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News Archive for December 2004

"DM Map Remake/Update"
  posted December 31 - 10:19AM EST by DirtyDog

I've just completed a total remake of the classic DM map, The Court by MisterAngry:

This is another old favorite of mine that I thought could use an overhaul.  It's a complete rebuild/relight/retexture entitled The Court: 2005.  It's an arena style map that centers around a basketball court.  Big thanks goes to DreaD for being very resourceful and successfull in figuring out how to reduce the r_speeds.  More details on what was done as well as how DreaD handled the r_speed issues in the readme txt.  Download the map from here: The Court: 2005 and check out the original for comparisson from here: The Court

The Court: 2005

On another note I gave a minor update to my previously released Q2 conversion, The Edge.  The map's been brightened up some, minor texture and lighting tweaks plus cleared out a HOM.  If you are running this map on your server be sure to update it with this version, entitled The Edge Final

The Edge The Edge


"New DM Map"
  posted December 30 - 6:01AM EST by Mr.Damage


Carnage is a map converted from Q2. It is a large Q2 style map that uses mostly Kingpin textures but with a few Q2 ones as well. It has multi levels, lots of machinery textures and a couple of slime pools. It has 14 spawn points and ample weapons and items. It uses a custom sky so I recommend you download it from here and not from a server. It will be on the Detropolis & Keypoint servers shortly.

"Hypov8 Working On A New Map"
  posted December 28 - 2:05AM EST by Mr.Damage
Hypo_v8 let me know he is working on a new DM map. The map is a DM version of his unfinished Assault map Assault_beach_inv_b, which in itself is a conversion of the MP_Beach map from Return To Castle Wolfenstein. For the DM version it will be the outside area only.

Here's a couple of early screenshots:-

"BC's Map-Pack-N-Yo-Ass Update #14 "
  posted December 27 - 1:10AM EST by Mr.Damage
It's been a long time since a BC's Map-Pack-N-Yo-Ass mappack has been released (the last update was released in July 2002). So I have checked back through the archives & created BC's Map-Pack-N-Yo-Ass Update #14 which contains 37 maps (DM, BM, CTF, KP2) released from August 2002 through October 2002. You can see a list of all the maps included here.

Update #14 is spread over three zipfiles, which are between 11mg or 12.5mg in size, and can be downloaded from here:-

Update #14a
Update #14b
Update #14c

Wreckboot & Globehenge

Legoland KP2 & Kingpin City

From today until the end of next weekend the DM Maps in this pack will be the only maps rotating on the Detropolis Custom Maps Server so grab the zip files and jump in the server and check them all out :)

You can download the most recent other BC's Map - Pack-N-Yo-Ass packs from here:-

Update #13
Update #12
Update #11
Update #10

"Merry Christmas"
  posted December 25 - 11:01PM EST by Mr.Damage
From everyone here at Kingpinforever, we wish you a very Merry Christmas and a happy , safe and prosperous New Year.

We will see you all in the servers soon :)

"Latest Interplay News"
  posted December 23 - 2:53AM EST by Mr.Damage
As you probably know last April Interplay announced they planned to create a sequel to Kingpin but then fell into financial problems and no more has been heard about Kingpin2 since :(
If you want to keep up to date with the latest happenings at Interplay then visit NeWFnlou's forum thread 'Latest Interplay News' in our Community Chatter forum here.
The last posting was made on 22nd December with some news that's not good but not too bad really.

"Creamator's Maps"
  posted December 22 - 3:25PM EST by Mr.Damage
Creamator has released many Kingpin maps for DM and several Kingpin mods (KP2 Mod, Colors CTF, Bagman etc). Now he has created a webpage for all his maps with short descriptions, some screenshots and download links. The webpage is not quite finsished but should be completed early next year when you can also expect to see more maps by the prolific Kingpin mapper :)
You can visit Creamator's Maps webpage by clicking here.

"Two New Skins For Beavis & Butthead Model"
  posted December 20 - 4:44AM EST by Mr.Damage
Two new skins for the Beavis & Butthead model which were made by Donald Sarty for Q2 and converted to Kingpin. One skin has B and B in their Boxers and the other one is them wearing Classic Rock Outfits.

Download the skins from here:-
Classic Rock

Just extract all files into your Kingpin directory.

You need the Male Beavis & Butthead model installed to use this skin which you can download from here.

"KPDMMaymen DM Map"
  posted December 19 - 3:13PM EST by Mr.Damage

KPDMMayhem by [YFS]MayhemDownload

I have been playing this map a fair bit lately so decided to make a post about it. This is a tribute to KPDM5 by [YFS]Mayhem. It's a medium to large sized map, with that Central Towers themed architexture, mostly set indoors but with a small outside area. It has ample weapons and other items and should go well on any custom maps server.

"New Christmas Map"
  posted December 16 - 4:40AM EST by Mr.Damage

The Last Christmas by Mr Damage & FreddbearDownload

I have made a Christmas version of The Last Sunrise which was made by Fredbbear. Originally Fredb was going to do it but he has been too busy. Anyway it's a small deathmatch map set in and around a sort of fort like structure with a courtyard in the centre. There is a frozen well in the centre of the courtyard where you will find the cooling mod. There is some Christmas music playing, some presents for the best fraggers :) and plenty of weapons and other items.

"Winamp Skins Uploaded"
  posted December 15 - 4:34AM EST by Mr.Damage
I have uploaded three Kingpin Winamp skins to KP4Ever. They are the one by Niklas Ahl called KingPin, posted about recently, one called kpwinamp and another just called kingpin. To install the KingPin and kpwinamp skins just click on them and they will install. To install the kingpin skin extract all files to a any directory and then select the skin from the Winamp skins menu option.

Download these Kingpin Winamp skins from here.

Btw, if anyone has the thugamp and kingpinamp winamp skins please send them to us here so we can add those to the archive as well.

"Screenshot Of New Bagman Map"
  posted December 14 - 2:20AM EST by Mr.Damage
MaTRiX*[RnD]* is currently working on a new Bagman map:
I work on new map and the release date is the next week.
this is the first screenshot of my next map.
Game: Bagman
Player: 12-18

"New Bullet Hole Skin Pack"
  posted December 13 - 4:17AM EST by Mr.Damage

Bullet Hole Skin Pack by {BATTY}STONERDownload

{BATTY}STONER has released a new skin pack that contains bullet hole skins for the thug, runt and bitch models as well as for all weapons, armour and the backpack.
All the skins are in a pak file and the zip includes a readme on how to install it and how to select the skins for the thug, runt and bitch.

"New Map By Pencho"
  posted December 13 - 3:42AM EST by Mr.Damage

Apartment Eviction by PenchoDownload

Apartment Eviction is a medium sized, urban stlye, DM map for Kingpin. It has tight corridors and rooms indoors and nice open spaces to frag in outside. It has all standard KP textures and has 8 player spawn points with a recommended player load of 2 - 8.

"Christmas Themed Skin Pack"
  posted December 10 - 4:24PM EST by Mr.Damage

Christmas Skins by Various ArtistsDownload

If you want to get into the Christmas spirit and run around in KP as Santa or one of his elves then download the Christmas themed skin pack. The pack contains seven skins for the thug, runt, bitch and Homer models. You can see details of all the skins included here.

If you need the Homer model you can get it from here.

There is also a Frosty the Snowman skin for the Runt model which you can download from here.

"Screenshots Of New Speedway Map"
  posted December 9 - 3:02PM EST by Mr.Damage
Cujo is working on a new map for the Speedway Mod:-
Here's some screenshots of an unfinished speedway map. Its a large city map incased in a racetrack. The layout of this map is done and racetrack pretty much downand I have started building the city. Every part of this map made from scratch. The two side tunnels go to other parts of the map. I have added from bike jumps in other to tunnels this pretty fun map.

Cujo would like to see other mappers making some maps for thsi mod but the problem is we don't have the Speedway server files and at the moment there are no Speedway servers :(

"Kingpin Installer For Linux"
  posted December 8 - 4:52AM EST by Mr.Damage

Kingpin Installer For Linux by ravageDownload

In early 2003 I posted a link to a site containing a Kingpin Linux Installer. Now PeNdEjO! has submitted the installer to KP4Ever and I have uploaded it to the Utilites download section.

The installer is approximately 4.7MB.
The installer has to process an Installshield CAB before you will actually see files being installed, and change all of the files to lowercase so Kingpin will recognize them.
Installation takes around 5 and 1/2 minutes.

If you visit the ravage's site you will find Linux Installers for many other games as well. You can visit his site here.

"Screenshots Of New KP2 Mod Map"
  posted December 7 - 3:05AM EST by Mr.Damage
Cujo is working on a new map for the KP2 Mod:-
I am working on new map called kp2_urbanstreets & yup it for kingpin2 mod. It is a dual sided map with a few twists and turns and a nice bar, along with rats, dogs, rain, etc

These screenshots look sweet :)

"Gangster's Paradise"
  posted December 6 - 2:03PM EST by Mr.Damage
Gangster's Paradise, which is run by (Inc)Phoenix, is a site dedicated to photos of current and ex-KP'ers. Currently there are 37 galleries of photos and if you would like to have your picture added his email and ICQ details are at the site.
There are also many links to Kingpin related material including an extensive list of Kingpin in other Games. Check it out here.

"Kingpin Winamp Skin"
  posted December 4 - 7:01AM EST by Mr.Damage
If you use the Winamp MP3 player and are looking for a Kingpin skin then here is a good one. It's was made by Niklas Ahl and I have tested it and it works with the latest version of Winamp.

You can download the Winamp Kingpin skin from here.

Thanks to Fredbbear for sending me the link to this skin.

Kingpin Winamp Skin

"New Skin Pack For The Female Crafty Model"
  posted December 4 - 3:02AM EST by Mr.Damage

Female Crafty Skin Pack by Various ArtistsDownload

I have uploaded a new skinpack for the Female Crafty model containing thirteen custom skins converted from Q2. There are lots of different styles and outfits and such skins as MiB and even a robot skin.

Btw, if you need the Female Crafty model you can download it from here.

There is also a Daphne skin from Scooby Doo for this model made by DirtyDog which you can grab from here.

"Xmas Themed Maps Added To Detropolis"
  posted December 3 - 3:26AM EST by Mr.Damage
As it is nearing Christmas I have added two Christmas themed maps to the Detropolis server. They are Xmas versions of Rival Turf and Sick City and are called Rival Turf Xmas and Xmas_re. These versions were made by Mr.Knoxville and Fredz and include lots of snow textures, snowmen and Christmas trees. You can grab the maps from here:-

Rival Turf Xmas
Xmas re

Rival Turf Xmas & Xmas re

The above maps have also been added to the Keypoint Custom Maps and Extreme Mod servers.
Another Christmas themed map Xmas Theatre Beta1, a Bagman map by Whoop Ass has been added to the Keypoint Bagman server. You can download Xmas Theatre Beta1 from here.

Xmas Theatre Beta1

"Da PlayGroundZ Hitmen Server Updated "
  posted December 1 - 9:23PM EST by Mr.Damage
DirtyDog has changed the fraglimit for the Da PlayGroundZ server to 30 and added the following maps :-

Quake1 DM1
Matrix Dojo
A Rocky Map
UT Kingpin Style
Suicide Arenav2
Crates in the hood
Wild West
Backstreet brawl

Slumtown & Matrix Dojo

Backyard2 & UT Kingpin Style

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