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News Archive for November 2004

"Kingpin In Other Games - SoF2"
  posted November 30 - 9:46PM EST by Mr.Damage
Some time ago I posted about a conversion of the Team Towers Bagman map to SoF2 done by GraveDigger. Recently I picked up SoF2 for a few bucks and loaded the conversion, called KP_Towers, to check it out. Here are some screenshots and I have added it to the Kingpin In Other Games Download section.
You can download KP_Towers for SoF2 from here.

"Screenshots Of New Map By Pencho"
  posted November 29 - 11:45PM EST by Mr.Damage
Pencho is currently working on a new DM map for Kingpin:-
Here`s what I`ve come up so far. It`s pretty much done just some minor detail additions. I`m sending along a few shots. They show the three main outdoor areas. There is one more indoor room and everything else is corridors and smaller rooms.

If these screenshots are any indication then it looks like it is goin to be a good map :)

"Two Older DM Maps Added"
  posted November 28 - 3:21AM EST by Mr.Damage
I have added two older DM Maps to our Custom Maps Archive which we didn't have as individual zipfiiles. They are UpnDn and Shock.

Upndn by Unknown Author. This is a popular map from the 'old days' which is a smallish arena style map. It has a central area with a small raised room in the centre with the Grenade Launcher, Health and Armour. There are two side rooms with Rocket Launchers and you can access the roof area with another Grenade Launcher. A lot of the lighting in this map is very colourful.

Download Upndn from here.


Shock by Tanyacheex. This is a larger DM map with 2 main areas. An outside area with a cooling mod in the middle of some water which you get to by running along some planks mounted on boxes. Don't fall in the water or you will find out where the title of the map comes from :)
There is also a large indoors area which is a big sort of hall with weapons ans armour and stuff. These 2 main areas are connected by a few smaller rooms and corridors.

Download Shock from here.


"New Skin For The Male Krafty Model"
  posted November 25 - 9:04PM EST by Mr.Damage

Eddie Skin Download

A new skin for the Male Krafty model which was made by David Lynch for Q2 and converted to Kingpin. It's based on Iron Maiden's Mascot "Eddie".

Just extract all files into your Kingpin directory.

Note: You must have the Male Krafty model installed to use this skin which you can download from here.

"Reminder To Run Mover-v6 Utility"
  posted November 25 - 8:56PM EST by Mr.Damage

Mover6 Utility by TiCaLDownload

Just a reminder for players who download most of their custom maps from servers to download and run the Mover-v6 utility.
Because what happens is this, if you d/l a map while playing the Hitmen mod it puts it into the Hitmen/maps folder. Then if you join another server running a different mod, such as the Extreme mod, but running the same map it will d/l the map again, because it is not in main/maps folder where it should be. Hence you can end up with the same map in several different places and with a larger than necessary Kingpin folder.

If you d/l and run the Mover6 utility by TiCaL it moves all maps, textures, sounds, skins, etc, from your mod folders back to main where they belong in the main folder. The zip includes a Readme with clear instructions on how to run it.

"Team Pro BM Map Added"
  posted November 23 - 11:49PM EST by Mr.Damage

Team Pro by Hypov8Download

I have added another Bagman map to our archives which was done by Hypov8. It is a conversion to Kingpin of the Team Fortress map called Push. It's a small to medium sized map and he has used all Kingpin standard textures.

There is also another conversion of this map by {GT}Knight but he used the original textures. You can download his version from here.

{GT}Knight's version of Push

"New Skin Pack For The Deadlock Model"
  posted November 22 - 6:39AM EST by Mr.Damage

Female Deadlock Skin Pack by Various ArtistsDownload

A new skin pack for the Female Deadlock player model. There are heaps of skins , all of which have been converted from Q2. There are lots of scantily clad skins (of course), several Lara Croft ones, a couple of comic book super heroes, some Star Trek ones, a vampire, Buffy, etc, etc.

If you dont have the Deadlock model you can download it from here.

"New Player Model"
  posted November 20 - 10:18PM EST by Mr.Damage

Jason Voorhees converted by {GT}KnightDownload

{GT}Knight has converted the Jason Voorhees model from Quake2 to Kingpin. The original Q2 model was made by Pestilance. The model doesn't have Kingpin weapon support but does have Q2 weapons (for Bloodmoney & his version of Hitmen I would say). Thanks to BigChuBBy and {GT}Subzero for supplying some of the files I didn't have.

"Ship DM Map Added"
  posted November 19 - 3:58AM EST by Mr.Damage

Ship DM Map by DocDidiDownload

I have uploaded this older DM map by DocDidi as we didn't have it here as an individual downlaod. It's a small map set in a docks area with a large container ship, and some warehouses on the docks. There are plenrty of weapons and armour in the dock building, on the ship and in the water. In the control room of the ship are buttons to open the container area of the ship and the front of the ship can be opened up to allow players to exit. I believe this was a very popular map a few years ago so if you don't have it then download it and check it out. I have added this map to the rotation at Detropolis.

"Gamespy Lite KP4Ever Version"
  posted November 19 - 3:30AM EST by Mr.Damage
Just a reminder that there is an updated version of Gamespy Lite created by PeNdEjO which he released a while ago. He updated the background image, removed several buttons that were dead links and replaced the link to PlanetKingpin with a link to us at Kingpinforever :)
You can download the updated Gamespy Lite from here.

Just extract the file to your kingpin/gamespy folder. If you want to keep your original just rename it or copy it elsewhere.

"KP In Other Games - Doom & DoomII"
  posted November 15 - 6:14PM EST by Mr.Damage
Well look what I found :)
Two soundpacks for DoomI & II which replace most of the standard Doom sounds with Kingpin Sounds. These packs were made by Chris "Dragon" Pisarczyk and are kpvox which replaces modst ingame sounds and kpcussin which add KP cursing for the player and some of the monsters. If you have an old copy of Doom/Doom2 lying around then load it up and check these sounds out as it is quite bizarre.

I was able to load them using the command line -
x:\doom2\doom2.exe -file kpcussin.wad
x:\doom2\doom2.exe -file kpvox.wad

But for best results I used jDoom and the Doomsday launcher :)

You can grab the files from here -

"Shooting Cigars In Single Player"
  posted November 15 - 12:58AM EST by Mr.Damage
Did you know you can shoot the cigars out of characters' mouths without killing them in the single player game.
[DS]Method sent in some shots of Bubba, one of the guys you can hire in the first map, with his cigar and then after it has been shot out of his mouth. If you've got some free time why not give it a try :)

Before & After

"Spyware Remover"
  posted November 14 - 5:42PM EST by Mr.Damage
I have used Ad-Aware spyware & adware remover from Lavasoft for a couple of years now and today I was checking for updates and found there is a new version out called Ad-Aware SE Personal Edition 1.05. This seems to be lots better even than the old version and found a lot more entries. If you don't have a good spyware remover then you can download Ad-Aware SE Personal Edition 1.05 (it's free) from here.

"Veni Vidi Vici BM Map Added"
  posted November 13 - 11:57PM EST by Mr.Damage
Veni Vidi Vici by Tanya CheexDownload

I have uploaded an older BM map made by Tanya Cheex called Veni Vidi Vici. It is a small to medium sized map based on the Kingpin Single Player map SY_2. It is set on a ship with lots of passageways and small rooms and has ample weapons and items .

We didn't have this map available in it's own zipfile but it has been available in the BCs_MAP-PACK-N-YO-ASS-update-2 mappack which you can download from here. There are 15 maps in this mappack and you can see a list of all the included maps here.

Btw, there is also a DM conversion of the SY_2 SP map by Oracius which he called das Boot. You can grab this version from here.

Das Boot

"Another Xatrix Interview "
  posted November 12 - 8:19PM EST by Mr.Damage
[DS]Method has conducted another interview with one of the developers of Kingpin. This time it is Ryan Feltrin who did heaps in the development of KP including coming up with the idea of and coding of Bagman. You can check out this inteview over at Method's Turf.

"New Star Trek Skin Pack"
  posted November 12 - 2:59AM EST by Mr.Damage
I have put together a skin pack containing all the skins made of characters from Star Trek. The pack contains seven skins for the thug, bitch and Anthea models. There is Picard (of course) and Giordi, from Next Generation and Janeway, Tuvok, Harry Kim and 7of9 from Voyager. There is also a thug skin of a Borg drone, the main bad guys from Star Trek. The pack also contains a readme with details of all the skins, how to install them and how to load them.

You can download the StarTrek skin pack from here.

The 7of9 skin is for the Anthea model so if you don't already have it you can download the model from here.

"Kingpin Model Animations"
  posted November 7 - 3:36PM EST by DirtyDog

PeNdEjO! has uploaded a collection of 5 short videos that show the animations of several Kingpin models.  It's pretty cool and really gives you a look at the true detail their animations.  The animations  shown are 2 for the dogs, 1 for the runt and 2 for the thug.  The video shows several animations (death sequences, walking etc.) but I liked the dogs as I really never noticed just how many animations they actually had and how true to form they were.  Make sure you have the latest version of DivX  freeware as this was the only way I was able to see it.  I have the latest versions of windows media player, ReaL, Winamp and Quicktime and none of them worked.  This was also the case for the previously posted Quake II: The Reckoning Promo video.

Check it out: Kingpin Model Animations

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