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News Archive for December 2008

"Happy New Year"
  posted December 31 - 10:26PM EST by Mr.Damage
Happy New Year everyone.
Welcome to 2009 which is the 10th anniversary year for Kingpin :)

"New European Kingpin Servers"
  posted December 23 - 2:20AM EST by Mr.Damage
AB|KrAsH has sent word about four new Kingpin servers:-
Few new servers courtesy of me and fredz mate, theyre active and online and are on a dedicated server in the Netherlands, the server's info is as follows
KrAsHSTuFF::DM Small/Medium Maps

AB| Clan Team DM Server

AB| Clan Bagman Server

AB Clan RioTZ 3.0b Server

"Beta Map Released"
  posted December 23 - 2:16AM EST by Mr.Damage
acc has now released a beta of his new map called banmonorc was here!.
He has released it in a pak file.
It's medium sized, urban style, map featuring a sewer area, buildings that can be entered, and an outside area.

Update 29th Dec I have now created a zip file for this beta which makes things much easier.
You can download banmonorc_beta from here.
Just extract all files to your kingpin folder.

After you have checked the map out you can leave feedback about it in this forum post here.

"Christmas Skins Pack"
  posted December 23 - 1:43AM EST by Mr.Damage
It's that time of year again and time to get into the spirit and don a Christmas skin for the holiday period.
Get the Christmas Skins Pack which contains several Santa skins and Christmas Elf skins for the thug, runt, bitch and Homer models.
You can download it from here.

There is also a Frosty the Snowman skin for the runt model, not included in the pack, which you can grab from here.

Just extract all files from the zipfiles to your kingpin folder.

"Christmas Maps At Detropolis Server"
  posted December 21 - 5:10AM EST by Mr.Damage
Our Detropolis Custom Maps server has been set up to run all Winter style and Christmas themed maps over the holiday season.

Most of the maps in rotation are contained in a mappack but there are a few that aren't included. The maps featured on the server are by AB|Jones, Knoxville, AB|Fredz, Creamator, Derek R, Whoop Ass, FredBBear & Mr Damage.

You can grab all the maps from here:-

Xmas Mappack
Xmas Arena
Merry Christmas 2007

I have renamed the server to Detropolis Christmas Gangbang for the holiday period. Hope you have time to drop in for a few frags over the Chrsitmas break :)

"Merry Christmas"
  posted December 21 - 4:44AM EST by Mr.Damage
A very Merry Christmas and a Happy Holiday season from us here at Kingpinforever.
Hope you get some good presents and have some nice celebrations.

"Screenshots Of New Map By Stigma"
  posted December 21 - 4:27AM EST by Mr.Damage
Stigma is currently working on a new map called Decaying City.
It's a mid size, urban style, map which includes single player props and weather effects for the mods that support them. There are lots of buildings to frag in and a main feature of the map appears to be a gas station.

You can see more screenshots in this forum post here.

"Revised DM Map"
  posted December 21 - 4:03AM EST by Mr.Damage
Several years ago {GT}Bloody released a map called Bloodyfresh.
Now in 2008 the map has been revised. Basically it is a one room map, featuring two levels, with two ramps from the ground to the second level.
The upper level features walkways around the sides and ones that leade to a central area where you will find armour and the HMG. The lower level also has a cetral feature where you will find more armour and the cooling mod.
The map features a great deal of lava in the railings of the walkways, in the colunms that support the ceiling and in some geometric shapes suspended i nmid air.
There are 10 player spawns, ample weapons, items and armour and all custom textures.

You can download Bloodyfresh 2008 from here.

"Screenshots of New Map By New Mapper "
  posted December 21 - 3:52AM EST by Mr.Damage
acc is working on his first map for Kingpin. Details from the man himself:-
I'm designing a medium DeathMatch map (it was meant to be single player but all of a sudden... I changed my mind).
We should see a beta very soon.
You can check some screenshots in this forum post here.

"Another KingpinQ3 Update"
  posted December 11 - 1:29AM EST by Mr.Damage
0xA5EA has updated his KingpinQ3 site with more news.
This time its nws about graphical improvements and there are several screenshots showing the difference between old and new. Very Impressive.
Check it out here.

"KingpinQ3 Update"
  posted December 6 - 10:22PM EST by Mr.Damage
0xA5EA has updated his KingpinQ3 website with information about some features he has just added, another screenshot fo the KPDM5 conversion and a preview of the new team logos.
Check it all out here.
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