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News Archive for November 2003

"Deck16 Released"
  posted November 29 - 8:46PM EST by Mr.Damage
Creamator has fixed an annoying bug and has now finalised and released his rebuild of the Unreal Tournament map Deck16. This is a medium sized map, uses all the original UT textures, and has a suggested player load of 2 - 16.
Download Deck16 from here.

You can grab Creamator's prevous two maps from here:-
DM Jedi Final
Underground Final

"New DM Map"
  posted November 29 - 2:12PM EST by DirtyDog
I've just completed a retexture/relight/rebuild of that old classic DM map, Fortress. The original had r_speeds that reached 2400 in many areas so I had to make a pretty significant change in the design however the r_speeds still reach as high as 1100 in some areas but it still runs fine. Download it from here: Urban Fortress

"List Of Quake1 Map Conversions"
  posted November 28 - 11:27PM EST by Mr.Damage
Here is an updated list of all of the Quake1 map conversions that I know of for Kingpin:-

Q1DM1 Place of Two Deaths
kpq1dm1 by Dread
DM1 by TanyaCheex
Place of two deaths by Zeppelin[FnR]

Q1DM4 The Bad Place
kpq1dm4 by Dread
Q1DM4 by Lugnut

Q1E1M7 The House of Chton
KPE1M7 by Lugnut
STDM4 by Stalina
The House of Chton 2002 by Sonik

DM1 & Q1DM4


The House of Chton 2002 & Place of two deaths

"New Mappack For Detropolis Server"
  posted November 28 - 11:02PM EST by Mr.Damage
Several DM maps have been added to the Detropolis Custom Maps server recently. I have added all these maps into a new mappack so you can grab them all in one go. You can see a list of the maps in the mappack here.
Downlaod the Detropolis update mappack from here.

Grab the other mappacks that containall the other maps currently in rotation on Detropolis from here.

"New DM map by DreaD"
  posted November 25 - 7:49PM EST by DirtyDog
DreaD has just released a retextured/re-lit version of Quake 1's classic DM map, A Bad Place. This is a request I asked of him after seeing what he did with Quake 1's other classic, A Place of 2 deaths I simply had to ask. DreaD is a meticulous and detailed mapper whose work is classic and his result with A Bad Place reflects this. Download this from here: A Bad Place and check out A Place of Two Deaths while you're at it :)

A Bad Place

"New Map By Oracius"
  posted November 25 - 4:07AM EST by Mr.Damage
Oracius has released a new DM map called Steel Processing. It is another conversion of one of the Kingpin Single Player maps (steel3.bsp). This is a medium sized map set in a steel processing plant and if you have played the SP game you know what to expect.
Download KPDM17 (Steel Processing) from here.

Check out Oracius's previous two maps which are also conversions from the SP game:-
Steel Mill

"Custom Grappling Hooks"
  posted November 25 - 3:53AM EST by Mr.Damage
(Inc)PHOENIX, who is the main man for finding lost Kingpin files and any Kingpin stuff in other games has sent in some custom hooks for the Hitmen mod. There are seven custom hooks (axe, fishhooks, hook, sawblades, skull, smiley and spider). These hooks are all made by MeatSack{NAC}. Just check all the readmes for installation instructions.
Download custom hooks from here.

"Another New DM map by WhoOP_AsS"
  posted November 19 - 11:26PM EST by DirtyDog
WhoOP_AsS has just released another DM, this time it's a retexture of Quake II's classic: Frag Pipe. This was a request I made to him that he retexture it using Kingpin's Industrial theme (kpdm2) and WhoOP pretty much ran with this and came up with an excellent result. The map looks excellent. Great lighting, sharp texturing, (it is, after all WhoOp_AsS ;) Download it from here: Frag Pipe Industrial

"Kingpin In Other Games"
  posted November 19 - 4:34AM EST by Mr.Damage
KPDM1 Rival Turf has been converted to half-Life. (Inc)PHOENIX downloaded it from a HL server the other day and let me know about it. The map has replaced the Kingpin textures with standard HL ones. At this stage I don't know hwo converted this map to Half-Life. Any one who plays HL and wants to see it can download it from here.

"True Leader Mod Uploaded"
  posted November 18 - 3:14AM EST by Mr.Damage
AB|FREDZ recently let me know that we do not have the True Leader Mod in our downloads archive so I have uploaded it.

Basically True Leader is a slightly different version of the Kingpin single player game.

The changes are:-
New Sounds
New Weapons Textures
New Wall Textures
New Sign Textures
1 Altered Map (sewer.bsp)

As far as i know the version I uploaded was the most recent released on 28th December 2000.

If you want to check it out you can download it from here.

"New DM Map"
  posted November 16 - 1:44PM EST by DirtyDog
I've just finished a complete retexture/relight and in many cases rebuild of the classic Quake2 DM map: The Edge. This one is entitled The All Mighty Edge. Originally as a request from (@m)LuSHy I decided to simply just tribute this map to the (@M)All Mighty crew in general (check them out here: All Mighty )as I have been a fan of theirs for some time and they are a die hard, long time crew of fraggers. Download it from here: The All Mighty Edge

"New DM map by WhoOP_AsS"
  posted November 16 - 1:23PM EST by DirtyDog
WhoOP_AsS has just released a new DM map entitled LiFe. It's a medium to small map using KP's classic (and my favorite) Urban Theme. It's very well layed out, no dead ends and some really nice touches. Rooftop fighting; abandoned building fightin; lots of fun with this map. Whoop's a long time mapper in our community and his work is exceptional. You can expect sharp lighting; detailed texturing and a smooth layout. Download it from here: LiFe

"Custom CrossHairs"
  posted November 16 - 3:30AM EST by Mr.Damage
If you are bored with the default crosshairs and want to try some custom ones then check out the selection we have in our custom crosshairs downloads section. We have nine different sets of custom crosshairs which you can checkout here.

"Monkey Mod"
  posted November 16 - 3:23AM EST by Mr.Damage
Just a reminder that if you are looking for any Monkey Mod files (such as the latest client file, server files, clean models etc) then you should visit the Monkey Mod Website. The site is now hosted here at Kingpinforever and there is a link under the Hosted Sites list on the right hand side of this page. You can also visit by clicking on this link here.

"More Screenshots Of Deck16"
  posted November 14 - 4:23PM EST by Mr.Damage
Creamator sent word that work on his rebuild of the Unreal Tournament map Deck16 is progressing well and he sent along some more screens.

"Rockvill Map Revised"
  posted November 13 - 6:43PM EST by Mr.Damage
A couple of years ago Cujo did a partial conversion to KP of a popular cs map and named it Rockvill. He re-textured it using what cs/hl textures were availble in KP at the time which gave it a whole new look and feel. After Pencho converted all the Half-Life textures to KP I decided to have a go at remaking the map using the original textures and sky. I also did some rebuilding of the map in a few places, changed the weapon and item placement, and added a couple of custom sounds. Hypov8 also helped out by doing the lighting for this map and other general tweaking.
Download Rockvill Rev from here

"Cylon Thug Skin"
  posted November 13 - 6:30PM EST by Mr.Damage
I read yesterday that the old 70's sci-fi show Battlestar Galactica is being remade. The bad guys in that show were an army of droids called Cylon Warriors. There is a Cylon Warrior thug skin so I thought this was a good time to highlight that particular skin. Unfortunatley I don't know who made this skin.
Download the Cylon thug skin from here.

Btw, themap in the screenshot is Jedi Arena by Whoop Ass.

"Scrrenshots Of MP Base"
  posted November 12 - 5:53PM EST by Mr.Damage
Pencho has nearly finished his adaptation to Kingpin of the RTCW map MP Base. Here are some screenshots:-

Check out Pencho's other KP maps at his webpage here.

"MPZ Kingpin Leagues"
  posted November 12 - 5:30PM EST by Mr.Damage
MPZ (Multi Player Zone) are in the process of setting up new Kingpin Leagues and are looking for input from people on what they want:-

Gametype: DM, TDM, RMDM, ...
Players: 4v4, 6v6, 8v8, ...
Maps: Need a list of match approved maps.
Time limit/Frag limit?
Date/Time: When exactly should this run, what’s a good day/time combination for everyone.
There maybe more to come later but that should keep us going for now.

Check out the MPZ forum thread about it here.

If your clan is interested in participating in the League(s) then post here

"Gangster's Paradise Updated"
  posted November 11 - 3:26PM EST by Mr.Damage
(Inc)PHOENIX let me know that he has updated his Gangster's Paradise Kingpin site. This is the site with pictures of current and past Kingpin players and many Kingpin related links (including a link to Kingpin in other games). After the update there are now 693 pics of KP players and 291 KP links. Check it out here.

"Two New Kingpin Servers"
  posted November 11 - 3:20PM EST by Mr.Damage
Werni has sent word that there are two new German Kingpin servers. They have been set up by oXe and details are as follows:-

Name: Kingpin 4ever TeamDM
Maxclients: 20

Name: Kingpin 4ever just kit maps
Maxclients: 8

Comments on the servers can be posted here.

KIT (Kingpin Intensive Training) maps can be downloaded from here.

"Crates In The Hood Map Released"
  posted November 7 - 9:58PM EST by Mr.Damage
I have just released another DM map which is called Crates in the Hood. This is a medium sized map set in a warehouse district full of crates and containers. It is a conversion of a Quake2 map by Shon Shaffer "Maric", one of the best and most prolific mappers for Quake2. It has one main open area which contains several containers and boxes and a number of warehouse building and rooms which contain more crates. It is a multi level map and you can also access the roof. The map has ample weapons and other items. It uses many custom textures which fit right into the Kingpin theme, has a custom sky and includes custom sounds. Hypov8 also helped with the map, working on the lighting and helping with the r_speeds and general tweaking :)
Download Crates in the Hood from here.

"U2 DM Map Released"
  posted November 7 - 9:36PM EST by Mr.Damage
I have released a new DM map called U2. This is a small, classic style, DM map converted from Quake2. The original was made by Lars "SLiTTER" Gutkind and I thank Lars for giving permisison to convert his map to Kingpin. Its a simple designed, fast paced map, with ample weapons and other items. It has two main little buildings connected by corridors, several bunches of crates located in the outside areas of the map, and it also includes a teleport.

A friend asked me to make him a map with just the HMG and RL so I made a version of this map with just those weapons and have also included it in the zipfile. This version of the map is named u2_rlhmg.bsp.

Download U2 from here

Q2 original and KP conversion

Q2 original and KP conversion

"Izeforeal Releases Douglas Joinery Map"
  posted November 7 - 3:10AM EST by Mr.Damage
Izeforeal has now released his Douglas Joinery DM map. This is a medium sized map set in the factory where Izeforeal works. It has now been retextured, a few weapon and item placements changed, one or two structural changes, a custom sound added and several other miscellaneous changes made.
Download Douglas Joinery from here.

"Quick Update"
  posted November 7 - 2:09AM EST by Mr.Damage
Hi, Just got back after a few days in the bush :)
I have several new maps to upload/post about which I will do in the next day or two so stay tuned :)

"Realmode Server Files"
  posted November 2 - 10:08PM EST by Mr.Damage
[RMD]Area has put together a package containing all you need to run a dedicated Realmode KP server. It is a self extracting archive for a RM dedicated server with the latest monkeymod client (1.52b) and the Antireconhack files as well as the five KPDM maps and several custom maps.

According to Area:-
Its pretty easy to use! Extract to any folder and doubleklick the "Start Ded.Server mm 1.52b shortcut."
First Time u will get a Errormessage, but dont worry, windows will fix it by itself.
U can save much work !!
Call me by ICQ if u need some support!

Download the Realmode Dedicated Server Pack from here.

"CRASH Squad Mod"
  posted November 1 - 10:17PM EDT by Mr.Damage
With the return of one or two CRASH servers you may be looking for some information on the mod. There is a general CRASH information page over at Tram Design the RTCW site run by Tunnleram, who was the Team Leader of the CRASH mod. You can check the CRASH page out here.

You can grab the CRASH files from here:-
Client Files
Server Files
Custom Maps
Custom Weapon Sounds

"New Map By Million"
  posted November 1 - 12:31AM EDT by Mr.Damage
Million has released a new DM map called Industrial City. This is a large map inspired by KPDM2 - Industrial Waste. There are lots of areas to frag in, lots of weapons and other items and overall it looks like a well made map :)
Download Industrial City from here.
Download most of Million's previous maps in the Million Map pack from here.

If you like this map then you will also like -CAT's most recent map Work To Rule which is also in the style of KPDM2.
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