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News Archive for March 2006

"Screenshots Of New DM Map"
  posted March 31 - 3:50PM EDT by Mr.Damage
Sonik is currently working on a new urban style DM Map for Kingpin called 10th Street :)
You can check out two screenshots here.

"Buy Kingpin Online"
  posted March 30 - 2:26AM EDT by Mr.Damage
Just letting you all know I have updated our Buy Kingpin Online page so all sites listed are still selling copies of Kingpin. If you know of other sites that are selling it or even if you know of shops that are selling it please let us know.

You can contact us by using the Submit News link here.

"DM Map Added To Archive"
  posted March 28 - 2:50AM EDT by Mr.Damage

Dock City by DestroyerDownload

Here is a map I haven't seen in several years. It's a smallish DM Map set in a harour town which also includes a pyramid :)
There is a lot happening in this map and it's like the mapper just put every idea he could think of into it. Its not bad but it just feels a little cluttered.

"Should Cheaters Be Exposed"
  posted March 26 - 9:35PM EDT by Mr.Damage
A controversial subject eh? The discussion of cheating and cheaters in online gaming is always a hot topic. Everyone here at KP4ever is 100% anti-cheat and there has been a forum topic open for the a long time suggesting that Cheaters Should be exposed. It has certainly opened up some healthy debate on the pros and cons of this suggestion. If you would like to read the post and add your comments you can view it here.

I have brought this topic up because I am hearing that people are leaving KP due to the amount of cheating that is currently going on (especially with wallhacks), and because at least one KP league has been postponed or scrapped due to concerns over cheating. There is also the issue that the Monkey Mod has not been updated for quite some time.

Several ppl have let me know about their concerns about recent events such as this forum thread in the [RMD] forums here where a player has been banned for allegedly using a wallhack. Again it leads to some interesting discussion and there is a link to download a demo (in mpeg format) which you can d/l and make up your own mind.

There is no room for cheaters in KP and I hope that some time in the not too distant future TiCaL will find time to update the Monkey Mod to at least combat some of the current cheats.

"Sam's New Mapping Place"
  posted March 26 - 6:49PM EDT by Mr.Damage
As you probably know by now SAM Owens is working on a single player mappack for KP. To this end he has created a Kingpin page at his website to highlight the upcoming mappack. Currently it has one tutorial and an alpha map of the second level which you can download and check out. You can visit his webpage, called Ahumado's Lair, here.

You can post feedback on the alpha level in this forum post here.

"New DM Map By Cujo"
  posted March 25 - 11:53AM EDT by Mr.Damage

KP2 Omerta by CujoDownload

Cujo has released a new DM/KP2 Mod map for KP called KP2 Omerta. This one is a medium sized, two level urban styled map converted from counterstrike. Cujo has used all KP textures, added plenty of weapons and items and elevem player spawns.

He has also added some props, breakables, rats and dogs for KP2 mod play.

I have also added this map to the Detropolis Custom Maps Server ready for the regular Saturday night game. Hope to see you there for a few maps :)

"New Player Model"
  posted March 24 - 7:42AM EDT by Mr.Damage

Male Jack conv by {GT}KnightDownload

{GT}Knight has converted another Quake2 player model to Kingpin. This one is Jack, a psychotic Jack in the Box, originally created by Boogieman. The model has a low polycount, comes with four skins and has Q2 viewable weapons (replacing the normal KP weapons).


"New DM Map By {GT}Knight"
  posted March 23 - 4:03AM EDT by Mr.Damage

KP Citadel 2006 by {GT}KnightDownload

This one is a smallish arena style map. It's very colourful and mainly utilises the KPDM5 texture set and uses a custom sky. It is set in a citadel, there is a fountain in the centre, you climb up vines to access the roof area and there are large statues around the edge of the map. There are ample weapons and the map even has large birds flying around lol. The map is very detailed and thus the r speeds are high in some places.

Btw, if you read this {GT}Knight, please remember to upload those server files you said you would send me.

"Solid Snake Male Model"
  posted March 22 - 5:55AM EDT by Mr.Damage

Solid Snake by TiCaLDownload

The Solid Snake player model, (of Metal Gear Solid fame) was converted to Kingpin from counterstrike by TiCaL and Tanyacheex way back in late 2000. It has full KP viewable weapons and animations and comes with one skin.

"Xfire and Kingpin"
  posted March 21 - 3:49PM EDT by Mr.Damage
If you are having problems joining Kingpin servers and you also run the server finder program called Xfire then try turning it off and see if you can join then. I have heard of several Kingpin players having problems and when they turn off Xfire they can then join Kingpin servers without any issues.

"Game At Detropolis Saturday Night"
  posted March 18 - 3:03AM EDT by Mr.Damage
There is a regular game now at the Detropolis Custom Maps server on a Saturday night. So if your not doing anything this Sat. night why not drop in for a few maps :)

Deropolis runs a good selection of small and medium sized custom dm maps. The IP address is

Update 19th March Thanks to all the players who turned up on Sat. night (it was the best games so far). Remember this is a regular thing now so hope to see you all in the next few weeks :)

"Screenshots Of Upcoming Map"
  posted March 18 - 2:59AM EDT by Mr.Damage
Cujo is currently working on another map for Kingpin which is for both DM and KP2 mod play. Here are a couple of screens of the work in progress.

"Upcoming Player Model"
  posted March 17 - 2:35AM EDT by Mr.Damage
Want to see which Q2 model {GT}*KNIGHT* is going to convert to Kingpin next? Well check out which one by clicking on this link here.

"Ride OnX DM Map"
  posted March 15 - 6:21AM EDT by Mr.Damage

Ride OnX by JoffkaDownload

Ride On X is a DM map from 2001 that has pretty much been overlooked. It's a large DM map with four main areas that you traverse via floating platforms. There are two story buildings in each area where you can jump on the platforms. There are other smaller areas, including a secret room, ample weapons 'n' stuff with the rocket launcher being the preffered weapon. Its an interesting map which is good with eight or more players.

"DM Redflame DM Map"
  posted March 14 - 6:56AM EDT by Mr.Damage

DM Redflame by Insane ClownDownload

This is an older map made by Insane Clown back in 2001 that I don't see around in any servers these days :(
Its a nice little DM map, with three lava pools, two water falls, ledges up high and lots of weapons (especially HMG's).

"New Map By Cujo"
  posted March 11 - 4:42PM EST by Mr.Damage

KA Arena by CujoDownload

Cujo has now finished his latest map for KP caleld KA Arena. As the title suggests this is a small arena stlye map for KP converted from cs. Cujo has used all KP textures and has included a few custum sounds. The map has plenty of weapons and items and nine player spawns.

Cujo has also inlcuded some single player props, rats and weather effects so the map can be used in the KP2 mod as well :)

"Screenshot Of Upcoming DM Map"
  posted March 10 - 3:17AM EST by Mr.Damage
Cujo is currently working on another new map for KP. This one is a small arena style map that should be completed shortly. Here is an early screenshot:-

"Update On Sam's SP Mappack"
  posted March 10 - 3:08AM EST by Mr.Damage
Sam Owens has posted two more screenshots of the Single Player mappack he is currently working on. He has also posted a link to a very early version of the second map in the pack for ppl to check out and hopefully provide some feedback on.

You can check out the screens and grab the map by visiting this forum post here.

"New KIT Map By Sonik and Cracker"
  posted March 8 - 2:21AM EST by Mr.Damage

Street Crack by Sonik & K9)CrackerDownload

Sonik and K9)Cracker have released new KIT map called Street Crack. Its a medium sized map, is high quality as you would expect from Sonik and features some new texures and sounds. It looks like it will be a good challange fro all you Kitmen out there :)

"Skinpack For The SAS Model"
  posted March 7 - 5:38AM EST by Mr.Damage

SAS Skinpack by VariousDownload

Following on from my post the other day about the SAS model here is a skinpack for SAS which contains nine high quality skins converted from Q2.

"Installing the Monkey Mod"
  posted March 6 - 3:30AM EST by Mr.Damage
For anyone who has trouble installing the Money Mod and setting it up in Gamespy Lite then you should check out our guide here.

This is all part of the KINGPIN 101: The Beginner's Guide which tells you all about settign up the game (installing, patching, Moneky Mod etc). You can check the complete guide out here.

"New DM Map By Cujo"
  posted March 6 - 3:22AM EST by Mr.Damage

Aztec Dew by CujoDownload

Aztecdew is a small DM map based around a type of temple structure. This mp is based on a counterstrike map but has been rebuilt by Cujo It has just enough waepons and items and has plenty of player spawns. He hs used a very nice looking custom sky and included several custom sounds from his mayhem forest sounds soundpack which mappers and other interested parties can download from here.


"Male SAS Model"
  posted March 4 - 5:11AM EST by Mr.Damage

Male SAS by TiCaLDownload

This model was originally made for Quake2 by HitmanDaz and is based on the British anti-terrorist force, the Special Air Service. It was first converted to Kingpin for the aborted Street Wars mod but it had some major issues. Finally it was fixed and released by TiCaL.
It has KP weapons support (other than it uses the original Q2 weapon instead of the pistol), 4 skins, and a low polycount.

"New KP4Ever Thug Mascot"
  posted March 4 - 4:51AM EST by Mr.Damage
Thanks to (K9)Cracker we have a new KP4Ever thug mascot that adorns the top right hand side of the screen. He only made a slight change but see if you can spot the difference.

"Kingpin: Final Crime SP Mappack"
  posted March 3 - 4:34AM EST by Mr.Damage

Kingpin: Final Crime by MethodDownload

Kingpin: Final Crime is the mappack made by Method that follows on from where the original Kingpin ends. It contains new maps, characters, sounds and cutscenes.
Blunt (the chick boss) flew away on the helicopter, but promised to be back for Thug's ass. She knew that it's too risky to go to Crystal Palace, where Thug got all his boys, so she sent her gang, Dragons, to tear Radio City up, so Thug will have no choice but to find and stop Blunt. You start the game in the back of Crystal Palace and go through a few levels, including "backyard" of Radio City, Sewers, Wharf and Blunt's Poison Mill before you encounter Blunt and pop a cap in her ass :)

"UT Kingpin Style DM Map"
  posted March 2 - 3:28AM EST by Mr.Damage

UT Kingpin Style by CreamatorDownload

This is a classic DM map created by Creamator way back in 2002. This is a small to medium sized map which is a based on one of the stock Unreal Tournament maps. It is set in a garage complex and if you have played UT you will know it straight away. The map has ample weapons and items, uses all KP textures and has 15 player spawns. There is also a secret room :o

"House Of Death Single Player Map"
  posted March 1 - 2:47PM EST by Mr.Damage

House of Death Part1 by SonikDownload

House of Death pt1 is one of the best SP mappacks for KP. This is how Sonik describes it:-
My first ever single player map pack!! Based in a haunted house, you will travel through the depths of it, and back to the surface. I added in some pretty interesting effects, like the flying sofa :). You also get to take a trip on a doomed runaway train!
SEVEN levels of frightening fun!
This is definately a mappack you should grab.

Unfortunately Sonik had a HDD crash when he was working on HoD part2 and lost all his work :(
But perhps if there is enough interest from the community he may be persuaded to start work on it gain :)
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