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News Archive for November 2005

"Linux Dedicated Server Files"
  posted November 30 - 3:07PM EST by Mr.Damage

Linux Dedicated Server Files by Agent AreaDownload

Area has submitted new Linux Dedicated Server Files.
..I see some linux servers running without monkeymod. Thats why I compiled a linux server with all standardmaps and the latest monkeymod 1.52b. There is a short Description in the README. I also wrote a startscript which allows to run kinpin in 3 ways. 1. via Screen. 2. via nohup 3. via console. Theres an howto inside the startscript.

"KP4Ever Capture The Flag Server"
  posted November 29 - 3:03AM EST by Mr.Damage
I have set up a COLORS Capture The Flag server. Details are:-

Name : KP4EVER's CTF V1.0a Server
IP :
Maxclients : 16

If you don't have the CTF client files you can grab them from here.

You can download the CTF map pack from here.

You can visit the COLORS CTF webpage here.

"Hitmen Map Added To Archive"
  posted November 25 - 6:25PM EST by Mr.Damage

Shangri-la by ShaggzDownload

I have added another Hitmen map to the archive. This one is a small map in the classic Hitmen style called Shangri-la and was made by Shaggz. It has several levels, heavy armour and cooling mods and the obligatory secret room.

"KP4Ever Team DM Server"
  posted November 25 - 1:29AM EST by Mr.Damage
I have set up one of the KP4Ever servers to run Team DM which is rotating the Counterstrike maps that have been converted to KP.

Server Name : KP4Ever Team DM CS Maps Server
IP :
Maxclients 16

You can grab the cs maps mappack from here.
You will also need the revised DM Village2 from here.

Now if you looking for a game of Kingpin on Friday night why not drop into this server and check it out :)

"DM Village 2 Released"
  posted November 23 - 3:05PM EST by Mr.Damage

DM Village2 by Mr DamageDownload

This is a revision of the dm_village map which was a conversion of the cs map de_village made by by Albert Sola "Debugger". The original de_village textures were also converted which were made by Mike Zilla.
The main change in the revised version is the numbers of, and placement, of all the weapons and items. I guess the biggest change with the weapons is that there are now two HMG's in the map. Another change is that it now has a downloadable sky (i.e. the custom sky can be downloaded from a server).

"New Map By Ganja *Skunk"
  posted November 22 - 2:01AM EST by Mr.Damage

DM Fragger by Ganja *SkunkDownload

Ganja *Skunk has released a small DM map called DM Fragger. This map has a simple layout which is a number of rooms and corridors all connected via doorways. Some of the doors open and close while others remain open. It uses custom textures and has heaps of weapons and armour. There are 10 spawns but will be a good map for just a few ppl as well.

"New Map by Creamator"
  posted November 21 - 5:19AM EST by Mr.Damage

K9Fragg v2 by CreamatorDownload

Creamator has released an updated version of the K9Fragg map. K9Fragg was originally made by K9Iceman back in early 2000. The original is a small, dark, arena style map which uses several Quake2 textures.

Creamator has totally remade the map. It is now set outdoors in a small enclosed arena style area. All the Q2 textures have been replaced with standard KP ones (the K9 logos remain but thats about all).It has plenty of weapons and armour and 12 spawn points. The map also has a downloadable custom sky.

"New Pinball Machine Map"
  posted November 19 - 4:42PM EST by Mr.Damage

Kingpin Pinball by FredzDownload

Fredz has created a mad deathmatch map set inside a pinball machine. It's the pinball machine from the Kingpin's office.

The map actually starts with a small cutscene and then you are launched into the pinball machine. You get bounced around the table hitting the bumpers and the flippers just like a real pinball. There are a heap of weapons in between the bumbers and in the centre of the table. You can also run around on top of the machine where there is a grenade launcher and some armour. It's fast paced action and of course you don't need coins to play on this pinball machine :)

"Tanyacheex Map Added"
  posted November 18 - 10:29PM EST by Mr.Damage

UMMM by TanyacheecDownload

I have added an old deathmatch map called UMMM, which was made by Tanyacheex, to our maps archive.

This is a good example of a Tanya map, as its large with lots of open spaces, lots of corridors, many large buildings, uses mostly standard textures and this one has part of a single player map. But I think it could use some more weapons and other items.

"KDL League Update"
  posted November 18 - 9:41PM EST by Mr.Damage
Back in Septemeber I posted news that UnevenRatio and Batty)Killa were setting up a new League for Kingpin called KDL and the first league would be a combined Team Hitmen and Real Mode League.

Well they have been hard at work getting prepared and are now just about ready to start the new League. They have secured a really good server which has been supplied by www.so-gaming.co.uk. The server is now up and running and is being used for geenral play as well as for clan wars and is already becoming a very popular server.

I understand that sign ups for the first league will close on Monday so there is still time to sign up. It looks like they are still after one more clan and a few individual players to fill a few holes in a couple of the clans.

You can check out all the details at their webpage here.

"New DM Map by Whoop Ass"
  posted November 16 - 5:50AM EST by Mr.Damage

Downtown2 Beta by Whoop AssDownload

After a long absence Whoop Ass is back with a great looking new map. This is a deathmatch map beta which uses all custom textures and is set in a town square. From Whoop Ass:-
I always did like jedi_downtown so I created a similar themed DM map, I had to simplify it down a little as the amount of detail was crippling it but I still think it came out nice. :)
I will be adding this to the Detropolis Custom Maps server in the next day or two.

"we're back"
  posted November 15 - 5:41PM EST by Truzenzuzex[BC]
A big thanks to Dantzer for re-negotiating our ISP hosting fees and getting things back online. If anyone thinks running a big site like this is free, think again.

All game server, files, and web services are good to go! We only had about 3 days of game server interruption.

"BC's Map-Pack-N-Yo-Ass Update #18 Released"
  posted November 12 - 1:34AM EST by Mr.Damage
The latest installment of the BC's-Map-Pack-N-Yo-Ass series of mappacks has been released. This update mappack contains 25 maps (DM, KP2 Mod, COLORS CTF and Bagman) which were released in the period from late May 2003 through August 2003. The pack is spread over three zip files which are between 13 - 14mg.
You can see a list of all the maps included here.

Download the Update #18 mappacks here:-


Matrix Dojo & Sydney CBD Fringes

Havana & Team Dam Beta

You can also download the other recent Updates from here:-



"CRASH Squad Map Source Files Uploaded"
  posted November 12 - 1:29AM EST by Mr.Damage
Sometime ago Tunnleram released the source map files for all the official Crash Squad Mod maps and I have now uploaded them to the Mods download section of KP4Ever. There are a total of 13 map files by both Tunnleram and ALMost.

You can download them from here.

You can visit Tunnleram's Crash Squad mod page by clicking here.
This page has all the information you need to know about CRASH as well as download links to all the relevant files.
You cn also get all the CRASH Squad files from our Mods section here.

I am thinking about putting a Crash Squad server up if there is enough interest.

"Two Bagman Maps By Creamator "
  posted November 11 - 8:04PM EST by Mr.Damage
I am currently sifting through the KP4Ever News Archive and putting together [BC]'s MAP-PACK-N-YO-ASS! Update Pack #18. Two of the maps that will be included are BM maps by Creamator that I thought were worthy of another news post :)

Team Compound This one is a small BM map with a fort style lay out with a kpdm5 feel. It's a conversion of the Kingpin Colors Capture the Flag map.

You can download Team Compound from here

Team Compound

Team Courtyard A larger urban style BM map. This map started out as the DM map k9courtyard and was then converted to the Colors CTF mod and now converted to BagMan play.

You can download Team Courtyard from here

Team Courtyard

"Martin Player Model"
  posted November 9 - 3:56AM EST by Mr.Damage

Male Martin by SylacsDownload

This is an interesting model that Sylacs created back in 2003.
This model is a conversion of the Martin character from the Max Payne game. It has full KP weapon support and one accessory which are his dark glasses. One thing about this model is that it does not walk crouched (as there is no crouching Max Payne). Sylacs considered this model to be his best work :)

"New 4v4 DM league"
  posted November 9 - 3:01AM EST by Mr.Damage
XraiDeD has sent word about a new 4v4 DM League for Kingpin that Thief is organising:-
The league will be 4v4 team deathmatch with a 20 minute timelimit, no fraglimit and with bunnyhop on. Every clan will have to pick a home map and wont be able to change this once the league has started.
The maps will be kpdm 1- 5 and dm_village. We will be playing on ziege's dm server on sunday evening between 19:00 uk and 21:00 uk time.

They already have several clans signed up and if you would like to sign up or get more info etc then check out this forum here.

"New Bagman Map - Team Bloodcity"
  posted November 5 - 3:53AM EDT by Mr.Damage

Team Bloodcity Beta by Mr Damage & TurboDownload

This is a medium sized Bagman map for Kingpin. This map was originally made for the King of the Streets mod by Turbo and has now been BM'ed by me.
This map looks a lot larger than it actually is with some long and short ways to get between the two bases. The two bases are a disused Police station and a Casino and the money drop is in a fountain. There are several routes between the bases, lots of weapons and items, a crashed Police car,custom sounds, a custom sky, pinball machines and pokies :)

This map is already in rotation on Hogies East Coast server :)

"Beta Of new Map By Sonik"
  posted November 3 - 3:42AM EDT by Mr.Damage

Forgotten Mansion (beta1) by SonikDownload

Great news, a beta of a new map by Sonik. This one is a small DM map called Forgotten Mansion (beta1) and is a spooky , Halloween style map. The map is set in and around a tiny, scary old mansion, check out the family portrait on the wall in one room :)

As with any spooky old house there are lots of secret rooms and several eerie custom sounds and enough weapons so you can frag anything that goes bump in the night :D

I have put the Sonik Maps server back up for a few more days and added this new map to the rotation there.

"iKyD DM Maps"
  posted November 2 - 3:55AM EDT by Mr.Damage
I see that there is a small iKyD DM server up and running at the moment. It reminded me that way back in 2002 one of the members of the iKyD clan created two DM Maps called iKyD Station and iKyD Factory.

Station is a medium sized map set in and around a train station. There are lots of buildings and rooms to run around in containing lots of weapons and armour etc, and a large outside area with lots of high areas you access via ladders, boxes and crates.

Download iKyD Station from here.

Factory is a medium sized map set in a factory complex. There are lots of places to frag in this map and you can even jump into 6 vats which contain armour.

Download iKyD Factory from here.

Both these maps are well worth a look.

iKyD Station

iKyD Factory

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