"
  posted November 10 - 2:12PM EST by NeWFnlou
Thanks to awesome community involvement, our POTD has become quite a popular feature. Many folks have submitted some very cool screenshots and we will get them scheduled as soon as possible and in the order they are received. Please keep in mind, however, that KP4EVER is a website specifically dedicated to the game KINGPIN-LIFE OF CRIME. (As if THAT wasn't obvious enough LOL!) Therefore, we ask that you please refrain from submitting screenshots or pictures taken from any other PC game as they will NOT be considered or uploaded ok? Thanks for your cooperation and keep those KINGPIN PICS coming in!

"Active Kingpin Gangs"
  posted November 9 - 11:04AM EST by NeWFnlou
One of my responsibilities here at KP4EVER is to update and maintain the Active KP Gangs List. As part of that duty, I regularly receive submissions from new groups AND from exisiting but otherwise un-listed clans. Once listed, however, some organizations apparently either disband, or move webhosts, or move on to another game, or otherwise simply abandon their websites without notifying us. THIS IS NOT GOOD! The whole point of the Gang List is to provide a directory for those players who wish to find a like-minded group of KINGPIN PLAYERS to be affiliated with. Therefore, I am asking the community's help in keeping our information fresh and viable. If you know of an exisiting Clan that regularly plays KP, has a website, and wishes to be listed, PLEASE ask them to submit their details to us for consideration. Likewise, if you discover any broken links, abandoned sites, or otherwise inactive/disbanded groups in our gang list, PLEASE either notify those folks to fix the problem or email us to remove their listing. And finally, if you are your Gang's Leader or Webmaster and you already have your site listed with us, PLEASE take a moment at least once a week to insure that your site is still "live" on the net, is not missing any "jpegs", and contains no broken links. Help do your part to keep the fun going and long live Kingpin!

"New Mapper/New Map"
  posted November 9 - 2:07AM EST by Mr.Damage
My friend {GT}DooDaa has released his first map. Its a large DM map set in an Egyptian tomband is called Hamunaptra. Here's some info straight from the horses mouth:-

After a long battle dealing with video freezes and such, Hamunaptra is finally released. This map is based on the movie called The Mummy. Hamunaptra was the City Of The Dead that they explored in the movie. I have also incorporated a 3D Rendered picture that i created into the map. This map is textured using Serious Sam textures mostly and has a secret in it too. All i can say is keep your eyes open...in ALL directions!

You can download this map from KingpinForever or from FilePlanet.

"New Player Model"
  posted November 9 - 12:05AM EST by Mr.Damage
The Quake2 Supermale model by Paolo Piselli has been converted to Kingpin. This is one of the best Q2 models and should go well in KP. It has full KP weapon support and the author has converted and included 43 skins! The skins are mostly superheroes, as you would expect, and include Captain America, Flash, Green Lantern, He-Man, Superman etc.
You can download this model from here.

"Quake1 Map Conversions"
  posted November 8 - 11:42PM EST by Mr.Damage
With the recent release of the Place of Two Deaths Quake1 map conversion by [Thief]Dread I thought I would post about other maps that are Quake1 conversions:-

Q1DM1 Place of Two Deaths
kpq1dm1_beta by [Thief]Dread
DM1 by TanyaCheex

Q1DM4 The Bad Place
Q1DM4 by Lugnut

Q1E1M7 The House of Chton
KPE1M7 by Lugnut
STDM4 by Stalina

DM1 & Q1DM4


If you know of other Q1 map conversions then just drop us a line here

"New Bagman Custom Maps Server"
  posted November 8 - 2:47AM EST by Mr.Damage
I have just added the Jolt UK Bagman Custom Maps Server to our Active Game Server Listing page.

I believe it has been running for about 1 month and has a 24 player limit. Server details as follows:-

jolt.co.uk - BM Custom Maps #IP195.149.21.30:31512

"Suicide Arena Map Updated"
  posted November 6 - 3:26PM EST by Mr.Damage
I have always liked the Suicide Arena map that Cujo converted from another game (Quake2/Half-Life?). It reminded my of one of my favourite Quake3 maps called Stairway to Heaven so I decided to re-texture it using Quake3 textures. Details of the changes are:-

added 8 spawn points to bring total to 16
updated weapon/item placement and selection
changed lighting
totally re-textured using Quake3 textures

If you haven't seen the map its a small arena stlye map, set outdoors, with a platform in the middle with 4 sets of stairs you climb to get to the HMG, Cooling mod, and armour. You can grab this one from here

Btw, recently I submitted the Bosnia map to FilePlanet and much to my surprise they have uploaded it. I say that I am surprised because I have submitted many files over the last several months and none were uploaded. But there is a new style 'submit file' page and it is much easier now so maybe that is part of the reason. A good thing is that you can now submit files directly from your own PC.
There are a number of fields to be filled out but they are all explained including a keyword field where you tell them where you want your file to end up (i.e. action/first person/kinpin/maps etc). So if you make add-ons for KP why not get your files uploaded to Fileplanet. You'll be promoting your work and help spread the word about KP. This is a link to their submit page here.

Co-incidently the same day that Bosnia was uploaded at Fileplanet it was also made Pic Of The Day at Rust. If you are a mapper this is another good place to get some exposure for your Kingpin maps. Submitting a pic is easy and its just a matter of filling out several fields and uploading a small image (160 x 120)and large image (800 x 600) from your PC. Make sure you add a description of your map and of course a download link (such as KP4Ever). This is a link to their submit pic page here.

"Another Site Selling Kingpin"
  posted November 6 - 2:47PM EST by Mr.Damage
AB|FREDZ has sent in a link to a Dutch site that will be selling Kingpin for 4.95 Euro Dollars from 15th November. As the site is in Dutch I can't tell you if they ship oversees or not but at the very least everyone in Holland will have access to new copies of KP :)
Check out the site Dynatbyte.

"100,000 Hits "
  posted November 6 - 3:25AM EST by Mr.Damage
If you look down the right hand side of this page you will see that we have just past 100,000 hits :)

Thank you to everyone who has visited KP4Ever since we opened our doors in early January this year. An extra thank you to people for taking the time to download and play the work of your fellow Kingpinners.

From simple beginnings I think we have become an excellent site, up there with the best game sites around :)

I hope there is a need for this site to be around next October but that all depends on you guys. If you continue to visit here, and play Kingpin, then I'm sure it will be around for some time to come.

Thanks again for dropping by.

"Kingpin In the News!"
  posted November 5 - 7:52PM EST by NeWFnlou
Hey Folks, HOMELANFED has published an article regarding "Cult Action Games" and the title they featured is our beloved Kingpin-Life Of Crime!. Not only that, but the article gives some EXCELLENT historical perspective as to how KP was conceived, what the guys over at Xatrix wanted to achieve, and how Interplay was responsible for "rushing the product out the door" before they had time to refine it. Anyway, it's ALWAYS refreshing to see KP get the credit and reporting it deserves as a TOP RATE FPS :) I suggest that all of you go pay a visit right HERE and read all about it yourselves. Pay special attention to the listing for KP4EVER as a fan site and a bigtime thanks to KP4EVER Admin DatDirtyDawg{WC} for locating this great article!!!

"Kingpin gets a review at Homelan"
  posted November 5 - 8:44AM EST by DirtyDog
I came across a very sympathetic and positive article about Kingpin at homelan.net gamers site. Check it out here: Kingpin Unfortunately they have planet kingpin as their "fansite" :(((( I've sent them an email HOPING that that they could link this site as a TRUE fansite.

"New Player Model"
  posted November 5 - 4:17AM EST by Mr.Damage
Another new player model has been submitted to KP4Ever. This one is a female model called Shinju. It has four skins supplied and full KP viewable weapons.You can add it to your model collection by getting it from here.

"New Map By Dread"
  posted November 5 - 4:02AM EST by Mr.Damage
[Thief]Dread has released a new map beta called Place of Two Deaths. It's a conversion of the old Quake level Q1DM1. If you are familiar with that Q1 map or the earlier KP version you will know what to expect, if not then it is a medium sized classic Quake1 style DM map. As described by Dread:-

This is a conversion of "Place of Two Deaths" (aka DM1) from Quake 1.
It was created from the decompiled bsp of the original map, although
I have redone the lighting and retextured it using Kingpin textures.
All of the func's and teleporter's from the original map work
correctly and some of the item location is similar too. ;)

You can download this map from here and visit the Thief Clan website here.

As I mentioned earlier this is not the first conversion of this map. TanyaCheex also converted it but her version only contained the HMG and no other weapons. I have tracked this version down and added it to our map archive so if you want to check that map out as well you can grab it here.

Place Of Two Deaths

"3 Player Models Updated"
  posted November 5 - 2:11AM EST by Mr.Damage
Someone submitted viewable weapons updates for the Blade, Faerie and Tekk player models. Therefore I have updated the zip files for the afore mentioned 3 models and uploaded the updated ones.
You can grab them from here:-

Male Blade
Female Faerie
Male Tekk

Blade and Tekk


"Retextured DM map"
  posted November 5 - 12:00AM EST by DirtyDog
I've just finished retexturing the classic DM map, Hit The Bricks and called it Hit dA BriCKs, {WC} StyLe

This is one of my all time favorite DM maps (also one of the first custom maps I ever played after graduating from HEAT.net and I thought I would give it a new flavor) Here are the changes:

*re-textured, went from 16 textures to 53 (which is still pretty light for me)
*added ambient sound
*added some clip brushes for a little more smoothness
*reworked all lighting, changed some fixtures
*raised the sky and its adjoining walls a tad (for all you hookers out there)
*added 8 more spawns to bring it to 16
*minor structural changes (re-did the ladders and some doorways)
*nuked the second lift

Download from here: Hit dA BriCKs...{WC} StyLe

"New Map By TW!NS3N"
  posted November 4 - 2:38PM EST by Mr.Damage
Tw!ns3n has released a new DM map entitled SensationDM (dm_sensation.zip). Its a small arena style map which uses the Central Towers textures. It's a symetrical map with a central room, with the Rocket Launcher, which is surrounded by a corridor. There are two side rooms off the corridor with ammo, cooling mod and full armour. At either end of the map are two rooms with the HMG. All weapons are present except the Grenade Launcher and Flamer. You can grab this one from here or from his webpage TW!NS3N.

"Time to spread the word!"
  posted November 3 - 7:41PM EST by NeWFnlou
Ok folks, thanks to our Web Master Truzenzuzex[BC], KP4EVER is PROUD to present to you a BUY IT NOW LINK on the Features Tool Bar of our site. Point your friends (and enemies alike hehe) to the tool bar on the right hand side of this page. There they will find the link to get "hooked up" with the greatest FPS game ever made - KingPin-Life Of Crime! No more excuses! Once again, I urge everyone to keep those "purchase links" coming in and we will get them posted. You can't play if you can't find the game right? Spread the word y'all!

"Additional place to purchase KP!"
  posted November 3 - 3:43PM EST by NeWFnlou
We received word from {GA}Cleopatra that there are copies of Kingpin available from AMAZON. Upon checking the link, I found that one seller has a brand new copy and the other seller has a used copy that has been tested and works! If you need a fresh CD, or know someone who does, then click right HERE.

Also, don't forget that MrDamage previously posted a link to another online store called INTERACT that is supposedly selling Kingpin & Soldier Of Fortune bundled together. On that site, you will need to use their search tool to find the link. Simply type Kingpin into the search menu on the top of their page.

Remember folks, KP was released in 1999 by Xatrix who promptly folded up shop. Interplay no longer offers the game for sale and Activision doesn't seem to list it in their product offerings either. Therefore, if you are currently using a "warez" copy of the game and your system crashes without a backup, you are S.O.L. Even more importantly, however, we cannot get more gamers interested in Kingpin if they can't get their hands on a copy.

Help strengthen the community! If you know of a store in your city/town/country that has brand new copies of the game, please email us with the details and we'll get it posted. Thanks!

THIS JUST IN!!! - {GA}Cleopatra just sent me an additional email with even more exciting news! Apparently AMAZON UK will be selling BRAND NEW COPIES OF KINGPIN starting November 8th, 2002 for just 4.99 a CD!!! Of course, they can "only be delivered within the European Union", but if that's your location then click right HERE and stock up!

"New Maps On The Detropolis Server "
  posted November 3 - 5:19AM EST by Mr.Damage
Now that Halloween has passed for another year I have removed the Halloween themed maps for the Detropolis Server and updated it with 25 small fragfest maps >:)
These are all really small maps that will be fun if there are only 2 or 3 people and a real blast if there is a crowd. The theme on the server for the next while is fun so make sure you drop in and check it out.
Most of the maps are recent and there are also a few old favourites.
I have put together a small map pack (4.8mg), which contains all 25 maps, that you can download from here .
Then hit the server here:-
Detropolis Fragfest Madness Gangbang IP#

"McClane Model Updated"
  posted November 3 - 1:17AM EDT by Mr.Damage
Someone has sent in a zip containing all the files required for the John McClane player model to now have viewable Kingpin weapons. The old model only had the Baretta pistol as a viewable weapon.
Basically, what this means is that if a player who is using the McClane model is carrying an HMG then that is the weapon you will see them holding. On the old version whatever weapon they were carrying you only saw it as a Baretta.
McClane was converted from Quake2 to Kingpin by EvilBunny but I don't know who has updated it, but it is probably the same person who updated the DrDeath and Deadlock models.
I have updated the male_mcclane zip file to include the new files and uploaded it to our player models section. You can grab the new version of the model from here.

There is also a skin pack available for this model which you can get from here.

"Kingpin Bots"
  posted November 3 - 1:05AM EDT by Mr.Damage
Carllos Death from the Marcello's Assassins clan sent in a demo of his showing off a few fancy jumps and some fun shotty action in KPDM2 whilst playing against several bots.
That prompted me to highlight that we host both the Kraze Bot and Coldnight Bot here at Kp4ever as well as launchers for both of them.
Both come with instructions on how to set them up, add bots, remove bots, set bot skill etc.
You can grab them from the Game Modifications Download section under Kingpin Bots & Bot Launchers which is here.

Btw if you want to have a look at Carllos's demo you can grab it from here

"Buy Kingpin & SoF For $19.95"
  posted November 2 - 12:05PM EDT by Mr.Damage
Over at Interact! they are selling Kingpin and SoF bundled together for $19.95. While I haven't tried to buy one myself it does appear to be a current item as you can add it to your shopping cart :)

Its an import but it doesn't say where from. You can check it out here.

Btw if oyu have a couple of minutes spare why not go and vote for Kingpin at this site here. Just click on the link, select a score from 1 - 10 and press the vote button and your done.

"New Map By SSF Million"
  posted November 2 - 12:34AM EDT by Mr.Damage
SSF:Million: has released a new DM map called The Insane Streets.
Its a mid sized urban style map with 19 spawn points, lots of ammo, weapons and all other items. There are several areas all connected by streets and alleys so the action should be fast 'n' furious. This is his best map so far as far as I am concerned :)
You can download it from here.

"2 Maps Added To Archive"
  posted November 1 - 3:12AM EDT by Mr.Damage
(Inc)PHOENIX pointed out that we didn't have the map 1873 in our map archive so I have added it as well as 1872. 1873 is a small arena style map with one of every weapon, plus lots of ammo and the pistol mods, located in a big square pool in the middle of the map. You spawn on an outer ledge and jump down into the action. 1872 is the same map but the only weapon available is the crowbar >:)

Grab them from here:-

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