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News Archive for December 2001

"Like a phoenix..."
  posted December 3 - 11:00PM EST by Orgseey
Like a phoneix from the flames, Poisonville rises once again. Wow, almost like a song lyric! Well, it's been a while hasnt it? Poisonville has been down for over a month now, and it's been clear from the feedback that weve received that it's been missed! Youre probably wondering what the hell took us so long, so here's a little background information. First up, FaggotNation, oops, I mean Telenation a.k.a. Telefragged, decided to pull the plug on our hosting without any warning or tolerance for our needs. If you ever need a host, whatever you do don't head in the direction of Telefragged. Anyway, where was I. If this wasnt bad enough, the domain poisonville.com had also expired, and as TF had control of it, they wouldnt let me buy it from them or extend it. Following this the domain was bought by a porn company, who now revel in providing our visitors to a whole new meaning of shafting. Our saviours from this situation, or so we thought, were GNN. The Gaming News Network promised so much, but delivered so little. They kept us waiting, broke promise after promise and eventually we simply gave up all hope. At this point, I realised the only way to get things moving was to pay for some hosting out of my own pocket, and buy a new domain. So here we are, a brand new shiny KingpinForever.com, the new home of Kingpin. The problems werent over yet though. Our news system, tailored for Telefragged was utterly incompatible with any other servers, so I had to spend some time recoding an alien script in an alien language, and while I was at it, decided to covert all of PV to PHP. You'll notice that some of the pages are missing, this is due to the time it takes for me to do the transition. The ones that have moved over though, have been overhauled, so check them out! I'm rambling too much now, and I'm sure you're all just on the edge of your seats waiting for Mr Damage to get back into the rhythm of things, so I'll say goodbye for now. Oh, and dont forget to drop by our forum and say hello. Over and out!
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