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News Archive for December 2009

"New DM Map By Stigma"
  posted December 23 - 4:23AM EST by Mr.Damage

DM Coretex by StgmaDownload

Stigma has now released his new map which is called DM Coretex.
It's a small, arena style DM Map with anurban Winter setting. The central part of the map is an elvated area surrounded by broken fences and accessed via four elevated pathways. The are two passageways in the outer walls of the map. The map has plenty of player spawns, weapons and other items.
The map includes weather effects and some single player props for mods that support them.

"Kingpin On Sale At GoG.com"
  posted December 21 - 1:34PM EST by Mr.Damage
GoG.com is having a big holiday sale with up to 40% off all it's games.

The good news is that you can purchase and download Kingpin for only $3.89 US!
Check it out here.

"Screenshot Of New DM Map"
  posted December 21 - 3:35AM EST by Mr.Damage
Stigma is working on a new DM Map for Kingpin called DM Coretex. It's a smallish DM map, is a conversion from another game, and includes weather and a few single player props.

"Christmas Fragging On Our Servers"
  posted December 21 - 3:32AM EST by Mr.Damage
Anyone looking for some Christmas fragging any night this week should check out our forum post for our nightly games on our servers. You can check it out here

Just note one change to the schedule though. I have changed the Extreme mod server for a XMAS Mod Team DM Server over the Christmas period. So XMAS Mod Team DM takes the Thursday night slot for the next couple of weeks.

"DM Shotgun Map"
  posted December 20 - 2:03AM EST by Mr.Damage
Back in 2005 UnevenRatio released a deathmatch map where the only weapons in the map are shotguns.
The map is called DM Shot Gun and is a small two roomed map which uses mainly light coloured textures. There are two main rooms connected via corridors and lots of crates and barrels strewn around the rooms. With the only weapon being the shotty there is lots of in your face killing :)
You can download DM Shot Gun from here.

"Team Middle Ages BM Map"
  posted December 19 - 1:44AM EST by Mr.Damage
Team Middle Ages (final) is a Bagman map made by Kasami way back in 2000.

As the name suggests the map has a middle ages theme. It's a large map with the main part of the map being a giant castle with the two bases at either end. The safes are under a gallows (Dragons) and a guillotine (Nikkis). There are several ways to reach the opposing base including through the castle, underwater, through rocky canyons, up high via the castle ramparts etc. Hogie assisted with this map and you can see his influence on it. Although there are no big caches of weapons and items but instead they are spread throughout the map.
You can download Team Middle Ages (final) from here.

"Lighting utorials For Mappers"
  posted December 18 - 5:07AM EST by Mr.Damage
We host a couple of good lighting tutorials here at KP4Ever that should be of help to you budding mappers out there.

The first one is Kingpin Light Styles (lightstyles.exe) and is a great little utility that allows you to click on a light style to learn more about it and to see a short preview. It really helps you to choose a light stlye for your map.
You can download Light Styles from here.

The second one is a light tutorial by Kasami which explains all the basics of lighting your maps. It is detailed and has lots of diagrams and an example map which you can also download.
The two files are avaliable here:-
Light Tutorial
Sample Map

"The Perfect Christmas Present -Kingpin"
  posted December 18 - 4:57AM EST by Mr.Damage
If your looking to buy Kingpin: Life of Crime for a loved one this Christmas then check out our Buy Kingpin! page. It lists online sites where you can buy the disc version of KP (such as Amazon.com)and also sites whre you can download it (such as Steam or GoG.com).
Check it out here.

"New XMAS Mod Server"
  posted December 18 - 4:53AM EST by Mr.Damage
I have set up one of our servers to run the XMAS Mod v1.4 over the Christmas period. It is running TeamDM and requires you to have the XMAS Mod client files to play.

Server Details:-

Name : KP4EVER's XMAS Mod v1.4 Server
IP :
Maxclients : 16
XMAS Client : Required
Monkey Mod Client : Required

You can download the XMAS Mod v1.4 client files from here.

"Winter Heat DM Map"
  posted December 17 - 3:31PM EST by Mr.Damage
Here is a Deathmatch map that Stigma released a couple of years ago.
It is a small winter style map set in and around a large city. It has several buildings in the map and custom textures were used for most of these. There are two levels in the map, lots of crates and boxes scattered around it, as well as heaps of weapons and other items.
You can download Winter Heat from here.

"Screenshot of Captain Death's Kingpin Engine"
  posted December 16 - 1:28AM EST by Mr.Damage
As you may know Captain Death is working on a new rendering engine for Kingpin.
You can see a new screenshot showing off lighting effects and shadowing here.

"New Bloodmoney Mod Server"
  posted December 14 - 3:53AM EST by Mr.Damage
JEREF is currently running a Bloodmoney Mod Server in deathmatch mode.

Name : http://downloads.kingpinforever.com/mods/BloodMoney/clientfiles/
IP :
Maxclients : 16
Bloodmoney Client : Required

You can get the Bloodmoney client files from here

Some features for Bloodmoney mode are:-

You can play 4 different modes (Bagman, DM, Team DM, and Bloodmoney).
In Deathmatch mode you kill Players and Bots and get their cash and the winner is the player with the most cash.
For the Bagman mode it is very similar to normal Bagman accept you don't get your cash from a cash spawner in the map, you hunt down BOTS and PLAYERS to get your cash... You then take the money back to your safe and deposit it, much like Bagman you can also rob the other teams safe. The object of the game is to acquire as much cash for your team as possible, the mod keeps track of your deposits, how much money you steal and also even keeps track of your favorite weapon.

$1000 raids
no limit to how much cash u can hold
extra armour and health on Q2 maps can get unlimited health and 350 full amrour
new Q2 weapons on Q2 maps (railgun, supershotgun, superpistol and more)
hook enabled and also blood hook (new hook)
jetpack enabled
no cash drop u hunt bots n dogs n other peeps for kill money
no one can steal your kill cash only u can pick it up!
coloured text
choose from 288 taunts binding the number you want or random taunting
choose ya own team name!
choose ya own team head and body skins for whole team

"XMAS Mod v1.4 Released"
  posted December 11 - 3:39AM EST by Mr.Damage
Fredz has released a new verion of his XMAS Mod.

The changes from v1.3 are:-
- New weapon replacement of flamethrower with the Freezethrower

- Hitmen added

- Added 7 More maps

- All props enabled

- Frosty model added

- Client Files link changed

If you don't know this mod it has tonnes of Christmas themed features.

Thug, runt, bitch, and Homer Model all use XMAS skins
It featues weather effects, rats and single player props
Team names are Santas and Elves
Loads of Christmas and Winter themed maps (DM and BM)
Lots of Christmas textures in the maps
Weapons all have XMAS themed skins a does the ammo and health bags.
Custom XMAS sounds
Plus other features

You need the client files to play on a server running the XMAS mod.

v1.4 Client Files
v1.4 Server Files
v1.4 Source Files

Thanks to Fredz for sending us the latest version of his mod.
If anyone runs an XMAS Mod server plz drop us a line so we can lt everyone know about it.

"Kingpin Problems With Latest Video Cards"
  posted December 9 - 12:53PM EST by Mr.Damage
If your having problems installing and running Kingpin on PC's with the latest video cards and drivers there is a solution.
The solution revolves around installing a program called NHANCER and creating a profile for Kingpin.
You can read all about it in these forum posts here and here.

Update 14th Dec I have just installed Kingpin and Quake2 on three PC's and they wouldn't load and/or run until I installed NHANCER. Once I installed it and set up a profile for the games they ran perfectly.

"Kraze Bot Christmas Server"
  posted December 6 - 1:32AM EST by Mr.Damage
I have updated our Kraze Bot server to run Christmas themed maps and all the Bots are now wearing Christmas themed skins. I have also dropped al the bots' skill levels a little.
I will leave the server like this until the new year.

There are nine maps in rotation:-
Xmas Arena
Rival Turf Xmas
The Last Xmas
Industrial Waste Xmas
Merry Christmas 2007
Mean Streets Xmas
Xmas Re
Central Towers Xmas
K9 Fragg Xmas

Xmas Arena & KPDM2 Xmas

KPDM5 Xmas & K9Fragg Xmas

The bots are wearing the following Christmas skins and models:-
Christmas Skins Pack
Frosty the Snowman Runt
Frosty the Snowman Model

"Looking For Mod file"
  posted December 6 - 12:11AM EST by Mr.Damage
We are looking for a working copy of the TeamBOT5of5.exe file. Unfortunately the one we host is corrupt.

If you have a copy that works and extracts ok please contact me so I can get the file off of you and upload it to KP4Ever.
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