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News Archive for March 2003

"New KP2 Mod Map By Zeppelin[FnR]"
  posted March 31 - 8:44AM EDT by Mr.Damage
Zeppelin[FnR] has converted his Eve Of Destruction DM Map to the KP2 mod. This map is originally a Quake2 map that was converted to Kingpin by Zeppelin[FnR] and now converted to the KP2 mod:-

As a request from {NEW}FnLoU I added KP2 mod elements. In this version there are 1rat-spawners; 2 dogs and bunch of breakable glass/wood. You can grab this map from here.

"Updated BM map"
  posted March 30 - 5:43PM EDT by DirtyDog
ThieF|DreaD has just submitted an updated version of his recently released BM map, Team Ph33r

Made a mistake when compiling team_ph33r.bsp so here is an updated version. Please delete (or move it to somewhere not so public) team_ph33r.zip as that version should have never been released. ;)



Grab the updated version from here: Team Ph33r FinaL

"New Runt Skin By DziQ"
  posted March 29 - 6:27PM EDT by Mr.Damage
DziQ has released a new skin for the runt model which he has named BarKeeeper. You can download the skin from our Custom Skins/runts A to Z download section here.
You can grab his other custom skins from his Polish KP site here.

"KP2 Map added & a DM map revision"
  posted March 29 - 10:59AM EDT by DirtyDog
I have revised KP StaLk UrBan as well as add KP2 Mod elements:

*corrected 3 texture mistakes
*added flourescent sound to the lights in the warehouse area
*added the matching style to a junior underneath a flickering light
*added 2 small rooms with some pick ups
*made some minor texture adjustments

KP2 additions:
In this version there are 3 rat-spawners; 4 dogs and bunch of breakable doors/glass/wood. I also added two small rooms with goodies in them.....you can get them provided you get past the pups....enjoy :)

Grab the updated DM version from here KP StaLk Urban2 and the KP2'd version from here: KP StaLk Urban KP2'd

"DM Map fixes"
  posted March 29 - 10:28AM EDT by DirtyDog
A couple of old maps I was playing in recently inspired me to fix them. These maps are Da ShitZ! and FnR No RefundZ both authored by JopLin[FmZ] (formerly GjoB and Joplin[FnR]) and I believe they are his very first and second maps. I very much enjoyed these maps right away because being the devout HitMen player JopLin[FmZ] is (and me too for that matter) he designed these maps with alot of height for some hardcore hooking.

FnR No RefundZ
*reduced the r_speeds from 2200/2700 at it's highest point to 800/900 in that spot, the various other areas where they were at 1500/1800 are now down to 600-800. The rest of the map (the vast majority of it) which ran at about 500/700 avg is now down to about 200/400.
*Filled up the place with some much needed juniors :)
Grab this revision from here: FnR No RefundZ

Da ShitZ!
This one proved to be a bit more challenging because For the r_speeds to be reduced in this case the map required a small modification in its design, the area where they were at their highest (1500-1700) was due to the layout allowing pretty much the whole map to be viewed from this one spot. I designed a corridor and a wall to block this view thus lowering the r_speeds to about 950 TOPS in this same area (best I could do) the map also needed a bit of a touch up with the lights/juniors and there were alot of unnecessary brushes (as a result of the "CSG" system) that I ended up removing and rebuilding. Also some of the custom images (and they're pretty hot I might add..) weren't exactly KP friendly sizes so I resized them in paintshop and that was that :) Grab this revision from here: Da ShitZ!

These maps are now playable in any mode of DM as they are fully weaped and spawned and now run much smoother

"Key binders uploaded"
  posted March 29 - 9:11AM EDT by DirtyDog
Somebody (I don't know who :( has submitted both the 8 line keybinder and the 4 line keybinder. As the titles suggest these programs are used to bind several lines of text in one shot and in many cases some very creative images with the right combinatin of letters and symbols. I have seen very cool looking images of this type over the years and perhaps some of you who have them could submit the .cfg files to KPF :) Or if anyone is interested to create some and send them in. Unfortunately over the years people have abused this by binding offensive material (one of the features of these programs is that it allows you to create such images/text to be issued anonymously) and many servers haved banned the use anonymous text. Grab the 8 line key binder from here: 8 Line Key Binder and the 4 line keybinder from here: 4 Line Text Binder

"Another New Bagman Map By Million"
  posted March 28 - 5:32PM EDT by Mr.Damage
Million has quickly followed up the release of his Team Cottage Bagman map with another one called Team Baggy Tower. Its a small/medium sized Baggy map that is in the style of Central Towers, has a straight forward layout and plenty of weapons and other items. You can grab this map from here.

"New DM Map By XRaided"
  posted March 28 - 5:25PM EDT by Mr.Damage
XRaided has released a new DM map named Let It Go. It is a small to medium sized map which uses Central Towers style textures, has ample weapons amd mods,some armour and health and a nice simple layout. XRaided has been working on this map for some time and has gone through several changes. You can see his efforts by downloading the map from here.

"2 more maps KP2'd"
  posted March 27 - 10:35PM EDT by DirtyDog
As a request from {NEW}FnLoU I thought I would convert a couple of maps I recently released to run in KP2: -=BuRnT=- Round 2 and Harborin' HoLe. It really didn't take much at all and it's inspired me to convert a few more. When I use the word "convert" in refrence to KP2-ing a map, believe me when I say that is a GROSS over statement....to truly describe this would be to say that all I did was add a few elements and voila, a KP2 map is born. I say this in hopes to encourage a few of our community's mappers to simply take their existing maps and add some of these elements to them. The reason this is so easy is twofold: For one thing WhoOP_AsS's tutorial is perfect. It's a step by step on how to create the desired effects and secondly, it's just plain easy :) Grab the KP2 maps from here: -=BurntV2=- KP2'd and here: HarBoriN' HoLe KP2'd. Grab the KP2 Client side files here: KP2 the update: KP2 update and finally, the mappack: KP2 Mappack

"New Bagman Map By Million"
  posted March 27 - 3:59PM EDT by Mr.Damage
Million has released a new Bagman map called Team Cottage. This is a small to medium sized Baggy map, with a nice urban style, lots of weapons and items and a nice simple layout. You can grab this one from here.

"WinZip & WinAce"
  posted March 26 - 3:59AM EDT by Mr.Damage
As you know most of the Kingpin files we host at KP4Ever are either in zip format or rar format. I'm sure most of you have winzip for zips and winace for rars but in case you don't here are the links:-


"Dread Releases Updated Maps"
  posted March 26 - 3:50AM EDT by Mr.Damage
[Thief]Dread has released, what he hopes will be, final versions of his last two maps Place of Two Deaths and Atmosphere.

Place of Two Deaths is a conversion of the old Quake level Q1DM1. It is a medium sized classic Quake1 style DM map. As described by Dread:-

This is a conversion of "Place of Two Deaths" (aka DM1) from Quake 1.
It was created from the decompiled bsp of the original map, although
I have redone the lighting and retextured it using Kingpin textures.
All of the func's and teleporter's from the original map work
correctly and some of the item location is similar too. ;)

This map can also be used in the KP2 DM Mod as Dread has added some Single player props, a few breakables and some dogs.

You can download this map from here and visit the Thief Clan website here.

Atmosphere is a BM map in the style of Floating Forts with some team_stash influences. You can download this one from here.

KPQ1DM1 & Atmosphere

"Retextured DM map"
  posted March 25 - 2:06PM EDT by DirtyDog
Waterin' HoLe is an old favorite of mine that I thought I would give a new look to entitled Harborin' HoLe. As usual I ended up rebuilding the whole map and somewhat changed the design. I vaulted the height as well as expanding it some yet still keeping it a fairly small map. What I was really looking for was a true Kingpin look but not urban. So instead I went with the "wharf" look from the single player levels. Lotsa wood textures, harbor ambient sound for that true "pier pressure" feel. In the process of cleaning out a couple of HOM's the r_speeds get a little high in this one spot but the highest speed is 815 so it should be fine. Suitable for all DM mods (no KP2 components YET..but very soon). Hope you enjoy it :) Download from here: HarBoriN' HoLe and grab the classic original from here: WateriN' HoLe

"Kingpin Prefabs For Mappers"
  posted March 25 - 3:00AM EDT by Mr.Damage
I think there are many mappers who don't know that there are two sites where you can get a number of custom prefabs from. Prefabs are ready made objects that can be placed in your maps such as chairs, tables, vehicles, shelves, beds etc, etc. The two sites where you canget them from are:-
The Lockup

"CRASH Squad Server"
  posted March 22 - 4:52PM EDT by Mr.Damage
Willdeharp The Ender is currently running a CRASH Squad Mod Server. The server details are as follows:-
Willdeharp The Enders Crash Squad Mod server IP#

He tells me that many people who try to join the server either don't have the client files or don't have the latest version. So make sure you have the latest client files (0.3c) which you can grab from here.

If anyone else wants to run a CRASH Server you can download the Server files here:-
Linux Server Files
Windows Server Files

Any mappers interested in making maps for the CRASH Mod will need the CRASH Mappers Kit which you can get here.

Willdeharp's server is rotating just the default CRASH maps at the moment (mainly because CRASH doesn't allow map downloads) but there are several custom maps available for the mod:-

bom downtown
bom fast beta2
bom subway 0.2
bom Titliest beta
bom dust2
bom village
bom airport final
vip alley beta2
vip downtown b
vip frantic 01
vip yellowcab

All the custom maps except bom village & bom airport final are in a CRASH-Mappak which can be downloaded here.

bom village & bom airport final

"Screenshot Of New 1v1 Map"
  posted March 22 - 3:03AM EDT by Mr.Damage
A new mapper, Wacky_fox@*!, is working on his first map which is a little 1v1 map called Bloody Square. Here is a screenshot:-

"Whoop Ass Map Packs"
  posted March 22 - 2:54AM EDT by Mr.Damage
One of the recent posts I made was about Mappers Map packs we host here at KP4Ever. Some how I missed the Whoop Ass Map Packs :(
So I thought I better rectify that mistake :)
We host two map packs for Whoop - DM Maps (which includes his maps for the KP2 mod) and Bagman maps. You can grab them here:-

Whoop Ass DM Map Pack
Whoop Ass Bagman Map Pack

Screens of some of the maps in the map packs:-

KPDM5 Urban & Legoland Urban

Team Kaos Beta & Team Fourways

"Top10 Downloads"
  posted March 22 - 2:33AM EDT by Mr.Damage
Here is a list of the current Top10 Downloads from KP4Ever:-

1.Sanctuary SP Map Pack
2.Bosnia DM Map
3.KP2 Mod Client Files
4.Kingpin City DM Map
5.COLORS CTF Client Files
6.South Park KP DM Map
7.DM Italian Eve DM Map
8.KP2 Mod Client Files Update
9.Mr Damage Map Pack
10.Space CheckMate DM Map

Of course this list is always changing and it's just a small sample of the 1000's of KP files you can grab form our downloads section here.

"Screenshots Of New Map By Pencho"
  posted March 22 - 2:16AM EDT by Mr.Damage
Pencho is currently working on a new DM map:-

Anyway the screenshots are indeed from one map which is quite big on the whole.
The textures are from practically everywhere:
The outdoor stones and bricks are from Medal Of Honour
The lab areas are from MOH, SOF and Unreal Tournament 2003 beta. Some of them I have found with different maps so the game count could rise still (Quake 2/Jedi Knight 2 etc.).

You can see a number of screenshots by clicking here.

"Two Quake2 Map Conversions"
  posted March 22 - 2:02AM EDT by Mr.Damage
A couple of years ago Tanyacheex converted two of the Single Player Quake2 Maps to Kingpin as DM Maps. They are Main Gate conversion and Mintro conversion. If you have played the Q2 SP maps you will recognise these maps. The conversions are both large maps which utilise standard KP textures. You can grab them from here:-

Main Gate Conversion
Mintro Conversion

Main Gate Conversion

Mintro Conversion

"Gaming Resources Back Online"
  posted March 22 - 1:26AM EDT by Mr.Damage
CaPoNe has sent word that his website Gaming Resources is back online:-

Visit us at http://www.gaming-resources.co.uk for all the latest kingpin downloads, news and info
please sign up to our forums and join a fast growing gaming communtiy
Please also sign the guestbook and add your links
Keep up the good work poisinville team!

We also have a link to this site under the More Resources Section.

"Screenshots Of New Map By Cujo"
  posted March 22 - 1:22AM EDT by Mr.Damage
Cujo is working on a new map called DM Italian Castle. You can see some screenshots here.

"Mappers Needed"
  posted March 21 - 9:57PM EDT by DirtyDog
Our own {NEW}FnLoU is in need of some maps for the KP2 mod running on his server. This is really easy in the sense that you can add all the necessary KP2 mod components and still run the map in standard DM or any other DM mod, the KP2 components simply wont show up if you run the map in any other DM mod. So take your existing maps, add some KP2 stuff to it, recompile it and rename the map yourmap_kp2 and that's it :) How do you do it? Well we can thank our old friend WhoOP_AsS for his really informative tutorial that you can grab from here: KP2 Tutorials Also check out his post in our forum: Attention Mappers!

"Maplist for new server"
  posted March 17 - 12:35PM EDT by DirtyDog
BinSTeR has submitted the current maplist for the new Hitmen server [KP]'s Da PlayGroundZ!:

Pasted is the current map list running at [KP]'s Da PlayGroundZ! should anyone want to download the files in full from KPF. Some of the maps contain custom sounds/skies which as you know will not download from the server. All of the maps listed here have been selected from the KPF map files archive.



As posted ALL maps are currently listed in the KPF archives, download whatever you're missing and jump in for a few frags

"Server Hosting "
  posted March 17 - 1:52AM EDT by DirtyDog
Just as a reminder, anyone who is interested in having a server hosted can just check our More Resources link at the bottom right of our nav bar and visit Kaos Gaming They currently host several kingpin servers including the ever popular Hogie's Bitch Slappa Curse mod BM server (listed in our active server list). If you're interested you can contact them at info@kaosgaming.com

"New Hitmen Server Out"
  posted March 17 - 12:32AM EDT by DirtyDog
There's a new Hitmen DM server out and its called [KP]'s Da PlayGroundZ It has just been added to the active server list:

16 player capacity server running HOOK supported Hitmen Mod under BW admin using custom maps only. Logs are checked weekly for hacks and improper server commands. All new maps that are posted on KPF will be reviewed by the server admins before being considered for rotation. Any requests for maps to be run should be sent to BinSTeR & FinSTeR: up-yo-ass@mindless.com

Stop in for a few frags:

"New DM map by 4nik8u"
  posted March 17 - 12:09AM EDT by DirtyDog
4nik8u has released a new DM map entitled KP On Drugs If you've seen 4nik's other maps this is consistent with his surreal/abstract/gothic type theme however this one is certainly more complex than his previous releases. It's a nicely laid out map with very cool custom textures and very interesting structures. The map has a secret room with a few surprise special effects. The map also has music however the file is so large I thought I would separate it. Download the map from here: KP On Drugs and grab the sound for it from here: Sound

"New Kingpin Wallpapers"
  posted March 15 - 9:15PM EDT by Mr.Damage
(K9)Iceman has sent in two new KP wallpapers which both come in 1024x768 and 800x600 pixle sizes. They are all in one zip file which you can grab from here.

"New map reviews by Pencho"
  posted March 15 - 4:11PM EDT by DirtyDog
Our old friend PenCHo has submitted 8 new reviews for our enjoyment. The maps reviewed are:


Visit our Reviews sections and see how your map did: Map Reviews

"Mappers Map Packs"
  posted March 14 - 6:36PM EDT by Mr.Damage
We host many map packs here at KP4Ever. Some are dedicated to individual mappers such as Hypov8 and ALMost, some are map packs of favourite maps from individual years and we also have the BCs Map-Pack-N-Yo-Ass map packs put together by Truzenzuzex[BC] which include nearly all of the maps releaed for Kingpin from its beginning up to July 2002.

Check them out here:-
ALMost Map Pack
Hypov8 Map Pack
MrDamage Map Pack
1999 Map Pack
2000 Map Pack
2001 Map Pack
BCs Map-pack-N-Yo-Ass Map Packs

"Readme Generator For Mappers"
  posted March 14 - 4:02AM EDT by Mr.Damage
PeNdEjO has sent in a link to a site where mappers can download a readme generator. It's all menu driven and all you do is enter the required options (kingpin/deathmatch for example) and enter the information about your map and then generate a readme :)

The webpage is .txtGen V4.0 and the readme generator can be found in the files section. I have also uploaded it to our utilities/mapping tools downloads section here.

"New Version Of Gamespy Lite"
  posted March 13 - 1:17PM EDT by Mr.Damage
PeNdEjO has released an updated version of Gamespy Lite. As you all know it's the cutdown version of Gamespy that comes with Kingpin. Changes are:-
- Updated various images and tips.
- Removed old buttons.
- Now compressed!

You can get this one here.

Just extract the file to your kingpin/gamespy folder. If you want to keep your original just rename it or copy it elsewhere.

"Kingpin In Other Games - Counter-strike"
  posted March 12 - 4:43AM EDT by Mr.Damage
Kingpin_Xatrix has released a kingpin style map for counter-strike. It's a hostage rescue map that uses all kingpin textures and the kingpin urban style. If you play cstrike you can check out some screenshots and download the map here.

He has also made an urban style map for kingpin which you can grab here:-

Dayton Turf

"Updated DM map"
  posted March 12 - 2:19AM EDT by DirtyDog
I decided to re-do the old classic, KP_Stalk. Originally a Half-life map that someone (unfortunatly I don't know who :( converted to KP a long while back. The updated version is called KP_Stalk_Urban. Download from here: KP Stalk Urban. Check out the original conversion from here: kp_stalk

"Polish Kingpin Site"
  posted March 11 - 4:36AM EDT by Mr.Damage
DziQ has now opened his Polish Kingpin site. It is still under construction but there is already a lot of content available. So if you are looking for a KP site that is in Polish then check out DziQ's Kingpin:Life of Crime Page.

"New version of WINBSPC"
  posted March 11 - 4:11AM EDT by Mr.Damage
PeNdEjO! has released an updated version of WINBSPC. It is version 1.4

WinBSPC is a tool designed to do the following:

Convert .BSP files to .MAP files. Handy if you lost your original .MAP file.
Extract files from .PAK or .SIN files.
Note that it can read to be converted .BSP files directly out of .PAK or .SIN files.
WinBSPC can be used with all BSPs (game maps, mission pack maps, custom maps etc.) of the following games:

Quake 1
Quake 2
Heretic 2

You can grab this file from here.

"Updating Kingpin"
  posted March 10 - 3:57PM EDT by Mr.Damage
Sylacs is looking for your ideas on how to update Kingpin.

I am starting this thread to allow the people that come to these forums to submit all their ideas, all their hopes and wishes about where they would like kingpin to go. I can create everything that is needed but I cant do it without input from both what you want to see, and what will be considered innovative and unique by the gaming community at large.

If you have some suggestions you can post them in the forum thread here.

"New COLORS CTF Map Released"
  posted March 10 - 5:58AM EDT by Mr.Damage
The problem with CTF Runawaytrainv2 has now been fixed, thanks to Hypov8 and has now been released.
In CTF Runawaytrainv2 I increased the lighting in the train carriages as they were too dark, added some more team spawns, reduced the number of neutral spawns, added more ammo and pistol mods and also a weapon or two.
You can get this one here.

"Single Player Map Packs"
  posted March 9 - 1:38AM EST by Mr.Damage
Single Player map packs are definately in vogue at the moment due to the success of Sanctuary by Wheelbarrow. It also looks like a lot of people are downloading his other single player map packs:-
The chase

If your still hungry for more then check out House of Death part1 by Sonik. It's a lot different to the work of wheelbarrow but it is also excellent:-

My first ever single player map pack!! Based in a haunted house, you will travel through the depths of it, and back to the surface. I added in some pretty interesting effects, like the flying sofa :). You also get to take a trip on a doomed runaway train!
SEVEN levels of frightening fun.

House of Death Part1

"German Kingpin Site"
  posted March 8 - 12:04AM EST by Mr.Damage
Just a reminder to all the German and German speaking Kingpin players that there is a German Kingpin news and info site. Its called kingpinFOREVER![GER] and you can visit by clicking here. It has heaps of information, downloads, forums etc.

Btw, DziQ is currently setting up a Polish KP news & info site as well :)

"Kingpin Starter Pack"
  posted March 7 - 11:56PM EST by Mr.Damage
Lil Hamma has put together a Starter Pack for new players of Kingpin. Basically it contains the latest monkey mod client and the v1.21 patch. It also contains a readme on how to install the patches, how to setup the moneky mod client in Gamespy Lite and a few other things. You can download this pack from here.

"Sporting Arena Maps"
  posted March 6 - 3:22AM EST by Mr.Damage
A friend of mine, Izyforeal, is currently working on a new map for Kingpin which is an Australian Rules Football Arena. It reminded me of two other football arena maps KP Soccer and K9's Frag Bowl.

KP Soccer is by Intruder and of course is a big soccer field. It has several custom sounds of a crowd cheering, low gravity and lots of weapons and other items. You can grab this map from here.

K9's Frag Bowl was originally made for Hitmen by (k9)CoolMack & BigBen and updated to DM by Truzenzuzex[BC]. The zip contains both maps - k9fb.bsp (HitMen version, no weapons) & k9fb-r2.bsp (DM version, weapons added, and a couple of ladders to get up on scoreboard for some high flying sniping fun). You can get the zip from here.

KP Soccer & K9's Frag Bowl

"Pencho Releases Updated Map"
  posted March 5 - 2:56PM EST by Mr.Damage
Pencho has revised his New Crossfire map. He has made several changes:-

Added airstrike. The safe zone is the closed sewer area plus the HMG room. There may be one or two more:)
Map is more connective. Made a vent in one dead end and made the other shaft climbable.
Ambient light up a notch
Locked door sounds when you touch a locked door
More junior entities
More ambient sounds
Various texture and functionality fixes
I discovered I had used two other custom textures. They have been removed as they had no importance.
Added a few items here and there
Fixed some buggy starts

You can get the updated map from here.

"Wheelbarrow Update"
  posted March 4 - 2:16AM EST by Mr.Damage
Sanctuary has been so successful that Wheelbarrow is now thinking about making a Kingpin themed mod for RTCW. He is looking for people with Q3 skinning, modelling and/or coding experience to help out. If anyone is interested then you can drop him a line here.

"New COLORS CTF Map By Whoop Ass"
  posted March 3 - 3:35AM EST by Mr.Damage
Whoop Ass has converted his Team Slumz map to COLORS CTF and called it CTF Slumz. It is a medium sized, classic urban styled map, which has no grenade launcher and no flamethrower. You can grab it from here.

There are two COLORS CTF Server running:-
Captain Deaths CTF V1.0a Server IP#
Keypoint & Kingpin Forever - CTF v1.0a IP#

You can grab the required CTF client from here.

"New Map By Lil Hamma"
  posted March 2 - 6:07AM EST by Mr.Damage
Lil Hamma has released his second DM map called Warehouse District. It is a small/medium sized map with lots of rooms and corridors to frag in. Mostly standard KP textures are used and a few custom ones. There is ample weapons, armour and other items and 16 spawns. It has been beta tested by many people and they all liked it. You can grab this one from here.
You can get his earlier map that he worked on with his dad, Hamma, and me from here. Its a one area fragfest map called Lil_1v3

"New Map By -=Mad-Dog=-"
  posted March 1 - 10:04PM EST by Mr.Damage
-=Mad-Dog=- has released a new DM map called Dead Cove:-

Welcome to Deadman's Cove! It's a nice place to visit, but you wouldn't live there....for long! A hotbed for smuggling, gun running and other illegal activities, it's been the site for many a bloody massacre between warring gangs!
It's a fairly large map, but the layout is quite simple. I didn't want to create a maze, just a collection of visually appealing rooms to frag people in!
Plenty of guns n' armor, plus the .map for new mappers.

You can get this map from here.

Check out some of his other maps as well:-
Dead Serious
HMG Lite
Bodycount Arena

"Kingpin In Other Games"
  posted March 1 - 6:01PM EST by Mr.Damage
I always enjoy finding little bits of KP in other FPS games. I recently found a KP map in the Quake3 mod Urban Terror. The map is called ut_bronx and was created by JoBraun. Basically he has decompiled/converted kpdm1-kpdm3 to Quake3, taken bits and pieces from those maps and built a new map around them. You can download this map from here. If you don't get good d/l speeds there just do a search on ut_bronx and you'll find plenty more places.

There is another big link between Kingpin and Urban Terror as their recently departd coder, Crazy Butcher, also worked on the ill fated KP mod SRT-Alpha. Also, at one stage, The Riddler was going to convert his Quake2 map Kingpin City to Urban Terror but it doesn't look like it ever happened. You can see some screenshots here. I converted the Kingpin City map to Kingpin a while ago and if you want it you can grab it from here.

"Custom Weapon Sound Packs"
  posted March 1 - 4:59PM EST by Mr.Damage
We have several custom weapon sound packs in our download archive. These sound packs change some, or all, of the weapon sounds you hear ingame. Most of the packs are conversions from other FPS games.
We have the following packs:-

Awesome weapon sounds
Half-Life weapon sounds
KP sounds
Quake3 weapon sounds
Serious Sam weapon sounds
SiN weapon sounds
SoF weapon sounds

All these sounds are in pak files and they all have instrustions on how to install them.

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