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News Archive for November 2009

"Deefa's Server Back Online"
  posted November 30 - 3:22AM EST by Mr.Damage
Defa is running his Aussie server again
I have only got 256kbit upload, which will limit the server to 5 or 6 players, but 5 is better than none!.

I hope to see you in there some time.

Server details:-
Name : Deefa's 2 on 2 Server
IP :
Players : 5
Monkey Mod : Required

"This weeks Game On Our Servers"
  posted November 22 - 12:06AM EST by Mr.Damage
Anyone looking for a game any night this week check out our forum post for our nightly games on our servers. You can check it out

There is one change to the schedule though. I have changed the Extreme mod server for a Team DM Server for a couple of weeks.
So Team DM takes the Thursday night slot for the next couple of weeks.

"New BM Map - Team Warfare"
  posted November 21 - 11:43PM EST by Mr.Damage

Team Warfare by FredzDownload

Here is a Bagman map by Fredz which is set on a battlefield like in Europe during World War I.
The two bases are made up of trenches and bunkers and the area between them where the money drop happens is no man's land.
The bases have caches of weapons and other items and the safe bags are in little rooms with automatic doors.
The map is smallish, has a custom sky, is optimized for use with his MPZ mod, and looks like a lot of fun.

"AB Park DM map"
  posted November 17 - 3:54AM EST by Mr.Damage
AB Park is a small DM map consisting of two areas. One is a room full of lava with small walkways above it. There is a central area where the HMG is. This room is connected to another area which contains a small room with a second HMG. You must shoot the door of this room to get it open. There is also a trap of sorts containing a few weapons and a balony up high but not sure how to acces that :)
There ar plenty of weapons and the map should be fun with a few players.
You can download AB Park from here.

"New Bagman Map Team Rockz"
  posted November 12 - 2:31AM EST by Mr.Damage

Team Rockz by AB|JonesDownload

This one is a medium sized BM map that uses Quake2 textures. The walls are all rock textures, the bases have plenty of weapons and items, and, like in many BM maps, there are no actual safes just cash bags to deposit your money at or to steal from.
There are three ways to each base so you can go straight through the middle or along passageways on the edges of the map.

"This Weeks Game On Our Servers"
  posted November 9 - 3:02AM EST by Mr.Damage
If you looking for a game any night this week check out our forum post for our nightly games on our servers. You can check it out

"Acc Updates Total Overdose Map"
  posted November 7 - 7:39PM EST by Mr.Damage
Acc has released the final version of his Total Overdose DM Map.
I made a few aesthetics changes in order to reduce r_speeds on some areas and it works rather well (most user shouldn't notice anything anyway). Also fixed a few texture misalignments...
He also removed one grenade ammo.
You can download updated version of this map from here.

Please note that it has the same name as the first version so when you install the new version it will overwrite the old one.

I have added this latest version to our KP4Ever's Kraze Bot Custom Maps Server also.

"New KiT Map"
  posted November 4 - 2:22AM EST by Mr.Damage
Here is another of the KiT maps that Fredz sent in.

Jones MiniKiT 2 by AB|Jones
This is a smallish KiT map where the aim is to reach the centre of the map. You start out in a small room with a teleport which teleports you to the next room. You then tackle the puzzles and challenges in that room to reach the next teleport which takes you to the next room. There are four rooms to manoeuvre through before reaching the centre.
You can download Jones MiniKiT 2 from here.

"New Thug Head Skin"
  posted November 3 - 2:08AM EST by Mr.Damage
Acc has released a new head skin for the thug model called Cesar.
You can grab it from his Kingpin website here.

Just extract the three files to your kingpin/main/models/actors/thug folder.

If you want to use it with the body and legs skin in the above screenshot (which are both 072) the quickest way to change to these skins is:-
Start Kingpin
Pull down the console (~ key)
At the prompt type in skin "male_thug/137 072 072"

"Kingpin Links Updated"
  posted November 3 - 1:48AM EST by Mr.Damage
Just letting you all know I have updated the links on the right hand side of this page.
I have removed any dead links, updated a few with the current URL's and added two new links.
Everyone should work now.

"Hogie's Haunted Curse Map"
  posted November 2 - 3:16AM EST by Mr.Damage
Someone was asking about this map so easiest thing to do is to post about it =)

The map is called Curse:Haunted and is an eerie BM map set in a large haunted mansion. It uses all custom textures and has some nice features including some cool lightning effects in the sky. It has several ghostly custom sounds, ample weapons and items and uses fog. To view this as intended you must make sure you have FOG enabled in your options menu under VIDEO. Again this effect greatly impacts the experience.
Apart from the above this map also contains a very cool cutscene with a floating "ghost thug" that only works in BM Curse Mod so to view it you will have join the server to check it out.
A lot went into this map so make sure you download it and check it out here.

The map is in rotation on Hogies East Coast Bitchslappa Server

"This weeks Game On Our Servers"
  posted November 2 - 2:58AM EST by Mr.Damage
As you probably know if your a regular visior here we have nightly games planned on our servers.
To save time typing out new posts every week I have started a forum topic with all the details on the games (which server, what night, what time etc).
For all the details check our forum here.

If you are the first person in the server plz wait a while and hopefully a few other ppl with join =)
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