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News Archive for December 2003

"New KIT Map By Million"
  posted December 27 - 6:49PM EST by Mr.Damage
Million has released a new KIT (Kingpin Intensive Training) map called Tripple KIT. This is a large KIT map with many challanges. There are many different architectural styles and many different types of jumps to be performed.
Downlaod Tripple KIT from here.

"Wheelbarrow's RTCW KP Mod Update"
  posted December 27 - 6:13PM EST by Mr.Damage
Looks like Wheelbarrow found a skiiner to help out with his Single Player RTCW Kingpin add-on. He has also posted three new screenshots of a city section of the current map he is working on. You can check them out by visiting his website Wheelbarrow's Single Player Map Page.

"New Single Player Map By Sonik"
  posted December 26 - 9:50PM EST by Mr.Damage
Sonik has released a new single player map called KillSpree:-

"Single player, just one map.
open console, type "map vr_killspree". good luck, this one is tough.
i recommend playing some fast music while u play >:)
and no cheating!!! "

It's one map split over two levels. Make your way to the first switch to activate the elevator, then once on the upper level get to the switch to complete the map. The level only uses a few textures and it includes a custom skin for the thug. Its a tough level but you should be able to complete it in one session :)
Its only 73kb so why not download it now and give it a run.
Download KillSpree from here.

If you want to see one of the best SP map packs made for Kingpin then download Sonik's earlier work House Of Death part1 from here.

"New DM Map By Oracius"
  posted December 25 - 7:20PM EST by Mr.Damage
Oracius has continued his recent trend of converting the single player Kingpin maps to DM and released a new one called Moker Shipping. This is a conversion of the steel14.bsp SP map, parts of which have been seen in other maps such as Small Steel4b, Big Steel4 & the COLORS CTF map Moker Style CTF. It's a medium sized map with 12 player spawn points.
Download Moker Shipping from here.

"New BM Map By Million"
  posted December 25 - 4:02PM EST by Mr.Damage
Milion has released a new Bagman map called Team Fast Cash. This is a small fast paced map that utilises many different custom textures. The map is mirrored and the red and blue texturing clearly define both Teams' areas. There are ample weapons and armour and a nice looking cash drop area n the centre of the map.
Download Team Fast Cash from here.

If you haven't downloaded Million's last map, the excellent Industrial City then you can grab it from here.

"Another New Map By Pencho "
  posted December 23 - 3:11PM EST by Mr.Damage
Pencho has released a beta of a new DM map called Eclectic Dinner. This is a large industrial style map that includes outdoor areas as well. It has 19 spawn points and Pencho suggests a player load of 10+ players. It uses custom textures from SoF, MOHAA, UT2003, Quake 2, & Jedi Knight2.
Download Eclectic Dinner Beta from here.

"Quake 2 DM map conversion"
  posted December 22 - 1:50AM EST by DirtyDog
I've just completed a KP'd version of quake 2's classic DM map, Tokay's Towers (q2dm2). This is the 3rd installment of the list of stock Quake2 DM maps myself and veteran mapper WhoOP_AsS will be updating in the next several months. The map's been converted to run in Kingpin and has been given a full retexture/relight/reweap as well as an added small goodies area. The theme used is Kingpin's dreary/gritty wharf setting. Download from here: Tokay's Towers

"Bagman map update"
  posted December 22 - 1:32AM EST by DirtyDog
I've just updated two BM maps that I released a while back, Wreckville and Team CTF~WC Style. Both maps were in need of and received the following fixes:
texture alignment issues
minor structural issues
minor weapon/item placements
minor r_speed issues

The maps look and run better than before, download from here: WreCKviLLe and here: Team CTF~WC Style


Team CTF~WC Style

"New BM map "
  posted December 22 - 1:16AM EST by DirtyDog
WhoOP_AsS & DreaD have released a beta BM map entitled Bit O' Fun. It's a small map that uses both of Kingpin's wharf and ship theme. It's nicely made with some cool looking curves and a very nice custom Dragon's texture. Download it from here: Bit O' Fun

"New DM Map By Pencho"
  posted December 20 - 8:27PM EST by Mr.Damage
Pencho has released a new Kingpin deathmatch map called HLArena for Kingpin. This one is a conversion of a half-life map:-

"This is a conversion of a map for Half-life that gets a lot of attention down my end. I thought it would work well for Kingpin as well. I've added some kingpin style. The r_speeds are a little high as a result."

This is a small arena style map that has 8 player spawn points and is good for 2 - 8 people. It also includes a few custom textures.
Download HLArena for Kingpin from here.

If you haven't downloaded his previous map, the RTCW conversion to KP of MP Base, then grab it from here.

"Kingpinforver News Archive"
  posted December 20 - 2:37AM EST by Mr.Damage
If you are new to this site or only visit once in a while don't forget to check out our news archive. There is a link on the bottom left of this front page or you can just click here to take a look now. All the Kingpin news that has ever been posted here is archived in monthly blocks.

You can also use the search facility, located on right hand side of thsi front page, to search for old news, kingpin files or, in fact, anything that we have here at kp4ever.

"RealKP And SkyTzu Final DM Maps"
  posted December 19 - 6:53AM EST by Mr.Damage
I have uploaded two more of the DM maps (Inc)PHOENIX sent in. They are:-

RealKP Deathmatch by Tunnleram. This is a small arena style DM map which Tunnleram made for the RealKP clan. It has two levels and you have to climb up a rope to get the cooling mod.
Download RealKP Deathmatch from here.

SkyTzu Final by {GT}Sun Tzu. This is another arena style map. It has an outside ledge walkway that is very slippery, an inner, lower walkway and a platform in the middle of the map with two crowbars so players can bash each other :)
Download SkyTzu Final from here.

RealKP Deathmatch

SkyTzu Final

"Two New RioTZ Servers"
  posted December 19 - 2:28AM EST by Mr.Damage
-[R^]-T!t^n!um sent word about two new RioTZ servers:-

Hey all! i've turned my East Coast Playground (Trinity Server) from Monkey Mod to Riotz! I also have my own Riotz running from my home, but their both great servers! I hope to see you all in the Riotz Servers as they are up and running right now!

Trinity Server
-[R^]- RioTZ MOD!
Clients: 12

Home Server
RioTS RockET areNA
Clients: 11

Both servers run kpdm1. I find this map is best for Riotz mod, seeing as how you cant damange yourself, you need a big aera to rocket jump you ass everywhere! But any map with a good amount of space should be great for this awesome mod! ENJOY!


You need client files to play this mod so if you don't already have them you can grab them from here.

"Team 8Wayz By Whoop Ass Released"
  posted December 18 - 5:20AM EST by Mr.Damage
Whoop Ass has released a beta of another new Bagman map called Team 8Wayz. Whoop was unhappy with his Team FourWayz map so he made this one from the ground up as a direct replacement with a few design changes. This is a medium sized map which utilises many custom textures.
Download Team 8Wayz Beta from here.

"Two More Bagman Map Uploaded"
  posted December 17 - 5:26AM EST by Mr.Damage
I have just added two more older Bagman maps to our Bagman map download archive. The maps are:-

Team Enigma by Sandman. This was his 3rd Baggy map and is a small/medium sized map with a city setting and has got the typical Kingpin look to it.
Download Team Enigma from here.

Forts of Fury 4 Jaxon. The 4th in the series of Forts of Fury BM maps. This is a small map which uses mostly custom textures. If you have played any of the FoF maps you will know what to expect.
Download Forts Of Fury 4 from here.

Team Enigma

Forts Of Fury 4

"How Would KP Look In CoD"
  posted December 17 - 4:54AM EST by Mr.Damage
Whoop Ass made a test map using KP textures for Call of Duty to see what it would look like:-

screenshots of a kp test map taken from within Call of Duty. Due to the texture quality of kp and the player speed in C of D it is unlikely I will produce a kp textured map for the C of D game :(

Maybe someone can help with the texture problem but anyways here are a couple of screens of the map:-

"Kingpin In Other Games"
  posted December 17 - 4:36AM EST by Mr.Damage
I just found a Quake3 map that uses all Kingpin textures. The map is called AlleyQ3 by THS and is actually a remake of a Shadow Warrior map called Alley. If you play Quake3 and want to read about it and download it then get it from here or you an download it from KP4Ever here.

"New Bagman Map By Whoop Ass"
  posted December 16 - 3:29AM EST by Mr.Damage
As previously reported Whoop Ass has been working on a new Bagman map called Team Theatre. He has now released a beta of this map as well as a Christmas version. This is a samllish BM map with the bases being two nice looking cinemas and a cash drop area being the main street between the 2 theatres. The Christmas version is basically the same map but with snow textures and a festive season sound file anda few other seasonal textures.
Download the maps from here:-
Team Theatre Beta1
Xmas Theatre Beta1

Team Theatre

Xmas Theatre

"Two More DM Maps Archived"
  posted December 16 - 2:45AM EST by Mr.Damage
I have added two more DM maps to our custom maps archive:-

Dualnukes by 4Nik8 I believe. This is a small DM map set in two nuclear silos and a few small side rooms. It looks very similar to another map the name of which escapes me at this time lol. The map uses some nice custom textures and a custom sound.
Download Dualnukes from here.

Dunes by {GT}Knight. This is a small to medium sized DM map set amongst some sand dunes. This is a map found and finished by Knight and it looks like a terrain editor has been used to create the sand dunes effect. It uses one custom sand texture, has low gravity and ample weapons and other items.
Download Dunes from here.



"Creamator Releases Revised Map"
  posted December 15 - 5:52AM EST by Mr.Damage
Creamator has released a revised version of his DM Streetwar map as well as a smaller version of the same map. This is a medium size map with the setting being a typical dirty urban style main street with a couple of ware house areas and more. Creamator has made several structural changes to the map and it is now a little smaller with some new custom sounds and textures. It has 14 player spawn points and a suggested player load of anywhere from 2 - 20.

There is also another version of the map called DM Streetwar Small in the zip file which is much smaller for some tight fragging action :)
Download the two maps from here.

"Two DM Maps Archived"
  posted December 15 - 5:29AM EST by Mr.Damage
(Inc)PHOENIX has now sent in a heap of small DM maps we don't have in our maps archive. Here are the first two I have uploaded:-

Boom's Lodge by Boom and Tez. This is a small arena style map similar to Kill Dome but with a church like building included.
Download Boom's Lodge from here.

Dank Practice by -Dank-Souljah is a small fragfest map that is the stairway room from kpdm5.
Download Dank Practice from here.

Boom's Lodge & Dank Practice

"Christmas Maps And Skins"
  posted December 15 - 4:35AM EST by Mr.Damage
Well it's Christmas time again and so a good time to highlight the Christmas themed skins pack and the Christmas versions of two famous maps.

The Chrismas skins pack contains seven skins for the thug, runt, bitch and Homer models. So if you want to run around in a bright red suit or a one of Santa's Elves then download the skinpack from here.

Two classic Kingpin maps - Rival Turf and Sick City have been remade for Christmas. Their Christmas versions of these maps are called Rival Turf Xmas and Xmas_re. The maps were made by AB|Mr.Kn0xVille and AB|FREDZ and have been updated to include lots of snow textures, snowmen and Christmas trees. You can grab the maps from here:-
Rival Turf Xmas
Xmas re

Rival Turf Xmas & Xmas re

"Hypo Central Updated"
  posted December 15 - 4:12AM EST by Mr.Damage
Hypo V8 has updated his Kingpin maps webpage Hypo Central. He has added some ingame screenshots and some screens of his currently unfinished mapping projects. Check out the new screnshots and all his maps by visiting his website here.

"Two Bagman Maps Archived"
  posted December 15 - 3:50AM EST by Mr.Damage
I am still working through the many Bagman maps that (Inc)PHOENIX sent in a few months ago to see which ones we don't have in our Bagman map archive. Here are two more I have just uploaded:-

Team Dockside v21 by GraveDigger. This is a medium sized Baggy map where there are two multi-level bases which are seperated by a canyon with wooden huts, silos and water.
Download Team Dockside v21 from here.

Team Dragoon01 Beta3. I don't know who made this one but it's a small Bagman map where all the action takes place indoors. The texturing and lighting makes it really easy to know which side of the map you are in at all times. There are some nice Ancient Greek style symbols used to identify the team's bases.
Download Team Dragoon01 Beta3 from here.

Team Dockside v21

Team Dragoon01 Beta3

"Quake 2 DM project"
  posted December 14 - 5:08PM EST by DirtyDog
WhoOP_AsS and myself have taken on the project of updating some of the stock quake 2 DM maps. All of these maps have been previously brought to Kingpin way back in the day and we thought it would be nice to give them all a once over. Here are screenshots of an updated q2dm2:

Tokays Towers

Recently updated are Frag Pipe by WhoOP_AsS and The Edge by me.

The Edge

Frag Pipe

"New BM map by DreaD"
  posted December 14 - 4:52PM EST by DirtyDog
DreaD has just released a beta of a BM entitled: Team Metro. The theme in this map is Kingpin's Radio City style in which it is styled like team_rc. The map looks and runs great. Kingpin has many many different themes and it's nice to see one of the lesser done themes. Download from here: Team Metro

"Updated DM map"
  posted December 14 - 2:02AM EST by DirtyDog
ZePPeLiN[FnR] released a really nice DM map he converted from quake2 called Dead And Broken by Steve Veihl back in September. The map is excellent except that the players would show up dark and outright black in some areas. I changed nothing in this map except for turning UP all the existing juniors plus add a bunch more. The map contains alot of really cool custom sounds and a custom sky, download the revised version from here: jdab2

"Pencho's Maps"
  posted December 9 - 2:40AM EST by Mr.Damage
Apart from his latest RTCW conversion map KP Base, Pencho has released several other DM maps. Here is a complete listing of his Kingpin maps so far:-

Underfall Labs
DM Camphouse
Stage B Corp
DM Dissociate
Down Here
Sudden Death Q2 Conversion
Mr Pencho's Map Pack (4 small maps)

BoxDungeon & C-4

KPCross2 & DM Camphouse

"MP Base Conversion Released"
  posted December 7 - 2:31AM EST by Mr.Damage
After months of hard work Pencho has released his conversion of the RTCW map MP Base. This is a huge DM Map which mostly uses RTCW textures. It has 18 player starts and will be good for 10+ players. The setting is a big AXIS communications base which has many areas, both indoor and outdoor, and there are many crates situated around the map. Comments regarding this map can be sent to Pencho via email here.
Download KP Base from here.

"Screenshots Of New Bagman Map"
  posted December 6 - 11:21PM EST by Mr.Damage
Whoop Ass is currently working on a new Bagman map called Team Theatre. This will be a small 'bloody' map with the bases being two cinemas and a lot of the action taking place around the cash drop area in the main steet. Here are some screenshots of the upcoming map:-

"Spotlight On Mapper: -=Mad-Dog=-"
  posted December 5 - 6:47PM EST by Mr.Damage
-=Mad-Dog=- is a mapper who has mapped for Kingpin since 2000. He started off making small arena style maps (Bodycount Arena, Grist Mill), moving on to maps with all custom textures (Dead Serious0 and large DM maps (HMG Alley, Dead Cove) and even Bagman maps (Team Chasm). -=Mad-Dog=- doesn't have a webpage but you can grab all his maps here:-

Grist Mill
Bodycount Arena
Dead Serious
HMG Alley
HMG Lite
Deadman's Cove
Team Chasm

His most recent map was Deadman's Cove and I hope to see some more maps from -=Mad-Dog=- soon :)

Team Chasm & HMG Lite

Dead Serious & Deadman's Cove

"Wheelbarrow's RTCW KP Mod Update"
  posted December 5 - 6:18PM EST by Mr.Damage
Looks like Wheelbarrow is looking for some help with his Single Player RTCW Kingpin add-on:-

"Well, things are starting to settle down finally (whew!), and I'm slowly getting started again in the editor, but I gotta say, I still have had no response at all in my search for a skinner and/or modeller to help out with this project. Without this assistance, this project is going to grind to a halt I'm afraid. It's the only way to put Kingpin into the RTCW engine, so I'm hopefull someone with the know-how will contact me soon and offer their help..."

You can check out information on the add-on and screenshots of the work so far over at Wheelbarrow's Single Player Map Page and if you are interesting in helping out with the skinning/modelling you can email him here.

"RUST Kingpin Mappers Forum"
  posted December 5 - 6:11PM EST by Mr.Damage
Kingpin_Xatrix sent word to let us know he is the new moderator over at the RUST KP Mappers Forum.

I just got a job as Kingpin Forum moderator at
gamedesign.net (RUST) and got hosted (Dec. 20).
I want to welcome every Kingpin fan to visit Kingpin
Forum. I'm constantly updating it and answering
questions, in the future I'll add more tutorials.
After Dec. 20, we'll have a new look at RUST. I know
that there is few Kingpin players left, but I want to
change it. I'll post additional info on Kingpin:Final
Crime, scrnshots and answer questions. I hope to see
every Kingpin fan there.
Thank you."

RUST are also hosting his Kingpin webpage dedicated to his Single Player add-on Kingpin:Final Crime which you can read about in the forum.

"Fragcastle Map"
  posted December 3 - 3:19AM EST by Mr.Damage
One of my favourite small/medium DM maps is Fragcastle by KaptenSvea which was released in May of 2001. This map uses mostly default KP textures, has a suggested player load of 2 - 8 and does not contain the weapons grenadelauncher and flamethrower in it.
Download Fragcastle from here.

"Weekly KP games proposal"
  posted December 1 - 7:00PM EST by DirtyDog
(@M)gLOk has made a post in the KPF forums which reads as follows:

Im trying to create a league for the few Kingpin players left, and for players who want to come back for a weekly game. Im inviting everyone to play. Some people might not think the rules or maps are acceptable, so we have have an open discussion at the @M Forum . We will have our first game Sunday Dec. 7th, the exact time is still being discussed. Anyone and everyone is welcome and encouraged to give some input. More info is available at the @M Website.

Check it out, join up, post your feedback ;)
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