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News Archive for November 2013

"Kingpin On Sale At Steam"
  posted November 29 - 5:32PM EST by Mr.Damage
Kingpin is currently on sale at Steam for 75% off which means you can pick it up for $2.49 USD!
I think that is the cheapest I have ever seen it at Steam or GoG.com.
Sale ends on 4th December.

You can check it out here.

"Kill Em All Deathmatch Map"
  posted November 23 - 8:37PM EST by Mr.Damage

Kill Em All by {VBG}KungenDownload

Here is a death match map from 2001 made by {VBG}Kungen.

It's a large map set in an urban, Kingpin style, neighbourhood. Most of the action will happen on the street but some buildings can be entered also.

There are enough weapons and other items and deserves a look :)

"Oldschool Servrs"
  posted November 8 - 1:55AM EST by Mr.Damage
Good to see a coupe of the Oldschool servers are back up. A big thanks to Mr Ruler for putting them back up.

They are Oldschool Gangbang and Oldschool Hogies.

"Farmfear Deathmatch Map"
  posted November 5 - 3:06AM EST by Mr.Damage
Back in May 2003 me and Cujo did a conversion of one of the official Soldier of Fortune maps called Farmfear.
This is a medium sized map, set in a farm, and uses the SoF Uganda texture set. It has plenty of weapons, ammo and other items and 16 spawn points. Hypov8 also helped with this map, darkening the SoF/Uganda textures to better suit KP and working on lowering the r_speeds and other bits and pieces.

There are two versions. One that has additions such as weather effects, dogs and rats, single player props and breakables etc which was made for the KP2 mod and one that doesn't have any of these as the monkey mod version at the time didn't support any of these features.

You can grab these maps from here:-

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