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News Archive for November 2008

"Buy Kingpin at Good Old Games"
  posted November 22 - 11:05PM EST by Mr.Damage
Phil Wlliams sent word that you can now download Kingpin from Good Old Games:-
Hey Kingpin Forever

I've just rediscovered Kingpin thanks to Good Old Games - www.gog.com

It's just like Steam, only for old games, and without any DRM! Plus they're really getting on it with releases -it looks like every Tuesday they add more titles. Anyway Kingpin's just $5.99!!

Bargainous :)

I'm pretty cetain Interplay have a deal with them that a cetain amount of the sales of their old games goes back to them which of course is a good thing =)

"Dave's Room DM Map"
  posted November 11 - 4:11AM EST by Mr.Damage
Here is a map Hypov8 made a few years ago called Get some air in Dav's Room. This is a map set in his own bedroom and is one of those maps where everything is oversized and you are the size of an ant. He also made it more interesting by making it a low gravity map. You can grab this one from here

"Godfather Mod Server"
  posted November 6 - 6:40AM EST by Mr.Damage
I have setup a server to run the Godfather Mod for a few days and we are planning to have a game there on Thursday night

Details are:-
Date : Thursday 6th Nov
Name : KP4Ever's Godfather Server
Time : 7.30pm Chicago time

To check what time it is where you are when the games are on check the World Clock site here.

For those of you that have never played the Godafather mod -
Starting as a new recruit, you need to work your way up the ranks of the family to ultimately become the Godfather (or Crime Lord).
You join each map as a new recruit, and get promoted by gaining kills. Promotion has its benefits (extra health, better starting weapons, some armour) and also its drawbacks (lower level kills give you less experience points).

There are 7 levels and players weapons glow to denote their level. The colour code is:
Level 0: No Glow (Recruit)
Level 1: Red (Look-Out)
Level 2: Green (Thug)
Level 3: Dark Blue (Mobster)
Level 4: Yellow (Hitman)
Level 5: Purple (Lieutenant)
Level 6: Cyan (Crime-Lord)

There are some new commands you should create binds for
bind x showstats
bind x showtable
bind x taunt n (where n is a number from 1 to 50)
bind x taunt
Type the above into the console and just assign a key to the commands (replace the 'x' with your selected key).

"Starfox Custom Player Model"
  posted November 5 - 2:33AM EST by Mr.Damage
Several years ago {GT}Knight converted a heap of player models from Qauke2. The male Starfox model is one of them. Three skins are included with the model.
You can download the Starfox model from here.

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