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News Archive for December 2006

"Buy Kingpin Online Page Updated"
  posted December 30 - 11:10PM EST by Mr.Damage
I have just finished updating our Buying Kingpin: Life Of Crime Page. The page has entries for sites from around the world where you can still purchase a new or used copy of Kingpin (or even download it from one Abandonware site for $4.95). Currently Amazon UK have new or used copies from 45 pence and Amazon USA have used copies from $7.73. Ebay has a heap of copies available with early bids as low as 1c. There are also new copies from other sites from $19.90 and sites where you can buy it as part of a games pack. Check out our Buy Kingpin page here.

I have also uploaded a NOCD crack and added a link on the front page under the FilesLink or you can download it directly from here.

"New Kingpin Style Game"
  posted December 28 - 7:01PM EST by Mr.Damage
Elliot Pace sent in some news about a small game he has created called GrimSim.
GrimSim is a mix of game genres and is inspired by multiple commercial titles including Kingpin, Grand Theft Auto, and many others. The objective is to finish a set amount of days and make the highest score possible (calculated by many factors).
It's part FPS, part Sim game set in a gang environment.
Basically you must earn money by working or by killing drug dealers and then selling their drugs to addicts.
You can improve you knowledge (university)and muscle skills (gym) and the more knowledge you have the better job you can get.
You can contact The Dragons and they send you on missions to kill drug dealers.
There are several Kingpin NPC's you can interact with to buy goods and improve your skills.
You can enter dance contests or play the slot machines.
You get to use the KP pistol or shotty.

This is a beta release and any comments and feedback will be welcomed by Elliot. He doesn't think the gameplay is too hot so many you can give him some ideas on how to imrove it. Contact details are at his webpage.

You can download GrimSim from his webpage here.
If you go to the work section you can see a history of the making of Grimsim from conception to completion of the beta release.

"Merry Christmas & Happy Holidays"
  posted December 25 - 8:22PM EST by Mr.Damage
Merry Christmas to all from the gang here at Kingpinforever.
Thanks for all your support throughout the year and lets hope KP can see a little more action in the new year :)

Hope you can find some time to meet up with some other KP fanatics in the servers during the Christmas break.

"Christmas Maps Map Pack"
  posted December 22 - 4:37AM EST by Mr.Damage

Christmas Maps Map Pack by VariousDownload

I have put together a map pack containing all the Xmas/Winter themed maps I could find. There are eleven maps all told (10 DM and 1 BM maps). Most are running on the two Xmas servers. Why not drop in for a few frags in these servers during the Xmas break :)

"New XMas Themed Map"
  posted December 17 - 12:01AM EST by Mr.Damage

K9Fragg Xmas by CreamatorDownload

Creamator has created a Christmas version of the K9 Fragg DM Map. It's a small arena style map with plently of weapons, armour & other goodies. It is also snowing which will show up in the mods that support it like the Xmas mod and KP2 mod.

"New Xmas Mod, Maps and Server"
  posted December 16 - 2:57AM EST by Mr.Damage
Fredz has released a new mod for Christmas called the XMAS Mod lol. Xmas mod v1.0 has the following features:-
  • Used all the Xmas skins and converted a few more for the runt and thug

  • In deathmatch, it forces players to use the custom Xmas skins

  • In teamplay mode the team skisn are Santa's and Elf's skins

  • Modified the Hud color's for a more Christmasy feeling

  • Grenade laucher now shoots snowballs

  • Enabled single player props

  • Fixed the pistol mod pickup for realmode

  • Added a second realmode version, just put dm_realmode on 2 and you will get realmode with all weapons

You can download the client files for the Xmas mod from here.

The Xmas mod is currently running on the following server:-

Hostname : G()^T Xmas Mod v1.0
IP :
Maxclients : 12

and just for good measure a couple of new Christmas maps.
Mean Streets Xmas
Central Towers Xmas

"Christmas Gangbang Server"
  posted December 15 - 1:30AM EST by Mr.Damage
I have setup a KP4Ever Gangbang server running Christmas themed maps which will be up over the Christmas period. Details are:-

Hostname : KP4EVER'S Christmas Gangbang
IP :
Maxclients : 16

"Christmas Skins"
  posted December 11 - 4:29AM EST by Mr.Damage
Well it's the Christmas Season again and time to don a Christmas skin to frag in until the New Year. So time to grab the Christmas Skin Pack which contains several Santa skins and Christmas Elf skins for the thug, runt, bitch and Homer models.
Download the Christmas Themed Skin Pack from KP4Ever or Fileplanet.

There is also a Frosty the Snowman skin for the runt model which you can grab from here.

Happy Holiday Fragging :D

"Douglas Joinery DM Map"
  posted December 8 - 2:50AM EST by Mr.Damage

Douglas Joinery by IzeforealDownload

The other day I ran into Izeforeal in the Detropolis Custom Maps Server. He was back playing KP after a bit of an absence and we got to talking about his Douglas Joinery DM map he released a few years back. It an interesting map so I decided to make a news post about it.
It is a medium to large sized DM map set in the factory where Izeforeal worked at the time. There is a large factory area with two levels (the factory floor and office areas), outside areas (with lots of crates of course) and the factory roof can be accessed for some rooftop fragging. It has sixteen player spawns, lots of weapons, armour etc and apparently is a good representation of the real life factory.

"BR2 DM Map Revised"
  posted December 5 - 4:35AM EST by Mr.Damage

BR2 Revised by Mr DamageDownload

I have revised an old DM map called BR2 which was creatd by Deefa.
It's a small arena style map which features a centre structure, walkways, platforms all on different levels. There are platforms in each corner of the arena which move up to walkways which skirt the edge of the four walls. The structure in the middle of the map has a cooling mod in the middel of the lower section whilst up high is the HMG. The map features ample wepons and items and 13 player spawn points.
The main changes I made are to improve the lighting, add more spawns, amend the weapon and item numbers and placement and to remove four superflous walls.

I have added thsi map to the rotation at the Detropolis Custom Maps Server.

Btw if you want to see the original map by Deefa you can grab it from here.

"Tourney Mod Final Released"
  posted December 2 - 5:16PM EST by Mr.Damage
[LAG]Area has released TouRneY MoD v1.2c which is the final version of his Tourney Mod. This mod is a modified version of the well known Monkey Mod 1.52. Changes for v1.2c are:-

  • A modified Hitmen version with modified weapons, which works in combination with Realmode, Dm, TeamDm and Bagman.

  • Lots of Hud and Scorebord modifications (i.e. position counter, highest killstreak, frags per hour).

  • Statistics on the votemap scoreboard (Best Fragger (Rm, Dm, Bm, Hm), Best Aim (Rm, Dm, Hm), Best Raider (Bm), Best Bagman player (Bm), Best Kill streak (Rm, Dm, Hm, Bm), and lots more

  • It can run Kingpin2 maps (breakable windows, etc.)

  • A extended Curse system (3 modes) with about 10 new characters and new random tables.

  • added 7 new deathsounds.

  • It has a Geoip system implemented (Server shows a message about the country a player is connecting from).

  • A modified Bagman version with some weapon modifications

  • Server is very easy to use and works with a doubleclick (Windows) or a startscript (Linux.

  • A lot of other modifications like the flamer ammo console variable (removes flamer ammo from the game), the enhanced admin console with lots of new commands, the "Soundcheat Fix", the "Steal elected admin" bugfix, or (new) the colored names (gray if not clean)

For a complete rundown click here.

There are both Windows and Linux versions.

Server Files:-

There are also Dedicated Server Files as well:-

Windows Dedicated
Linux Dedicated

"Screenshot Of new DM Map"
  posted December 2 - 3:59PM EST by Mr.Damage
Here is a screenshot of an upcoming DM Map from Cujo called Southside Harbor. As you can see it's an urban map in the same theme as his recent Southside map.

"KITMod Server"
  posted December 1 - 7:03PM EST by Mr.Damage
If your looking to improve your jumping skills in KP then check out the KITMod server (Kingpin Intensive Training). Here are the details:-

Hostname : |========> KITMOD
IP :
Maxclients : 40
MM Required : Yes

If your looking for KIT Maps then you can download quite a few from our KIT Map download section here.

Sonik's Loft KIT & Streets Of Rage 4

"Kingpin Download Sites"
  posted December 1 - 6:45PM EST by Mr.Damage
I have been looking round the Net recently looking for sites that host Kingpin custom files. In particular I was looking for which files are available from multiple sites. One file I found that is available at several sites is the Kingpin City DM map which is a map that I worked on :)

It is available from the following sites that I found:-

ZDNet (need to register)
GameSpot (need to register)

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