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News Archive for November 2006

"Top 9 Crime Games"
  posted November 29 - 2:29AM EST by Mr.Damage
While looking around the net I found this site which rates the top9 Crime and Mobster games. Did Kingpin make it? you can find out by visiting the site here.

"Dark Elf Skins"
  posted November 27 - 4:25AM EST by Mr.Damage
The most downloaded skin we host here at KP4Ever is Nakedlady but the second most popular skin is the Dark Elf thug skin.
DziQ mde Dark Elf skins for the thug, runt and bitch. All three have the skin names head_dke, body_dke and legs_dke.

If you don't have them yet you can download them from here:-

Dark Elf Thug
Dark Elf Runt
Dark Elf Bitch

"Sin City Thug Skin"
  posted November 24 - 1:38AM EST by Mr.Damage
Just over a year ago Rocksteady submitted a skin he made for the thug model called Marv. It's a skin based on the Marv character, played by Mickey Rourke, from the movie Sin City.
If you want to check if you already have it, the skin names are head_mrv.tga, body_mrv.tga and legs_mrv.tga.

If you don't have it you can download it from KP4Ever or Filefront or Fileplanet.

"Swat Thug Skin"
  posted November 20 - 4:02AM EST by Mr.Damage
One of the classic player made thug skins is Swat. A thug skin made back in 1999 by Cosmos. The skin names are head_swa.tga, body_swa.tga and legs_swa.tga.
It's been a very popular skin but if you don't have this skin you can download it from KP4Ever or Filefront.

"BC's Map-Pack-N-Yo-Ass Update #23 Released"
  posted November 18 - 6:22AM EST by Mr.Damage
I have just finished putting together the latest installment of the BC's-Map-Pack-N-Yo-Ass series of mappacks. Update #23 contains all maps that were released through KP4Ever from mid April 2005 to mid March 2006 and all the older maps that were added to our map archive during thsi time.
The pack is spread over four zip files which are between 15 - 16mg and there are a total of 64 Deathmatch, Hitmen, KIT and Bag,man maps.

You can see details of all the maps included here.

Download the Update #23 mappacks here:-


SK Buds v2 & Streets Of Rage - Kit

Midnight & Awakening To Danger

"Popular Bitch Skin"
  posted November 17 - 10:18PM EST by Mr.Damage
Check out have many downloads the Naked! bitch skin, made by [Shizo], has racked up over at Filefront. I know this is a popular skin (like all the nude bitch skins) but I was surprised at the number. Go check it out here.

"Runt Skin Added To Archive"
  posted November 17 - 7:59PM EST by Mr.Damage
I have added an old Runt skin to our archive called Lazy Bum. The author, who is unknown, made the skin for a site called lazybums.com.
You can download the skin from KP4Ever or Filefront.

"Screenshots Of New Map By Cujo "
  posted November 16 - 3:56AM EST by Mr.Damage
Cujo has posted some screens of a new map he is working on over at his CujoDesign. It's called KP2 Nokia and is a conversion of a CS map. Check out the screens here.

"Reprisal Skin Pack"
  posted November 14 - 2:55PM EST by Mr.Damage

Reprisal Skin Pack by DirtyDogDownload

This skinpack contains all the skins DirtyDog made for the Single Player map pack Reprisal which was made by Wheelbarrow.
There are skins for the thug, runt and bitch consisting of seven thug skins, (three bodyguards, the big boss, a scientist & Nikkies & Dragons Basketball skins), one runt scientist and one girlfriend skin for the bitch model.
Just extract all files to your kingpin directory and check the readme that is included for skin names etc.

"Levelshots For KP4Ever Servers"
  posted November 9 - 6:12AM EST by Mr.Damage
I have enabled map voting on the Detropolis Custom Maps Server and the Fast Cash Bagman Server so players can choose the maps they want to play.
For those of you not familiar with map voting all you do is press F1 to vote for the next map after the scoreboard screen has loaded at the end of the current map. You will then see a list of 8 random maps from the map rotation which you can vote for by pressing a number from 1 to 8. If you have a levelshot of the map you vote for you will see it (a levelshot is like a small screenshot).

To make it real easy I have put together all the levelshots for the maps rotating on the Fast Cash Bagman server into one small zip file. If you download and install this zipfile you will then see a levelshot/screenshot of any map you vote for.

You can downlaod the Fastcash_server_levelshots zipfile from here.

"Team Metro Bagman Map"
  posted November 7 - 5:09AM EST by Mr.Damage

Team Metro beta1 by DreadDownload

Another of the Bagman maps rotating on the Fast Cash Bagman Server is Team Metro beta1 by Dread. It's a smallish BM map in the style of Kingpin's Radio City (like team_rc).

"Another KP Video Added"
  posted November 1 - 3:42AM EDT by Mr.Damage

Gang Hit VideoDownload

I found this short, old Kingpin video called Gang Hit and have uploaded it to KP4Ever. Basically it is a gang hit massacre that only lasts a few seconds but is full of KP carnage :)
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