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News Archive for December 2002

"Upcoming Mod By Sylacs"
  posted December 31 - 11:36PM EST by Mr.Damage
Sylacs is working on a new mod for Kingpin

Mod is called Underground, and should be released in late jan, early feb. The mod is a huge single player/multiplayer undertaking by me in both coding and mapping, 2 of my weaker skills in kp editing (but getting much stronger)

You can see a couple of early screenshots in this forum post here.

"Two Thug Skins"
  posted December 31 - 11:31PM EST by Mr.Damage
I have seen people wearing these cool old thug skins so I thought I would post about them. The Frankenstein thug skin is the classic monster skin and was made by Phonic and the other skin is an Ape skin but I don't know who made this one. We didn't have the Ape skin in our skin archive so I have uploaded it.
You can grab these two skins from here:-
Ape thug
Frankenstein thug

And make sure you check out the hundreds of other skins in our skin archive here.

Ape and Frankenstein

"Happy New Year!!!!!"
  posted December 31 - 12:28PM EST by NeWFnlou
From all of us here at KP4EVER, have a very safe and Happy New Year. We look forward to serving up all of your KP NEEDS in 2003!

"More Kingpin In Other Games"
  posted December 30 - 4:24AM EST by Mr.Damage
(Inc)PHOENIX sent in some more links to Kingpin in other games.
The Nikkies and Dragons Team Skins have been converted to RTCW by Dr Evil. You can grab them here:-

The Thug model has been to converted to Quake3 by TiCaL. You can check it out at Polycount

"Hitmen Maps Added To Map Archive"
  posted December 30 - 4:01AM EST by Mr.Damage
I have added two Hitmen maps to our Hitmen Map Archive. The two maps are Ghetto Fantasies by Shaggz and Bing's Bogart City by SirBingsalot. Ghetto Fantasies is a small, sort of an urban style map and Bing's Bogart City is a larger map set around a bridge and a room with a giant surprise in it. Both maps use custom textures and both have ample pistol mods, armour and cooling mods. You can grab hese maps from here:-
Ghetto Fantasies
Bing's Bogart City

Ghetto Fantasies

Bing's Bogart City

"Custom Health Bag, Armour & Weapon Skins"
  posted December 28 - 8:49PM EST by Mr.Damage
If you checkout the downloads page at the Silent Souls website you will see a heap of custom health bag, weapon, money bag, and armour skins for download which were all made by Outlaw. We also have them in our miscellaneous downloads section here.

Flame Armour & White Health Bags

"DM MortalHavoc2 Final Released"
  posted December 28 - 7:34PM EST by Mr.Damage
I have updated the DM MortalHavoc2 DM map. The original version of DM MortalHavoc was created by Cujo and then updated by him and me and released as DM_MH2. After playing it online recently I was unhappy with it and decided to update it and release a final version. I have changed the lighting, some of the textures, some of the weapon and item placement and amounts, and added a custom Cypress Hill sound file. You can grab DM MortalHavoc2 Final from here.

"Kingpin Reviewed In British Newspaper"
  posted December 27 - 5:16PM EST by Mr.Damage
While checking out the Blueyonder KP Forums I saw a psot about Kingpin being reviewed in a UK newspaper. The paper is the Daily Mirror and the review was published on Saturday 21st December. Its a small review but a good one and was written due to Kingpin being re-released in the UK :)
You can read the review here (scroll down to the bottom of the page as it's the last article).

"Single Player Mappacks"
  posted December 27 - 3:00PM EST by DirtyDog
While we wait for the completion of WheeLBarroW's single player mappack Sanctuary I thought I would bring a couple of other single player mappacks to our attention. To date there are only 4 authors who have made SP maps and they are WheeLBarrow, SoniK, BadMonK & Wattie. Of these 4 SoniK offers a very different approach to single player mapping in the sense that your biggest challenge is NOT your enemies, but the maps themselves. The maps are well made and the trick is figuring out how to get through each level for they are all booby trapped or getting from one end to the other on a timer. I recommend trying them all out and you can grab them from here:

House Of Death by SoniK
BadMonks Place, BadMonks Place2, BadMonks Place3 BadMonks Place4, MonkViLLe by Badmonk
Law Of The West, War Now, War Now2, by WaTTie

Remember that you must have your Kingpin CD in the drive for these to work ;)

"Kingpin In Other Games"
  posted December 27 - 2:22AM EST by Mr.Damage
It's always good to see a little piece of Kingpin in other games. (Inc)PHOENIX sent word that an ex-Kingpinner -{>PC<}-TheUltimateGod has created a Kingpin loading screen and console background for SoF2. If you have SoF2 you can grab this file from SoFFiles.com.

While I was checking that site out I also found a SoF2 conversion of KPDM5 which is called KP-Towers by GraveDigger. You can grab this map from here.

"DirectX 9.0 Released"
  posted December 25 - 4:03AM EST by Mr.Damage
Microsoft has released DirectX 9.0.
DirectX 9.0 includes security and performance updates, along with many new features across all technologies, which can be accessed by applications using the DirectX 9.0 APIs.
You can download it from here.
Make sure you read the Notes on the download page and take the recommended precautions before installing DirectX 9.0.

"Merry X-Mas KP Fans!"
  posted December 24 - 3:52PM EST by NeWFnlou
Remember that Santa only frags naughty Thugs, Runts, and Bitches LOL! From all of us here at NEW POISONVILLE aka KINGPINFOREVER, please have a very safe and Happy Holiday! We look forward to serving up all of your KP needs in the New Year!

"Updated Hitmen Map Released"
  posted December 23 - 3:02PM EST by Mr.Damage
TwiST has released an updated version of his Deadcross map. It's a smallish map with nice texturing, lots of armour, cooling mods and pistol mods. You can gab it from here.

"[BC]'s DaPlayGroundz! Hitmen Server"
  posted December 20 - 11:14PM EST by Mr.Damage
[BC]'s DaPlayGroundz! server doesn't seem to be showing up in Gamespy but it is up and running.
You can join via the Active KP Game Servers page or by adding to the address book in the join server/gangbang section of Kingpin.

"New Hitmen Maps By Twist"
  posted December 20 - 10:59PM EST by Mr.Damage
TwiST has sent in his two latest maps for the Hitmen mod. They are Twist's Frofit and Twist's Class.

Twist's Frofit is a medium sized map with some nice textures and lighting. It has lots of armour and cooling mods throughout the map. You can grab this one from here.

Twist's Class is a slightly smaller map that also has some nice texturing and lighting. It also has ample armour and cooling mods and also a few pistol mods. You can get this one from here.

Both these maps are in rotation on the EXCELLS~ Hitmen server:-
EXCELLS~ Hitmen Server IP#

TwiSTs FroFiT


"New Map by Garcia[FnR]"
  posted December 20 - 12:37PM EST by DirtyDog
Garcia[FnR] has retextured his previously released half-life converted map etomb by Simon Gibson & Matt Pudney entitled Etomb Rev1. This is a very big improvement in the sense that he used Serious Sam textures, an appropriate egyptian themed custom sky and excellent fitting music as well.

QUOTE: After getting good rotation with this map, I was given a comment that it should be
redone with the Serious Sam textures so it would be more true to it's name. So I practically
gutted the map and retextured it, then added some fitting music. I also added an intemission.

The map is excellent, plenty of spawns and weapons and is suitable for all DM servers, download from here: Etomb Rev1

"Christmas Themed Player Skins"
  posted December 20 - 6:57AM EST by Mr.Damage
There are a number of skins with a Christmas theme such as Santa and Elf skins for the Runt, Thug, Bitch and Homer Models.
If you want to run around in a bright red suit or as a Bitch Elf then you can grab the skins from here:-

Elf Bitch by Phonic
Santa's Little Helper by Phonic

Extract the Bitch skin files to your kingpin/main/models/actors/bitch folder.

Santa Homer (in Homer Skin Pack)

Just extract the Homer skin files to your kingpin directory.

Santa Runt by Undead Fred
Santa1 Runt by {LoL} Sandstorm
Santa2 Runt by Phonic

Extract the head and body Runt skin files to your kingpin/main/models/actors/runt folder and the legs Runt skins to your kingpin/main/models/actors/thug folder.

Elf Thug by Phonic

Extract the Thug skin files to your kingpin/main/models/actors/thug folder.

Update21/12/02 To make it easier for you I have put all these skins into a skin pack called xmas_skins. I have set the zip file up so that you only have to extract all the files to your kingpin directory. You can grab the xmas skin pack from here.

"Kingpin In European Games Pack"
  posted December 18 - 3:46AM EST by Mr.Damage
WEBHALLEN.com, which is a Swedish (I think) Games site, is selling a games pack called Lock 'N' Load which includes Kingpin. It also includes SiN, SoF and Spec Ops II & the Spec Ops II Expansion pack. You can check it out here. It's interesting to note that I found other sites that offered a games pack also called Lock 'N' Load but it had some different games in it and didn't include Kingpin :(

WEBHALLEN.com also offers Kingpin for sale on its own for 89 kr. You can check out the Kingpin page here.

Some other sites where you can buy Kingpin online that haven't been included in our Buy Kingpin page yet are:-

Computoz Online

Update 20/12/02 [THIEF]DYNNO has sent word that Kingpin is available in his local games store in Falkirk Scotland for 5. He also thinks that it is on general re-release in the UK where you can buy 3 copies for 10. The store that has Kingpin is Game Store (formerly Electronic Boutique).

"Christmas Themed Kingpin Maps"
  posted December 18 - 2:56AM EST by Mr.Damage
Last year AB|Mr.Kn0xVille and AB|FREDZ released festive season versions of two classic Kingpin maps - Rival Turf and Sick_re. Their Christmas versions of these maps are called Rival Turf Xmas and Xmas_re. They have been updated to include lots of snow textures, snowmen and Christmas trees. You can grab the maps from here:-
Rival Turf Xmas

Rival Turf Xmas and Xmas_re

"Kingpin Makes a Great Gift!"
  posted December 17 - 7:58PM EST by NeWFnlou
From the Staff here @ KP4EVER, here's hoping that all of you Thugs and Bitches are ready for a Happy Fraggin X-Mas! The "Big Day" is only days away, but it's NOT TOO LATE to give the gift that keeps on fraggin!!! Yup, brand new shrink-wrapped copies of KINGPIN-LIFE OF CRIME are available for purchase from a variety of sources and we here @ KP4EVER have searched the globe to get you hooked up with all of your Holiday KP Needs! If you look to the right hand menu of our site, you will see a link for BUY KINGPIN!. Clicking there you will take you to several merchants around the net who actually sell copies of our favorite game! Remember that KP makes a GREAT GIFT! Not only for a gaming friend, but for yourself as well :) And, of course, remember that we are HERE for all of your KP needs throughout the year! Happy Holidays Y'all and Long Live Kingpin!

"{SSF}Million Releases Another New Map"
  posted December 16 - 9:57PM EST by Mr.Damage
{SSF}Million has released a new arena style DM map called Million's Rel Plek. It's a small map which utilises some of the cs textures from the DM Village map. It has 21 spawn points and all the weapons except the flamer. It has lots of ammo, armour and other items. It looks like a fun little map. You can grab it from here.

"Another New Map By Zeppelin[FnR]"
  posted December 16 - 2:26AM EST by Mr.Damage
Zeppelin[FnR] has released another new DM map. This one is a conversion of the Quake1 DM1 map Place of Two Deaths. This version uses the original Quake1 textures and has 16 spawn points and ample weapons and items. You can download this one from here.

"New Map By Zeppelin[FnR]"
  posted December 14 - 8:27PM EST by Mr.Damage
Zeppelin[FnR] has converted another map from Quake2. This one is called Dedalo and was originally made for Q2 by FragLord. It is a typical Q2 style map but the KP version is much darker than the original. It's a big download (5.5mb) due to the inclusion of a 3mb .wav file. Maybe Zeppelin[FnR] would sanction the release of a version without this file for people on slow connections. You can grab this map from here.

Update 16/12 Zeppelin[FnR] has sent in a smaller zip file without the wav file. It now weighs in at just over 2mb. So if you want this smaller version you can grab it from here.

"New Map By {SSF}Million"
  posted December 14 - 7:47PM EST by Mr.Damage
{SSF}Million has released a new DM map called Million's Lavapit. It's a smallish single level map with a lava theme running throughout all the rooms in the map. There is ample weapons ammo and armour, much of it in recesses around the edge of the map. You can check this one out here.

"DM map release by CaT"
  posted December 12 - 10:27PM EST by DirtyDog
As previously posted CaT's DM map Egyptian Quarters is finished and ready for download, grab from here Egyptian Quarters and upload to your servers :)

"New Bagmabn Map By CAT"
  posted December 12 - 2:24AM EST by Mr.Damage
CAT has released his new Bagman map called Resident's Rage.

The setting of this map is in a residential area with many passage ways to and from each building. The weapons, ammo and armour are plentiful and equal for each team. This is a large map with 20 spawn points. There are sniper points in the windows of the base, making this a very defensive based map.

You can see some screenshots in the below post and add this one to your harddrive by clicking here.

"Screenshots of Cat's upcoming maps"
  posted December 12 - 12:17AM EST by DirtyDog
CaT just about ready to release TWO maps: an Egyptian themed DM map using the textures that were used in WhoOP's recently released Team Osiris called Egyptian Quarters and a hard, pipe hittin' KP classic urban style BM map called Resident's RaGe. I've had the opportunity to run through both of these and they are excellent.

DM~Egyptian Quarters

BM~Resident's RaGe

"Another DM by (K9)4nik8u|COH|"
  posted December 11 - 12:40PM EST by DirtyDog
(K9)4nik8u|COH| has released yet another DM map called COHkurbStoMP. This is an arena style, indoor map with a surprise :) Download from here: COH KurB StOMp

"2 DM maps by (K9)4nik8u[COH]"
  posted December 10 - 7:12AM EST by DirtyDog
(K9)4nik8u[COH] has just released 2 DM maps, KP5150 & tod_elite-rev. KP5150 is a small arena style map similar to his previously released map. It's a surreal themed map with a horse/statue in the middle with an iridescent texture on it. Tod_elite-rev is a retexture/remake of the DM classic frag fest, Tod_Elite. The revised version is over twice the size with some added corridors and rooms. Download them from here: KP 5150, Tod Elite Rev, Tod Elite (original)

"New DM map by SyL^cS"
  posted December 10 - 6:56AM EST by DirtyDog
SyL^cS has just released a new DM style map entitled Wolfenstein 3d:
QUOTE: Just a quickie map i made while waiting for my new comp, its layout is VERY similar to theoriginal Wolf3d level 1 released somewhere around 1992 I think. There are some small differences, like : theres stairs, i put them in to make it a little more "dimensional" lol. Theres lots of secret rooms all in the same places as they were in the original wolf3d, but instead of treasure theres teleports to different places around the map, giving it a bit more deathmatch friendly layout. Lots of weaps, lots of ammo, lots of armor, and more spawn points then you can shake a stick at.

The map is nice, layout is good, download from here:
Wolfenstein 3d

"New Map By Zeppelin[FnR]"
  posted December 7 - 3:13AM EST by Mr.Damage
Zeppelin[FnR] has released a new DM map called Torn Glory. This is a conversion of a Quake2 map by Cardo. Its a smallish map in the typical Q2 style. It has 20 spawn points and some nice custom textures. You can grab this one from here.

"Arsenal Mod Server"
  posted December 7 - 3:06AM EST by Mr.Damage
TopDawg are currently running an Arsenal Mod Server.

Arsenal is a conversion of a mod included with Soldier of Fortune, published by Raven. Arsenal is similar to Hitmen in that weapons and ammo is given out by the server. Everyone starts with a flamethrower and works their way down to pistol. Everytime you get a kill with a weapon, it cycles on to the next one until you've been through every weapon. Once you get a kill with a pistol (the last weapon in the cycle), you gain a points bonus and everyone starts again with a flamethrower.

The mod is a serverside mod so you don't need to download any files to be able to play it.

The server details are:-
[T.D] ~ Arsenal~ Server v1.1 IP#

"New DM Map By Kingpin_Xatrix"
  posted December 7 - 2:57AM EST by Mr.Damage
Kingpin_Xatrix has released a new custom DM map called Dayton Turf. It's a smallish map in the urban Kingpin style. It has 16 spawn points and one of every weapon. This is the first map released from his upcoming 5 map mappack which he is calling KP2DM MAPPACK . Although the version of this map to be included in the map pack will be different apparently. You can download it from here.

Yan says he is also working on a Single Player map pack which he is calling KP2SP MAPPACK. If any of you are interested in finding out more about it or seeing some screenshots you can contact him here.

"Detropolis Server"
  posted December 7 - 2:42AM EST by Mr.Damage
Just a reminder that the Detropolis Server which runs out of Detroit is running the very latest custom DM maps. You can download all the maps from KP4Ever and then jump in the server here:-

Detropolis All New Maps Gangbang

"Request to all mappers"
  posted December 6 - 1:01PM EST by DirtyDog
I just wanted to add a request for all mappers to please make sure to add full weapons and health support to your maps, even if it's designed for Hitmen or any other mod that provides the weapons. Any map, fully stocked with weapons will run in Hitmen (hitmen simply removes the weapons) however maps built without weapons, can ONLY run in Hitmen. The last two maps released are fun, nice looking maps that unfortunately will only work properly in Hitmen. Maybe you guys could UPdate these maps with all the weapons so that other servers can have the opportunity to enjoy them?

"RioTZ Linux Files"
  posted December 6 - 3:31AM EST by Mr.Damage
TnT Trash has sent in the Linux files for RioTZ v2.0a which were converted by TiCaL. These are full install files which contain both the Linux Server files and the RioTZ Client Files. You can grab these files from here.

"New Hitmen Maps"
  posted December 4 - 6:11AM EST by Mr.Damage
Twist has released a new Hitmen map called TwiST's HeLL. I have also added one of his recent Hitmen maps called Sweating Trigger to our map archive.

As stated above both are for the Hitmen mod (so there are no weapons or ammo in the maps), and both are small maps with similar styles.
You can grab TwiSTs HeLL from here and Sweating Bullets from here.

TwiST's HeLL

Sweating Trigger

"BM map release"
  posted December 3 - 2:05AM EST by DirtyDog
As per a request by Thief|DreaD I converted my previously released DM map WreCKerZ AreNa to WreCKerZ AreNa~BM. At twice the size of it's DM counterpart this is still a relatively small map. It's packed with plenty of weapons, armor, respawns and should be alot of fun. R_speeds are well under control. Download from here: WreCKerZ AreNa~BM

"New Map By {SSF}Million"
  posted December 2 - 4:14AM EST by Mr.Damage
{SSF}Million has released yet another new custom DM map. This one is a small map set in a palace and is called Da Palace. It has a main room surrounded by corridors and two other smaller rooms which contain the HMG and Grenade Launcher. You can grab this one from KP4Ever or from his webpage here. You can download all his other maps form his website as well.

"Twinsen Releases New Map"
  posted December 2 - 4:02AM EST by Mr.Damage
Twinsen has released a new custom DM map called AtomicDM. It's a small map with a two level central area surrounded by a corridor and a room at either end full of the good stuff.
You can download this map from KP4Ever or from his website here. You can also download his previous maps Deadzone and SensationDM from his website.

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