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News Archive for December 2012

"Summary Of Recent Map Releases"
  posted December 31 - 12:47AM EST by Mr.Damage
Missed a few of that maps that have been released recently? Well here is a summary of them all.

3Team Bagman
Final Fight

Capture the Flag
CTF Downtown beta
CTF Dam beta
CTF Osiris beta
CTF Stash beta
CTF Kaos

Ruler Arena
The Dark Zone
Blades Edge Arena
Bodies Remake 2012
Arena of Death Kingpin Style

Single Player
Night Work At The Factory

XMas Mod
Frag'N'Die at Christmas Time

"Another New Kingpin Server"
  posted December 28 - 5:23AM EST by Mr.Damage
Butch is running a new Kingpin server.
It is running Hitmen using the Tourney Mod.

Name : Multiplay -=alco=- Hitmen butch
IP :
Maxclients : 12

The features of the Tourney Mod are:-
Support for Kingpin2-mod maps
Highly configurable Hitmen version which works in combination with Rm, Dm, Bm including some modified weapons (Grenades explode on impact, fast shotgun, fast pistol)
Enhanced Bagman
Significantly extended and improved Tauntsystem with over 20 male characters, nine female characters and more
Force Custom Model Feature (FCM)
Playerstats in the votemap scoreboard
Alot of Hud modifications
multiple mapfiles (i.e.: for dm it uses maps_dm.txt, maps_bm.txt for Bm and so on...)
Alot of new Admin features
Anticheatsystem: MM-Admin v0.2 BETA
Includes many maps including 5 modified maps
...and lots more

"Costa Rican Sunset DM Map"
  posted December 28 - 5:14AM EST by Mr.Damage
Costa Rican Sunset is a great little deathmatch map by Sonik from a few years ago.
This is a fun map set on a Costa Rican beach. It has sea, sun and, with a few people, blood stained sand :)

You can download Costa Rican Sunset from here.

"More Mapping Screens of Night Work"
  posted December 26 - 4:38PM EST by Mr.Damage
Felikkz7 has posted some more screenshots over at the Quark mapping forums showing him using the Quark mapping tool to make architexture, machinery, speedboats and cars for Nightwork at The Factory.
You can check them out here.

If you haven't watched it yet there is a short promo video of Night Work At The Factory, made by Hogie, at YouTube which you can watch here.

If you haven't played Night Work At The Factory, a single player addon, yet you can grab it from Felikkz7's webpage here.

"Merry Christmas"
  posted December 24 - 12:23AM EST by Mr.Damage
We'd just like to wish everyone a Very Merry Christmas and/or Seasons Greetings.
Hope you all have a great Festive Season.

This Wednesday night's game was on the Oldschool XMas mod server and here are some festive screenshots:-

"Kingpin On Sale At Steam"
  posted December 20 - 2:38PM EST by Mr.Damage
As part of their Holiday Sale Steam are selling Kingpin for $4.99 US until January 6th 2013.
You can check it out here.

"Wednesday Night Carnage"
  posted December 20 - 5:11AM EST by Mr.Damage
After a bit of a slow start the Wednesday night game on the Oldschool Deathmatch server really got going and turned into a bit of Wednesday night carnage :)

Here's a few screenshots.

The maps in the screenshots are:-

bloody187 v2
piss hole
kill dome
187 rev2

"Screenshots From Sunday Night Game"
  posted December 17 - 5:57AM EST by Mr.Damage
Here are some screenshots from this week's Sunday night game on the Oldschool Hogies server. I think I can say a good time was had by all :)

Maps in the screenshots are:-

team twist3d beta
team dmg2
team dmg1
team h4 beta

If you haven't dropped in for one of the Wednesday or Sunday night games on the Oldschool servers yet then please do. It doesn't matter what your skill level is or what your ping is, or whether you are a new player or an old school player, as the enphasis is on having fun.

"New XMas Mod Map"
  posted December 16 - 8:11PM EST by Mr.Damage

Frag'N'Die at Christmas Time by Mr DamageDownload

Here is a fun new map for the XMas mod. It's a remake of Frag'N'Die2 with all new Christmas themed textures and a couple of minor changes to the layout of the map. I have included a Christmas tree and some custom Christmas sounds.

Mr Ruler is running a XMas mod server.
Name : Oldschool Fredz XMAS Server
IP :
Maxclients : 30
XMAS Client : Required

You can download the XMAS Mod v1.4 client files from here.

"New Promo Video For Night Work At The Factory"
  posted December 15 - 4:58PM EST by Mr.Damage
Hogie has made a nice 2 minute promo video for Night Work At The Factory.
You can view it here.

Also Felikkz7 uploaded some screenshots of him working with the Quark mapping tool to creat Night Work over at the Quark forum. You can check them out here.

"Small Patch For Night Work At The Factory"
  posted December 13 - 4:46PM EST by Mr.Damage
Felikkz7 has released a small patch for Night Work At The Factory:-
Patch 1.1. Correcting possible issues in chapters 2&3
when playing in NOVICE or EASY levels
A complete NightWork v1.1 will arrive later.
You can download Patch 1.1.it from his website here.

Btw something I forgot to mention in my earlier post is that you don't have to kill every thug in the game. Some fights are just too tough to win and the game is designed for you to run away or run past the bad guys.

Night Work is now also available for download from GameFront.

"New 3Team Bagman Map"
  posted December 13 - 6:16AM EST by Mr.Damage
I have released a map for the 3Team Bagman mod called Final Fight. This map is a remake of a Quake2 3Team CTF map.
It's a smallish map with the three bases (Dragons, Nikkies and Cops) which all connect at the central cash drop area.
There are plenty of weapons and other items, ample player spawns and mostly Kingpin standard textures.

You can down load 3Team Final Fight from here.

You can get the 3Team client files from here.

There is also a 3Team mod server
3 Team Oldschool Deathmatch Mod!

"Kingpin On Sale At GoG.com"
  posted December 13 - 5:52AM EST by Mr.Damage
After the last sale at GoG.com they raised the price of Kingpin to $9.99 US.
Well it looks like it is on sale again for $4.99 but I am not sure for how long. So if your looking for a copy don't delay and head on over to Good Old Games and pick up a copy now.

"Modding Tutorials"
  posted December 13 - 5:45AM EST by Mr.Damage
Fredz showed me this link to a massive amount of modding tutorials. They are for Quake2 but, as Kingpin is based on the Quake2 engine and very similar, its a good place to learn about coding for Kingpin.
Check the site out here.

"Demon Servers Back Up"
  posted December 13 - 5:40AM EST by Mr.Damage
Apparently there have been a few technical problems with the Demon UK servers and they have been down. But they are back up and running now :)

Demon UK Deathmatch
Demon UK Bagman

Back in time for the weekend!

"Night Work At The Factory Released"
  posted December 6 - 8:28PM EST by Mr.Damage

Night Work At The Factory by Felikkz7Download

It's here! Felikkz7 has now released his new Single Player Episode for Kingpin called Night Work at the Factory.

In his own words:-
An add-on for KINGPIN the famous FPS.
With a real scenario and many cutscenes.
With a lot of new materials, textures, dialogs and original musics.
With puzzles, platforms and intense fights.

So, everything we can expect for Kingpin
This add-on has been in production for over ten years so you can expect high quality.
It's massive and so you can expect many hours of entertainment. I would say it's similar in size to the original game.

There are eight chapters all set in a different location. They include train yards, coal works, steel works, warehouses and a country estate.

This is oldschool gaming and is very challanging though so it's nothing like this lol.

My advise when playing is to look everywhere in the map. Don't rush to the end as you will miss a lot, like that one health bag or the shotgun ammo or even the key you need!

If a window/door/grate won't open try smashing it and did I mention to search everywhere :)

The inclusion of quick save and quick restore keys is a very welcome inclusion.

Make sure to pay attention to the custscenes as they really help progress the story along.

Make sure you read the User's Manual which is included in the Night Work download or you can download it separately from Felikkz7's webpage here.

"Two Deathmatch Maps From 2010"
  posted December 6 - 6:01AM EST by Mr.Damage
Two of the DM maps that were released in 2010 that I like are Trash Metal and -=Deadthings=-. They are both made by Stigma.

Trash Metal is a small DM map set in an old derelict area where there are lots of ruins of old buildings and many crates, barrels and boxes strewn around. There are two corridors that stretch down either side of the map.
The map is set in the evening but there is ample lighting. The map has enough weapons and other items and has some very nice custom wall textures.
It also features a few single player props and the rain weather effect.

You can download Trash Metal from here.

-=Deadthings=- is a small, arena style, dark and moody, DM map.
The main focus is a two level structure in the centre of the map and also two streams of water that criss-criss in the middle where there is a cooling mod. There are four structures around the edge of the map which you can jump down into to get some good items.
There are ample weapons and items, some custom textures are used and Stigma has included some single player props and weather effects.

You can download -=Deadthings=- from here.

"Game Of Crash Squad Wednesdaty Night"
  posted December 3 - 8:21PM EST by Mr.Damage
Mr Ruler is going to make this Wednesday night's game on his Oldschool servers the Crash Squad mod and see how it goes. Here are the details:-

Date : Wednesday Night 5th December
Time : 19.00 GMT
Server : Oldschool CRASH Mod
IP Address :
Maxclients : 16

You require the client files to play which you can download from here.

You can learn more about it on the Crash Squad mod information page here.

Some screenshots from tonight's game.

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