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News Archive for March 2005

"New Crossfire DM Map"
  posted March 31 - 11:28PM EDT by Mr.Damage

New Crossfire by PenchocDownload

While working through the maps for the latest BCs-Mappack-N-Yo-Ass I came across this map by Pencho called New Crossfire which I had forgotten about. I played through it and liked it enough to make a new post about it :)
New Crossfire is a map Pencho created for Half-Life and then converted to Kingpin. It's based on the original HL Crossfire map. Its a medium sized map with ample weapons and other items, uses all KP textures and includes an airstrike apparently (like in Crossfire) but I didn't find the trigger for it :(

Btw the original Crossfire HL Map was also converted to KP by Eric Peters and you can grab that map from here.

"New Skinpack For The Lady Death Model"
  posted March 29 - 10:52PM EDT by Mr.Damage

Lady Death Skinpack by Various AuthorsDownload

A new skin pack for the Lady Death model containing many skins converted from Q2. Some of the skins are just different colours but there are several comic book character skins including Daria and Sally, Taarna from Heavy Metal, and Mara Jade.

Btw if you need the Lady Death model you can download it from here.

Other recent skin packs :-

Male Blade Skin Pack
Female Crafty Skin Pack
Female Deadlock Skin Pack

"Sleepy Town DM Map"
  posted March 28 - 4:51PM EDT by Mr.Damage

Sleepy Town by TheDuckDownload

This is a map I hadn't seen for a while and I don't think we ever posted about it so here it is. Sleepy Town is a largish urban town style map. Its very similar to a lot of the urban Action Qauke 2 maps. It as made by TheDuck for his clan SPK and one room has pictures of all the members. Most of the action takes place in the streets but you can enter a few of the building and you need to shimmy up the drain pipe to get the grenade launcher.

"Leatherface Runt Skin"
  posted March 27 - 9:00PM EDT by Mr.Damage

Leatherface Runt Skin by NinjaHummeLDownload

An old Runt skin of Leatherface from the movie The Texas Chainsaw Massacre. Leatherface suits the Runt model really well.

"Jedi Knight II Textured Maps"
  posted March 27 - 1:34AM EDT by Mr.Damage
There have been several maps made for Kingpin that use Jedi Knight II textures so I thought I owuld highlight them all in one post :-

Carbon Chamber converted by Mr.Kn0XViLLe. This is a small arena style DM map converted from JKII. Suitable for a small number of players.
Download Carbon Chamber here.

Trail Pit converted by Mr.Kn0XViLLe. Another small arena style DM Map. 16 spawn points in this one.
Download Trail Pit here.

Carbon Chamber & Trail Pit

Jedi Arena by WhoopAss. A large DM JKII themed Map. Nice lighting and with a definite JKII feel to the map. Good layout lots of weapons and other items and 16 spawn points.
Download Jedi Arena here.

DM Jedi (final) by Creamator. It is a small to medium sized map, has one main open area, uses all JK2 textures and sounds, and has lower than normal gravity to set the mood for a jedi arena style map.
Download DM Jedi (final) here.

Jedi Arena & DM Jedi (final)

Fraggin in Space! by DedBankClerk. A small, space themed, arena style map which uses jump pads to help navigate around the map. It has custom sky, uses JKII textures and has 12 spawn points.
Download Fraggin in Space! here.

Matrix Dojo (rev) by Mr.Kn0XViLLe & Hypo_v8. A small one room map, which is a rebuild of a JK2 map based on the Matrix movie. It has three HMG's, three Rocket Launchers, and lots of small healths. It uses all custom textures and has twelve spawn points.
Download Matrix Dojo (rev) here.

Fraggin in Space! & Matrix Dojo (rev)

Team Jedi Beta by WhoopAss. Bagman version of his Jedi Arena DM Map.
Download Team Jedi Beta here.

Team Jedi Beta

"Bazooka3 Map Updated"
  posted March 26 - 1:23AM EDT by Mr.Damage

Bazooka3 updated by Mr DamageDownload

Bazooka3 is a small arena style map made by R@T_Shit. It has a main area with plenty of crates and boxes, some ledges around the sides of the map and a platform up high where a RL and tommygun is located. There is also a small alchove, where there is another RL and a GL, which you get to by teleporting. It was a very popular map in it's day but it had a major problem in that it only had one spawn point. A couple of years ago Ganthet[BC] did a quick fix and added some more spawn points, made the map lighter and did a few other things.
But it still had a few issues so I have now revised the map again and released the updated version. I have fixed all the texture misalignments, changed the weapon/item numbers and placement, changed the lighting again and a few other miscellaneous fixes. There are now ten spawn points and the HMG is located on the top platform instead of the RL and tommy.I tested it with about 8 people and it seems to play really well ;)

"Badmonk's Cafe Added To Map Archive"
  posted March 24 - 10:00PM EDT by Mr.Damage

Badmonk's Cafe by BadmonkDownload

While checking through our maps archive I realised we didn't have this old map by Badmonk. This is a small to medium sized, urban style map. It features a small cafe and several outdoor areas. Good little fragging map :)

"My Top60 Maps On Detropolis"
  posted March 24 - 5:08PM EDT by Mr.Damage
This weekend I will be running my favourite 60 custom maps on the Detropolis server. There are so many maps to choose from and I am still working out the final rotation at the moment. There will be maps from the very start of Kingpin right up until today. There will be big and small and in between, urban style and ones with all custom textures :)
Hope to see you drop in for some maps over the weekend on the Detropolis server.

You will more than likely have most of these maps in your collection but if you don't, or if you are one of those people who download most of your maps from the Kingpin servers I have put together a zipfile containing all the custom sounds and custom skies for these maps. As you know custom sounds and skies dont get downloaded from the server so you can grab them all in this zipfile here.

Now I have put a list together of all the maps that will be rotated with the map's associated zipfile name so if there are one ofr two you don't have you can go toour maps downlaod area and d/l the required maps. This is the map list here and a link to our maps d/l section here.

"New Power2 Map Screenshots"
  posted March 22 - 4:10PM EDT by Mr.Damage
We now have six more Power2 maps ready to be shipped in the second Power2 Mappack. It will be released when one or two more maps are completed. Here are some screenshots of the completed maps:-

Jedi & Urban Territory

Hotel Hypo & Underground

Deadman's Cove & 550Hope

"Sweet Tooth Thug Skin"
  posted March 19 - 8:13PM EDT by Mr.Damage

Sweet Tooth Thug Skin by BitsDownload

A Sweet Tooth skin for the thug model from the PlayStation game Twisted Metal. This is a skin made by Bits that we used to have in our skins archive but somehow got misplaced. When I was putting the mappack together for the Bits Maps Weekend on Detropolis I remembered about this skin. I was able to put a new zipfile together with the relevant skin parts and upload it again :)

"Bits Maps Weekend At Detropolis"
  posted March 18 - 6:19PM EDT by Mr.Damage

Bits Mappack by BitsDownload

This weekend we are having a Bits Maps Weekend on the Detropolis server. Bits was a good mapper for Kingpin and his thirteen DM Maps will be running on Detropolis over this weekend as well as the five most popular maps from the normal rotation. His maps covered several themes but because he always used Kingpin textures the mappack is a very small D/L at about 5mg :)

So why not grab the maps and go for a few frags in the server. If there's no one there when you join just wait a few mins and I'm sure others will join ;)

BDM1 & Moonwalk

Junglerock & Thrashvill

Btw, next weekendI will be running my favourite Top50 DM map on Detropolis so atch out for that one :)

"Subway Chaos Map"
  posted March 18 - 5:51AM EDT by Mr.Damage

Subway Chaos by [Beer]Bud IceDownload

Subway Chaos was a map left unfinished by [Beer]Bud Ice. There was a DM version and a Power version included with all the Power files given to Captain Death when he became the coder for that mod. The maps were left unfinished until we started work on the Power2 mod. Then myself and Hypo_v8 finished a Power2 version of the map and included it in the initial release of the Power2 mod.

Now I have released DM and KP2 Mod versions of the map which are both included in the one zipfile.

Subway Chaos is a map set in a subway and out on the street above. Its a medium sized map which uses all SoF textures and has ample weapons and other items. It's a very good looking map which is why we decided to complete it.

The KP2 mod version has weather effects added, dogs, single player props etc.

"Nvidia Release New Video Drivers"
  posted March 17 - 6:30AM EDT by Mr.Damage
Nvidia have released ForceWare Release 70 Unified Driver.

Industry’s First WHQL-certified Windows XP 64-bit Graphics Driver Features New PureVideo™ technology and Stunning Gaming Performance Increases

This new driver features:

The industry’s first WHQL-certified Windows XP 64-bit WHQL graphics driver
Performance increases with NVIDIA SLI™ multi-GPU and single GPU configurations
SLI Application Profiles for more than 60 of the hottest games
New PureVideo technology features for home theatre and notebook PCs

Get updated by visiting the Nvidia Homepage here.

"Warehouse District 2 Map"
  posted March 16 - 5:15AM EDT by Mr.Damage

Warehouse District 2 by .:Lil:. & Mr DamageDownload

When I was looking for more maps that would work well in the Power2 I asked .:Lil:. if I could convert his Warehouse District DM map to P2. He agreed and I converted it to P2 and also updated it at the same time. The Power2 version was included in the P2 mappack and now I am releasing a DM version and also a KP2 mod one.
Warehouse District 2 is a medium sized map with a main outside area with several corridors leading off to many inside rooms and fragging areas. The changes from the original map are that the main area has been changed a lot because in was a large inside area and now it has been changed to outside, one new room has been added and many smaller layout chages have been made. Some of the spawn points have been moved around as has some of the weapon/item placements.

The KP2 Mod version is basically the same map with a few rats added, its raining outside, several single player props have been included, there are some small crates that can be shot up and I got to use Lizzie's head in a map :)

You can download the KP2 mod version from here.

You can download the original Warehouse District map from here.

"Power2 Mod Server Files Released"
  posted March 15 - 3:48AM EDT by Mr.Damage
We have now released the server files for the Power2 Mod. The zipfile contains everything you need to run a Power2 server. It also contains the eight maps released with the client files.

You can download the Power2 server files from here.

Other Power2 Downloads:-

Client Files
Full Install

Mappack #1
Full Install

Mapping Tools
Power2 Mapping Guide

"Hotel Hypo DM Map"
  posted March 14 - 6:26AM EDT by Mr.Damage

Hotel Hypo by Hypo_v8 & Mr DamageDownload

I recently suggested to Hypo_v8 that we update his Hotel Nad map, which only contains the Grenade Launcher, by adding all the other Kingpin weapons and other items. He agreed and so we have released an updated DM version with a Power2 version to be released in the next Power2 mappack.

Hotel Hypo is a large map set in a big five level hotel. It is basically three different areas with the main area consisting of the lobby and the 5 levels of balconies overlooking it, two stairwell areas and the hotel rooms. There is one hotel room accessible on each floor and each room has a bedroom, bathroom and lounge room. There are also three different lifts with access to the different floors. Hypo utilised some of the Max Payne textures in this map and the map itself is based on the Max Payne theme.

Btw you can download the original Hotel Nad from here.

"Undying1 DM Map"
  posted March 14 - 4:42AM EDT by Mr.Damage

by Hypo_v8Download

And speaking of cool maps by Hypo_v8, Undying1 is one of my favourites. This is a large DM Map set in an old spooky mansion which uses textures from the game Undying. The map looks excellent from the grand entryway, the music room, chapel, lounge areas, secret passage, grandoise hallways, to the bar area etc. The textures look great and suite the theme of the map perfectly. This map is well worth a look if you don't already have it in your collection.

"Power2 Mappack Released"
  posted March 10 - 2:00AM EST by Mr.Damage
We have released the first mapack for the Power2 Mod. This pack contains seven maps (Neighborhood, Village, Italian Eve, Stalkyard, Warehouse District, Outerlimits, KP Beach Invasion) and weighs in at about 14.5mg.

You can download the Power2 Mappack1 from here.

We have also broken it into two smaller zip files for people on slower connections:-
Mappack1 Part1
Mappack1 Part2

Village & Italian Eve

KP Beach Invasion & Stalkyard

These new maps will be loaded onto he KP4Ever Power2 server in time for the weekend :)

"Deadman's Cove Map"
  posted March 6 - 4:45AM EST by Mr.Damage

Deadman's Cove by -=Mad-Dog=-Download

During the launch weekend for the Power2 Mod, -=Mad-Dog=- the mapper dropped in for a few maps. While we were playing I asked him if it would be ok to convert his Deadman's Cove DM map to Power2 and he said yes Although I've played this map and posted about it before, it wasn't until I loaded it into KPRAD and started editing it for Power2 that I realised what a good map it is. It is well laid out, looks great and has good flow.
In the words of -=Mad-Dog=-
Welcome to Deadman's Cove! It's a nice place to visit, but you wouldn't live there....for long! A hotbed for smuggling, gun running and other illegal activities, it's been the site for many a bloody massacre between warring gangs!
It's a fairly large map, but the layout is quite simple. I didn't want to create a maze, just a collection of visually appealing rooms to frag people in!
Plenty of guns n' armor, plus the .map for new mappers.

If you haven't already got this map then check it out as it's well worth it :)

The Power2 version is finished and has been tested and will be released in an upcoming mappack for the mod. I have added some single player props, including a speed boat and floating buoy in the harbour and I finally got to use fishes in a map :)

"Power2 Mod Server Up"
  posted March 4 - 3:11PM EST by Mr.Damage
I have just started a KP4Ever Power2 Server.

Server Details are:-

Name: KP4Ever POWER 2 Mod Server
IP :
Maxclients : 16
Client Files Required : Yes

So grab the Power2 client files and drop in for a few maps :)

"Power2 Client Files Released"
  posted March 2 - 6:49AM EST by Mr.Damage
I am very happy to announce that we are releasing the client files for the Power2 Mod.

The client files, which weigh in at about 15mg, can be downloaded from here.

They have also been split into two smaller zips for people with slower connections.

Power2 Mod is a team based, capture and hold style game similar in play to the Unreal Tournament mod 'Domination' There are three control points that have to be captured and defended. The two opposing teams are called Warriors and Rogues.

A control point is captured by touching it - when it has been captured its color will change to red if you are a Warrior, and blue if you are a Rogue - The team as a whole gets 1 point each 5 seconds for each control point they have captured.

A control point cannot be recaptured within 10 seconds of capture.

A level can end in a number of ways:
# The control point points limit is reached.
# The map timelimit is reached.
# The frag limit is reached.

Warriors & Rogues Skins

Power2 Maps

Power2 Control Points

We have released the client files now and will be running a KP4Ever Power2 Mod Server from this Friday night. This gives people a few days to download the client files.

So grab the files and hopefully we will see you all in the Power2 server over the weekend.

Again I would like to thank Creamator, DirtyDog and Captain Death for all their hard work on this mod. Hopefully you will all think it was worth it :)

I would also like to take this opportunity to thank all the people who helped us beta test the mod. We had three big beta testing sessions and thanks to all the testers we were able to find and fix any bugs that were in the mod :)
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