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News Archive for March 2004

"hosted sites restored"
  posted March 26 - 10:20PM EDT by Truzenzuzex[BC]
I believe I have all of the hosted sites restored, aside from a few corrupt files.

"things are progressing... need some HELP"
  posted March 25 - 10:25PM EDT by Truzenzuzex[BC]
UPDATE: Friday 26th
Had to write my own custom file processor to scan the 10000+ .ZIP files, but I'm starting to check things. Working on the hosted sites area first. Things are progressing.

Remember that the entire KP4EVER network is running on my home PC at the moment, don't expect fast web load/download times.


The http://downloads.kingpinforever.com/ structure has been recoved but all the files still need to be processed. When I do get the files restored, don't expect FAST speeds -- KingpinForever.com has been redirected to my home CABLE machine until the box is fixed and sent back to the ISP in Detroit.

Please see our FORUM page, where progress is being noted, we could use your help on checking things out.


"things are progressing... slowly"
  posted March 25 - 10:24PM EDT by Truzenzuzex[BC]
The http://downloads.kingpinforever.com/ structure has been recoved but all the files still need to be processed. When I do get the files restored, don't expect FAST speeds -- KingpinForever.com has been redirected to my home CABLE machine until the box is fixed and sent back to the ISP in Detroit.

Please see our FORUM page, where progress is being noted, we could use your help on checking things out.


"making some progress"
  posted March 25 - 7:52PM EDT by Truzenzuzex[BC]
Well I have recovered some big chunks of data, but a lot of it will have to be batch processed for completeness. As soon as I have all the files moved to the temporary server I will start processing 5000+ .ZIP files to see which ones are bad.

As you can see quite a few items are working; including the NEWS system. [BC]'s Cap-N-Yo-Ass hosted site seems to be working, aside from my FRAG-N-YO-ASS and SKIN-N-YO-ASS database systems.

Working bit, by bit on the sub-hosts areas while disk recovery tools are running.

"Server arrives in KC"
  posted March 24 - 1:00AM EDT by Truzenzuzex[BC]
Server arrived today @ my house. Looks like UPS decided to play frisbee with it. no VISIBLE box damage, but the insides got rattled all to hell. motherboard mounts, welded case strats bent, etc.

Fired it up and just started initial probes to see what i can pull from disks. I can see 2 of the 3 drives for sure, corrupted, will keep you posted.....

The C (OS drive) drive seems to have taken the worst hit... which isn't that big a deal... scanning it right now (been running 48 mins).... havent even tried pulling files yet. just forensic scans right now"

Will post more later

"outage - WITTY worm eats system"
  posted March 20 - 1:00AM EDT by Truzenzuzex[BC]

Truzenzuzex to Ground Control. We are experiencing some technical difficulties of the hardware kind.

We will keep you posted on our progress over at the forums: http://pub66.ezboard.com/bkingpinforever

"New DM Map by PenCHo"
  posted March 18 - 8:22PM EDT by DirtyDog
Pencho has just released a medium sized DM map entitled Brute Force.

Styled in the classic urban theme the map has quite a few nice touches. Several levels (rooftops, streets and sewers)for fighting, a really cool and well detailed/well made bar. Looks like alot fun so check it out by downloading it from here: Brute Force.

"New MOD by PeNdEjO!"
  posted March 17 - 10:33AM EDT by DirtyDog
PeNdEjO! Has just released his first mod entitled Match. Check it out:

Title -------------- = Match Mod
Version ----------- = 1.0

Kingpin Version ---- = 1.21
Author ------------ = PeNdEjO!
Deathmatch ------- = Yes
Bagman ----------- = Yes
Server Side Only --- = Yes
Client Files -------- = No
Known Bugs ------- = Yes (Sorry, My First Kingpin Coding)
Exemple Bug ------- = Armor Item Replace List
- Anti Camping
- Pro-Rocket
- Improved Fast Weapon Switching
- Safety Mode
- Grappling Hook
- Message Of The Day
- Observer Mode
- IP Ban List
- Curse Taunts
- Random Map Queue Order
- Falling Damage Modifier
- Knockback Multipliers
- Starting Values (Health - Ammo - Weapons)
- Max Values (Health - Ammo - Weapons)
- Item Pack Values
- "Match Mod" Scoreboard
- Weapons banning
- Ammo Banning
- "Match Mod" Statusbar
- Replace List
- Intermission Time

It's a server side only mod and you can grab it from here: Match Mod v1.0

"Pingu Thug Skin"
  posted March 13 - 11:49PM EST by Mr.Damage
(Inc)Phoenix sent in a thug skin called Pingu. It was made by FS2|SinghJi and can be downloaded from here.

"More Screenshots Of Cujos New Map"
  posted March 12 - 5:59PM EST by Mr.Damage
Cujo has sent in some more shots of his upcoming House Full Of Brits DM Map. He has also asked that if anyone has textures for a jukebox and dvd player for the tv room then please send them to him here.

"Kingpin:Final Crime Update"
  posted March 12 - 5:49PM EST by Mr.Damage
Kingpin_Xatrix has sent word that he has updated his upcoming Kingpin:Final Crime Single Player map pack webpage. He has added some new screenshots and also an interview with Rafael Paiz Lead Programmer on Kingpin. I have added a link to his webpage under "Extending The Game" or you visit by simply clicking here.

"Screenshots Of Upcoming Maps"
  posted March 10 - 4:30AM EST by Mr.Damage
Here are some screenshots of upcoming maps by Cujo and Pencho.

Cujo is working on a map for the KP2 mod called House full of Brits.

"...it full detailed house useing custom and kingpin textures my very own sounds. With full master bed room, kids room, living room, closets, bathroom, kitchen, and game room.
This sort like Davs Room with out the gravity much bigger and you only standing 2feet tall..."

Pencho's map is for DM.

"I've been working on a map for the last couple of weeks and considering that its near completion I thought I'd post some screenshots.
The map is KP style (I think that makes it my first real attempt at it). I may release a beta soon as well. It's currently lacking a name :)"

KP2 House full of Brits

Pencho's Map

"KP2 Urban Territory Map Updated"
  posted March 9 - 4:53AM EST by Mr.Damage
Cujo has updated his KP2 Urban Territory map. It now features light rain, more single player props, more breakables, and you can now get into the Boiler Room bar. The dogs have been moved around and a few more weapons & items added. Cujo has also added a custom wav file called Rackemup which is playing in the bar.
Download KP2 Urban Territory Final from here.

"Kingpin Mentioned In Gamespot"
  posted March 8 - 2:56PM EST by Mr.Damage
Gamespot have an article called "A history of video game controversy" and of course Kingpin gets a mention with about half a page write up on the game. At the end of the article you have the opportunity to vote for the game you think is most controversial. Check it out here.

"Polycount Kingpin Models Page"
  posted March 8 - 4:58AM EST by Mr.Damage
Just a quick post to let you know I have added a link to the Polycount Kingpin models page under the More Resources section on the right hand side of this page. Currently there are three KP models listed there (with the Homer Simpson model having over 4000 downloads) and hopefully there is going to be another one added soon. Go check it out by clicking on the link under More Resources or just by clicking here.

"Kingpin Page At RUST"
  posted March 8 - 4:48AM EST by Mr.Damage
Gard and Kingpin Xatrix have set up a Kingpin page at the RUST Gamedesign.net page. It covers mapping tutorials, entity descriptions, Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ), console commands and a few official files. You can check it out here.

"Kingpin On Sale In British Store"
  posted March 8 - 4:41AM EST by Mr.Damage
JvR sent word that Kingpin is on sale very cheap at his local PC Games store in Cambridgeshire UK:-

"Hey, i just came across KinpPin on sale in a "Game" store in Cambridgeshire (East Anglia UK). They're majorly overstocked an its going for one pound forty nine Pence :p....."

"Two More KP2 Mod Maps"
  posted March 4 - 2:32AM EST by Mr.Damage
Two more DM maps have been converted to the KP2 mod. DirtyDog{WC} has converted his Detropolis map and Cujo has converted Urban Territory.

Detropolis KP2 has rainclouds, breakable wood/glass/metal, rats and dogs added and KP2 Urban Territory has rats, dogs, other props and many breakable boxes.

Download Detropolis KP2 from here
Downlaod KP2 Urban Territory from here

Detropolis KP2 & KP2 Urban Territory

"New Small DM map"
  posted March 3 - 4:48AM EST by Mr.Damage
I have updated Cujo's FragNdie DM map and called it Frag'n'Die2. This one is a small one room fragfest map set in a warehouse style building. It has plenty of weapons and ammo, one cooling mod and one set of heavy armour. It has 15 spawn points and uses all standard KP textures except one custom. With 4 - 8 people this should be a fun map :)
Download Frag'nDie2 from here.

"New KP2 Mod Map"
  posted March 2 - 3:04PM EST by Mr.Damage
DirtyDog{WC} has converted the Windycity DM map made by ^VaM^ and converted it to the KP2 mod.

"...One of mokers bases close to poisonville. This is a medium sized map good for about 6-12 load. It has Buildings to snipe your enemies, elevators and cool Urban warfare enviroment to do battle in..."

The map has rats, dogs, breakables and its now raining in Windycity. It has 12 player spawns and has a suggested player load of 2 - 12.
Download Windycity KP2 from here.

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