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News Archive for December 2007

"New Kingpin Video At YouTube"
  posted December 30 - 4:25PM EST by Mr.Damage
{Inc}Phoenix sent me a link to a new KP video at YouTube. It's called bluntkiller's dance and it features dancing and the Smarties custom pipe skin.
You can watch the short 30 second clip by clicking here.

Btw, you can download the Smarties pipe skin here. It was made by [CGF]Desmo and is in the form of a pak file (pak4) so you don't have to overwrite any files. There is a readme included tht explains how to install it.

"Merry Christmas & Happy New Year"
  posted December 25 - 4:04PM EST by Mr.Damage
Merry Christmas and Happy holidays from all here at Kingpinforever. Wherever you are we hope you are having a safe and enjoyable time. Roll on 2008 :)

Thanks for all your support throughtout 2007 and we hope to see you back in the New Year.

"3Team Gangbang Server"
  posted December 22 - 4:16PM EST by Mr.Damage
I have changed our Gangbang server to run 3Team Deathmatch Gangbang and will leave it like this for a few weeks.
Basically it is Team DM with three teams (Dragon's, Nikkies' Boys and Cops). The five standard KPDM maps are in rotation on the server.
You need the client files (a small download) which you can get from here.
Hope you will give it a try.

Server name is KP4Ever's 3 Team Gangbang Server.

"KingpinQ3 News"
  posted December 22 - 4:04PM EST by Mr.Damage
Over at the KingpinQ3 Webpage 0xA5EA has setup new forums covering all aspects of KingpinQ3. He has also posted a preview screenshot of a new, unskinned Grenade Launcher model. Check it all out here.

"Christmas Maps And Server"
  posted December 21 - 8:57PM EST by Mr.Damage
I have changed the map rotation at the to rotate all Winter/Xmas themed maps over the holiday season.

Most of the maps in rotation are in a mappack but there are a few that aren't included. You can grab all the maps from here:-

Xmas Mappack
K9Fragg Xmas
Xmas Arena
Merry Christmas 2007

I have renamed the server to Detropolis Christmas Gangbang. Hope you will drop in for a few frags over the Chrsitmas break :)

"Christmas Skins Pack"
  posted December 19 - 2:55PM EST by Mr.Damage
It's well into the Holiday Season and so it's a good time to put on a Christmas skin for a few Christmas time frags. Essiest way is to grab the Christmas Skins Pack which contains several Santa skins and Christmas Elf skins for the thug, runt, bitch and Homer models.
Download the pack from KP4Ever, Filefront or Fileplanet.

There is also a Frosty the Snowman skin for the runt model, not included in the pack, which you can grab from here.

"New Power2 Map Released"
  posted December 17 - 3:16AM EST by Mr.Damage
The Power2 version of the Fear Factory DM map has now been released. This map was originally a rebuild, from scrath, of a map from the FPS game Fear. The map is set in and around a factory complex so there are lots of boxes, crates and bits of machinery situated throughout the map.
I'm sure this one will end up on Creamator's Power2 Mod Server shortly :)
You can download the Fear Factory Power2 map from here.

"KingpinQ3 News"
  posted December 15 - 7:54AM EST by Mr.Damage
0xA5EA has posted nine screenshots of a new Bagman/CTF map for the KingpinQ3 Project over at his webpage. The map is a remake of Dredd's Team Maroc map and is made by Sergei. The KPQ3 version is called Fort Knox.

There is also news on how you can vote for KingpinQ3 for "unreleased Indie Game of the Year 2007" over at moddb.com and a few other titbits of news.

To check out all the latest news and to vote for KPQ3 over at moddb.com (hurry voting closes on 20.12) head on over to the KingpinQ3 webpage here.

"Screenshots Of New Power2 Map"
  posted December 14 - 4:48PM EST by Mr.Damage
I'm just putting the finishing touches onto a conversion of the Fear Factory DM map to the Power2 Mod. Should be finished shortly. Here are two screenshots in the meantime:-

"3Team Mod Bagam Mappack"
  posted December 12 - 2:41AM EST by Mr.Damage
I have put all five 3Team Bagman maps into a Mappack. You can see details of the five maps here.
You can download the mappack here.

"Two Bagman Maps Added To Archive"
  posted December 10 - 2:15AM EST by Mr.Damage
I have added two more Bagman maps to our Maps Archive:-

Team Kaos by Whoop Ass is a medium sized map with some nice architexture and which uses Quake3 textures to give it a gothic feel.
Download Team Kaos from here.

Mash It Up Propah is a two forts style map with large bases by Jaxon.
Download Mash It Up Propah from here.

"3Team Bagman Mod"
  posted December 9 - 5:09AM EST by Mr.Damage
Here is an old mod that seems to have been forgotten about called 3Team.
Its a mod that allows you to play Bagman and Team DM with 3 teams (Dragons, Nikkies and the new team called Cops).

For Bagman there is still only one money drop area but there are three bases and so custom 3team maps are required of which there are 5 maps available.

Anyway you can grab the files from here:-

Windows Server
Linux Server
Client Files
3Team BM Maps

"Power2 Mod Server"
  posted December 8 - 8:36PM EST by Mr.Damage
Creamator has set up a small Power2 Mod Server. Details are:-

Server Name : Auzzie:-:Power2 Mod
IP :
Maxcleints : 10

Don't forget to grab the client files (see news post below this one).

"Power2 Mod"
  posted December 4 - 5:40AM EST by Mr.Damage
Do you know the Power2 Mod? It is a mod created by Creamator, DirtyDog, Captain Death and me. It was originally released in March 2005.

Power2 Mod is a team based, capture and hold style game similar in play to the Unreal Tournament mod 'Domination' There are three control points that have to be captured and defended. The two opposing teams are called Warriors and Rogues.

A control point is captured by touching it - when it has been captured its color will change to red if you are a Warrior, and blue if you are a Rogue - The team as a whole gets 1 point each 5 seconds for each control point they have captured.

A control point cannot be recaptured within 10 seconds of capture.

A level can end in a number of ways:
# The control point points limit is reached.
# The map timelimit is reached.
# The frag limit is reached.

You can visit the Power2 Mod webpage here.

Power2 Files:-

Server Files
Client Files
Mappack #1
Mappack #2

"Cliffs Of Carnage Bagman Map"
  posted December 2 - 5:09AM EST by Mr.Damage

Cliffs of Carnage by HogieDownload

Here is a Curse Bagman map that Hogie created back in 2004.
It's a largish, very nice looking, BM map set in and around grand looking cliffs. Both bases are large with several rooms full of weapons and armour and there are several routes between the two bases. You can run along the surface, in rock tunnels or along a ledge that clings to the lower side of the cliff. Another interesting BM map by Hogie.

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